America’s ‘Invincible’ City Brought to Its Knees by Poverty, Violence

Shoshana Guy, NBC News, March 7, 2013

Inscribed on the walls of City Hall are the words of Walt Whitman, the great American poet who spent his final years in this city: “In a dream I saw a city invincible.”

But the decades since have not been kind to Camden. Today it is the poorest in the nation.

Directly in the shadow of the glittering skyline of Philadelphia, Camden has long suffered the indignities that poverty breeds. A drive through the streets of the 9-square mile city reveals a moonscape of crumbling infrastructure and abandoned homes, nearly 4,000 in all.

“I always think of Camden as the best visual aid in America to see what has gone wrong and what is going wrong,” said Father Michael Doyle, who has been serving the city’s poor from his Sacred Heart Church for more than 40 years.

Camden was once a manufacturing boomtown, home to RCA Victor, Campbell’s Soup and the biggest shipbuilding company in the world. But once industrial jobs began drying up decades ago—as they did in so many other cities across the United States—many people left for greener pastures.

Then came a crushing blow: the race riots of 1969 and 1971, which left the city mortally wounded. In the decades that followed, civic corruption and mismanagement rendered Camden increasingly poor and violent. Three mayors have been indicted in the past few decades, adding to the sense of hopeless among residents.

Last year was the bloodiest in Camden’s history; the city of just 77,000 had 67 homicides. On average someone was shot every 33 hours.

“It was a tough, tough year,” said Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson. “And for a city as hardened as Camden is and has become over time, it buckled the city to its knees.”


Thomson said crime rates have gone up because he has fewer cops. In early 2011, unable to fund its obligations, the city cut the police department in half, leaving roughly 200 officers to police one of the most violent cities in the country.

“It’s gotten to the point where even in our daytime hours in this city people are scared to leave their homes,” said Thomson.  {snip}

There is movement to get more officers on the streets. In April of this year, a new county force will take over for the City Police Department, adding 200 officers to the ranks.


Chrissy Rodriguez, who lives on one of the most violent streets in the city, worries about her two young boys constantly.

“My kids don’t get to go outside. They don’t get to play,” said Rodriguez. ”And I’m not gonna let them ride a bike down the street … in the afternoon. People are getting shot.”

But it’s hard for people like Rodriguez to scrape together enough funds to leave. Roughly 30 to 40 percent of Camden’s citizens are out of work. {snip}

About 42 percent of Camden’s population lives below the poverty line, with the average income hovering around $26,000 a year. {snip}

“America has decided to concentrate its poor,” said Father Doyle. “The wall around Camden is very high, it’s an economic wall. You can’t get over it.”

The “walls” of Camden hold in a population that is 48 percent black and 47 percent Hispanic.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The title should read:
    America’s ‘Invincible’ City Brought to Its Knees by blacks

    • ArmenianWN

      And Hispanics

      • TheAntidote

        Not Hispanics…..and by Hispanic mulattoes.

        • josh

          Where are the white hispanics?


      Russia cannot maintain news blackouts as well as the US Press.

      • pcmustgo

        They keep news about nation-wide hatred of whites, general anti-white hostility pervading the atmosphere, violent hate crimes against whites, etc. , all swept under the carpet, so hiding Camden is no biggie.

        It’s hiding the millions of nasty encounters whites have had with certain blacks and other non-whites that is truly amazing.

        How they are able to perpetuate the Blacks as (only) Victims thing while on the ground it’s Blacks victimizing and being cruel to whites left and right is beyond me.

        But I think the fact that most whites live in suburban or urban bubble worlds of whiteness has something to do with this.

    • Xerxes22

      No city can survive a major race riot. Camden had two, one in 1969 by Blacks and one in 1971 by Puerto Ricans. The remaining Whites just packed up and left, a scenario repeated all accross urban America.

      • sbuffalonative

        Blacks and Hispanics demand to live with whites but act to scare them away and then they wonder why whites leave.
        They clearly aren’t very smart.

        • K..

          And then they claim that whites caused all their problems, by leaving. They’re apparently smart enough to get millions of liberals to believe this crap.

        • Think of any country around the world where “these people” can manage and grow? Oh africa?? Still running around in loin cloths around bonfires. Not even THIRD World !!!

          • Longing4abetterworld

            I just got back from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. You’re a lot safer there.

          • josh

            Did you say hello to Bob Menendez??

