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Food stamp rolls in some trial counties have dropped by 75 percent.

Radical leader has repeatedly told black followers to take what’s theirs.

Top 5 percent of black households are doing very well.

Why the H-1B Visa Racket Should Be Abolished, Not Reformed

Only elites and their helots benefit from the program.


“White Men Stole It All”

Solution: deny them the right to vote.


Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future

How demographic change can destroy a country.


City of Austin would spend $600 million to bring them back.

Being married and white helps.

Land grabs will take place only if the constitution is amended.

So much for “Immigrants don’t use welfare.”

Anything over 30 percent is too many whites.

From €500 to €1,000.

Welfare: Who Are You Supporting?

There are stark racial disparities in welfare use.

Video by Jared Taylor

Bank commits $60 billion to help 250,000 blacks buy homes by 2027.

That would be a 14 percent reduction that covers many areas.

How I Learned About Blacks

Being a landlord in the ghetto is a quick education.


Why Whites Should Oppose Entitlement “Reform”

The current structure of Social Security favors whites.


Threatens to withhold federal research funding.

Cancer and flu research cut so we can house illegal immigrant youths.

Includes more police, and incentives for businesses to move to black areas.

They want $11 million in state funds for things like “culturally sensitive prenatal care.”

There is “an inexhaustible supply” of Arabs and Africans who want to come.

A classic account of how free markets curtail discrimination.

Even blacks are at risk.

There are special scholarships and services offered only to illegals.

He was on the dole for four years before he caught a flight to Turkey.

Mayor of town deliberately created seven jobs for them.

$10,000 handouts for down payment should help.

ANC politicians are promising to steal from whites to win back black voters.

Is anyone surprised?

$680 is just too much for them.

States don’t have to count all the income of illegals when calculating eligibility for handouts.

But the state needs the federal government’s permission.

The designation would make their schools eligible for special handouts.

A majority then go straight on the dole.

Tucker Carlson and Jason Richwine discuss immigration’s costs on Fox News.

Flint will get $17.6 million.

Bill would allow government to take whites’ land at prices it determines.

Third World holding the West hostage.

Urban League wants $1 trillion spent on blacks over next five years.

Whites and non-whites disagree.

New report breaks down welfare cost per household by race.

Over the last three years, only one person was deported for being a public charge.

Total is expected to be $1.3 billion in fiscal 2017.

Investing in non-white areas prices out non-whites. What to do?

What happened was exactly what you would expect.

It’s forcing cities to build homes for blacks in affluent white areas.

Virginia district says there is no age limit for illegals.

Brits will finally learn how many foreigners are on the dole.

Units are to be marketed directly to blacks and people with disabilities.