Posted on January 14, 2024

California Paying for Illegal Migrants to Gender Transition Sparks Fury

James Bickerton, Newsweek, January 5, 2024

Conservatives have reacted with fury after it was reported that illegal migrants in California can be eligible for gender-affirming care from Medi-Cal, the state’s version of Medicare.

Beginning January 1, all undocumented immigrants in California who meet certain criteria, such as having been resident in the state since 2014 and having income below a certain threshold, automatically qualified for Medi-Cal.

The U.S. has recorded a substantial surge in illegal crossings at the southern border over the past few months, with law enforcement reporting more than 9,600 migrant encounters a day during the first three weeks of December, with 192,000 apprehensions reported for November. Control over the U.S.-Mexico border looks to be a major issue during the upcoming presidential election, with the Democratic mayors of New York, Chicago and Denver admitting they are struggling to deal with the influx.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Colorado House Republican Lauren Boebert hit out at the policy commenting: “California is now paying for illegal aliens to get sex changes. There’s no punchline to this tweet. California is the punchline.”


Medi-Cal had been available to those age 25 and under, or 50 and over, who met the income and residency thresholds for some time, but starting Monday it was extended to all unregistered migrants, with an estimated 700,000 more people becoming eligible.