A nationwide 7-Eleven free Slurpee giveaway brought 35 to 40 kids into the Light Street store around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“It was a lot of kids and they were out of control,” Kesha Chester, who was at the store at the time, said.

While some kids lined up for the free Slurpee, witnesses saw other kids raiding the candy shelves.

“They went in, they started going everywhere in the store, grabbing things and then they just run out. And I knew that they didn’t buy it because they just run out,” Kendra Mellerson said. “They ran that way and they ran that way. And the guy was trying to come out and stop them but they couldn’t because there was so many.”

After some kids ran away, a store manager blocked the door to keep the rest of the kids from leaving. But those kids got so mad that the door was blocked, they started punching the store manager.

“Yes, they really started hitting that guy and he couldn’t keep getting beat on so he eventually let them out. And then they just ran,” Mellerson said.

What happened at the store is the latest example of large groups of young people creating havoc in downtown Baltimore.


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  • Church_of_Jed

    Eric “my people” Holder told them that they are “entitled” to more, so, staying true to their inborn jungle Diversity instinct of immediacy, they just went in and took what was already theirs.

    And CBS Baltimore must think it’s nothing than a passing, isolated incident, because notice how they didn’t call the NAACP or Al Sharpton or Cornel West, or whoever is the local Race Hu$tling Diver$ity Con$ultant with questions such as:

     “Aren’t you worried that the youth in your community are rejecting MLK’s legacy of non violent social change and confirming the worst stereotypes of people of color, and giving proof to racists that their biases, bigotries, and prejudices against ‘your people’ are justified?  What steps are you taking to see that this never happens again? What outreach into your community are you making to have all the names reported to the police?”

    “Criminality in the community of color doesn’t really bother us all that much. The blacks have a high threshold of tolerance for chaos and ruin.  Who are we to tell them to act more civilized and to strive for the best of what European culture offers? Asking Diversity to be anything other than as God made it is a racist hate crime.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The older arguments for segregation are making a strong comeback,” 2003

    • mikejones91

      That’s what makes it worse. I went to 7-11 to get my free slurpie and it was packed. These youths probably went their with the intention of of actually getting free drinks, but walked in and realized it was packed. They knew they could get away with it , so why not do it. They have that “its only illegal if I’m caught mentality”. I’m sure Trayvon had that same mindset.

    •  I have lived around Mexicans, Turks, Lebanese, Vietnamese,
      Chinese, Anglos, and Africans. The sub-Saharan African is unique in his ability
      to absolutely destroy and degrade everything of value that he comes into
      contact with. Civilization itself literally disappears when their numbers reach
      a certain tipping point. It has to be a genetic trait. There is no other answer
      that can explain the complete and utter lack of ability to create or maintain
      even the facade of civilization. They can tear a area to the ground more
      completely and more thoroughly than a nuclear bomb could. Whether it is the
      Southside of Chicago, Haiti, or East London. The African will forever remain a
      social, economic, and legal liabilty to all those who come into contact with
      him.   I hope this young Arab man beats the case and walks
      free.  Arabs and Asians do a great service to the African American
      community. The few shops that offer goods in black areas are usually owned and
      operated by Arabs and Asians. It is a shame that these dysfunctional illiterate
      bipods that inhabit these areas are to dense to understand that.

  • Francis Galton

    Up until the 1950s, “youths” crazy enough to pull these types of stunts would have been shot on sight, and no decent person would have batted an eye.  Up until the 1980s, these “youths” would have been properly described as BLACK hooligans.  Honestly, who is still fooled by talk of “youths,” “juveniles,” and the like?  Baltimore, like all Little and Big Africas in the world, is plagued by blacks behaving badly, not nebulous “youths” from out of the blue….  

    • Church_of_Jed

      Have you ever wondered if there exists an MSM playbook on how to talk about race? They all seem to use the same vocabulary, so don’t you wonder if there is a guidebook somewhere, like the Chicago Manual of Style for race stories?

