Posted on March 20, 2024

UN Adviser Says the ‘White Man Has Brought Life as We Know It to the Verge of Extinction’

Fox News, March 20, 2024

A United Nations youth climate adviser has a history of social media posts that call for the destruction of capitalism, claim “terrorism” is used as a Western smear to justify its imperialism and attack White people for purportedly fueling humanity’s extinction vis-à-vis the climate crisis.

The United Nations’ Secretary-General António Guterres personally selected Pakistani-American Ayisha Siddiqa as one of his advisers to help “accelerat[e] the implementation of his climate action agenda,” a 2023 UN announcement stated. Siddiqa was a Time Woman of the Year in 2023 who has co-founded two youth climate activist organizations.

“The Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change provides him with practical and outcome-focused advice… and concrete recommendations, with a clear focus on accelerating the implementation of his climate action agenda. Convened under the auspices of the United Nations [as it]… works to accelerate global climate action,” the announcement said.

One of the criteria for candidates landing the two-year assignment was a “demonstrated commitment to the UN’s values.”

According to her social media posts, Siddiqa is more than an environmentalist.

She unabashedly promotes radical leftist beliefs like abolishing the police, espousing socialist ideals, sharing Marxist-themed and anti-capitalist content while repeatedly denigrating White people.

She identifies herself as a “Climate Advisor to the UN General Secretary” in her X bio.

The UN adviser didn’t get involved in climate action because of the opportunity to protect the environment, she said, but because she wanted to rail against the West for its wars and involvement in the Middle East, which she claims is intimately connected to oil, according to a May 2020 post on X.


While accusing the West of “organized terrorism” in regard to purportedly fueling the climate crisis, the UN adviser cast doubt on the term used by the West for actions by Islamist groups.

“Why is it that when non-white nations stand up against bombing, and pillaging of natural resources that they are immediately vilified. and that vilification is attributed to an innate problem in their psyche, or concept of living known as religion,” she posted in April 2021. “There is a reason why the phrase Islamic terrorism is only 60ish years old. This vocabulary was invented to justify covert Western imperialism.”


Siddiqa attributes a simple cause to climate change – White people.

In March 2021, she posted, “[T]he white man has brought life as we know it, to the verge of extinction.”

“The white man sits at the highest level of power in the world, the same way he has killed, looted and abused black and brown people for profit so has he the earth,” she posted in May 2022.

The UN adviser also ranted about how she believes White people should take a step down from power in the climate movement, saying it belongs to people of color.

“We’re allowing White people to have too much space,” she said. “[W]hite people have absolutely no prerogative or authority to lead the movement.”

Other posts singled out “Arabs” and “Arab nations” for being supposedly racist and colluding with White people in contributing to the climate crisis.


Following the George Floyd riots of 2020, Siddiqa said, “America you looted every inch of this planet, raped and [pillaged] its brown and black people and now you are angry that your citizens are doing it to you.”

Around the same time period, she said, “racial harmony is fallacy.”