Posted on January 21, 2024

Racist Claims of ‘White Israel’ Stoke Hatred, Endanger Jews and Deny Multiracial Reality, Say Experts

Kerry Byrne, Fox News, January 18, 2024

Enemies of Israel are pouring gas on the tinderbox of antisemitism with a fictitious narrative of White colonizers victimizing people of color in Palestine, experts told Fox News Digital.

Pro-Hamas protesters this week took their racially charged grievances to the perimeter of the White House and into the Capitol rotunda.

“The reality is that in Israel you will see Jews who look Black, brown, Asian, African and everything in between,” Dan Feferman, a former national security adviser to the Israel Defense Ministry, told Fox News Digital.

“The mischaracterization is wildly inaccurate and unfortunately drives animosity in the Middle East and around the world against Israel.”

Feferman is also the executive director of Sharaka, a nonprofit comprised of Israeli and Arab entrepreneurs, with branches in Israel, Bahrain and Morocco.

Its goal is to forge unity between Israelis and Arabs in a world of far-left forces that appear intent on deepening the divide — with race used as the heavy equipment.

The narrative of Israelis as White colonizers and Palestinians as minority victims echoes grievances aired on campuses and in leftist doctrine used to divide the United States along racial lines and question the nation’s legitimacy.

The effort has convinced millions of young Americans weaned on woke ideology to champion the terrorist organization Hamas — and to shout for the destruction of the constitutional republic of Israel, which is also one of the most racially, culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse nations on Earth.

The narrative is “endangering Israelis and it’s endangering American Jews,” Michael Makovsky, president and CEO of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) in Washington, D.C., told Fox News Digital.


Official national data indicates that more than 1 in 5 people among Israel’s 9.4 million residents are Arab.


About 72% of Israelis are Jewish. But that figure doesn’t tell the full story of Israel’s diversity, experts note.

More than half of Jews in Israel are Sephardic: non-European Jews of Turkish, Persian, Arab and African descent, according to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics.

Most have the appearance of what American leftists and activists call “people of color.”

About 45% of Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi: Jews who arrived in Israel from Europe, from Russia to Spain and almost every nation in between.


The predominance of Ashkenazi Jews in the United States shapes the American stereotype of Israelis as White.


Israel’s Black population has soared in recent decades from the “African Diaspora,” an influx of Somali and Ethiopian Jews in recent decades spurred by unrest in those nations, the same source indicated.


Still, the narrative of a racist White nation persists and is being exploited by organizations such as National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP), among those inciting protests around the United States and calling for the destruction of Israel.

“Israel was founded through racism,” the NSJP wrote last year in its online magazine “The Written Resistance.”

The attack on Israel continued, “The idea of a state ‘for’ a particular ethnic group is racist because it entails privileging one group over another. Therefore there can be no Jewish state, or any ethnostate for that matter, that is not fundamentally racist.”