Posted on April 5, 2024

Gilbert Arenas Seems to Have Real Problem With White Players

Bobby Burack, Outkick, April 4, 2024

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas has a problem with successful white basketball players.


Arenas’ name is trending on social media this week after a podcast with his business partner Shannon Sharpe, during which Arenas called Nikola Jokic “the worst MVP winner in the last 40 years.”


On the surface, Arenas’ statement reads like another useless take from an uninformed former jock. But with context, it follows a pattern of views Arenas shares about players of the same skin color as Jokic.

Arenas is on a crusade against what he calls “European players.” Yet he’s always quick to preface said comments by saying he’s not referring to Giannis Antetokounmpo or Victor Wembanyama.  He’s referring to white European players.


In December, Arenas defended Draymond Green for backhanding Jusuf Nurkic in the face on the court. Nurkic is a white player from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Arenas then encouraged Green to assault more Euros – meaning whites – for trying to take the NBA away from black players, who he run the league:

Arenas was likely happy to learn that a black player, Isaiah Stewart, from the Pistons punched a white player, Drew Eubanks, during a pre-game confrontation weeks later.


Then, in March, Arenas complained about the waning state of the NBA. However, he didn’t blame the scoring inflation, load management, or lack of consequences in regular-season basketball for the diminishing quality of the league.

He blamed, you guessed it, “European players.” He called for the NBA to exile those Europs from the league.

“I know what they can do [to fix the NBA]. Get rid of all the Europeans,” Arenas said on his podcast.


Arenas is not a fan of Caitlin Clark, the Iowa sensation rewriting college basketball history books, either. He warns WNBA teams that they best reconsider drafting Clark this April.

According to Arenas, Clark is nothing but “lunch meat.”