Posted on January 9, 2019

The Affirmative Action Congress

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 9, 2019

According to the United States Supreme Court, anti-white racial discrimination is OK because diversity is a “compelling state interest.” The American government permits corporations and institutions deliberately to make themselves less white. Now, Congress itself is less white, less Christian, less connected to the nation established by America’s Founders. If affirmative action is the pursuit of diversity for its own sake, affirmative action has come to Congress.

The first Muslim women and the first American Indian women help make the 116th Congress the most “diverse” in history. This is a historic accomplishment in the eyes of many journalists.

A sampling:

The most recent cover of the New Yorker portrays some of the newly elected non-white members, illustrated in color, entering a room filled with line drawings of white men. The Huffington Post called it “brilliant.” This is the same black-and-white-to color technique used in the 1998 film Pleasantville, an insulting take on American conservatism in which characters go full color only when they discover concepts Americans in the 1950s evidently didn’t know about, including sex, art, and reading. Among those portrayed on the New Yorker’s cover are the media’s current obsession, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar, a Somali immigrant with a questionable background.

The motif of vibrant people of color displacing old white men was a common theme:

  • “On the Democrats’ side of the aisle, a historically diverse class of women and people of color were clad in bright outfits as they were sworn in, while on the Republican side, a relatively homogenous group of mostly white men wore nearly identical dark suits,” wrote Li Zhou and Kainaz Amaria in Vox.
  • “That rainbow was only visible on the left side of the dais — the Democratic side,”said Jill Abramson in Gulf News. “On the right, where the Republicans sat, there was still the usual set of suits worn by mainly older white men.”
  • Pretty soon there was, on one side of the chamber, a sea of white men in suits, and on the other, a wide array of hues, colours and styles,” writes author “J.E.F” in The Economist. “Barbara Lee of California in Kente cloth, . . . Bobby Rush of Illinois looking dapper and professorial in tweeds . . . . It was multicultural America on one side; a rather dour country club on the other.”

Suggesting the 72-year-olds Mr. Rush and Mrs. Lee are vibrant and exciting is a stretch. Mr. Rush, a former Black Panther and longtime congressman, famously defeated then-newcomer Barack Obama in 2000, who voters didn’t think was black enough. Nor was he always so “dapper;” he was kicked off the House floor for wearing a hoodie in 2012 to protest the Trayvon Martin case — though Nancy Pelosi praised him for “courage,” of all things.

“J.E.F” also writes of “Ilhan Omar of Minnesota defying a ban on head coverings on the House floor by wearing an orange-and-gold headscarf.” Not quite. Congress abolished a 181-year-old law banning hats just for her. Once again, when blacks can’t follow the rules, the rules must be changed. Miss Omar looks forward to changing more rules: “I think it will be really exciting to see the stuff that we notice within the rules that don’t work for a modern-day America.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar in front of the U.S. Capitol on January 4, 2019. (Credit Image: © Cheriss May/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

Other non-whites also used clothing to make political statements. Congresswoman Deb Haaland, one of the two American Indian women sworn in, wore “traditional pueblo garb,” according to USA Today. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a Muslim, wore a thawb to show “my Palestinian roots.” As she explained to Elle, “[J]ust like any immigrant parent, she [my mother] wants all of her children to succeed, but without giving up on our roots and culture.” She asked supporters to post pictures of themselves wearing thawbs to show their heritage.

Miss Tlaib created headlines when she said the Democratic Congress would “impeach the mother****er,” referring to President Trump. She has clearly picked up the worst of the native vernacular — but lefties approve.

Rashida Tlaib said nothing wrong,” wrote Michelle Goldberg in The New York Times, adding that it was criticism of her language that was “obscene.” Miss Goldberg recently boasted, “We can replace” white conservative voters.

The GOP’s outrage over Rashida Tlaib is absurd,” said Dean Obeidallah on CNNMr. Obeidallah is reportedly a comedian, though he often appears in the mainstream media to argue for more immigration and to accuse Republicans of racism. In 2012, he declared that the days of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants “running things are over.” In 2013, he mocked the Romney family for adopting a black child; he later apologized but still condemned the GOP for “the lack of racial diversity we see at the Republican National Convention.”

Miss Tlaib loosed her “impeach the mother****er” at an event co-hosted by the New American Leaders Fund, an organization dedicated to creating “a more diverse leadership” for the country and “preparing first and second generation Americans to use their power and potential in elected office.” “We work with the best and brightest from African, Arab, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino and Caribbean American communities to transform them into effective candidates and the inspiring leaders their communities need,” explains the group. Who got left out?

CNN gave the New American Leaders Fund’s founder, Sayu Bhojwani, space to defend Miss Tlaib: “If we want them [non-white Congresswomen] to succeed, we can’t expect them to play by the old rules, because the old rules don’t work for people like us.” Miss Bhojwani says on her Twitter profile, “I sleep, breathe, dream immigrant,” and has tweeted happily about the “browning of America.”

A group of non-white lady Democrats is also featured in a picture from Vanity Fair describing the “new wave” of freshmen who “represent the new face of the Democratic Party — young, nonwhite, L.G.B.T.Q., disproportionately female.” Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez circulated the picture in a viral tweet, adding “Sí, se puede,” the motto of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers and now a common refrain at pro-illegal immigration rallies.

Many of these new Democrats are explicitly “socialist,” but their socialism is about race, not class, as Congressman Ocasio-Cortez explained in a tweet:

The congresswoman, who used to go by “Sandy,” got her start as an activist via a race-based organization at her college (Alianza Latina), and discovered that being a minority has advantages. Her father benefited from being part of a “certified minority business enterprise,” but he still managed to sue his partners for $15 million for racketeering, slander, and “racial discrimination.” When Cortez-Ocasio was two, the family moved to Yorktown Heights, which was 90-percent white. However, today, “Sandy” from Yorktown Heights calls herself “Alex from the Bronx,” and claims all the virtue of victimization.

Among the policy proposals advanced by Miss Ocasio-Cortez is reparations for slavery (or at least “exploring” the idea). Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has already introduced legislation to consider a “proposal for reparations.” The Democratic Socialists of America, an organization to which both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib belong, has endorsed reparations as well. Congresswoman Katie Porter of California, who is white, has said she would support a commission to study reparations for slavery, but Progressive Democrats of America later deleted this information from its website. In this last election, Republican candidates such as Ron DeSantis were condemning their own supporters for saying Democrats might want reparations for slavery, but payouts are likely to become a core Democratic Party tenet within the next decade.

The new Democratic House of Representatives is just a taste of what is to come. These legislators will push for even more programs that explicitly benefit non-whites at the expense of whites. Ambitious careerists in every field have powerful incentives not to assimilate but to define themselves in opposition to the historic American nation.

Mainstream conservatives don’t want to talk about race, but America’s new affirmative-action policymakers will force them to. By ignoring racial reality and permitting the importation of a vast non-white electorate, “conservatives” have ensured that American democracy will become a racial headcount. The “diverse” Democratic House shows that in a multi-racial country, all politics is identity politics. If whites don’t organize in defense of their ethnic interests, they will be pushed aside by groups that do.