White Protestants, Your Monopoly Is Over

Dean Obeidallah, CNN, September 10, 2012

Attention white Anglo-Saxon Protestants: Your days of running things are over. You have jumped the shark.

But there’s no need to feel bad for WASPs.

They’ve had an amazing run. Every single president in our nation’s history, except for John F. Kennedy—a Catholic—and Barack Obama, has been a white Protestant. Except for a handful of exceptions, for over 200 years the presidential nominees of both major political parties have been WASPs. {snip}

But it’s over. Look at this year’s presidential tickets: A Mormon, an African-American, and two Catholics. Even some of the keynote speakers at the Democratic and Republican conventions were not WASPs. The GOP featured Italian-Irish Catholic Chris Christie and the Democrats tapped Latino-American, Julian Castro.

Times are so bleak for WASPs that there’s not a single one on the Supreme Court. Likewise, in Congress, the percentage of Protestants fell from 74 percent in 1961 to a slim majority of 55 percent today. Neither the current Speaker of the House (John Boehner: Catholic) nor the Senate majority leader (Harry Reid: Mormon) is WASP.

I’m sincerely not gloating. And my jibes are in jest. But what I’m happy about is that our two major political parties are increasingly reflecting the new face of America. {snip}


There’s little doubt that we will see more diverse presidential candidates. And we will likely see in the not too distant future a president who is Latino, Asian, Jewish, Sikh or Muslim. (That screaming sound you might have heard was Michele Bachmann shrieking in horror at the idea of a Muslim-American president.)

This is a testament to our nation. We are by our very nature progressive. It may take years, or even decades, to see change, but we always march forward, not back.


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  • I’m sure the Cheka was issuing similar statements to the Orthodox Christians in Russia circa 1917.  

    •  Similarly, I am sure that just as in 1917 they were people writing down the names of Chekists, there are so today……

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Right. Notice that, the good Mr. Obeidallah doesn’t say  why  it’s “over” for whites. From all of his crowing, you would think that whites “lost” after some kind of even handed, fair fight. 

    In reality, it was nothing short of capitulation and surrender. Certainly nothing for nonwhites to brag about. Whatever they gained was the result of whites simply handing it over to them. Of course, Obeidallah doesn’t think to ask why whites would hand all of this over. He would rather pretend that his kind had something to do with it.
     I’m sincerely not gloating . He sincerely is a liar.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “In reality, it was nothing short of capitulation and surrender . . . Whatever they [non-whites] gained was the result of whites simply handing it over to


      Oversimplification. It was not some amorphous entity known as “whites” that handed America over to non-whites. It was federal judges.

      Consider the 1982 Plyler v. Doe decision requiring states to fund K-12 schooling for children illegally residing in the U. S. Plyler was a 5-to-4 decision. Plyler provided the legal foundation for mass illegal migration of whole families to the U. S.

      If one judge had voted differently, we would live in a very different
      America. For as Chief Justice Warren Burger observed in his dissent on Plyler on behalf of himself and Justices O’Connor, Rehnquist and White:

      “…illegal aliens have no right whatever to be here, and the state may reasonably, and constitutionally, elect not to provide them with governmental services at the expense of those who are lawfully in the state.”

      Imagine a politician or judge or newspaper columnist making such a radical statement today: Illegal aliens have no right whatsoever to be here.”

      Plyler also buttressed the rationale of the single Jimmy Carter-appointed federal judge who struck down California’s Proposition 187 in 1995. Prop 187, passed with 59 percent of the California vote, would have denied a wide range of services to illegal aliens.

      Moreover, and much more important, Prop 187 would have served as a model for the 49 other states.

      Instead, we got a disaster. The recent largely gutted decision on SB 1070 — also by a 5-justice majority — is only the latest in a line of judicial assaults on the United States.

      No, whites did not destroy America. America was destroyed by federal judges. A Thomas Jefferson quote comes to mind:

      “It has long, however, been my opinion, and I have never shrunk from its expression . . . that the germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal Judiciary . . . working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped.” [August 18, 1821 letter to Charles Hammond]

      • There is s simple answer which Jefferson and others including the writers of the Federalist had to such a problem: An unconstitutional and unlawful rulings by a Judge is still unlawful and unconstitutional. In other words, impeach, arrest, try and execute to death the judges who made the rulings, and then every single precedent, law, regulation, and order based upon the ruling is not only null and void as well, but those who implemented are also equally guilty as the judges. In turn, all those who suffered from the rulings are right to regain their former status. Thus, trillions of dollars of property or money would be turned over to the rightful Americans, whilst the hundreds of thousands of those responsible for implementing the usurpation will meet their justice as well.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         “In reality, it was nothing short of capitulation and surrender . . .
        Whatever they [non-whites] gained was the result of whites simply
        handing it over to them.”


        Oversimplification. It was not some amorphous entity known as
        “whites” that handed America over to non-whites. It was federal judges.


        I think it was stupid whites that let the judges do it.  Americans were so wrapped up in the fantasy that they were the worlds rescuers, after both WWI and WWII, that they were afraid of any white person sticking up for the white race. Now you know the real purpose of the Holohoax(R).

    • bluffcreek1967

      Of course, he’s gloating. The article’s much too upbeat about the entire subject matter, and his little dig at Michelle Bachmann only confirms it.

      They may snicker and laugh now, but when they see what becomes of this country at the hands of Blacks and Hispanics, they will long for the good old days White Protestants dominated the landscape.  

  • Vil

    (That screaming sound you might have heard was Michele Bachmann shrieking in horror at the idea of a Muslim-American president.) 

    I don´t know about American, but Barack Obama sure is a muslim. He even said so himself.


  • Puggg

    If I took this Obeidallah crackpot literally for even one moment, I would conclude that he would be just as happy if Romney (Mormon, non-WASP) won compared to Obama (non-WASP) winning re-election. I imagine he was cheering for Pat Buchanan (Catholic, German and Irish ancestry, non-WASP) when he was running for President.

    But I don’t take him literally, because I think what he really wanted to say is “Whites” rather than “White Protestants.”

  • Biff_Maliboo

    He’s allegedly a comedian. A very lazy comedian who picked a very safe target.


    • MekongDelta69

      “allegedly” is correct.

      ALL sports writers and comedians are even worse than the MSM writers (if that’s even possible).

  • MekongDelta69

    “WASP’s are terrible. They’re not ‘diverse.’ Bachmann is shreiking. We are progressive. I’m happy the political parties are reflecting the ‘face of America’, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”
    *laughter, snicker, guffaw, hilarity, fist pumping, jumping for joy*


    I’m sincerely not gloating.

    No – of course you’re not Obeidallah…

  • Hirschibold

     This article is not meant to be one of triumphant truth, but
    is a bit of propaganda directed at any white Protestant reading this who may
    hope to mount a successful opposition against their impending demographic
    annihilation, in which this author shamelessly takes much joy. Mr. Obeidallah
    should understand that, despite his excoriation of whites, that not everyone is
    quite so altruistic as they are.