      Is suspect there isn’t such a book. Some lead journalist who is progressive on race and social change starts putting words like “youths” and “teens” in for blacks, and everybody else gets the message that “it’s how we talk about race now,” and to used outdated language only renders one reactionary and a suspect of harboring bias, bigotry, prejudices, and ugly, pernicious, invidious, shameful racism.

      • zone

        A person attempting to learn our language by spoken context in our news media might mistakenly deduce “teen” as another word for “black”.

        • evola33

          Which is why many of us remained puzzled by the fact that the news media avoids referring to Obama as our first “teen” President, despite how patently “youth”-ful he is.

        • vladdy1

          When I heard a young guy say, “Look at that b****,”   meaning it in an admiring, not a derogatory sense, I realized that, among some populations, “b****” has become a synonym for “female.” So this  may just be the next evolution. Sick.

          • The term “bitch” was originally used to describe a female domesticated dog. Its use has been twisted into something else, obviously.

          • Well, guys in the PU community swear that the guidelines for training a puppy work equally well for training a girlfriend! So maybe the term “bitch” is apropos?

      • evola33

        Are you suggesting that an establishment journalist has a creative mind? Everybody gets the message, all right, but probably in the form of a morning missive from the station manager or editor. But how is it that all these media managers nationwide use exactly the same terminology? I suspect there is a central, um, intelligence that supplies it to them.

      • blackreality

         If you are going to judge the actions of the entire black race based on the actions of low income,inner city youth,then shouldn’t whites be judged by the millions of white meth heads out here committing crimes,that is hardly ever shown in the media?

        • Djinn42

           It would seem that methheads choose to do their crimes alone or in a small group of 2 or 3, maybe 4 and even tho they are White meth heads they seem to prefer not to be caught and as such they do their crimes more secretively.
          On the other hand blacks prefer to be more brazen in their criminal endeavors and don’t care about being caught until they have the cuffs on, then they are all just “youfs” leaving from church activities and just got caught up in the moment, at least thats what blacks and libs like you would have the world believe.

          • blackreality

            whites do crimes and get let off by white law enforcement and get lighter sentences by white judges who see themselves in other whites.And I don’t blame you.People tend to look out for their own..But nature is taking it’s revenge on whites and making the extinct,so “no worries”.

          • robinbishop34

            Hehe, don’t believe for a second that the Latinos or Asians are going to give you dumbshits the keys to the Kingdom. Remember, it’s only liberal whites who mobilize around flaky, philosophical abstractions about ‘equality,’ and ‘diversity.’ If blacks weren’t used as political pawns by Jews in the west you’d would simply been a casualty of evolution.

          • blackreality

            ALL you whites are the same to me,so I don’t get caught up in that Jew,Liberal,Conservative,smoke screen.ALL whites have a vested interest in maintaining the system of white priviledge

        • anmpr1

           “Millions” of white meth heads?  Who can take you seriously?  On the other hand, look at wherever blacks congregate and you’ll see squalor, disease, poverty, and crime.  Show me one black run city, or one black run African country that is prosperous, and that doesn’t depend upon Western or Chinese welfare for its infrastructure.  Case closed.

          • blackreality

            I will tell you of a prosperous country run by an African..The United States Of America. As a matter of fact, it’s run by a Kenyan

          • robinbishop34

            There is big jewish money and influence behind that goofy mulatto smile. Remember that boy.

          • blackreality

            If that’s the case, then big Jewish money is behind all the Presidents. Isn’t that true my mutated albino friend?

          • blackreality

            Show me one Western Society that did not or does not depend on African resources?

          • robinbishop34

            I’d love to imagine a Western world without the scourge of a black population. Trillions in ‘leg up’ programs, welfare, affirmative action, aids, and for what? To keep genetically inferior waste alive?

          • blackreality

            Ok. There are 60 million whites on welfare in the US.25 million of them actually get food stamps. So that means that whites must be the laziest people on the planet to be in a country that has had laws specifically to benefit them ( like Jim crow) and they are still broke.
            Affirmative Action benefits white women and white Hispanics more than blacks. As a matter of fact Regan amended Affirmative Action in the 80s . So it doesn’t really do anything significant for blacks anymore

          • All of them?  They have never been necessary.  Africans were also paid for resources that were used.  Resources they were way to stupid to figure out how to use themselves.  The only source of income for Africans was and still is to sell their brothers into slavery.

