Posted on April 8, 2022

California Reparations for Blacks

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 8, 2022

California’s “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americansruled that blacks who can prove direct descent from slaves are eligible for reparations. This decision is proof of America’s decline, but it offers ways to fight for white interests. This battle was inevitable, so let’s welcome it. It may be the start of something great.

The “task force” decision will split blacks, just as it split the group itself in a 5-4 vote. Chair Kamilah Moore, a “reparatory justice scholar,” said that giving reparations to all blacks would “aggrieve the victims of the institutions of slavery.” In contrast, committee member Lisa Holder, a lawyer who won “the Soros Justice Fellowship by the Open Society Foundation,” doesn’t want payment only for past harm. “We must make sure we include present day and future harms,” she said. [Emphasis added]. Committee member Dr. Cheryl Grills said limiting reparations only to the descendants of slaves would be “another win for white supremacy” — of all things. We can widen these divisions.

Reparations for slavery is a terrible idea, not least because it’s been more than 150 years since slavery ended, and all slaves are dead. Since that time, blacks have mixed within and outside their race. Many of those descended from slaves are also descended from slaveowners. The fact they are in California suggests they had more mobility than those who stayed in the South. Even Michelle and Barack Obama show the different histories of blacks in America. The former first lady is descended from slaves; the former president not.

It would be an insult to American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) if immigrants from Africa who just arrived got a check. Their ancestors might have sold black slaves to Europeans. Government officials from Benin, Ghana, and Nigeria have all made or proposed official apologies for selling fellow blacks into slavery. One ADOS advocacy group claims that “ours is an experience defined by the unique, shared cost of multigenerational plunder.” If all blacks in American got reparations even if they just arrived, reparations wouldn’t be about slavery. They would be about being black.

That would set a new precedent. When the United States paid reparations to Japanese-Americans relocated during World War II, it was redress for a specific act that occurred to specific people. It also set a precedent that blacks in California are using. The only non-black on the Committee, Donald Tamaki, worked on the relocation litigation. The committee’s website itself says he established “a key legal foundation in the decades-long Japanese American Redress Movement.”

When Ronald Reagan signed the reparations bill, he set a destructive precedent. He deserves almost as much criticism for that as for his amnesty for illegal immigrants. The payments were to living people, however. That approach has the best chance to survive litigation.

Ronald Reagan signs the Civil Liberties Act of 1988

President Ronald Reagan signs the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 in August 1988, which granted reparations for the relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War Two.

But even the ADOS approach has risks. Some blacks may not be able to prove they had slave ancestors. And a wealthy half-white man with a slave ancestor could get reparations, while a poor black man got nothing. Is any black slave ancestor enough to get a check? What if you have 31 white ancestors and one black slave?

Mulattoes, quadroons, and other exotic mixes will put in claims. Whites will want to cash in, just like the Australians who are clearly white but call themselves “Aboriginal” leaders. At some point, the committee would have to draw a line, but it would be arbitrary, and the reaction of blacks will be amusing.

Any reparations program will need a definition of “black,” but the Potomac Regime says race is a social construct. Our rulers will have a hard time navigating this problem. Our rulers are afraid to even say there’s a difference between men and women. If sex is invalid and “gender” is a matter of self-image, why doesn’t race work the same way?

If transgenders really have changed sex, there’s no excuse for calling someone like Rachel Dolezal, who really thinks she’s black, a fraud. You can criticize whites who fake being non-white because they are doing it for money or jobs, but this is a problem for the woke. First, it’s solid evidence that being non-white is an advantage. Second, is someone who really thinks he is non-white morally superior to someone who is faking it? In that case, we come close to rewarding insanity, and we also have to be able to read minds in order to make a moral judgment.

Rachel Dolezal Family

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal with her family in Troy, Montana, in 1996. Dolezal, second from left in the whiteish flowered dress, resigned as president of the Spokane NAACP after her parents, Larry Dolezal, left, and Ruthanne Dolezal, right, revealed she was white posing as a black. Also in the photograph is her brother, Joshua Dolezal and four children the family adopted. (Credit Image: © Kurt Wilson / Missoulian/

Our culture hurts our children in many ways. Young women watching TikTok videos on mental disorders start having real symptoms. For people like Rachel Dolezal, something similar is happening with race.