    The Wall Street Journal had an article recently
    saying that California had added 10 million citizens over the course of the last
    20 years. Of that 10 million roughly 150,000 pay taxes. For those who are not
    so good at math, that means that about 1% of the new immigrants are taxpayers. A
    roughly equal number, about 115,000, are in prison, which probably offsets the
    sum contributed by the taxpayers, with a larger burden required to feed and
    house the “vibrant diversity” currently enriching San Quentin maximum-security

    Even if your annihilation fantasy comes to fruition, Mr. Obeidallah, you can
    rest assured that we will have the last laugh when 50 to 100 families are
    squatting in the White House, running illegal power hookups and you’re force to
    reckon with the realization that a civilization cannot exist apart from the
    people who built it, and that it is impossible to inherit what you have already

    • Northernfront

       Hirschibold, we need to find a way to begin practical action.  Your speech above is immaculate.  What front are you on?

      • Hirschibold

         Google “Passover Syndrome” for a good explanation of why hating whites is a strategy that Leftist whites believe will earn them stripes (and exemption from violence at the hand of non-whites) when they are in a minority. I spent many years living among non-whites in the military, and I can tell you: when they see, for instance, a white man driving a truck with a Confederate flag, they may think: this man is my ideological enemy, but I know where he stands and I have to respect him at least as a foe. When they see a white liberal, what they see is the Caucasian equivalent of an Uncle Tom, someone who is behaving in a servile way in hopes of ingratiating himself to someone who has contempt for him regardless.

        Practical solutions can be found at Mindweaponsinragnarok.wordpress.com. I am in the East, but am looking to move to Leavenworth, Washington soon.

    •  Interestingly, Obeidallah’s writings mirror almost in their entirety, works by prominent anti-colonialists during the black and brown anti-colonial liberation wars. Today, those blacks and browns are actually begging for whites to come back.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Point is, those 99% parasites are not actually living off the taxpayers.  They are living off the debts being incurred by the governments in the name of the taxpayers and their posterity.  As bad as things are at the moment, it is going to get worse as the Chinese buy ever less US debt and the printing presses of the Federal Reserve get ramped up.

      It never ceases to amaze me how both Republicans and Democrats refuse to the see the real reasons for the country’s economic woes.  Globalization, Egalitarianism  and Immigration.

  • Pandemonium

    “… but we always march forward, not back.”
    As if “forward” is good, and “back” is bad. 

    • Oil Can Harry

      The US is “marching forward” the same way Zimbabwe and South Africa moved forward when white rule ended.

      Forward off a cliff. 

  • And if it is over for Whites, why would that be? The 1965 Hart-cellar act, the perversion of our 14th
    Amendment, anchor babies, a few amnesties, and a government who refuses to
    enforce immigration law.

    In other words, it was acquired by illegitimate means, essentially stolen and yet we have to listen to this first class A-hole gloat over it! I pray that traitors like this are some day held accountable for their actions.

    I’m also certain all of this was intential and continues to be in an effort to displace White Americans from the homeland we built.  

    Whites will have the last

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

      Imagine if all that White earned money that went to Protestant churches for relief and development of Diversity had stayed in the White community only?  How many billions or trillions of those dollars could have made us less vulnerable to the coming Diversity takeover?

      We are like a family that lives in a “changing” neighborhood who donates to Hatian missionaries instead of buying more ammo.

      Between taxes and regulations on Whites to the donations we make for anything that looks “suffering,” we’ve put ourselves in the pitiful situation of needing rescuing from some shining White Knight of Love and Mercy, but none is coming, because we deserve to suffer the laws of nature for our crime of “putting the needs of the Other first”.

      It will be hard to get mercy from even Jesus after what we’ve done…

    •  Agreed. Make sure you write names of people like Mr. O to make sure we have the last word at the conclusion of his trial.

  • White Protestants may be disappearing but there are minorities that are Protestants. For example, Protestantism is growing among Latinos both in the US and in Latin America. Protestantism is the majority religion of African Americans. Protestantism is also strong among Koreans.

    •  I’d say that most AR regulars don’t give a hoot about rise of Protestantism (mostly Evangelicals) in Africa, Borneo, Brazil or among Mexicans in the US. The same goes for Koreans, although seems that Koreans, being pragmatic, have drawn some conclusions:

      Today, Protestantism, Anglicanism, and Roman Catholicism in South Korea
      face different challenges, with Korean Protestantism struggling with
      controversy and a declining number of followers, while the Catholic
      Church in Korea has increased its membership by 70% in the last ten
      years.[3] Anglicanism in Korea has also experienced significant growth in the recent decades.

    • Nothing I want to do more than go to church on a Sunday morning with some Ooga Booga Bantu cannibal!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, there is a growing amount of non-Whites who religiously connect to Protestantism, but it’s not the sort of Protestantism of say, Presbyertians (John Calvin, the Geneva reformer) or the Lutheran church (Martin Luther). It’s not even the more sober and doctrinally sound Evangelicalism of say, the Southern Baptist church, Reformed Baptist churches or the Evangelical Free Church denomination – all of which Whites have dominated. No, it’s the doctrinally aberrational and emotionally-laden Charismatic and Pentecostal churches. Such churches are far removed from the deeply intellectual, sober-minded and doctrinally sound churches of the more historic Protestant congregations.

      The Charismatic and Pentecostal churches appeal to non-Whites (mostly, Blacks and Hispanics) primarily because they DON’T emphasize doctrine and rigorous theological thought. Instead, they emphasize singing, clapping, speaking in tongues, and lots of drama and emotional appeals. There’s nothing wrong with emotion in connection with one’s expression of faith, but when it replaces mindful thought and serious Bible study, something is wrong. And this explains, in part, why so much false doctrine and charlatans run rampant within the modern Charismatic movement in America and overseas.

  • Allan477

    Eisenhower (Eisenhauer–the hewer of iron) was German background, as were the two Roosevelts (originally Rosenfeld).  When FDR went to prep school, he could barely speak English.   VanBuren was Dutch.  Unless you want to include Germans as Anglo-Saxons–and neither the Germans or the Anglo-Saxons want that–the solidity of the WASP ascendancy is somewhat less solid than Obeidallah would imagine

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      Yes.  I was going to point out that the average smug leftist idiot has perverted the original meaning of White Anglo Saxon Protestant, just like they have racism, liberal, etc.

      Now it just means “white conservative.”  I’m a Catholic with blood from just about everywhere in Europe except the British Isles, and I’ve been called a WASP many times for suggesting things were once better than they are today.

      And non-whites call every white person an Anglo.  The people out there with just a little bit of learning are the most dangerous. 

    •  Seriously, are you going to try and not only claim that Eisenhower and Roosevelt were not WASPs but that FDR couldn’t speak English? I don’t know where you get such information, but Eisenhower had a mostly WASP American family ancestry stretching back to the independence of the country. That made him a Native American under the true definition of the term and a WASP of the upteenth degree. Similarly for the Roosevelt’s whose family arrived in New York City during the 17th century and intermarried with mostly WASP families of similar Native American origin. To put this in perspective, the first Roosevelt to make the Presidency in first years of the 20th century had a family with origins in America of nearly three centuries. How many centuries has your family been in America Allan?

      • Allan477

        The first of my ancestors came from Europe to America in 1695;  the latest came over in 1868.

        As for the Roosevelts, even after they adopted the Holland-Dutch spelling of the name, continued to be primarily German speaking until well into the 20th century.

