Posted on October 1, 2023

New Prague School Staff Training Video Depicts White People as Mosquitoes

Hayley Feland, Alpha News, September 25, 2023

Videos shown to New Prague school staff depict white people as mosquitoes and inherently biased against black people.

“Just imagine, instead of being a stupid comment, a microaggression is a mosquito bite,” one of the videos teaching about microaggressions says. It goes on to explain that some people are bitten by “mosquitoes” a lot more than others.

New Prague Superintendent Andrew Vollmuth told Alpha News a different “version of the video” than the one Alpha News provided him with “was shown to our district staff.” {snip}

The video says that telling people they are well spoken, complimenting their hair, or asking when a person is going to have a baby are all microaggressions. Other microaggressions “can even kill you,” the video explains, showing a man who shot someone because “it looked like he was up to trouble.”

The narrator explains that getting bit by mosquitoes frequently is annoying and “makes you want to go ballistic on those mosquitoes, which seems like a huge overreaction to people who only get bit every once in a while.” It then shows a woman using a flamethrower to kill the mosquitos.