        • josh

          “…aren’t very smart.” My God! I think you may have hit on something here!!!

  • It’s not poverty that turned that town into a waste land. Special rights for blacks gave them license to ‘do what thou wilt’ and I’m sure they will -ONCE AGAIN, turn to whites to get them out of the pickle they put themselves in.

    • sbuffalonative

      Blacks and Hispanics bring in crime. Crime drives away businesses and people who have the money and means to leave. What’s left behind is poverty; people too poor to leave.

  • Robert Binion

    The odious ads for Campbell’s are why I now make my own soups. And so should you. A simple potato recipe with a grilled cheese sandwich really sticks to your ribs on a cold day. Those made with fresh vegetables in summer kick the canned slop flat. And French onion soup can be made in a slow cooker that, with a little Gruyere, is fine as any.

    • MBlanc46

      Nothing like home-made soup. But when season or time don’t permit, there are better commercial products than Campbell’s.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      We don’t watch television, so I’m not certain what the problem with Campbell’s ads are, except that they probably include “skid mark” actors. My main gripe about Campbell’s is that their soup is too full of salt. I have the label off a clam chowder can in the paper recycle bin right here, and it says one can contains 37% of the daily recommended limit of salt; making a dietary staple out of this seems like a sure route to high blood pressure. We had it on biscuits as a quick breakfast a few days ago. I normally almost never buy canned soup unless Wal Mart has it on a “rollback” sale. The three-gallon slow cooker I bought in 2006 is why. As you say, it’s just too easy to make good soup or chile yourself with one of these, you have direct control over the salt content, and you save a ton of money.

  • IstvanIN

    I could show you photos of Camden in the 1940s when my mother was a little girl. You would not realize how beautiful and suburban the residential neighborhoods were back then. Oh, and by the way, my family is not black. Can you guess what happened between 1940 and now?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The Rutgers University campus is still quite nice, especially in the autumn, when the leaves turn. Top-notch university, beautiful campus… and located in Camden.

  • I would sure love to see some republican, ANY republican, talk on a national stage about what made Camdon the way it is.

    • Luis

      I don’t think Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer and “Paul Kersey” are Republicans, though. They are honorable men, not stupid men.

  • Seek

    When I was a graduate student, I used to walk around some of Philadelphia’s rougher neighborhoods, exploring the sights. But even I balked at going across the Delaware River to Camden. I wasn’t THAT brave and crazy.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, I recently drove around the ghettoes of Baltimore to see what is was like… lol, depressing. The buildings were kind of beautiful though.

      • danny

        Its unfortunate that many of the beautifully constructed buildings where I would actually want to live are found in ghettos where as cheap ugly construction seems to abound in the “nice” neighborhoods. A real irony

    • Michael Harreskov

      If I had a Marine Rifile Platoon as backup,,,maybe.

  • no, no, no! The city was brought to it’s knees by the blacks who create poverty by their choice of lifestyle, and who are violent by nature

  • Jss

    Blacks rape, murder, sell crack etc because of poverty. Blacks destroy whole cities and nations because of poverty. Blacks are notoriously corrupt because of poverty. Blacks have never run a successful civilization or successful anything because of poverty. Blacks have never contributed anything to art or science because of poverty. Repeat, rinse, as nauseam. And that achievement gap is so stubborn because of…

    I suppose no other race on earth has ever been poor. Or enslaved.

    • So CAL Snowman

      No, no other race has been poor or enslaved. Did you know that when White people came to America they just happened to discover shiny gold automobiles and gleaming silver computers on the ground? Did you know that when White people landed on Plymouth Rock that there were gleaming marble neighborhoods with good schools just waiting for them? Liberals and blacks always say that the blacks were the first race and we all descended from them. If true that means that the blacks have had a head start on every other race and still wind up in last place!

      • Jss

        No, no, no Snowman!! Don’t pull that racist it was just sitting here stuff with me! Everyone knows all those things were stolen from Nubia and Egypt along with the slaves and brought here by us White devils.

      • jay11

        And 50,000 white irish people were sold as slaves by the british to plantations in the caribbean. Today it is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of black slaves in Haiti held in bondage by other blacks, and millions more in Africa proper. All we ever hear about is whites enslaving blacks, when everyone has enslaved everyone at some point in history.

        • Who?? by chance sold one captured tribe after another to the British, To be shipped to the New world?? OTHER BLACKS !!!!!!! Read real history!!!