        •  False, the Roosevelt’s were fluently speaking English. In fact, they spoke the most elite form of English. Whether they spoke Dutch-German or whatever as well is not to say they couldn’t speak English but rather they were multilingual as most elite persons were including persons such as Thomas Jefferson.

          • Allan477

            I visited Roosevelt’s home in Hyde Park a couple of times when I was growing up, and all the early examples of his handwriting were in German, not English.  This was less than ten years after WWII, when, certainly, any German background would have been hidden if it could have been.
            I am sure the adults would have spoken fluent English, but it was a second language.  Roosevelt was often critized for his “pseudo-British” accent, which, in fact, probably was the remains of a German accent.
            After the disaster of 1918, many German-Americans went to great lengths to hide their German background, and, to some extent, the Roosevelts were among them.

          •  Allan, going and visiting primary sources is awesome. However, reading some letters written in German doesn’t mean he wasn’t a native English speaker nor fluent in English. Roosevelt’s family had been in America so long it would be like saying a Transylvanian who had a German name but had intermarried with several generations of Romanians wasn’t a real Romanian. In fact, that isn’t even a fair comparison considering that the English and Germans, and similarly Americans and Dutch are about as historically, genetically, and culturally similar as one can get.

  • I’m wondering what these people dream about when they wish for our demise. I know why White people exist on the Earth. We are here to build beautiful, well-ordered civilizations. We are such a gorgeous people, in every way. A spacefaring people. It is within our genome to reach the stars and go beyond.
    I wouldn’t want to live in Mexico, and I am not fond of mexicans. From what I have observed over a lifetime, they have a party attitude. They live from one hangover to the next. And why shouldn’t they be happy here? Many of them walk across the border after being born in the jungle in huts. To come here, and even to live in the squalor of Los Angeles, paid for by uncle sucker– that is definitely 10 steps up for them. Of course they will vote to re-elect obama. Why would they want anything to change? Thsi is paradise to them.
    Blacks, I don’t need to explain to anyone why I wouldn’t want to live in a black world. Two blacks can’t live together within 10 miles without shooting at each other. They certainly can’t build a civilization or even maintain one that is handed to them.
    As for Asians, I am not impressed by them. I wouldn’t mind visiting Japan for a week, to pick up some souvenirs but I just don’t think the way they do, I don’t live the way they do. Illegals aren’t killing themselves trying to swim to Japan.
    India is my least-favorite place of all. What a hole that is. A filthy, noisy, backward hole. And don’t get me started about Israel. No, I will not be moving there any time soon.
    So what do these people who gleefully write these articles think will happen after we’re gone? Do they think they’re going to live in a paradise? A high-tech wonderland?
    Take Whites out of the mix, and all you have is a big mountain of crap.
    If White people disappeared overnight, the electricity would probably continue for about 10-15 minutes. The water about as much. They would still drive around in cars with chandoliers as hood ornaments as long as they could find cans of gas lying about. Everything would be looted over night.
    People like to imagine what hell would be like, so let me spell it out for you– hell is a place with no White people.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      It should be titled “Life Without White People.”

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      They would still drive around in cars with chandoliers as hood ornaments

      I assume your referencing this 

    • Detroit_WASP

      If illegals swam to Japan, the police would arrest them on the beach and send them back.  Heck, they may even have sharp shooters pick them off before the even got out of the water.  Point is, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to let their country be over-run.

      We WASPS are endangered, wonder if I can get a disability check out of this?

    • CSThinker

      The movie “Idiocracy” comes to mind.

    • hell is a place with no White people.

      That should be a motto or something. I will never forget it and if it becomes famous will always attribute it to you. All Hail Darryl!

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Times are so bleak for WASPs that there’s not a single one on the Supreme Court. ”

    As Pat Buchanan pointed in “Are Liberals Anti-Wasp,”  May 13 2010:

    “…not in nearly half a century has a Democratic president nominated a white Protestant or white Catholic man or woman.”

    Of seven Democrat nominees to the Supreme Court since 1960, five have been Jewish, one black, and one Puerto Rican.

    • Ulick

      Democrats’ disdain for white people and this nation’s history is obvious and palpable.  A white person has to be a true Useful Idiot to vote Democrat.

    •  That tells you who controlls the Democratic Party. At the grass roots level, the party consisted of primarily Catholic ethnic workers in the Northern states, WASPs of all classes in the South, and primarily working class WASPs in the West. However, RICO controlled groups of primarily Judeo-Catholic background have controlled the party since the time of Smith. Roosevelt was the last representative of the WASP elite in the Democratic Party and he was essentially surrounded by Judeo-Catholic operatives after his more left-wing policies alienated the Southerners.

      Today, the GOP is undergoing a similar transformation. Not only is the GOP almost entirely white, it is majority WASP at the grass roots levels. However, it is controlled by the same RICO groups who destroyed the Democratic Party coalition as well with a withering element of Yankee Protestant robber barons in uneasy coalition at the top. Today, the GOP is undertaking left-wing oriented policies hostile to WASPs and white Catholic ethnics. The result will hopefully be a similar disruption of the GOP as what occurred to the Democrats. Thus, whether we get Mormon Mitt or Osama Obama, we will get more anti-WASP anti-American legislation and Judicial appointments.

    •  Both Republicans and Democrats have also consistently resisted the appointment of a Southern conservative to the court for decades and instead of continually promoted North Eastern Racketeer backed Justices. It merely proves that the GOP what a false hope the GOP was to not only all Southerners but all Americans. 

  • A country should know her priorities. US needs to stay:

    a) mostly White European in ancestry
    b) mostly Western in culture- Christian, atheist, secularized Jewish & homegrown religions/sects like Mormons, Christian Science or Adventists

    What happens within African Methodist Church is not our concern. Also, Muslims and Hindus are not assimilable into US cultural-historical matrix (Bachmann is right about that- I’ve known many Muslims whole my life & they’re definitely “other”).

    Buddhists ? In the case of the US, celebrity fad. When truly one of pillars of national culture (Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Mongolia, ..)- it’s not compatible with modern life.

    Pagans ? They’re OK, as long as they’re Western (Greeks, Orphics, Nordic shamanism, Platonists, Stoics,..).

    White is priority, as long as it is Western in culture. That includes Armenian Church (ultimate annihilation of Hell & salvation of Satan) & Mormons with their confusing  scriptures: http://truthandgrace.com/twainbom.htm

    As for Catholics – better not re-open that theme which is contagious for some people.

    • Uh the Armenian Church is actually Catholic. So, you’ve opened up pandora’s box my Fresno originated comrade.

      Religion is important to race as race is to demographics which is important to destiny. The principles of the Reformation are a bedrock of the American race. If you take away the Reformation out of the body politic of the people, you take away the primary inspiration which maintains a functioning Republic.

      Mormons, Universalists, Catholics, Orthodox, Pagans, etc are not only incapable of providing that inspiration, but are elementally subversive to the continuation of America. The country was founded by and for the benefit of WASPs. All others are considered guests and are suffered here by WASPs on the assumption that they will acquiesce to the abandonment of their foreign ideals and religious views until their posterity is fully Americanized.

