Posted on March 25, 2022

Verified Hate: Ketanji Brown Jackson Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 25, 2022

The GOP is putting up a surprisingly stiff fight over the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, but that won’t save us from absurdities to come. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would vote against her, but she’ll still be confirmed by the Democrat majority. President Biden nominated her so she could be the first black woman on the Court, but she couldn’t define what a “woman” is.

One may pretend this is just word games.

However, the Supreme Court must define groups because the government treats them differently. It pays to be a member of certain groups.

Judge Jackson said she wouldn’t answer hypothetical questions, but Senator Cruz brought asked about “standing.” If America is to have an official caste system, people will call themselves members of preferred groups. Why shouldn’t they? Because race and sex are objective realities, not fantasies. Our rulers and their system must reckon with this contradiction.

Republican opposition to the judge was enough to get #GOPRacists trending.

“The grilling she [Jackson] has experienced is a reminder that Black Americans are seen and often judged through a different lens than White Americans,” said the Washington Post, “and that they also have life experiences that White Americans do not share.” Wouldn’t that mean it’s hard for them to live together? It certainly makes political debate difficult. Questioning a leftist black woman is apparently blasphemy.

Brett Kavanaugh had it far worse, though the Washington Post disagrees.

Republicans asked about her judicial record and potential rulings, not lurid accusations from decades ago.

Judge Jackson got racial solidarity. Senator Cory Booker called her “my sister.”

Can they relate the same way to whites? If not, why should they govern us?

It’s not lost on me.

And, of course, we must heed “experts.”

This tweet is interesting because it is a scene from a television show. It’s just before a suicide attack against Dutch slavers, presumably the stand-in for whites today.

The GOP’s critic unintentionally makes a good point.

Many Republicans may underestimate Critical Race Theory. They think we can live in a post-racial society. White liberals who want CRT taught in school tend to be anti-white, but most white conservatives lack racial consciousness altogether.

CRT is not a fringe issue. It is being taught in schools today.

However, Critical Race Theory can be used by our side.

No, not that way. It just means that race is inseparable from law, society, and power because race is part of how we view the world. That’s why we should worry about Judge Jackson.

Her nomination is pure affirmative action. How can we trust her to rule fairly on it? She may even recognize this. To her credit, she said she’d recuse herself from an upcoming decision on affirmative action.

On another subject, many patriots are fighting bravely for their countries in Russia and Ukraine. I mourn another brothers’ war. I praise whoever meets his own standard of personal duty and honor. (Chris Roberts and I discuss the war here.) However, our rulers have not suddenly become nationalists. In Germany, the “democratic” government is spying on the alternative party.

Sure enough, the court ruled that saying the “German people should be kept ethnically intact and ‘outsiders’ should be excluded as far as possible” goes against’ the republic’s Basic Law. Wouldn’t Ukrainian nationalists say they are fighting to protect their people and sovereignty from outsiders?

It will take things like the report below to change some of our rulers’ attitudes about race.

Brentwood was already a racial battleground. However, I can’t find the facts. The University of California’s decision to stop using SATs and ACTs could have this effect, but there is no proof. Still, it’s plausible.

There are more words we can’t say:

That always seemed like a leftist slogan to me anyway.

Do we really want to talk seriously about blacks’ patience and self-control?

Since I’m honest about race, yes, minorities are treated differently. More importantly, we have direct examples of what happens to a white minority in black-run Zimbabwe and South Africa. Countless American cities give us more reasons to worry.

Imagine if there’s nowhere to escape in the galaxy . . .

(God-Emperor, save me).

Twitter briefly gave The Federalist, a conservative website, the American Renaissance treatment.

This is what Twitter did to us. Twitter backtracked for The Federalist and said the stories were “mistakenly marked.” It didn’t do that for us. What is the difference? The American justice system wouldn’t make Twitter give an answer.

Finally, white guilt in a poem.

There is no escape from whiteness. Don’t bow to this cult of the damned or its twisted invocations.