Posted on August 24, 2023

Hospital Exec Says White Race Should Be Made to Feel Uncomfortable About Its ‘Whiteness’

Hannah Grossman, Fox News, August 23, 2023

A Maine hospital executive involved in diversity, equity and inclusion hosted an antiracist prayer service that had a group of White people apologize for their internalized racism as White people, according to a video reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Ryan Polly is a vice president of DEI at MaineHealth, a hospital system of over 20,000 employees. He has said the hospitals cater to overwhelmingly White patients, which is reflected by local demographics.

Polly refers to himself as a “minister” of a group called One Spirit. According to a video reviewed by Fox News Digital, which has since been scrubbed, Polly is shown teaching attendees how to be practitioners of antiracism through a prayer that he dedicated to “loving spirits who are known by many names.”

The DEI leader’s ideology is steeped in critical race theory. He said during the prayer services that he himself maintains “racist narratives and biases,” and attributed those to his skin color.


“As the head of diversity, equity and inclusion at a major health system, I think frequently about my role as White person first and as a diversity leader second. I think about the responsibility I have to continue the deep internal work of… understanding my own racist narrative and biases,” Polly said. “I think about the privilege my Whiteness affords me and the choices Whiteness allows me to have… My Whiteness keeps me and my family safe.”

MaineHealth defended Polly, stating, “Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion stems from our organizational values, mission and vision. This work strengthens our connections with patients and ultimately helps us to deliver higher-quality care. {snip}”

However, Polly’s views on DEI contain outright stereotyping of people on the basis of being White, claiming that they are conditioned to be racist and oppressive.

For example, Polly said that White people acquire “ignorance,” “biases” and “racist thoughts” on the basis of their belonging to a “life of Whiteness.”


In a portion of the prayer focused on “dismantling the system,” Polly encouraged the White people attending to feel uncomfortable with the messages.