      The final assimilation and Americanization of these distantly related racial groups cannot be accomplished without the continued maintainance of the WASP Ascendancy in the institutions of power. That is why certain groups of Judeo-Catholic background as well as WASP traitors funded by foreign powers, have worked continually to purge WASPs from power or at least neuter their belief systems.  Although a White mostly Catholic but Western culture in America is preferable to a non-white dominated country, it still won’t be the vibrant, free, industrious, efficient, and fair commonwealth of old America. In that sense, it wold represent the end of Liberty for the entire world. I have hope in an almighty Lord, that he will never allow that to happen, which is why I am confident true America will not be wiped off the earth.  

  • The Jewish population of the United States is somewhere around 2%. Yet the gubmint is dominated by them,with Congress,the Senators & the Supreme Court,(3 of nine Justices)to name  few entities,  having a far,far higher percentahe of Jews than the general population. How can that be? There are far far more so-called WASPS in America than Jews;why then are Jews such a growing and ever more DOMINANT aspect of the gubmint,while WASPS are withering away? Hmmm…

    • This is a political clout. Just- see the percentage of Jewish Americans among National Science medalists or Turing Award winners.

    • Sloppo

      We need to stop worrying about the expressed concerns of the ethnic majority in the leadership of the SPLC and start following the example of the members of the same ethnic group who run the state which is called Israel.  

    • Ulick

      “There are far far more so-called WASPS in America than Jews;why then are Jews such a growing and ever more DOMINANT aspect of the gubmint,while WASPS are withering away? Hmmm…”

      Methinks it might have something to do with who the media tips the scales for.  Who controls the media, again?

      • Yes, it’s all a big, secret CUHN-SPIR-ACEE to take over the world even as Jews drink our blood in their religious rituals and secretly videotape us in our bathrooms to blackmail us later. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Oh, and btw, 9/11 was actually the work of the Federal Reserve and Don Imus.

        • Ulick

          Not a conspiracy at all.  It’s natural tendency to look out for group interests.  Just like black people in power tend to look out for black interests, and white people in power used to look out for white interests.  It’s a natural tribal dynamic that all groups have historically had, but whites are currently being denied and are denying themselves. 

          If you don’t think that Jewish people have a sway in the media far disproportionate to their percentage of the public, and that sway allows them to help Jewish politicians or politicians who are friendly to Jewish interests advance, then I think your emotional tie to the subject may be blinding you.

          My comment was not a critique of the successful Jewish doctor, or lawyer, or other professional.  I agree with you that Jews tend to be more intelligent and harder working than most people.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            Then leave us lazy and dumb White People alone.  Go live in Isreal.

            Either side with us or side with the jews but whatever you do, please, please stop calling White People less intelligent and less hard working than a bunch of people who have, throughout History, depended on White People for everything.

          • Ulick

            I didn’t call white people less intelligent and hard working.  I said that “Jewish people are more intelligent and hard working than most people.”  Since white people are only about 10% of the world population that means that Jews are more intelligent than blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Polynesians, and so on.  In other words, most of the world’s people. 

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          You people really can’t handle any sort of Truth can you?  You don’t come here to defend your Jews, you only come here to insult White People.

          Every time you pull this sort of nonsense, you only succeed in proving to us that you’re nothing but a jealous little snit.

    • Funny how jackasses like you never consider the fact that Jews’ success comes from having a culture that values family, education, and in general working your ass off. No, it always has to be some big, evil “cuhn-spir-acee” to take over the world. Retards.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        How many WASPs are in Israel’s government? Do you think Israel might be a little concerned if there were more WASPs than Jews in their highest court? Even if a WASP had family values, education, and worked his ass off, what are the odds he’ll ever be allowed into Israeli politics?

        Diversity for thee, not for me

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        And this is what makes White People dislike you people even more.

        “values family, education, and in general working hard” DOES NOT belong to jews or any other non-white race.

        Have you never given even one tiny little thought about just how rude and “racist” it is to assign those values to ONLY your favored group of people?  White People are just as Educated, Hard Working, Family Oriented, Honest, Ethical and Moral as anyone else yet they are NEVER described as such.  Now why is that?  You People are the most Hateful, Spiteful and Deceitful People on God’s Green Earth.

    • When WASPs and whites were the majority of the country in numbers, according to Sociology studies, they were considered the majority. Now, that they are no longer the majority, Sociology has determined that money and power determines if one is a member of privileged majority class. Thus, when I took sociology in graduate school I used that example to maintain that Jews were now a majority privileged class. Sadly (sice), this initiated a near riot in the Sociology class which henceforth was forbidden to use either definition of majority or minority or class in study projects and papers. This in turn reduced the Sociology class focus on cultural marxism objectives to a standard and white washed version of psychology studies. Mission Accomplished I say.

  • IKantunderstand

    Hey,  could you at leasr TRY to seperate  the name of a restaurant from a perjorative term for Whites? Just because it says “Cracker”, doesn’t mean only White people go there. I’ve got news for you , blacks go to the “Cracker Barrel” in my state in far greater numbers than Whites (crackers to you, I guess). Question for you: Who, exactly is the “our” in your statement:”We are by our very nature progressive”? Are you referring to the Founding Fathers, you know, those WASPs who fought against feudalism, etc. You know, the  WASPs who created this country’s government and founding principles? You know, those dead WASPs who created the country that you get to be a smart jerk in? Is that who you mean by “our”? Because if it isn’t,  I don’t know to whom the hell you are referring. 

  • Hehehehh… just take a look at comments. Nobody cares about religion; all they talk is race.

    • Ulick

      Race is the most obvious and significant dividing line. 

      I love when Cultural Marxists like Tim Wise tell us that it would really make more sense if people banded together by socio-economic class regardless of race.  Yet these same fools say nothing when the richest blacks side with the poorest blacks and vote monolithically.

    • ncpride

      Oh, I think we all see through this little weasel. He means White America, and Protestant has nothing to do with it, so people are responding accordingly in the comments.

  • Gloating and taunting. Was this written by someone in grade school?

    The immaturity of this piece is not surprising. These people have the personality of brats. And like brats, they have nothing positive to contribute.   

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Not one WASP sits on the Supreme Court?
    Your nation is doomed. 
    The anti-WASPs will never be on your side, and will always work against you.
    Perhaps you need to rekindle the spirit of 1776?
    With absolute ruthlessness!

  • .

    “Attention white Anglo-Saxon Protestants: Your days of running things are over.”

    This means WASP’s can have their own student union now, right?

    In case you’re wondering what kind of name “Obeidallah” is — he’s Palestinian. I’m not pleased with the demographic trends. But I am pleased that little roosters such as him are crowing about it. Libs may pretend to celebrate it — some may actually support it — but I suspect it strikes most whites as a slap across the face. And nothing will wake one up quicker than a slap across the face. Keep crowing, Obeidallah. Keep crowing.

  • Epiminondas

    Once the (yankee) consensus has been broken, you are going to see a real fight for the government begin.  The liberal WASPs who have handed power over to these people are now about to fade into the background.  The disintegration of the nation has begun and it will accelerate.  Watch for the economic crisis to heighten further and the swings to become wilder.  No matter what anyone says, it is all being held together by baling wire and duct tape.  And when it pops, you are going to see four or five nations emerge from the rubble.  

    •  I can state quiet confidently that I look forward to settling old scores with those liberal Yankee WASPs who handed power over to the enemy.

