Posted on April 2, 2021

DIY Reparations

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 2, 2021

Do it now! Don’t wait for the government.

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It’s springtime, and the scent of reparations is in the air. Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has reintroduced HR 40, to set up a commission to study reparations for slavery. She has 170 co-sponsors and President Biden is on board. What would a commission like that recommend? That blacks find jobs and stop asking for handouts? Not likely.

But even in this era of unprecedented white guilt, I don’t think Congress will send checks to black people. Only one person in five supports reparations. About half of blacks want reparations, but only one out of ten whites want to pay. Not even Bernie Sanders thinks it’s a good idea.

Part of the problem is that when people start adding up the bill, they get out of hand. Here is Duke University professor William Darity. Last year, he and his wife wrote a report for    the Roosevelt Institute called Resurrecting the Promise of 40 Acres and Mule.   They think $10 to $12 trillion in 2016 dollars would be about right (page 8).

If the federal government stopped doing anything else, and gave every dime in its budget to black people, do you know how long it would take to give them $12 trillion? Two and a half years.  And each black household would get $800,000. The median white household net worth is about $170,000, so blacks would be by far the richest people in the country.

The guy who came up with this figure has the title of Samuel DuBois Cook distinguished professor of public policy at Duke, so he must know what he’s talking about.

But as I said, I don’t think even the George Floyd Memorial Congress is going to vote for this sort of thing.

So what should deserving black people do? Go straight to white people. Just like this guy, Tariq Nasheed. On Wednesdays, he wants money only from white people. He says it will help him with his “commitment to helping victims of white supremacy.

This sounds like a great prospect for him: “How I Can Offer Reparations in Direct Proportion to My White Privilege.” But it’s a disappointment. He’s not emptying his pockets.  For example, he writes that a group in Oakland, California, bought a rundown house, fixed it up, and is letting black men paroled from life sentences live there. But when I went to their website, I didn’t find anything about that. Maybe the paroled murderers didn’t get along with the hippies.

How about this?  Business Insider tells you “How white and non-Black people can pay reparations, even if Congress never figures it out.”

But this doesn’t get very far, either. It quotes someone named “Jingle H.,” but I don’t think she – I think it’s a she – has quite the right angle. Jingle H. especially wants whites to pay up and help “Black queer and trans, marginalized genders, femmes, sex workers, darker-skinned, fatter, hood, poor, different-abled, and other folks with less proximity to whiteness.”

When I went to the website, it says it was getting not even $300 a week, and the goal was $500 a week. I wouldn’t call that a smashing success.

In 2016, the Washington Post whooped up free-lance reparations in an article called “New Website Allows White People to Offer Reparations Directly to People of Color.” Blacks can put in requests and white people can make offers. Here is the site, But this is penny-ante stuff, too. When I looked, the very first offer from a white person was, “A Little Shut-eye.” As it notes, “I’m offering a queer-friendly couch to crash on in Seattle.” Other people are offering stress-reduction classes, help with job searches, math tutoring, and a second-hand stroller. I couldn’t find anyone offering cash.

I thought the internet would be full of sites like this, but I was wrong. You have to hunt. And I found Black As you can see from its mission statement, its purpose is “to take the land back for all colonized people worldwide.”

It’s big on reparations. “Are you white? Do you want to help? Do you want to be a good person, on the right side of history? The only way you can wash the blood off your hands is through following the leadership of African, Indigenous, and colonized people and paying reparations for all that’s been stolen in your name.”

You can pay up monthly by credit card, or you can enroll in  on-line bootcamp sessions. If you pay at the “Mao Level, minimum of $199,” you can be “fully certified as someone who is united under colonized leadership” and “you will also get a Reparations Corps uniform.”  The site doesn’t say how much it’s taking in.

When it comes to do-it-yourself reparations, God helps those who help themselves. On February 28th, a black diversity consultant named Dena Nicole Simmons picked up $10,500 for an hour’s talk to a school district in Naperville, Illinois. As noted in this headline, that worked out to $175 a minute to criticize white people. She told them that anyone who wasn’t actively anti-racist is a racist, and that white people are “spiritually murdering” students of color.

But Dena Simmons is a piker. Last August, Fairfax Public Schools paid $20,000 to Ibram Kendi for a one-hour Zoom talk. While we’re at it, that works out to $333 per minute.  His personal reparations program is doing very well.

This guy is Damon young. As you can see over on the right, according to his website, he’s a professional Black person – with a capital B.  So how is he doing in the reparations business?

It looks to me as though he is just learning the ropes. First, he is full of scorn for white people who want to talk about race.  “You learned *yesterday* what white privilege means? Great! Welcome to 1962. This, however, doesn’t mean I need to engage you about it today. Or tomorrow. Or ever.”  Imagine what fun he had writing that. It’s from an article he wrote for the New York Times called “Yeah, Let’s Not Talk About Race. Unless you pay me.”  You see, he’s a professional black man. And isn’t that what the whole reparations business is about? Being paid for being black?

One way to shake loose a huge amount of cash is to scare the bejabbers out of white people. After the George Floyd Riots, companies promised to kick in billions of dollars for “racial equity” – just another name for reparations, if you ask me.  But rioting can be risky, and the rioters don’t get the money directly.

I have some advice for the reparations crowd. First, give up on the idea that the Dems are going to write you a check. Get into business for yourselves.

Start a nice little non-profit. Contributions will be tax deductible, and white people love it when they can be virtuous *and* get a tax break. But don’t insult the white folks. And don’t tell them it’s for people with marginalized genders, don’t tell them it’s for colonized people world-wide. And for heaven’s sake don’t tell them all it takes is a queer-friendly couch. They can’t get that glorious thrill of righteousness on the cheap. They have to give until it hurts. The motto should be, “Give until you feel the lash.”

As that great African-American Ilhan Omar says, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.”