      • Joseph

        It is clear that the pioneers inherited their “white privilege”.

    • The__Bobster

      No, mudflaps create poverty. Living in poverty is their natural state. They can move into the grandest city in the world and turn it into a turd world hellhole in a matter of a few years.

      • bigone4u

        Blacks are truly excellent at creating crime and poverty. That seems to be their only talent as far as I can tell, other than repeating ad nausem: Gibsmedat.

        • The Bogeyman

          Unfortunately blacks also excel at creating more blacks.

          • Mr Plankton

            And our government and charities do nothing but subsidize the creation of more and more people that can’t afford to take care of themselves or their children. I struggle with this question daily as a christian. I want to help the poor. It’s my duty as a christian to help those in need.But am I doing anyone a favor by helping those that don’t or won’t help themselves? Why should I sponsor a little african that most likely won’t contribute anything to the world other than spawning 9 or 10 other children that in 20 years will be in the same position they are in when I sponsored them. The Federal government in this country is doing the same thing with the poor here in this country. Creating a culture of dependency that does nothing but create more problems than they are solving. Nature has way of dealing with overpopulation and scarcity of resources in famine, plague, disease etc. Circumventing nature by feeding or medicating the poor doesn’t seem to solve very many problems but it seems to me to create a whole range of new problems.

          • blacks are dumb

            ” I struggle with this question daily as a christian. I want to help the poor. It’s my duty as a christian to help those in need.”

            Have you read “Which Way Western Man”?

            It is free to read here :

            Just click on the PDF or Kindle version, or whatever version you want to use.

          • josh

            Yeah but theyre not bad at creating LESS blacks…

    • pcmustgo

      Actually they’ve contributed quite a bit to American music- jazz, blues, rock, etc..

      But everything else you said was true.

      • Strider73

        The so-called “talented tenth” made those musical contributions. Decades of welfare-induced dysgenics have reduced their numbers by more than half. Now they’re the talented 25th — the 4% who did not vote for Obama. The chances of a modern Fifth Dimension, Platters, Supremes, Roberta Flack or Gladys Knight emerging are about the same as the Astros winning this year’s World Series.

        • Luis

          You left out the Four Tops, Sly and the Family Stone (“Stand” is my favorite song of theirs), War and of course, Jimi Hendrix. But I see your point. Back then, these groups had to have some musical talent, not at all like today.

          • Or, Edward Kennedy (“Duke”) Ellington, Johnny Hartman, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Eckstine, the Delta Rhythm Boys, The Ravens, Count Basie, The Mills Bros.

          • josh

            I heard the Mills Brothers had quite a taste for dem white wimmenz!

          • josh

            Is anyone more overrated than Jimi Hendrix?

        • 70s R&B, soul music is my favorite. Whenever I’m in an urban bar and someone is playing terrible Black hip hop rap music, I take over the juke box and play Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, Billy Paul and I get nothing but compliments. Older Black Americans who’ve made it through life without raping or killing anyone or being killed generally have good taste in music.

      • IstvanIN

        We could have lived quite nicely without their minor contributions.

      • Non Humans

        I wouldn’t even give them whole credit for those achievements, both creatively and for the technologies that made them possible. Guitars, Speakers, Microphones, Harmonicas, Front Porches, Street Corners, etc. These are all the creations of humans.

        • Luis

          Don’t forget the Moog Synthesizer. It created a whole other genre of beautiful music!

      • Joseph

        The rap and hip-hop cancel any positive musical contributions so they are still a negative influence by every measure.

    • AB7

      It isn’t just poverty, evil white racism is actually a bigger factor in causing blacks to do all those things you mention. If it wasn’t for white racism, blacks would be high achievers in every field, curing diseases, inventing computers, etc.

    • They will do nothing to fix any of this! LOOK only to their National “leaders Rev SharpTON and Rev Jackazz! Race baiters to keep the $ comming in!!!

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““America has decided to concentrate its poor,” said Father Doyle. “The wall around Camden is very high, it’s an economic wall. You can’t get over it.””

    Oh yes this mythological beast that is America. It has the power to shower everyone in riches but only decides to reward SOME Whites and Asians. That the poor are concentrated in certain areas is a phenomenon seen throughout the world, it is in no way unique to this “country.” Tell me Father Doyle what specific set of skills does Chrissy Rodriquez possess? Why should she be given a good paying job as a chemist or a pharmacist or an engineer? If she possess NO MARKETABLE SKILLS then she is her own economic wall.

