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Not renting to applicants receiving housing assistance is a “proxy” for racial discrimination.

Building the wall would save taxpayers $64 billion.

Saving the Negro Family, AR Classic Article

Patrick Moynihan and the black family breakup.

What Future for Sweden?

Can the people take back their country?


Nearly one in five California residents is poor.

They can’t get jobs and end up on the dole.

$26.1 billion sent from January to November in 2017.

Somali family pays £90 per week to rent a home that could fetch £900.

Figures do not count those in state-sponsored “apprenticeships.”

23 metro areas will now be required to adopt “small area fair market rents” for Section 8 housing.

She says she is afraid of young black men.

We thought immigrants were going to pay for whites’ retirement!

Report: Black families are much more wholesome than the media would have you think.

The Privilege No One Wants

Please! Let me be anything but white.


Increased tax “refunds” to people who haven’t paid any taxes.

“Unexpected” relationship between Section 8 grants and violent crime.

Notes from a White Country Part V

Why would Poland want huddled masses?


Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part III

There must be a rekindling of the European spirit.


Welfare payments that boosted millions from poverty are now being cut.

In some schools, “refugees” outnumber German children.

Immigration is the top issue ahead of the October 15 parliamentary elections.

Defendants have unsurprising names.

For Whom the Bell Curves, AR Classic Article

This book, and its reception, mark an important intellectual breakthrough.

What Can Replace Religion?, AR Classic Article

A look at Professor Raymond Cattell’s “Beyondism.”

CNN host can barely contain her rage.

He proposed it at a campaign-style rally in Iowa.

An Alaska Native Reflects on His People

Discusses welfare dependency, native politics, and relations with whites.


Food stamp rolls in some trial counties have dropped by 75 percent.

Richard Nixon, Race Realist

But only in private.


Being married and white helps.

So much for “Immigrants don’t use welfare.”

Welfare: Who Are You Supporting?

There are stark racial disparities in welfare use.

Video by Jared Taylor

How welfare works in Denmark.

They were Thomas, Tomalyia and Tyreik.

How to Spread the Truth About Race If Twitter Bans Us

Be ready to spread the truth if we cannot.


Jared Taylor is quoted at length.

The Wages of Idealism, AR Classic Article

A white woman who wanted to change the world.

Don’t Write Off the Liberals, AR Classic Article

A real racial movement cannot be exclusively conservative.

The Invasion of Buffalo, Front Page Mag

What happens when a city is overrun by “migrants.”

He was on the dole for four years before he caught a flight to Turkey.

Is anyone surprised?

States don’t have to count all the income of illegals when calculating eligibility for handouts.

A majority then go straight on the dole.

Tucker Carlson and Jason Richwine discuss immigration’s costs on Fox News.

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

New report breaks down welfare cost per household by race.

Over the last three years, only one person was deported for being a public charge.

“We used to have a safe, monocultural society. Now our welfare state is under huge pressure.”

It used to be the leading reason for denial.