In 2014, Ralph Taylor, who was 90 percent white according to a DNA test, said his company was minority-owned because he was 4 percent sub-Saharan African. He wanted to highlight the government’s arbitrary criteria for race and move to a colorblind system. Who is to say Mr. Taylor isn’t black enough to get government benefits? The Atlantic is confused about this:

Even if a perfectly accurate genetic ancestry test did exist, it would not easily settle questions of race. The percentage breakdowns of a test do not map neatly on to racial categories. How many African DNA markers does a person need to have to be considered black? Four percent? Twenty-five percent? Fifty percent? There are no universal cutoffs. Genetic variation is real, but the boundaries of racial categories are socially determined and have constantly shifted over the course of American history. “You cannot rely on DNA evidence alone to decide what is really a socially constructed concept,” says Sheryll Cashin, a law professor at Georgetown University.

Whatever the professor thinks, our government treats people differently according to race. There must be a standard. If race is just an ever-shifting social construct and it’s all about feelings, there’s no reason Mr. Taylor is wrong.

Our rulers may be insane, but they aren’t stupid. Limiting reparations to the descendants of slaves, despite its contradictions and problems, could avoid a biological definition of race by using slave registers. Some descendants of slaves — maybe many — won’t be able to prove descent, but others will hunt for legal documents, marriage records, and photographs. Whoever runs this program could prove claimants right or wrong without trying to examine psychology or biology. In that case, there will be plenty of well-off people who look 100 percent white who will qualify — to much media outrage.

Al Sharpton and John Conyers Jr. Call for Reparations

June 19, 2002, New York City: U.S. Congress Member John Conyers Jr. (D-IL) (R) is joined by the Rev. Al Sharpton (L) at a news conference calling for reparations to be paid to African-American descendants of slaves. ( Richard B. Levine) (Credit Image: © Richard B. Levine / Levine Roberts via ZUMA Press)

And what about jailbirds and ghetto bums? How will they could scrape together the documents to prove they had slave ancestors? California will have to budget money pay for genealogy services for poor blacks. The state lost billions to unemployment fraud and at least millions to fraudsters claiming COVID-19 relief payments. Black-run genealogy services will make huge profits cranking out papers. A handout program of this kind would be immoral and insane, but it could theoretically be made to work.

It should end there, but it won’t. State Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) introduced a bill to keep the commission going until 2024 and to spread the handouts to non-ADOS. “When a white racist shoots and kills a Black person in the back because they’re Black, they don’t care if you came in from a slave ship or a cruise ship,” he said, adding that they “just see you as Black.” (Reverential capitalization in the Los Angeles Times.) What’s more, the legislation already says that if California blacks get handouts, that doesn’t get the feds off the hook: “State level reparations authorized under these provisions are not to be considered a replacement for any reparations enacted at the federal level.”

Could there be a case for reparations for all blacks? Someone will hunt down historic “wrongs,” be they anti-black crimes of dubious veracity or the catch-all excuse of “redlining” to explain why blacks are poor. Still, “white privilege” would be the main justification. American racial orthodoxy is defined by the assumption that all blacks continue to live under white supremacy. No other explanation for black failure (or, for that matter, why Asians outperform blacks in a system supposedly rigged for whites) is allowed. “Disparate impact” has enshrined this concept in law. White privilege is useful because it explains all racial discrepancies and is unfalsifiable. It’s not an academic theory: it’s a profession of faith. All whites are racist, no matter what they do. Race realists could explain why blacks fail, but Congress won’t listen.

If there are federal reparations for all blacks, descendants of Union soldiers slain or maimed in the Civil War would pay people like Barack Obama or Kamala Harris, neither of whom had much to do with the historic American nation. Powerful media would have no problem claiming this is logical and good — though it would not solve the problem of who is black.