    • pcmustgo

      The Latins secretaries I encounter seem far more pleasant than the black ones.

      Chrissy may be very good at bullying and beating up others and getting “all up in yo’ face”.

    • Tom Iron

      Sir, well said. I’m a Catholic and live in N.J. and I’ll write to Father Doyle and let him know exactly know what I think of what he said. I’m tired of our priests shooting their dumb mouths off and bringing disrepute on the church (not even going into the rest of their bs).

      • TeutonicKnight67

        I’m a NY Catholic. I may join you in writing a letter to the good father.

  • APaige

    “I always think of Camden as the best visual aid in America to see what has gone wrong and what is going wrong.”
    Yes the ‘gone wrong’ are blacks and the ‘going wrong’ are Hispanics.

  • HadEnough

    “America has decided to concentrate its poor,” said Father Doyle. “The wall around Camden is very high, it’s an economic wall. You can’t get over it.”


    The wall is indeed high. It’s called an IQ of 86 or above.

    • bigone4u

      If only there was a brick and mortar wall to keep them behind, the world would be a better place.

      • StillModerated

        How about the Atlantic Ocean?

    • K..

      It’s always “America” or “Society” or “The System.” Always something else, preferably something abstract and impersonal. Never the actual individuals involved in directly creating and sustaining the dysfunction.

    • Joseph

      If this guy is a theologian then he should understand that sin brings its own punishment. These people suffer primarily due to their own sloth and selfish misbehavior. Even a person with an 86 IQ is very capable of doing a good many non-technical types of useful work and refraining from indulging in drug abuse and sexual misconduct -but they don’t.

      Another egalitarian in shepherd’s clothing leading the flock off of a cliff.

  • Tom Iron

    About three years ago, Campbell Soup wanted an old vacant building and the idiot city council gave them a hard time about it. You’d think in a dump like Camden, the last remaining viable business in town would have carte blanche in any request they made. But no, the idiot black council members gave them a hard time. If Campbell Soup ever leaves Camden, last guy out, turn out the lights.

    • Karen Frances

      No doubt its a disservice to their employees that they stay in Camden. Imagine having to drive home from working in Camden. I hope the major highway is right at the door to Campbells.

    • MBlanc46

      It would be interesting to know the ethnic composition of the Campbell’s work force.

      • josh

        Note to self: Stop eating Campbells Soup!

    • A. Windaus

      How typical of a local government. Most people who become councillors have never owned or run a business in their lives, yet get to decided which businesses can operate and which cannot. They want businesses to provide more jobs, but with the same breath they then make it impossible for businesses to create those new jobs.

    • Joseph

      Would you even WANT a food product made in a place with their likely employee demographic? Leaving is probably in the best interest of public health.

    • skara_brae

      Campbell’s should be the focus of a severe boycott. Have you seen “Campbell’s Halal Soup”?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        If it contains as much salt as the rest of their products, there are better reasons to avoid eating it than the simply political.

    • josh

      Thats the Shtrong Black Man!! You GOT to show him some respect nomesayne?? If you dont show him da proper respect aint NUFFIN gon get done. Believe me,those dumb clods on the city council have gotten THEIRS andn they dont care about Campbell Soup!!

  • Paleoconn

    I am tempted to do a Google image search of ‘Camden AND 1950s’, but I’m afraid I might weep.

    • JohnEngelman

      “I was born in 1950, lived in Camden from 1950 to 1972. And during those years my dad was into taking movies using those old projectors,” said Ruiz. “You wind them up, they’re not constant in the speed, no sound. But still, they do caputre the spirit of the old days.”

      Many of Ruiz’s memories are charming. “You had this town where you could get on a bicycle and you could explore the streets and the alleyways — it’s just an ideal town for kids to grow-up. You could get everything you wanted right there in the square: two doctors, a dentist, a pharmacy, the grocery store, the deli, the hardware store.”

      • Paleoconn

        Thanks John, but I shall not click on any links; I do not want to start the weekend with sadness.

        • TheTruthHurts4

          If you want a nice weekend try not to think of what the United States would be like if there were no Negroes. The centers of our once proud cities would be centers of civilization. They would not be locations of crime and degeneracy.