      • Epiminondas

        There are a lot of Southern liberals in there with them.  So you’ll have a day’s work. Might be best to let our northern white friends deal with them.

        •  Southern Liberals? You mean people like “Jorge Bush”? We sons of Dixie call them Carpetbaggers e.g. Yankee looters. At best, perhaps Scalawags (local indigenous Southerners)  might be considered in that lot, but we have a way of dealing with such so called American Tories.

  • splitsing

    Wow, I’m mad enough to spit nails after reading this article.  RAAAAAGE

  • potato78
    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      I’m responding to you here instead of on the other article, hope you don’t mind.

      I’m not against you.  I don’t even dislike you.  Like you, I don’t like watching my Country die neither and Sir, I wasn’t lecturing you.  I was responding to what I took as a promotion for even more dilution of America and our Ways.  If you weren’t doing that, then I’m sorry.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        I am against “potatoe” and I dislike him.  He is anti-White.  

        I dislike, hate and despise ALL anti-Whites wherever they lurk, under rocks, at universities, in the US justice department, at the NYT and on CNN, at the ACLU, NBBP and ADL.   But, I especially dislike them when they show up on White issues sites such as this.

        Here are a few of his comments from another thread.

        “Asia females tend to have silky soft hair with a high quality, anywhere else don’t have. What non Asians have instead is very coarse, hard, stiff, very very weedy dry dark and black hair.”
        “Blondy hair is easily turned into white hair in early age, which is aging sign.  Don’t you think?” 
        “Plus not everyone is crazy about blondy. Most blondy women don’t have good looks.”


        From above:  

        “It’s time for Italian-Irish Catholic, Mormon, etc with black hair.”–potato.This commenter deserves nothing but the utmost scorn and contempt from us, nothing less.Bon

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          Then I didn’t misread or misunderstand at all.  Potato and I went back and forth on another asian (asian candidates) article.

          Sadly, if non-whites weren’t so demanding, rude, double standard and always forcing their way onto White People and our Communities, I wouldn’t dislike them the way I do but as Nature dictates, no one likes to be forced to make room for people and culture that is opposite of their own.  And I hate having to watch our culture and traditions be silenced because some Third World Alien is “offended”.  That really does not help when non-whites try to convince White People they mean no harm neither.

          Just a side thought here:  Why do non-whites insist on being around White People?  Do they really hate us that much that all they want to do is destroy us?  And why do they hate us when we didn’t anything to them except pay taxes so they could have more than us?

        • potato78

          I am sorry about hurting your feeling.  This is not what I intend to do.

          Would you please stop using such heavy words, like “This commenter deserves nothing but the utmost scorn and contempt from us, nothing less.Bon”.  

          I am truly pro pure white.  I may be brainwashed too much that if you are white, you have to be blonde/brunette with green, blue, yellow, grey, or any light eye color, but not black hair with black eye color, that is non white per my definition.  If my definition offended you, sorry again.

          However, I don’t think “white” people will stick to my “pure white” definition.  (for example, if italian or greek man with all body black hair/eye marry a pure white scandinavian girl with blonde hair/blue eye, or any light eye color.)  What happened after generation and generation…, eventually this action will wipe out all blonde/light color eye genes within West Europe.  I think before high technology comes out, cuties marry cuties, bulkys marry bulkys, pure whites should marry pure whites.  But that is impossible. You know that.  That is the reason that Scientists have claimed that true blondes will disappear after 200 hundred years.

          “In 2002 BBC News reported that unnamed German experts had concluded that the natural distribution of blond hair would cease within the span of 200 years owing to the genes associated with blond hair being recessive.”

  • IstvanIN

    Winners gloat.  Good sportsmanship over your vanquished enemy is very much a WASP thing.

  • “This is a testament to our nation. We are by our very nature progressive. It may take years, or even decades, to see change, but we always march forward, not back.”

    We’re marching forward alright and right off the damn cliff.

  • Funny how of intolerant of WASPs, and esp patriarchy, are those who push for tolerance of diverse immigrants, religions, and sexual practices.


  • Defiant White

    QUOTE:  I’m sincerely not gloating. And my jibes are in jest. But what I’m happy about is that our two major political parties are increasingly reflecting the new face of America.

    Let’s see . . . blacks have drained the social welfare net, ruined our schools and are running wild in the streets robbing and shooting at will.  Black illegitimacy is 60-70%, college graduation rates at 45% and incarceration rates at 33%.   HIV is running rampant.  Homos are adopting children and getting “married.”  Our borders are wide open to every disease.  Millions of illegals swarm into our country and openly mock the system.  Half our country pays no taxes.  43 million get handouts from the government.  23 million can’t find a job.   Our “president” lied about just about everything he said he’d do, has plunged us into debtor hell and is openly anti-white . . . yet millions of whites will vote for him again.  Standards in movies, music and TV . . . gone.  Even our language is disappearing . . . almost as fast as our international competitiveness.   The world’s economy is a shambles.

    Yep, I can plainly see why a progressive MIGHT gloat . . . even though you say you’re not.

  • Ulick

    And, had you read my above response you would have seen that I agree with you that Jews tend to to be smarter and hard working than the most people.  And, of course, it’s that combination that allowed them to build media empires.

    But, once again, you’re not refuting my point that those Jewish owned media sources will typically attempt to aid their fellow Jews’ political careers in the same way that someone like Oprah used her media clout to aid Obama.

    I don’t think I’m really breaking new ground here or even saying anything particularly inflammatory.  It’s more just a statement of fact.

    Similar to whenBrando made his statements on Larry King…


    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Jews are not more hard working or smarter than White People.  I’m tired of this lie constantly being repeated.

      White People are just as hard working and intelligent as any Jew out  there for if they weren’t, there wouldn’t be a United States of America that everyone, jews included, constantly flock to.

      Last, if jews are really so much better than White Folk then they really shouldn’t need any of our money (taxes we pay for their never ending jew privilege).  Intelligent People pay for their own way in life and jews don’t do that.  You might want to look up the numerous jew groups in America that, for such an “intelligent” people, somehow, are always needing Funding from White Tax Paying Americans.

      • Ulick

        Once again, I never said Jews are more intelligent and hard working than white people.  Please take my rods at face vaule rather than construing them to mean what you want them to mean.  I said “Jews tend to to be smarter and hard working than the most people.”

        Since whites are only 10% of the world’s population, it remains true that Jews are smarter and harder working than most of the world’s people even if they’re not necessarily smarter nor herder working than white people.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        Dear Ulick,

        I’m sorry.  When I read “most people”, I assume The White Peoples.  My mind just doesn’t count non-whites unless you specify them.  And Sir, we’re less than 10%.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    So even with those 15 points it never occurred to the Jews to invent the airplane, television, automobile, internet, steam engine, etc.

    They did invent Communism, way to go!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I thought I was reading one of Tim Wises’ anti-White screeds at first.  Turns out this guy is a non-White comedian, a very unfunny comedian.

    Attention white Anglo-Saxon Protestants: Your days of running things are over. 

    Yes, and 0bama the non-Protestant is doing such a great job of tearing it all down in the name of “equality” and “social justice,” while implementing a tyrannical police state — making ALL of us slaves of just one more Third World hell-hole –and in record time!!

    Without White Americans, the founding population, there will be no America.  