      • The__Bobster
    • blackreality

       In the 1950,white youths would form mobs,but they didn’t do it to steal.They did it to commit murders by lynchings.

      • Djinn42

         Really? Can you prove that? Or is that something you were told in school by black teachers and civil rights enthusiasts just to hone your hatred of Whites?
        I challenge you to show us some concrete evidence, provide us with links that haven’t been doctored by you and your ilk.

        • blackreality

          So you are saying that whites DID NOT form group and kill blacks?

          • robinbishop34

            According to the Department of Justice Website 37,000 white women are raped by blacks every year.

          • blackreality

            White women are some if the easiest women in the planet. Do you actually think black men have to rape a white woman in 2012? LoL

          • lol, I don’t blame blacks for not wanting to date their own.  They do resemble gorillas quite a bit.  Blacks are pretty easy to figure out and anyone with an IQ over 100 loses interest pretty quickly.  

        • blackreality

          Smart man.I see your IQ is high enough to sense an intellectual beat down

          • robinbishop34

            Yeah, that 10th grade edumacation is real intimidating.

          • blackreality

            I know how crystal meth fired the white brain,so I forgive you

          • JackKrak

            Yeah, reality, that was the most brutal “intellectual beatdown” ever. Really. We are all in awe of your devestating rhetorical blows and tremble at the thought of being the target of your next attack. Your razor-sharp wit and penetrating insight are surely in a higher league than we could possibly hope to reach, so you win.

      • robinbishop34

        Whites lynched blacks that raped an murdered. They also lynched whites that did the same. Let’s compare the number of legitimate lynchings from a century ago to the number of black on black murders in any given year today.

        • blackreality

          whites lynched innocent blacks and any other blacks who were ACCUSED of a crime.And they were allowed to do this with legal immunity from local law enforcement..So you need to figure out what’s wrong with the white psyche,instead of constantly putting the spotlight on inner city blacks

          • robinbishop34

            I think it’s called Darwinism.

          • blackreality

            If the West pumps billions of dollars of food into Africa(which they don’t btw) that’s the least they should do for GOING INTO Africa and raping it for all it’s resources. Everything to sustain the planet is in Africa. What natural resources of significant does Europe have? NONE. So the real truth is WHITES (or the west for all the PC people) would be nothing if Africa didn’t give YOU handouts of its resources.

          • Whites didn’t “rape”. Africa.  Most Africans think things were better under white rule.  Africans were also unable to utilize their natural resources because they were too stupid to even know they were there.

        • Yes, there were significant numbers of White people lynched, as well as black. But you won’t hear any mention of that in the mainstream media.

          • Detroit_WASP

            Some white Hispanics were also lynched !

        • s shadow

          ” So the real truth is WHITES (or the west for all the PC people) would be nothing if Africa didn’t give YOU handouts of its resources.”  per guest

          You need therapy.  Just as someone with a normal outward anatomy could have a serious defect hidden, others could have a grossly normal mind with a serious defect inside that causes them to be mentally defective when they try to deal with certain societal problems, and appear to be perfectly normal in other ways.  You are clearly a case in point.  The thinking that you show in the above quote is evidence of a defect as clear as a dyslexic’s misspelling.  I believe that you are sincere when you can’t see the fantastic error in the above quote.  Try to develop stategies to prevent making such a totally psychotic idiot of yourself.  You don’t need to be this way.  A little thinking reveals how dangerous this type of thinking is in one who achieves leadership.

          • robinbishop34

            Come again?

          • s shadow

            I was referring to “guest”, not you.  I can’t reply to the guest immed following your post re Darwinism.  I was trying to help the mentally deficient guest.  Appreciate your posts. 

  • Johnny Reb

    Are we allowed to profile yet?   Or . . . should we wait for another 100-200 more incidents to find some common characteristic among these “youths?”