          • Paleoconn

            I wouldn’t even go that far. There were negroes before and the country was the envy of the world. It’s negroes in power and mass immigration of every shade of people that is hostile to our culture and traditions that ruined this country, demographically, socially and culturally speaking at least.

  • 1gravity

    Then, shall we turn off the EBT cards, tell the police and national guard to take some time off, and wait for the mother of all race riots?

    • Non Humans

      Why tell the police and NG to take a vacation? Bring in those unconstitutional agencies the DHS/TSA and let them have some target practice with all of that ammo they just bought. Just because the nonhumans are put in a position where they are definitely going to chimpout doesn’t mean that we can’t react to it accordingly.

    • Felix_M

      Shaqwana and Kunta’reefius gots to have their friend chicken and Mt. Dew.

  • Paleoconn

    Neocon Crowder should do a Camden in Ruins video on how the liberals ruined it. Maybe he can show the last White mayor and blame it all on him too.

  • and the poverty and violence was caused by ….?


    The blacks get all the blame, but Puerto Ricans did almost as much to ruin Camden.

    • pcmustgo

      Puerto Ricans are part black (about 1/4th) and share that thuggish, violent, ghetto culture. (the ones that actually live on the island of Puerto Rico less so).

      And I’m the one on here that was accused of loving Latins too much. They tend not to hate whites as much, but yeah.

      • anmpr1

        According to a recent NPR story:

        “Puerto Rico’s per capita murder rate is six times that of the U.S. as a whole. And with violence escalating, many residents are considering joining the thousands of others who have already fled the island for brighter and safer opportunities.”

        At work, some of the local PRs used to bring in a Spanish language newspaper from the island. It was filled with horror stories. So, to escape their own hell-hole they come here, bringing their violent and degenerate “culture” with them. What a deal we got from the Spanish-American war.

        • Luis

          There are more Puerto Ricans on the mainland U.S., than on the island.

          • A. Windaus

            Correct! Puerto Rico 3,554,642, United States 4,623,716.

  • libertarian 1234

    There’s no getting around it. US urban areas throughout the country are deteriorating economically and socially.

    They’ve degenerated so badly I don’t think unchecked prosperity for decades can ever improve them significantly, but a deteriorating economy is sure to make them worse.

    Every year they degenerate a little more.

  • tjs3023

    Chrissy Rodriguez is afraid to let her two boys out. How much do you want to bet that there’s no Mr Rodriguez around and Chrissy will someday have three little boys reguardless of that.

  • The__Bobster

    And the latest news from Camden:

    Camden Teen Faces Manslaughter Charge for Deadly Punch
    By Dan Stamm and David Chang | Friday, Mar 8, 2013 | Updated 5:10 PM

    A Camden teen accused of landing a deadly punch on a Vietnam War veteran following a minor car crash was indicted for first-degree aggravted manslaughter, county prosecutors announced in a press release today.

    Akeem Mayes, 18, is accused of punching Allen Briscoe, 66, after Briscoe struck Mayes’ 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend at a low speed, prosecutors said.

    • pcmustgo

      Getting into a car accident with Blacks- scary stuff. I just witnessed a white male and black female get into a car accident. The Black Female did the usual theatrics and yelling and threatening and he was video-taping her behavior. Took forever for the cops to show.

    • Luis

      Sad what happened to Briscoe, no doubt about it. But, Bobster, have you ever noticed that whenever a Bantu is killed by another Bantu, the victim’s family is absolutely stupefied and mystified as to how such a thing can happen? They have no answers or “rationale” as to why. At least none that they openly state.

      If Briscoe had been killed by someone named Steve Ziatkowski, Rogelio Hernandez or Kim Sun Cho, Bantus would immediately scream and cry “racism”! Look at the Trayvon Martin case. The ONLY reason that episode went international is because he was killed by a Hispanic. If Martin had been killed by Jamarcus Kasavubu, no one would have heard a peep. Like this episode. It happened in January 2012, and only NOW, have I heard anything about it – thanks to you.

      During all of the mother continent’s civil wars, American Bantus were absolutely silent and MIA, regarding places like the Congo (Leopoldville), Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo (Brazzaville), Sudan, Chad and Kenya. Oh, but in Rhodesia and South Africa they suddenly found their voice. Why? BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T STAND TO SEE PROSPEROUS NATIONS IN THEIR MIDST THAT WERE BUILT AND DEVELOPED BY PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES. It made them look bad, and they couldn’t stand it. So they foamed at the mouth crying “racism”.