    The White-less America of the future will be one of vicious oppression, violence, shortened life spans and endless wars.

    Welcome to your promised utopian, White-free paradise, non-Whites!!  Enjoy the brutal legacy the likes of 0bama have created for you without those racist, xenophobic, bigoted Whites around!!  (you know, those liberty-seeking Whites who created the freest most prosperous country that ever existed on the face of the earth).

    Original article

    No thanks, I’ve read enough.


  • Sherman_McCoy

    It’s not that he s playing ignorant.  It’s that he’s a jackass.

    •  No matter how well travelled the jackass is, it still comes back a jackass.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Or cured cancer.  Or conquered aging?  Or, or, or?

    Instead we pay out trillions to the parasites which allow them to create millionaire rappers and other useless wastes of oxygen.  

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Once we’re gone, we’re gone.  Just remember, a barrel of sewage which has a glass of Merlot added to it is still barrel of sewage.  But a barrel of wine that has a glass of sewage added to it is . . . a barrel of sewage.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The term “forward” has long been used as a slogan of communism and socialism.  Communist leaders use(d) the word “forward” in their speeches to represent “progress.”

     From the murderous Stalinist USSR:  “Forward to the Victory of Communism!!”

    From China’s bloodthirsty Chairman Mao Zedong, the “Great Leap Forward” of the 1950s.

    To the Comrade Obama’s  “Forward”

    The term “forward” has long been a slogan of communism and socialism.  Communist leaders use(d) the word “forward” in their speeches to represent “progress.”

     From the murderous Stalinist USSR:  “Forward to the Victory of Communism!!”

    From China’s bloodthirsty Chairman Mao Zedong, “The Great Leap Forward” of the 1950s.

    To Comrade Obama’s  “Forward” (as Luca writes above), “Right off the damned  Cliff”Bon

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    “cnn” wouldn’t let my reply (held for review) to another poster go through.  This has been happening quite a bit on original articles.  Several posts (different articles) that did go through have been removed too.  They’re trying to shut me down.  I guess Truth really does hurt eh?

  • rightrightright

    It was the muslim Turks who started the impaling business.   Vlad merely did to them what they had done to Christians.

  • Actually, Jewish success in Israel is astounding. For instance, a few, 6 or 7, Nobel prizes in sciences in past 4 or so years went to Israelis, as well as Turing awards for CS:http://amturing.acm.org/byyear.cfm
    Many Israelis end up in the US & are counted as Americans.

    Also, internationally recognized awards like Wolf prize are located in Israel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_Prize

    Just, Israelis cannot focus themselves to the academic work as Jews in other countries: they spend many months and years in the Army; also, there is a large blue collar Jewish population in Israel, which is not the case in the US, France, Russia,…

  • “Jooz” don’t control the media. But, it’s impossible to prove or disprove it. I tried to argue that German politician Bodo Hombach & WAZ media group are German, and not “controlled” by some British “secret service” (Mi this or that) & failed miserably.

  • toldev

     That is not quite true. During the 1930’s, most East European Jews who were to the right of the bell curve emigrated to other countries including the United States. The East European Jews who were to the left of the bell curve stuck around for the party that was the Second World War.

  • There’s a telling scene in the play/movie, Mister Roberts.
    Lt. Roberts (WASP, good guy) confronts Captain Morton (Irish Catholic SOB) as to why Morton is such an sob. Captain Morton delivers an angry yet deeply sad and moving speech about how he was treated and demeaned by the WASP elites of Boston when he was young. Morton worked all his life to rise to a position of power so he could abuse and bully people the way he had been abused.
    The Kennedys were Catholics and I believe they believed they were mistreated and looked down upon by the WASP Establishment. Joseph Kennedy was known to instill this belief in his children. Ted Kennedy recalled that his father had told him about the “NO IRISH” sign he had seen as a child (though none of these signs have ever been found, though there is one newspaper advert that has been documented).    
    The Kennedys seemed to have set out to undermine the old order and they succeeded.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    What an ignoramus.  Andrew Jackson was a Celt, Scotch-Irish, not Anglo-Saxon.  The Roosevelts were in part Dutch, which might be close to Angl0-Saxon, but not necessarily quite.  The boneheads should not throw around terms they don’t understand.

  • potato78

    white Anglo Protestants.

    It’s time for Italian-Irish Catholic, Mormon, etc with black hair.

    “But there’s no need to feel bad for WASPs.”
    “but we always march forward, not back.”


    • Ingsoc

      “It’s time for Italian-Irish Catholic, Mormon, etc with black hair.
      “But there’s no need to feel bad for WASPs.”
      That’s because you plan to eliminate all of those w/o black hair.  You need to head over to Tim Wise’s site or the ALD or ACLU website where you can make anti-White comments with others who share your fantasies about offing Whites.
      You’re going to be a bit hit over there.


      • potato78

        Looks like you like to use heavy duty word, such as “sick”.  How do you know I am sick or good.  I am really pro pure white with a good mind.  I was sarcastic with past in including youtube.   Using “etc with black hair” per observation is not intended to hurt someone’s feeling.  I didn’t realize that some people are so sensitive to black hair.  I really don’t know where the “eliminate all of those w/o black hair” comes from.  I truly love to see blonde marry blonde, but can you stick to it?.  When blonde marry dark, people tell me “love is beyond deep ocean”.
        Otherwise, couldn’t generate a lot of black hair “white” people.

  • Hirschibold

     It’s not really appeasement or concession, it’s just a reiteration of Gide’s old rule “Better to be hated for what you are then loved for what you are not.” I believe the writer Dante wrote of how the worst layer of hell was reserved not for those who were evil, but those who were neither loved nor hated, who refused to commit themselves.

  • Allan477

    And, of course, the British Royal Family remains very Germanic to this day.

    •  yeah, right, are you going to say now that Queen Elizabeth is German? The old royal northern european ruling families are the epitome of could be called super WASPs. Nonetheless, it is perhaps true that Elizabeth is less loyal to her Englishness than John Bull. Nevertheless, in comparison to almost all other royal houses, the British one is about as national as one can get. Indeed, one could say that most of the royal houses aren’t German but in fact are British.

      •  If true the correct song isn’t Deutschland Uber Alles but “Rule Britania”

        • Allan477

          I have read in a German magazine that DEUTSCHAND UEBER ALLES is based on an English drinking song.  In this way, I suppose, it is similar to THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER. 

      • Allan477

        Hey, Reg, learn how to read.  I said , “Germanic”, not “German”.  English, itself, is classified as a Germanic language.

        As for your obsession with the term WASP, when I first heard it at college  in the ’50’s, it referred to the Southern Mountain People.  Only later did it begin to be used toward any upper-class White.

  • MissBonnie123

    “It may take years, or even decades, to see change, but we always march forward, not back.”

    Is he kidding? It seems to me that as a country we are descending to our primitive selves. Doesn’t he read about the horrendous crimes that are being committed? Especially gruesome was the torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

    What about our system of law and order being violated and ignored, while at the same time we are becoming a totalitarian country? We have illegal aliens not only breaking our immigration laws, but stealing peoples’ identities, driving without licenses, registration, and insurance, making demands for benefits that they are not entitled to, etc.?

    When you take a First World country and fill it with Third World people, you WILL eventually move backwards, not forward.