    The store owner needs to have his head examined . . . he’s clearly not enjoying sound mental health.  His great “plan” was to offer free stuff to people who grew up on free stuff . . . and he thought what . . . they’d say thank you and buy other stuff?

    He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him or just set the place on fire just for fun.

    • Spartan24708

      It was a nationwide deal. Unfortunately if they quit doing it in certain areas the usual suspects will scream “racist” and what has been a nice deal will end.

  • RJS

    In addition to terms like “teens”, “juveniles”, “young people”…

    …isn’t it funny how the CRIMINAL, CORRUPT, ANTI-WHITE media always makes it a point to interview black citizens expressing their outrage?

    • evola33

      Yes, wasn’t it a little raciss [sic] for the media not to exercise some “inclusiveness” and include witnesses of other races in the report?

  • Ah yes more violence and mayhem perpetrated by “youths.”  Funny, somehow I do not get the same sense of trepidation and fear from my local Church’s “youth group”

  • Oil Can Harry

    Where are all the black Baltimore pols who last week excoriated a white city councilman  for pointing out the city was being overrun by black flash mobs?  

  • They really should put camera’s in 7-11 so the videos can be shown


    CBS was ruled by Sumner Redstone – VIACOM

    THEY OWN MTV – censorship from this filth is EXPECTED

  • Of course the reason the media weren’t allowed to view the video is that it would show that the “youffs” were all black. Same reason for why the police wouldn’t be interviewed; embarrassing questions might have been asked.

    I keep waiting and hoping for one of these “convenient store flash mob” stories to state, “The thugs’ looting of the store came to an abrupt end when the owner fired a shotgun directly into their midst, and at the same time two dozen cops burst through the main door and began tazing  them left and right.” I keep waiting for that … and waiting … and waiting …

    • crazy_j

      A “gentleman” of a certain racial persuasion was having what could be called personal behavior management issues in a Detroit gas station over the price of a box of condoms. He was yelling and destroying merchandise inside the store.

      The gas station clerk, who if I am not mistaken was also owner or part-owner of the store, promptly ventilated him with a shotgun.

      The Wayne County prosecutor wasted no time in filing charges of first degree murder against the clerk, one Ibrihim Kasaam Saleh.

      • IstvanIN

        All stores should record everything all the time and broadcast it over the internet.  Live.

      • Get an all-Islamic jury; they’ll acquit him in five minutes.

        I’m disappointed that, again, it took a foreigner instead of a White American to stand up to black thugs.

        • crazy_j


          It’s hard to know who to root for in that case; I’m kind of torn.

          I’ve had to do business with Middle Easterners in the past, and there’s part of me that wants to believe that there’s got to be at least a few of them that are OK. But then I come here (and various other places) and read about the honor killings, the acid attacks and so on, and I just can’t make myself see them as any better than the rest of the degenerate humanoids we’re surrounded with.

      • I have lived around Mexicans, Turks, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Anglos, and Africans. The African is a group all unto themselves. They can tear a area to the ground more completely and more thoroughly than a nuclear bomb could. Whether it is the Southside of Chicago, Haiti, or East London. The African will forever remain a social, economic, and legal liabilty to all those who come into contact with him.   I hope this young man beats the case and walks free.  Arabs and Asians do a great
        service to the African American community. The few shops that offer
        goods in black areas are usually owned and operated by Arabs and Asians.
        It is a shame that these dysfunctional illiterate semi humans that inhabit these areas are to dense to understand that.

    • vladdy1

      Exactly. That manager who got beaten up has a good case, doesn’t he? 7-11 should support him the rest of his life. And maybe the franchise owner (aren’t they franchises?) has a good case, too, since his store was torn up. For that matter, maybe they should pay for the police time, instead of taxpayers. Dumb, dumb idea.