      Bantus would rather see Buwaranga Williams shot and killed by Sobukwe Africa, because they’re “cool with it”, rather than a Bantu being tasered by a white or mestizo police officer. In the latter case, they can – and always- cry “racism”. There’s nothing racist about Bantu-on-Bantu killings. That’s why those South African Bantu coal miners killed by the Bantu South African police elicited NONE of the response that Sharpeville did in 1960. And some whiteys, are perplexed why.


        That’s why St. Louis’s cabal of cracker jack box theology degree black preachers protested the NRA convention being held in Downtown St. Louis last year, even though hardly any blacks much less menacing looking ‘bangers went there, and virtually no firearms if not absolutely zero firearms shown there made their way into nearby ghettos. Because it’s too much the embarrassment to these black preachers — White people by the thousands can look at firearms all weekend long and not one new violent crime would result. Meanwhile, you get five Fooltaviouses and any gun in the same room, and within ten minutes, someone’s going to die.

  • Lygeia

    Yes, it’s always about the “manufacturing jobs drying up,” this year having been a “tough” year, and the city “being brought to its knees.” No mention of the real reason.

    • zWsA

      Indeed, the “manufacturing jobs dried up” narrative is trite and irrelevant.

      In Pittsburgh, PA the manufacturing jobs dried up a long time ago and it’s still considered one of the best cities in America. How can that be? Hint: the city stayed majority White. In fact, it’s one of the Whitest cities in America with a population over 250,000.

      • A. Windaus

        I get the point that you’re trying to make, but Pittsburgh has a murder rate nearly four times the national average and the number of Whites in Pittsburgh was estimated to be just under 200,000 in 2012.

        • Guest

          Actually, Pittsburgh has the distinction of being the “whitest major metropolitan area” in the United States, at 88%. The city itself is 67% white, surpassed only by Seattle and Portland, at 68% and 74%, respectively.

          Of course, Pittsburgh is 26% Black, twice the national figure of 13%. I presume it’s no coincidence that the city’s violent crime rate is also double the national average. You are right in pointing out the high murder rate. But we have to remember that many major US cities have homicide rates that are 5-10 times the national average of 4.2/100,000/year.

        • zWsA

          The Top 40 US Metro area ranked by Whiteness:

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Denver would be in better shape if the liberal city government hadn’t made it a “sanctuary city” a generation ago.

  • TheCogitator

    “Camden has long suffered the indignities that poverty breeds”

    No, Camden has suffered the indignities that an overwhelmingly black population breeds.

    Blacks cannot create civilization and they destroy those that allow them to live with them.

    • pcmustgo

      “Indignity” is exactly what I have had to deal with with Blacks. One hateful indignity after the next. One senseless act of hatred after the other.

  • PesachPatriot

    Camden had a pretty bad reputation 16 years ago when I graduated from high school….west virginia is also pretty poor but they don’t have the same sort of gang violence and social problems as this city…hmm I wonder why.

  • Cato

    I’ve ridden the train in to Philadelphia from Cherry Hill. It passes right over Camden, from a height where you feel safe in indulging your voyeurism. Empty. Bleak. Crumbling. The few you see on the streets are all black and look very tough and capable of defending themselves. I would never drive on those streets. I have had much the same feeling driving into Chicago from the south, where mile after mile one passes over a vast wasteland of what must have once been land worth investing in.

    • Karen Frances

      Yes that is how it is. Why, oh why does the State of New Jersey have Rutgers undergrad and Rutgers Law in Camden? It is a vicious disservice to the students. Camden is dangerous; the state should not be making university students go to Camden to take advantage of the state university system. Those schools should be 10 miles from Camden at least.

  • SargeInCharge

    Whitman was from a period where it was understood America would remain white. Nobody of his time period would have signed off on the 1965 immigration act because they were not brainwashed by media into denying the obvious and hating themselves.

  • JohnEngelman

    According to Neighborhood Scout Camden, NJ has a crime index of 1. 100 is safest. 0 is most dangerous.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      A crime index of 1, with 0 being the least safe? Those slackers clearly aren’t applying themselves!

      • Luis

        They have in East St. Louis IL, Michael C. That city’s index is 0. Same site that Engleman posted about Camden.

  • JackKrak

    Ah, yes – the old “manufacturing jobs left town so everything collapsed” canard.