  • Defiant White

    It’s not just IQ or money.  It’s how a tribe looks at certain things. 

    To the white man/WASP the media was another in a long list of holdings, like railroads, shipping and oil. 

    But the jew pursues media control with strong determination.  The jew understands the power of  being able to dominate social discourse and what information is disseminated to the society at large.  Their whole system is built around these principles.

    He also engages in collusion, graft, corruption and of course, loyalty to other tribe members.  In this sense, the jew is no different from any mafia family – be they italian, russian or chinese.

  • humura

    “Reflecting the new face of America.”  America still has a Protestant majority.   However, does the US Supreme Court reflect this face?  The US SC is 2/3s Roman Catholic; 1/3 Jewish.
       Does the EEOC?  Many government agencies.  They neither reflect the American people nor American ideals.
      It is time for a big change!

    • The problem with SCOTUS is not religious, but ideological composition. And, by the way- whence this “wise Latina” phrase ? Why should a Hispanic woman be called “wise” ? How does anyone know about her “wisdom” ?
      Just free associating …

  • Here we go again:

    * Jews. Oh, this is tiresome. But it seems impossible to avoid. Now, Jews, this old & talented ethno-religious group is in the great creative period of their existence, which lasts as yet ca. 150-200 years. Many other groups or peoples have had such periods- Italians, say, 1300-1600; English up and down, but let’s take a look at 1550-1750 period. During this time, the English had produced: Tallis, Byrd, Purcell- composers, Boyle (Irish extraction)- father of chemistry, Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, …-literature, Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley-philosophy, Gilbert- magnetism, Harvey- physiology, blood circulation, Newton- the greatest scientist ever, Halley- astronomy, Cavendish- physics & chemistry, discovered hydrogen, ..
    So, just in this 200 years span the English had created enormously more than Jews in past 200 years. And- what does this have to do with IQ & other stuff ? Nothing. Some peoples have given, in various periods of time, more or less important creative contribution to the world civilization. As I’ve said- I’m not impressed with some extraordinary “Ashkenazi intelligence”. There is also enormous French intelligence, Russian intelligence, English intelligence, Swedish intelligence, Italian intelligence, German intelligence … manifested in different historical periods.
    On the other hand, Jews as a group are frequently demonized as parasitic bloodsuckers in otherwise healthy society. Let’s be realistic: most Jewish Americans are good & productive citizens. Yet, there is an anti-American & anti- White Jewish element which is in minority among the Jews , but very prominent in the media. And AR regulars attack all Jewish Americans as such. And at the same time most of you idolize Clint Eastwood who is uber-liberal in his movies (Invictus, Gran Torino, ..).
    That’s not fair.

    * this “comedian” Obeidallah is evidently seething with anti-White animus. But, other prominent Christian Arab-Americans, most of them, are neither anti-White (in fact, they’re White), nor suicidal loony liberals. For instance Robert Spencer ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Spencer_%28author%29 ). Again- you lump all  potential friends into the enemies trash-basket.

    More subtlety ….

    • Ulick

      “Yet, there is an anti-American & anti-White Jewish element which is in minority among the Jews , but very prominent in the media.”

      Let the record reflect that I unfortunately started this Jewish side discussion by mentioning Jewish prominence in media ownership.  If you read my posts, though, my original post that drew the uber-defensive response essentially said what you stated  above; and I emphasized on a couple occassions what you stated below… 

      “Let’s be realistic: most Jewish Americans are good & productive citizens.”

      • No, it’s not you. Ca. 40-50% of AR regulars are strongly anti-Jewish- IMO- and arguing with them would be a waste of time; a few loonies, probably Asian Indians impersonating Jews, promote some kind of Jewish supremacy, acting as agents provocateurs. Most people here are realistic: US Jews are, mostly, neither friends nor enemies.
        A few individuals idolize Jews, but these are their personal quirks.

  • JohnEngelman

    There are very few Marxists in the United States. “Cultural Marxism” is nothing more than a term used by reactionaries to discredit social liberals. Social liberalism is becoming the consensus as fewer Americans oppose interracial marriage, or even gay marriage. 
    In the words of the Bob Dylan song:
    Come gather ’round peopleWherever you roamAnd admit that the watersAround you have grownAnd accept it that soonYou’ll be drenched to the boneIf your time to youIs worth savin’Then you better start swimmin’Or you’ll sink like a stoneFor the times they are a-changin’.                    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2sYIIjS-cQ  

    • It didn’t just HAPPEN that people started to favor homosexuality over hetero, paganism over Christianity, smut over more wholesome primetime shows and movies, constant allusions to sex till one rolls their eyes, constant force-feeding of multicultural fantasies and inter-racial couples, etc.  It was deliberate and it was collusion among general media, academia, and Hollywood.  Many young people accepted certain tenets of liberalism in their desire to go with urban trends vs. appearing provincial and traditional in their moves to college and big cities.  But there was no way that times simply changed on matters that had never changed in centuries.  People were misguided and led by the nose, which to their chagrin many are recognizing.  Cultural Marxism is a good term to describe the way egalitarianism and interchangeability is literally being forced on us.  As for real true Marxism, I wonder if what you say is true.  I would like to think so but some people’s beliefs are almost unreal.  Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and people like that were dead serious, and they were supposedly “normal” college students.

      • JohnEngelman

        In the United States we have a free market for ideas, just as we have a free market for goods and services. No one forced anyone to buy magazines like Playboy and Cosmopolitan and adopt the value system propagated in them, but millions of young men and women did. 
        Since 1970 the United States has moved to the right on economic issues and to the left on social issues. In other words, as a nation we have become more libertarian. 
        I dislike the first move, and have apprehensions about aspects of the second. Nevertheless,I recognize that both are the result of individual changes in values. There was no conspiracy by powerful, strategically placed, but small elites.

  • CSThinker

    So you think that Jews would choose to smother the West with their worst ennemies…. I am sure they want the Muslims to get their hands on the French nuclear armament … … … … …makes sense… … …

    …….this is flawless logic……

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      No it’s not.  The jews believe they can control the non-whites and they know they cannot control us and that is why they’re trying to destroy us.

  • newscomments70

    I agree with almost everything you said, but Bogota, Columbia is actually safer and more advanced than many of our fallen cities. 

  • Kurt Plummer


    One concrete example of “multicultural” was the massive “loaning” ofmoney to unqualified minority borrowers.

    How right you are.  But I don’t think you see how far back it goes.  America was a the number one lending nation up until 1975-77.  Even with massive Jewish inspired oil crises and mounting Keynesian ‘war economy’ debt.

    And that is where the disaster struck.

    Because when nations as geographically diverse as Sukarno’s PKI driven Indonesia and the Ruling Juntas of South America and Middle Africa all felt the sting of ‘cultural change’ and then economic as state collapse into revolution, it should have become obvious:

    You cannot run an independent country when you are in fact counting on the competence of other races that _have no track record_ in raising themselves up, to remain uncorrupted and steady on true bearings.

    America ceased to be an independent nation which harbored it’s own resources for it’s own needs (the true definition of mercantilism) and became a sainted monarchy of capitalism.

    And that was the beginning of the end because we could not sustain a false war against Communism to justify the Keynesian war-state economics by which we allowed ourselves to become driven towards global socialism.