    • mikejones91

      It’s part of “Free Slurpie Day”. Offered at ALL locations. I went to my 7-11 and it was PACKED. Probably like 40 other people in the store. The only non-whites were the owners. They were also very friendly lol. My mother was sick over the weekend so I asked them if I could take two to bring one home for her and surprisingly, he let me. I can assume had his store been in a black area, he would have been suspect of my request to take two slurpies.

  • IKantunderstand

    Corporate America is so AA whipped into submission, that no one at headquarters even considered for a second the collateral damage such a promo would cause. Was this store owned by a whipped franchisee? Or managed by a company drone who didn’t give a rat’s tail? Hey, guess what? It doesn’t matter, because the cost of Slurpees and all the rest of their stuff they sell, just went up 20%. Yay diversity and vibrant neighborhoods. Pass the Slurpee and a .357.

    • anarchyst

      7-11 does not give a damn about it’s employees and prohibits their store clerks from arming themselves.  I would like to see 7-11 customers that are in the midst of robberies to SUE 7-11 for emotional distress, etc . . .

    • haroldcrews

      They have gotten a lot of free publicity.  But it is bad publicity.  Really what non-black wants to be in a store subject to being flash mobbed.  It’s a perfect setup for being collateral damage.

  • draysum1234


  • If I owned a business, I would have a pack of dogs behind the counter. Big, scary, racist dogs that obviously don’t like black people.

  • mikejones91

    The old cause of “racism”, xenophobia. The new cause of “racism”, over-exposure. 

  • ageofknowledge

    Gibme sumpn Gibme sumpn!

  • JohnEngelman

    Do white “youths” ever participate in flash mobs? Do Oriental “teens” ever do? 

    • I think I remember reading about some Mennonites or Amish “yoofs” who flash-mobbed a store around here once…


  • robinbishop34

    @blackreality – Africa gave Europe it’s natural resources eh? Well you might want to look behind you as China is pilfering the continent from stem to stern as we speak.

    • Bllackreality

      I’m aware of what China is doing,but the fact remains,western society would not have existed without Africa.

  • Fredrik_H

    At this rate euphemisms like “teen”, “youth”, “juvenile” etc will be considered racist in the near future – since everyone will associate “teen” with “violent young blacks running amok”.

    • Isn’t it also bizarre that even the cop traffic on the radio denies them the use of race as a descriptor? 

  • The__Bobster

    It’s called the AP Stylebook.


    You may know that the Associated Press Style Guide is used by almost all papers in the United States.

    Race: Identification by race is pertinent:

    In biographical and announcement stories, particularly when they involve a feat or appointment that has not routinely been associated with members of a particular race. [I. E. the “first black” to do something good is relevant. The thousandth black to commit an armed robbery is not.]

    When it provides the reader with a substantial insight into conflicting emotions known or likely to be involved in a demonstration or similar event. 

    In some stories that involve a conflict, it is equally important to specify that an issue cuts across racial lines. If, for example, a demonstration by supporters of bussing to achieve racial balance in schools includes a substantial number of whites, that fact should be noted.

    • There are also international conventions governing “journalism”. Of course my opinion is that those are not guidelines as much as they are Comintern requirements.

      It has not helped either that large media chains, owned by liberals and worse, have monopolized almost all of the main stream sources for news and opinion.

      Do a little research on small town USA newspapers. It becomes almost transparent, those papers over the last 20 or so years have been hoarded by leftists to deny an opposing viewpoint. But it was the internet that no one of these so called journalist- owners predicted and prepared for. So it was up to hiring their own communist stooge in the White House to mastermind the control of the net.

  • Greg West

    Obama’s sons be lovin’ they free shizit.

  • Darn ‘young people’!

  • blackreality

    What white people were lynched?

  • Bllackreality

    I find it interesting that I was blocked from posting on this site,when all I was doing was having a polite debate.I guess if a person comes on here and debunk some of the ideology,this is somehow seen as a threat. if thats the case,there should be a disclaimer that the only people allowed to post must be anti-black and pro white.And anything said to dispel that ideology will be blocked.

    • The__Bobster

      Trolling by posting deliberate lies is not “polite debate.”

      You were not blocked; you were deleted.