    Wait a second. If unemployment is 40% or whatever, and the population is eager to work and/or learn the skills required for manufacturing jobs, why isn’t every company lining up to take advantage of this comparatively cheap workforce?


    1) No one really wants to work in these places

    2) The few who might actually want to work will almost certainly be barely literate and essentially untrainable

    3) Those who get through 1 & 2 are likely to have criminal convictions or fail a drug test

    4) Any company that still goes ahead and locates in a place like Camden gets to know the wonders of working with a completely incompetent local government kept in power by the natives
    5) Whatever resources the plant has that aren’t locked down 24/7 will be stripped and sold for scrap

    • In the cases of Camden and Detroit, the manufacturing jobs left town because of black and black-ish (Puerto Rican) crime. Larger manufacturing industries tried hiring blacks, with the almost full support of the union leadership, (even if the unions’ white rank and file had their doubts, gee, I wonder why). And it didn’t much turn out well.

      The most common story I am told about many blacks who were tried out at Anheuser-Busch was that they showed up on their first scheduled day of work and every payday, but no other days.

  • Luis

    The Rev. Michael Doyle is another of those white Catholic priests, who imagines himself to be a “bwana” to the poor Bantus. In this respect, he’s no different from Michael Pfleger or Robert Drinan, or James Groppi. Men of their ilk – and indeed. it can be said of the Catholic Church as a whole – thrive in poverty-stricken environments, like mosquito larvae thrive in stagnant pond water. Drinan was known more for being anti-war, but the liberals in his Massachusetts district kept re-electing him. Only when John Paul II assumed the papacy and ordered Drinan to vacate his political post, did Drinan leave.

    If Doyle’s parish suddenly became wealthy overnight, would he still have a congregation to preach to? I think not. White religious figures are just as much hucksters as the Jacksons, Sharptons and Farrakhans are.

  • Save the last dance for me

    Whites have been held in bondage for centuries, back then it was referred to as serfdom, a system that was as close to slavery as you get the mere difference that serfs could not be sold. On the other hand serfs had to fend for themselves and their families plus support their “betters”. This system of suppression continued for over a thousand years. Whites have been the most abused people on the planet yet do not even know this because it is in the interest of the ruling elite to make sure Whites do not comprehend that serfdom and slavery were basically one and the same. Today we are headed back in this direction, to serfs and the one percent that live off the herd.

  • bigone4u

    I love the history of America, especially the beautiful old cities, founded and prospering on industrial creativity and productivity. Camden was one of those cities. It’s sad to read about how the work of so many whites has been erased by the black tide–the tsunami of blackness that has washed over us and devasted us.

  • Ralph

    A city is like a bucket. Put pure water in it and you have something nice. Put polluted water in it and it’s lousy. The bucket remains the same but the contents make it what it is.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Unfortunately there’s another aspect to your analogy that bears mention: when you mix dirty water with clean water, you get dirty water.

      • Ralph

        Yup. And, it only takes a little dirty water to screw up the pure water. That’s why I reject the notion (that I’ve seen from some on this site) that a little miscegenation is okay. It isn’t . It takes us White ones off our best evolutionary path and devolves us.

        And, BTW, new research does show that devolution–backward evolution to an earlier type–does happen. This idea of devolution was long rejected by main stream science, but I’ve been writing about it as a reality for years.

        Stay White. It’s the right way and the only way for us to survive, prosper, evolve and expand our kind alone.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          That has to be an artifact of leftist thought creeping into science – viruses have long been thought to be “reverts” to a simpler way of life than what they started out with, rather than simple organisims who adapted when the “organic soup” ran out and adapted themselves to taking over cells.

          Darwin called races “incipient species” for a reason. Variety within a species ensures speciation – ie, more species from racial splitting. “Xenophobia”, a resistance to interbreed with other races, is NECESSARY for speciation to occur, lest the two (or more) races combine back into a homogeniety.

          I don’t remember any popular writer on evolutionary science claiming that evolution is only “one-way”.

  • Donecaringaboutothers

    The people behind that “wall” the priest talks about need to stay behind wall. They cannot function in the general society. I would rather them in Camden than in a city near me.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The shipyard they referred to was the New York Shipbuilding & Drydock Corporation. During World War Two, they built the battleship South Dakota (BB 57), all nine of the Independence class light carriers, the light carriers Wright and Saipan, 10 of the Cleveland class light cruisers, four of the Baltimore class heavy cruisers, the battlecruisers Alaska and Guam, the light cruisers Worcester and Roanoke, and the seaplane carriers Curtiss and Albemarle.