    And that’s the real problem with _capitalism_ today.  It is really socialism in disguise.  Because you cannot stay where you are at ‘on top of the pile’ unless you lever up everyone around you to operate at your level in sustaining the system itself.

    And the peoples as races of this planet are _Not Equal_ in basic abilities or behavioral tendencies.  And in evolutionary terms (excluding genetic intervention) likely never will be.

    Whether you consider it to be Barbary Pirates, Black Tom or Escorting British Convoys, (George) Washington was correct in stating:

    The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending
    our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as
    possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled
    with perfect good faith. Here let us stop. Europe has a set of primary interests
    which to us have none; or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in
    frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our
    concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves by
    artificial ties in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary
    combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.


    The problem then being that -the way- our ‘commercial relations’ were extended virtually came to ensure we would be drawn into European affairs.

    In this, the combined attitude of palladinism and economic surcease which drove us to intervene, twice, in the affairs of Europe was largely a function of the pursuit of profits in a system which was designed from the start to push us towards globalism by  the likes of the Rothschildes.

    Because kindness is profligate, not restrained.

    Much as the 19th century was our coming of age period, the 20th should have been Europes’ collectivization era.  We were wrong to intervene in her rite of passage and destabilizing her colonialist influence on the path to ‘two then one then none’ superpower is what has also led to a world where the stupid migrate to the wealthy with their hand’s out.

    Far better to let the stupid elevate themselves through mimicry (or not) of their masters while giving unto Europe the privileges as the pain of maintaining their colonialist slave empire.

    The world’s races are not on a coequivalent evolutionary epoch.  The peak of whose trajectory curves may not be matchable as a function of the evolutionary influences that each group of people has undergone to get here.

    And yet there is a false perception that because we did for one (Whites, The defeat of Naziiism and the Marshall Plan) we must do for all.

    And that simple dissonance of rationalism is where it all began.

    It was wrong to throw down Hitler for two simple reasons:

    1.  The Germans would have been far better competitors in keeping the U.S. focussed on improvement of society as people as species rather than being better socialists than the communists in making sure nobody ‘felt bad’ about their relative evolutionary as much as personal position.

    2.  Had Europe disolved it’s permanent status as feudal city states to rearrise as a United States Of Europe, we would not have been looking at billions spent to ‘contain Communism’ as a means to bleed our own strength to nothing through Keynesian sabotage.  Indeed, Hitler had no problem with maintaining the status quo of British Imperialism.

    And those two conditions together would have meant, whatever they did for the other races, that whites would have been better off today, with more hopes and prospects for continued improvement, than they now face with the possible extinctiong of our people being quite possible by the end of this century.

    NPI Population Studies

    Until and unless we admit that the ‘Fuhrer Principle’ applies as much to races as to societies, with one over the other and all in contention, we will never be able to comprehend, let alone reverse, the situation in which we find ourselves now.

    Because we will refuse to believe, in our pathologically altruistic way, that others are not out to get us for all that we are, even if it means killing the golden goose, just because they -are- in touch with their genetically driven will to succeed.  By replacement.

    And ‘fitness’ will have nothing to do with it if we refuse to compete and suppress.

  •  The mooslims and the blacks should all march forward until they reach the coast of Africa.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    BECAUSE, White People are not given preferential treatment like you non-whites are simply because you’re not White.  “We” don’t get those easy and forgivable loans you jews are always getting neither.  And there’s also that problem you people call “white racism”.  White People are not allowed to have anything of their own (media) because that’s “racist”.  In short, they wouldn’t allow us to buy a television channel unless we included you jews and other non-whites.  White People aren’t even allowed to have a Country Club of their own for Christ’s Sake.  There is no Equality when it comes to White People.  “We” are the only ones who Truly, have to work twice and thrice as hard as all you non-whites put together.

    Pray Tell, if jews are so great, why can’t they fight their own Wars?  Jews are manipulators and nothing more.  They conned White Countries to spend their Money and spill their Blood for you even though you people have done absolutely nothing for White People in the entire History of the World.

    And please, inform this low IQ Whitey over here, if you people are so daggone “intelligent”, why do you need so much Foreign Aide from White Tax Paying Americans?

    And why do jews choose to live in a Country filled with people, White People, who are supposedly second to you?

    You people can’t even allow White People to just be left alone.  You people are nothing but con artists and liars.  You get to bash White People all you want but we can’t even tell an innocent little joke about you people without being completely ripped to shreds about it.  Your Double Standard Sheet is so worn out, the holes are starting to show.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Then why do they depend on White People so much?  Shouldn’t these geniuses, at the very very least, be able to pay for their own way?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    obama is doing that so hard core sharia loving mudlims can have complete control.

  • scott81

    You can’t sustain a country with the only unifying force being the hatred of whites. In Zimbabwe they drove out the “evil white Christians”, now the locals realize what a terrible mistake they made since they live in a country wrecked by inflation under a brutal dictatorship where they have lower life expectancy than ever before due to rampant diseases. But it’s too late, the white man won’t ever come back.  A time will come in America when they can’t blame the white man any longer, and they will have to live in the social hell they created.

    • potato78

       The thing is where we are going to?

      • scott81

        Well pretty much every white country is in negative population growth, so with mass immigration it is just compounding the problem. There’s too many young whites who want to remain childless so they can pursue career and life goals.

  •  Not in science fields.

  • scott81

    yes most whites are also liberal pro-gay, pro-race mixing, on the whole it’s not looking good. We can’t continue a race without a people worthy of continuing it.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    “most of the time”…..uh oh!

    What do ya mean you don’t agree with me all the time? 🙂  How do you make a smiley face?  Anyway, my post to you is meant as friendly teasing.

    • potato78

       Now you are happy.

  • It doesn’t really matter if  White Anglo Saxon Protestants are in a minority. They are still White and that’s the important thing. Now what all the White-Europeans have to do, regardless of their religious status, regroup in one Political Party. Whites still in the Democratic Party should immediately switch and join either the Republican Party or the Conservative Party or the Tea Party and vote as a united people to defeat those who are waiting for us to become a minority and take over all of our institutions  and push us aside. This is what all non-Whites are waiting for. If Whites were all united  they could remove all the traitors in Congress, close the borders forever to new invaders, pass laws to deport millions, stop welfare to  non-White, to out-of-wedlock children manufacturing  females, restore Constitutional Government  as established by our founding fathers. 

  • The last WASP on the Supreme Court was J.P. Stevens. I don’t miss him.
    Carter and G.W. Bush were WASP presidents — no great loss there.

    J.P. Stevens is proving to be more of a constitutionalist and believer of self-responsible libertarianism than Justice Rogers. Carter and Bush, yes, although scions of WASP families, are what can best be described as front men for racketeers. WASPs aren’t usually racketeers and so we shouldn’t describe Carter and Bush as either a typical WASP.

  •  Ditto!

  • potato78

     But every single white want to be a leader instead of being led.

    They will do whatever they can to be a leader.  So by imaging, so many whites like to lead many tribes of minorities.  If you don’t, somebody else.

  • pagan visitor

    WOW! All these comments prove to me exactly why the white race needs to die out, especially the Protestants. They have to be the most violent, blood-thirsty people in history. But they learned it from their god.