      Say bye-bye once again.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Well now wait, these children just got a little excited…youffs will be youffs.  I can’t wait untill it is happening EVERYWHERE!

  • I disagree, I think that the differences that blacks exhibit are indeed genetic in nature. And genetic is exactly what I meant.

    I see what you are saying in regards to how the liberal mindset works in such matters. However to be different genetically in matters pertaining to a peoples intelligence, reasoning power, mating habits, and overall psychological, and physiological make-up are anything  but “one little thing” as you put it.

    Those attributes are the very foundation of what makes someone (or a people) who they are. As far as the rapist analogy, it does not really hold water for me. Seeing as though I believe in capital punishment, there would be no “let’s cure him” if rob ran the world.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “After all the generous and compassionate laws we’ve passed to elevate the N’gro above its natural level of mudsill, from the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, to destructive Fair Housing, unholy Integration, unearned Civil Rights, preferential Affirmative Actions, and accursed Diversity Privilege, the N’gro’s most noted cultural expression is utter lawlessness. We’ve been fools. We ignored the evidence right before our eyes. The N’gro is a savage, feral, voodoo African, and will never become a European. We tried to make a friend out of the rattlesnake, and the rattlesnake just poisoned us in return. We tried to change the leopard’s spots, and the leopard just devoured us in return. But now that we have the evidence, we can begin to recognize our error, acknowledge the crisis, reconcile ourselves to the permanent threat, and heal our nation by rolling back all the laws that the N’gro’s nature has nullified.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why racism is the first of our universal values,” 2010

  • mikejones91

    I don’t think blacks are capable with capitalism/free market economies. 

    • haroldcrews

      Free markets require respect for private property, a work ethic, personal responsibility and keeping your word.

      • mikejones91

        Exactly my point.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • vladdy1

    Anybody that really wants to know how blacks became “protected” in the media, I recommend a book called “Coloring the News.”

    •  Good book by Mcgowan. I read it about 10 yars ago.  It does explain alot.

  • vladdy1

    Yellow and khaki? No comment. But then I guess the other colors were all taken by gangs already. 

  • Some convenient stores in urban areas lock the doors, although still open for business, after a certain hour. You want to shop there? You come to a bullet-proof (I assume) window and give your order, the clerk gets it, brings it to the window, you slide your money through like at a bank drive-through, and they slide the merchandise out to you. Sounds like a smart business move to me!

    • In my capital city, the liquor stores are run that way only in the black parts of town. White people go to the same chain store in the white neighborhoods any time day or night and the help is friendly and one can roam the store freely. In our (still) stand your ground state, I daresay most of the whites that shop in the white areas are armed in large percentages therefore most robberies occur in stores located in the black areas. Although, Trayvon did for thugs what the Brady bunch lobby and ACLU were not able to do and maybe most will not be willing to intervene in a black flash mob or robbery.

  • The__Bobster

    Oh, they know the truth. They just don’t want us to know it.

  • 1Forced_Registration

    This 7-11 worker is lucky he didn’t have this happen in Missouri or Illinois. You see, in Missouri & Illinois barring the door would be considered unlawful restraint, and if any of these youths were 17 or under it would be unlawful restraint of a minor (classified as a sex crime by the legislatures of both states, with the full penalties, sex offender registry, and everything else that implies. It will also keep you from getting any professional license — for life — that has a moral turpitude clause.)

    Its a sad day when you can’t deal with a shoplifter …or even a group of them, but that day has arrived in at least 2 states. You might want to check your local laws if you work in anything even related to retail.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    stores in africa post a guard outside each store holding a shotgun now you know why

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     whites just kept moving away but there is nowhere left to move

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     because progressives are people who identify with blacks white progressives are people who are odd in some way and are not accepted into the main stream due to homosexuality or physical unattractiveness or some behavioral quirk and these types gravitate to the mass comm departments of universities where they prepare for careers in journalism. there they form little cliques of like minded people and after college work for mainstream news organizations where they work to further their political agenda which includes promoting black power for example taking gun rights away from whites so that if they are attacked by blacks they can expect to be railroaded like zimmer and etc.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    MARYLAND 6 black females mob attack lone white girl beat kick and cut her

  • Wasn’t the store manager aware that giving freebies to Bantus is akin to throwing red meat to a wolfpack?

