Posted on July 5, 2024

The Crazy Things They Think

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 5, 2024

Blacks are top of the league for sheer goofiness.

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On June 10, the Pew Research Center published an opinion poll of black Americans. Pew thought the results were so hair-raising it called the report, “Most Black Americans Believe Racial Conspiracy Theories About U.S. Institutions.”

Lefties shrieked, claiming this implied that blacks are irrational. Pew ate crow and the new title says blacks believe “U.S. institutions were designed to hold black people back.”

Lefties are now happy — I guess they think so, too.

Here are institutions set up to hold blacks back. In descending order of malevolence, they are the prison system, courts, police, the political and economic systems, news media, and health care.

Remember: They were designed, either in whole in part, to make life miserable for blacks. This was not an afterthought or byproduct. Let’s start with prisons.

The first documented prison in the colonies was the Boston Goal, built in 1635.

There were no blacks in Boston in 1635. They didn’t show up until three years later, when the first slave ship, the Desire arrived. Of course, there’s a historic marker to mark the spot.

This means Bostonians were already getting ready to lock up innocent blacks before they had even seen one. Jeez, white people are bad.

Next on the list in order of badness is the courts. Courts in the colonies were set up by the British, and I don’t think the Stuarts or Oliver Cromwell were thinking very much about black people. It’s true that nearly half of the people who wrote the US Constitution were slaveholders, but no matter how hard I read Article III, I can’t find anything in it that holds blacks down.

As for policing, next in line, there were watch systems and constables in the colonies, but America got its first police force in 1838, again in Boston.

At that time, the black population is thought to have been about 2.3 percent. Somehow, I don’t think the idea was to keep that 2 percent down. Hundreds of places with no blacks at all had police forces.

You can use the police against blacks, but their job is to enforce the law.

As for the rest of these institutions — the political system, the economy, the news media, medicine — aside from the political system, they weren’t designed by anyone.

What blacks think is just plain nutty. And look at those percentages. There are millions of black people staggering around who think the whole country was designed to hold them down.

Now, you may be thinking I’m making too much of the word “designed.” However, Pew took the trouble to divide the black respondents up by education and income, and for the most part, the more money and education they have, the more likely they are to believe this stuff. Here are the blacks who think the economic system was designed to hold them back.

The more education and money have, the more likely they are to believe it.

This isn’t just baloney; it’s poisonous baloney. How could you not hate a country — and white people — if you thought these things?

This Pew report shows how pathologically self-absorbed black people are. They must think every move white people have ever made has been with an eye to keeping them down. Wrong. The less white people think about blacks, the happier they are.

Here’s more eye-popping stuff from Pew about what blacks think.

Skip to the second one: “Police do very little to stop guns and drugs from flooding black communities.” Seventy-six percent of blacks believe this. This is so nutty I don’t know where to begin. What’s causing this flood of guns and drugs? Does the Ku Klux Klan drive truckloads of free Glocks and cocaine into the ghetto and dump them on the sidewalk? And then, decent, church-going blacks stumble across the stuff, get high, and shoot each other? Maybe FBI agents are driving those trucks.

The hood is full of guns and drugs because blacks want guns and drugs.

And police aren’t doing enough to stop guns and drugs? Blacks yell blue murder when they try. Stop and frisk, gang databases, special guns and narcotics units — they get the ax all the time because blacks yell about “over policing” and “racial profiling.” These are the same geniuses who want to defund the police and think all cops are bastards.

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So: Cops don’t do enough and they do too much. Don’t worry. There’s no contradiction. Police let the Klan make those deliveries so they’ll have an excuse to go in and shoot black people. See? It’s simple.

More fun facts. Seventy-four percent of blacks think they are “disproportionately incarcerated so prisons can make money.”

Prisons don’t make money. They are a dead loss to the taxpayer.

The annual cost to keep someone in the pokey runs from $307,000 in Massachusetts to $23,000 in Arkansas.

And we’re supposed to be happily locking up blacks so we can spend ever more money? Yes, there are private prisons that try to make a profit.