    Before the war, they built the carrier Saratoga, the battleships Arkansas, Oklahoma, Idaho and Colorado, plus the cruisers Salt Lake City, Chester, Indianapolis, Tuscaloosa, Savannah, Nashville and Phoenix, and supplied some of the material for USS Wichita (built at Philadelphia Navy Yard). They also built considerable numbers of the “four stacker” destroyers of the Wickes and Clemson classes during and just after World War One.

    During the Cold War, they built the carrier Kitty Hawk (still in reserve), did the conversion work rebuilding the cruisers Boston, Canberra, Little Rock and Topeka as missile ships, built two of the nine Leahy class missile cruisers, the nuclear missile cruiser USS Bainbridge, six of the 23 Charles F. Adams class missile destroyers and the antisubmarine cruiser Norfolk.

    What a pity. Is there anything at all that the “folk” can not destroy?

  • Felix_M

    When we amnesty tens of millions of illegal aliens, even more cities (and states) are going to be brought to their knees. We already have stupid Americans dependent on the dole. Why do we have to import millions of stupid illegal 3rd worlders to suck from the treasury?

  • whiteuncleruckus

    White religious leaders are blinded by the idea that “we are all God’s children”. Their fatal mistake is placing religion ahead of race. That way of thinking has contributed to the destruction of camden and other cities. Father Doyle has good intentions but, if those intentions prevent him from seeing the truth then they are a liability.

  • Mariner33

    Where have all the Whiteys gone, long time passing. Where have all the Whiteys gone, long time ago. Where have all the Whiteys gone, gone to suburbs everyone. When will they ever return? No they will still spurn.

  • taylor swift

    the poor ye have with ye always … of course he meant on a different continent with a different race and was speaking of the entire planet in general and not bring them to your home to be your slaves … white man would screw up a wet dream and spend 2 dollars trying to save one dollar … the mother of all stupidity

  • kazoo

    “About 42 percent of Camden’s population lives below the poverty line, with the average income hovering around $26,000 a year.”

    Wow, that’s what I make, except I have a bachelor’s degree in a natural science and have been out of college 6 years. Must be all that White privilege.

    Welcome to Black-Run America.

  • In the decades that followed, civic corruption and mismanagement rendered Camden increasingly poor and violent. Three mayors have been indicted in the past few decades. What bet gets me that they were all 3 minorities???

    • Luis

      You’d lose that bet. One of the 3 was Angelo Errichetti, a white Italian (as opposed to Roy Campanella, who clearly was NOT Italian). I believe he was the last white mayor of Camden.

  • demographics matter

    no he had it right at the time as its all in the demographics and times have done a 180 in camden

  • Joseph

    “civic corruption and mismanagement rendered Camden increasingly poor and violent”

    Shall I guess what political party and/or race presided over this failure?

  • By no choice of their own, child are born into this environment with incredibly long odds of overcoming lousy parenting, lousy schools, and lousy job prospects. Although I intensely disagree with Jesse Jackson on issues, he is right when he comments on the consequence of waiting to address the problem. Although I also disagree with Jackson’s explanation for the dysfunctionality, until we address the incredibly breakdown of the family, we will address symptoms rather than causes. To his credit, Mayor Bloomberg has recently attempted to address a significant part of the problem, the out-of-wedlock births by women who are young and uneducated.

  • StillModerated

    Shoshana Guy: I wonder what her real surname is.

    Notice her sneaky use of the passive voice: Camden has long suffered the indignities that poverty breeds. Correctly it should state that liberal politicians have too long pandered to feral animals with no concept of “no more.” For this reason Camden should be a gleaming example of democratic party failure. I’m happy the money has run out.

  • drofmanythings

    Camden has become a pathological community that functions outside the bands of moral and ethical civility. With a murder rate of almost one killed per thousand residents PER YEAR, that makes the odds good for getting killed if you hang around there too long. It is a little Detroit where there is no reason to be there anymore. Why not level all nine square miles and turn it into a farm? A park? An industrial park? A military base? An airport? Anything but a city.

  • josh

    Two laws,the 1965 Immigration Act & the 1965 Civil Rights Act. This is what you get. Amazing that those who brought this to this country are not hanging from gallows but are actually lauded,praised and loved. Insanity. America is run by the inbred crazies.