Economic Justice Reparations Now

St. Paul, Minnesota; June 19, 2020: About 300 people gathered outside the Minnesota capitol building to demand reparations from the United States government. (Credit Image: Fibonacci Blue via Wikimedia)

Racial and sexual politics in the United States are a great Ouroborus, a snake swallowing its own tail, constantly feeding on its own hypocrisy. The most entitled, subsidized, and parasitic groups in society, and perhaps in all human history, claim they deserve help because they are victims. If our rulers impose a reparations program that expands beyond ADOS, blacks will guard the swag just as ferociously as Indian tribes that don’t want outsiders claiming free stuff — and who use Certificates of Degree of Indian Blood to keep them out. The surge in young whites claiming to be trans or some newly invented sexual variant may be their way of dodging the social and economic penalties of being heterosexual whites.

California is just the beginning. How should whites respond? I suggest three ways. First, malicious compliance. If there is a gap in these programs that allow anyone to apply for minority status, do so. Even a token one percent of non-white blood is enough. Affirmative action persists because whites are hostages to virtue. We mostly refuse to claim false identities. We owe no such loyalty to our rulers. Be white in your heart, body and soul — and be whatever pays the most when you fill out paperwork. It makes more sense than Lia Thomas.

Do this in the most cynical and public way possible. Treat this racial blackmail with the scorn it deserves. Obey the letter of the law and not the spirit. If such attempts are prohibited by the government or private entities, it would require them to spell out exactly who is black. That concedes the reality of race.

Second, recognize that the “racial reckoning” will only intensify as America becomes less white. Colorblindness is a vain hope; it’s already “racist.” It’s doubtful many civil rights protesters ever believed in it. Martin Luther King Jr. certainly didn’t. We must discover, publicize, and attack the contradictions and hypocrisies in this system. Emphasize the divisions between ADOS and recent black arrivals. Expose the greed and cynicism.

Profane Call for Reparations

A man holds signs with obscene messages calling for reparations for black slavery at McPherson Square after the 2020 election day. (Credit Image: © Yegor Aleyev / TASS via ZUMA Press)

Finally, it’s time to build a case for white reparations. Unlike ADOS, we are living with the collective harm being done to white people right now. We don’t need a mystical, arduous quest to go looking for harm. We can look out the car window at our cities. Black crime has ruined them and destroyed billions in capital. Whites spend millions every year to live far away from work. They waste their lives commuting to escape dangerous neighborhoods. Assemblyman Sawyer, we are the ones being disproportionately shot. Let us hear no complaints from America’s most coddled people who are entirely dependent on those they hate.

Our wealth props up entire classes of people. Academia, media, and government attack whites in ways that border on incitement to violence. If it were being done to Uighurs in China, Republicans would notice. Since it is being done to their own voters, they are mostly silent. The Potomac Regime and its client groups owe American whites a debt that can never be repaid. We need to learn from our opponents. We need rallying cries based on historical events and rational demands for redress.

It will be hard because we don’t have universities paying our bills. However, it can be done. We must always follow Saul Alinksy’s rule of making the system live up to its own rules. Shareholder lawsuits filed against anti-white companies such as McDonald’s and Starbucks for discrimination against whites are a good first step.

Stop acting bemused or surprised that things have got this far. They will go farther. Stop thinking there is a line that won’t be crossed. It won’t stop until we stop it. By now, it is nothing but cowardice and naïveté if you are still shaking your head and wondering why the world is like this. It’s like this because when ideas are backed by power, their backers take them to logical conclusion. Our rulers have put state power behind black racial resentments and there is no reason for them not to push as hard as they can.

David Horowitz, Uncivil Wars- The Controversy Over Reparations for Slavery

It’s time to push back. It’s time to show who depends on whom and who is truly owed reparations. It’s not enough to say that we aren’t sorry. It’s not even enough to dismantle the case for black reparations. What’s necessary is a collective demand from occupied, oppressed, and betrayed American whites.

If they want any contact with us, we want more than reparations for the crimes against us. We deserve, demand, and will settle for nothing less than independence from parasites who exploit our compassion and naïveté. We are a stateless people. Give us back our nation or we’ll start our own. We have no obligation to subsidize blacks in California or anywhere else. We have a duty to fight for our own kind and for the possibility of human greatness.

I welcome the reparations battle that will shape the next decade. If there ever is to be a serious white advocacy movement, it will be soon. Those with power will not let whites be non-combatants in this battle. The government is going to push your back to the wall, white man. California is just the beginning. The question is whether whites will surrender and disappear or finally — finally — take their own side.