Posted on April 8, 2022

“Someone Is Making a Fortune” Out of Giving Non-Ukrainian Migrants Fake Ukrainian Passports

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, March 31, 2022

According to a report by German newspaper Bild, “someone is making a fortune” out of giving non-Ukrainian economic migrants fake Ukrainian passports so they can slip into western Europe and get free welfare.

More than 50 migrants clashed on Saturday night during a riot at a refugee facility in Munich as chairs and paving stones were used as weapons, prompting a huge police response.

Bild cited a police source who said the overwhelming majority of the “refugees” were from the Sinti and Roma ethnic groups and that, “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees.”

“They have brand-new Ukrainian passports, which are also real. Someone in Ukraine is making a fortune right now,” the newspaper quoted the police representative as saying.

The fight at the asylum center broke out “after authorities attempted to separate some of the individuals who have scabies” {snip}

As we previously highlighted, according to reports out of France, as many as a third of so-called ‘Ukrainian refugees’ entering European countries aren’t Ukrainian or refugees.