You know how many criminals are in private lockups? Eight percent of the total, a number that has been dropping since 2012.

Or, is the idea that prisons are welfare for white prison guards? As you’d expect, blacks are overrepresented as prison guards; 24 percent of the force out of 13 percent of the population.

In this graph, the 17 percent who are Hispanic are lumped in with whites, so whites are underrepresented.

Another fun fact. Big businesses market luxury items to black people to keep them in debt.

Sixty-seven percent of blacks believe that. Mercedes and Louis Vuitton don’t want customers in debt. They want them flush with cash and ready to spend it.

These last two are amusing. The government encourages single motherhood among black women to eliminate the need for black men — and the government promotes birth control and abortion to keep the black population small.

It pushes both birth control and out-of-wedlock babies? Uncle Sam is devious. And what does it even mean to “eliminate the need for black men”?

There are more eye-opening findings from Pew, but the central message is this: Ask even the most outlandish question that implies the United States hates black people and millions of them — from high-school dropouts to college grads — will say yes. It doesn’t matter if the hair-brained theories contradict each other. They’re all true.

What it means is this: Huge majorities of blacks can’t take responsibility for their own actions. It’s all whitey’s fault.

The institutions blacks complain about — government, justice, the economy — are the basis for American society, any society. Yes, white people made the rules, and when blacks can’t live within the rules, they blame the rules and the people who made them. Do they want to play by different rules? There’s a whole continent, just waiting for them, where black people made the rules.

The real tragedy is that millions of foolish whites go along with this infantile excuse-making. I bet this lady believes all the same rubbish.

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So, you see, I’m not just picking on black people. They are probably top of the league for sheer goofiness, but here’s another report for you — “Free Expression in America Post-2020” — that also highlights race differences.

Knight and Ipsos asked people whether “the government should prohibit a person from sharing political views that are offensive to some.” Let’s think about this. Who wants to give government the power to stop you from expressing a political view that some people find offensive? Anything could be called a political view. This is Brave New World-level censorship.

Here’s the racial breakdown, starting on the left, with whites in blue.

Fifteen percent of whites want near-total government censorship. Thirty-five percent of Asians, so that’s more than double; 44 percent of Hispanics and 53 percent of blacks want the feds to tell us what we can or can’t say. Remember: Blacks think the economy and the political system were designed to hold them down. But they trust the government to police our speech? As I said, they are top of the league for sheer goofiness. But the other non-whites also have a terrifyingly high craving for censorship.

What about whether “the government should prohibit people from sharing a racist or bigoted idea”? This isn’t just “offensive” ideas. This is “racism,” and certainly includes this video. Alas, a gruesome 50 percent of white people want the government to shut me up, followed by 71 percent of Asians, 78 percent of Hispanics, and 80 percent of blacks.

I think we are headed for censorship, boys and girls, not just the soft kind we have now, and with a very strong push from non-whites.

I’ll end with differences between political parties. I couldn’t find race data, but we can roughly consider Republicans to be whites, and Democrats to be non-whites.

If you had to pick, which of the following rights is the most important to you, top to bottom? Equal protection under the law, right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, and the right to privacy — whatever that is.

Look at the biggest difference, second from the bottom: gun rights. That’s the number-one right for Republicans — let’s call them white people. And it’s the right the Dems care about least. A lot of whites think firearms aren’t just for killing marauders but also to keep government in line. Dems love government.

I would have picked free speech. If you have iron-clad freedom of speech — which we certainly don’t have, but could have come close to with a truly free internet — then you can debate everything else. Well, as you can see, third from the top, only 9 percent of Democrats — the blue dot — 13 percent of Republicans, and 15 percent of independents think free speech is the number-one right. As I noted, I think we are headed towards censorship.

I have said many times that mixing races doesn’t work. Different races don’t think or act the same. The more non-white the country becomes, the more it changes in ways we don’t want. This is simple. It’s obvious. It’s the same all around the world. And if a majority of Americans had their way, I’d go to jail for saying so.