  • Athling
  • TomIron361

    As I keep say, don’t dwell on this stuff. Stay focused and develop your body, mind and spirit for the coming difficult work of suppressing the blacks and hispanics. Talk to your family and friends about this if you think it will help, but if they’re liberals, don’t waste your time. Chalk them up. Like I say, this will be extremely hard work. How can anything be harder than understanding a loved one will at some point be your enemy?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Africa is a long way….just come to Detroit for a taste of the third world right in your own backyard.  Even black leaders have called Detroit the third world.

  • mikejones91

    People always say crime has gone down, and I think they might be right. I read a comment on my local news site regarding this white man who was robbing banks. The comment read “Wow, a white guy doing this kind of stuff. Don’t see that too much anymore. kind of sad to say but have us whites really stopped committing crimes?” Obviously, I know whites still commit crime but in my area, you rarely see whites on the news for serious offenses. Then again, maybe it is just geographic. I think overall, us whites have stop committing as MUCH crime then in the past. The black population has rise, their crime levels have also probably risen with their numbers. That’s not say they didn’t/haven’t been committing crimes for a LONG time, it’s just there is just more of them now. So yes, crime has gone down. But the black population has gone up and we ALL know they are DIS-PROPORTIONALITY over-represented in crime.

    • Major

      Good thing my local paper publishes the criminals pictures in black & white…other wise I’d never know the race of the perp.

  • mikejones91

    That’s what I said in a comment 2 days ago haha. Nice thinking.

  • Pelayo

    Read this letter that appeared in the Atlantic City Press.

    Regarding the May 8 column by Leonard Pitts, “Too many see black as crime, crime as black”:This is 2012, and we still won’t accept the fact that hate and racism can’t be overcome. It’s an eternal, primitive mind-set that we all have. And nothing can change it.Black people are treated as we have always been treated. We choose to keep trying to be included in the American design and have had to fight harder and die to remain a part of it. Yet, we continue to be passive, hoping that things will change.Have we forgotten that people are still dragging black men behind pickup trucks and shooting us while we are unarmed – and getting away with it? There is a good chance George Zimmerman will walk away from shooting Trayvon Martin, another casualty here at home, the “promised land,” where blacks will never be free from the atrocities of ignorance and prejudice.Horace Mann said, “Be ashamed to die unless you have won some victory for humanity.” The time to act has always been right now.Egg Harbor TownshipTrying to be included in the American design? This guy is unbeiievable.

  • Kurt Plummer

    I don’t think ‘evil’ is the right word so much as delusional which is, admittedly, potentially worse.  The first thing the mentally ill must do to receive help is admit to needing it.  This automatically sets them up in a weakened state of self-determinancy as it is essentially admitting they cannot handle their problems on their own and hence need someone else to assume control over their own destiny.

    I think the Powers Behind Amerika have a neat little solution worked out for the blacks and hispanics as criminal elements (chain gangs if not gulag states as the Germans planned with Muscovy).  But that they choose not to announce this because it would inconvenience them to be seen as having the same ultimate agenda as ‘racist’ white defenders.

    The problem becomes that their gradual tickover process towards something similar to China’s penal system requires a specific set of chain linked events which may or may not happen on-cue and if they don’t follow according to schedule and motive (i.e. they pass critical mass without a social vent solution) could result in the other imminent disasters we face: economically, in energy and in banking becoming that much worse because they are complicated by a racial civil war.

    We should not expect our Masters to save us.  Because putting us in jeopardy before offering a ‘my way or highway’ solution is part of the plan to forcing the followon condition.  But what we must consider is that anyone who is so unwilling to self advocate their own agenda as part of  proof of concept process is someone who willingly refuses to acknowledge the vulnerabilities of it’s execution to those most likely to be it’s victims.  Whether delusional or not, this must not stand.