Posted on December 29, 2023

Who’s on the Take?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 29, 2023

You pay for a shocking number of immigrants on welfare.

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Sometimes you have to ask yourself: Are our rulers fools, ignoramuses, or traitors? I can’t think of any other explanation for some of the things they do.

The Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington thinktank, never asks that question directly.

Its business is data analysis. I’m only half joking when I say that everything I know about immigration I learned from CIS.

But I don’t see how anyone can read its latest report, “Welfare Use by Immigrants and the U.S.-Born” and not think the country is being driven straight into a brick wall.

In this report, welfare means sure-enough, government-funded handouts, not social security or Medicare, which people paid into, and the data come from the best possible source, the Census Bureau’s massive Survey of Income and Program Participation.

The most recent numbers are from 2021, so they don’t cover the millions of people Joe Biden has let in.

This graph shows the percentages of different kinds of households that get welfare. The blue columns are households headed by native-born US citizens. The green columns are immigrant-headed households, including naturalized citizens, and the light pink columns are households headed by non-citizens – foreigners living in the United States.

Look at the first group of columns on the left, percentages of households that get any kind of welfare. Fully 39 percent of households headed by native-born Americans – that’s the blue column – get some kind of welfare. That’s nearly four in ten. What kind of country has that many people on the dole? And look at immigrants. Fifty-four percent. As for non-citizen immigrants, the next column over: 59 percent – six in ten.

The various kinds of welfare are to the right: cash handouts, free food, free medical treatment, and government housing. As you can see, immigrants really go for the free food and medical treatment – but one in four native households do, too. Housing, on the very right, is supposed to be only for US citizens – but as you can see, plenty of immigrants, including non-citizens walk right in – on your dime.

How come so many immigrants – newcomers – feed at the public trough? Do even Democrats want this? You could argue that maybe we owe something to fellow Americans who are poor, but we owe nothing to foreigners.

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A country run by people with any brains might let in immigrants but only people who won’t be a drag on natives.

And this doesn’t include private or local charity: Salvation Army, Red Cross, church programs, food banks, city-run shelters, etc., which are also full of immigrants.

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Here are percentages for households headed by natives in blue, legal immigrants in orange, and illegal immigrants in purple. CIS warns that you can’t always be sure of the numbers for illegals, but the center does its best to get it right.

Illegals are more likely than legal immigrants to get welfare. And in the second group of columns, cash, 18 percent of households headed by an illegal get a check. Nearly half get free food and 39 percent get Medicaid. And Medicaid doesn’t even count expensive trips to the emergency room, where hospitals are legally required to patch you up, no matter how much it costs, no matter how little you pay, and whether you are here legally or not.

Again, do even Democrats think illegals should waltz across the border and get handouts? I’d be ashamed to break into someone’s country and suck on the public teat. I guess it doesn’t bother them at all.

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What does that say about them, what kind of neighbors they are likely to be?

How do illegals get welfare? Do they cheat? CIS says no. It explains that more than half of illegal-headed households have at least one US-born child at home. Those children are US citizens – thanks to ignorance, foolishness, or treason, take your pick – so they get every known form of welfare. Also, everyone in the country – legal or not – qualifies for free food, and some states also hand out Medicaid, no questions asked.

Several million illegals have the right to work: DACA recipients, people with temporary protected status, and even applicants for asylum released “on parole.” They get certain benefits. Finally, most handouts are for poor people with children, and immigrant families – especially illegals – are more likely than natives to be poor (15 percent vs. 11.6 percent) and more likely to have children (42 percent of households, vs. 34 percent of native households).

And, of course, the bureaucrats who ladle out the goodies beat the bushes for customers so they can expand their empires. They may not be too particular about who qualifies.

And so, we have the classic, unsustainable “progressive” vicious cycle: Hard-working natives with few children taxed to support poor immigrants who have more children than they can afford.

Why are immigrants poor? Look at their educations. Seven point two percent of native-born Americans are high school dropouts, but 21.4 percent of immigrants and 30.8 percent of resident non-citizens are dropouts.

And for the “some college” category – a lot of those people have associate degrees – natives are a lot better educated than immigrants. Why have we let in even one high-school dropout?

Cheap labor? Ha. Maybe cheap for the employer, but not for the country.

There are some well-off families on welfare. In 2021, if you were a family of three making at least $88,000 a year, that put you at 400 percent of poverty-level income. No fewer than 22.6 percent of those native households were on some form of the dole, and 30.7 percent of immigrant households. Even CIS can’t figure out how that happens.

The report doesn’t get into this, but in a typical year, the United States gives away about $70 billion a year in foreign aid, and guess where most of it goes.

To those very countries that send us people who come here and go on welfare. Aren’t we the perfect chumps?

CIS reports welfare use by race as well as by immigration status, and the differences are stark.

Here are the percentages of *native* households that use the main welfare programs. As you can see at the very left, 57 percent of Hispanic-headed households, the brown line, get at least one kind of handout, more than the 55 percent for blacks. Whites and Asians are about the same at 34 percent. For all welfare programs, black and Hispanic households are a lot more likely than white and Asian to get benefits. The differences in the bars at the very right – percentages of families using three or more programs – are striking.

Click here for a full-size version.

Now let’s compare with non-citizens of the different races.

Click here for a full-size version.

For some programs, the usage rates are a lot higher than for natives. They came across our borders and live at our expense. Again, Hispanics and blacks take more welfare than whites or Asians.

Many of these people eventually naturalize, and the patterns repeat, though not so dramatically. Africans and Latin Americans are more dependent on handouts than Europeans and Asians, with one odd exception. Naturalized Africans are slightly less likely to get cash handouts than naturalized Europeans or Asians.

Click here for a full-size version.

And so, in addition to taxing natives to support foreigners, we tax whites and Asians to support blacks and Hispanics. Let us also not forget that people on welfare pay little or no income tax, which is what pays for welfare.

In 2021, 57 percent of American households paid no income tax. Not a dime.

But that figure was high because of covid. Normally, about 45 percent of households get a free ride. I can’t find the numbers, but the families we carry around on our backs are sure to be overwhelmingly black and Hispanic and American Indian.

How about prisoners? They pay no taxes and are completely dependent on handouts. Here are incarceration rates by race with men in blue and women in black.

Black men are five and a half times more likely than white men to be in prison. Hispanic men are two and a half times more likely – and we keep bringing in more. We just can’t get enough.

Don’t forget the people who aren’t even in this report. “Authorities encountering record number of migrants at the border each day amid unprecedented surge.”

Why, yes. President Biden has let in about two million legal immigrants and three million illegals.

Here’s another graph from CIS. The number of foreign-born people living in the US, under Trump and Biden.

Trump in Green, Biden in purple. The numbers in the boxes are millions of foreigners living here. By the end of the year, it will easily be 50 million, and we will have the largest percentage of foreign-born people since the country was founded: 15 percent, or more than one in seven.

Here they come, at a current clip of 300,000 a month. Go on welfare, have more children, and end up in jail.

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As I said, the country has to be run by fools, ignoramuses, or traitors. Or maybe they just aren’t paying attention. It’s their job to pay attention, but our media work hard to keep them ignorant. Look up the name of the CIS report on a search engine and see what comes up. CIS, of course. And then, our site, American Renaissance.

You won’t find any big media and hardly any small media, despite the endless hours CIS put into this report, its scrupulous attention to accuracy and detail, and the importance of its findings.

Which makes you wonder: Who run the media? More fools, ignoramuses, or traitors?