The Racial History of Gary, Indiana, and the Need for Restrictive Covenants

Paul Kersey, SPBDL, September 13, 2012

It’s a city time forgot; it’s a history lesson that we purposefully skip over; it’s yet another reminder that “Manifest Destruction” (the Great Migration of Blacks from South) was the most devastating event in American history.

Gary, Indiana.

In S. Paul O’Hara’s Gary, the Most American of All American Cities we are introduced to a city whose collapse mirrors that of Detroit (described in vivid detail in Escape from Detroit:The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis): with a population that nearly 100 percent white in 1920, Gary saw a migration of 15,000 Black migrants between 1920 and 1930. At 18 percent of the population of Gary in 1930, another 20,000 Black people would join them by 1940–lured by work in the steel mills.

Through high fecundity rates (maintaining close racial solidarity), the percentage of Blacks would slowly begin to overwhelm the white population; by 1967, Black people would be able to elect Richard Gordon Hatcher as one of the first Black mayors of a major city in the nation.

Time magazine would report the election of Hatcher was a victory, not because of race, but due to a desire to reform the political process. Nevertheless, the magazine would report:

“Shouting, dancing Negroes weaved wildly through the six downtown blocks of Gary, Indiana.”

Today, Gary, Indiana is 84 percent BlackUSA Today called it a “ghost-town” in a 2011 article [Gary, Ind., struggles with population loss, by Judy Keen, 5-19-2011]:

The 2010 Census crystallized Gary’s decline: The population, which peaked at 178,320 in 1960, is now 80,294. From 2000 through last year’s count, Gary lost 22% of its residents. The city’s unemployment rate in February was 9.8%.

Gary — like Detroit, which lost 25% of its people in the past decade — faces tough questions: What is the best way to shrink a city? How can city government provide adequate services as its tax base contracts? How can new employers and residents be wooed to a place known more for blight than for opportunity?

The city has cut many services and decided last month to close its main library, which opened in 1964. A state board raised property tax caps this month and set Gary’s tax levy at $40.8 million. If the caps had not been increased, Gary would have been allowed to collect only $30 million. It was the third and final time the city can seek such relief.

A plague of vacancies

Gary was founded in 1906 by U.S. Steel, which still employs 4,727 here. Last year, the company announced a $220 million modernization of the Gary plant.
The city’s decline began in the 1960s as overseas steel production squeezed U.S. makers and accelerated in the 1970s as “white flight” prompted the rapid growth of surrounding cities. More than 80% of Gary’s residents are black.

Wait a second: why can’t the 84 percent Black population sustain the wealth that white people left behind? Why can’t they keep alive the businesses? Why can’t they keep alive the high property valuations? How come the migration of Black people to Gary brought high levels of crime and violence that caused white people to flee the city? Why can’t the majority Black population ignite that entrepreneurial spirit, innovate, attract outside investments, and diversify the economy (as happened in Pittsburgh — another city built on steel)?

The answer is self-explanatory: because the population is less than 10 percent white and 84 percent Black.

Because Black people (outside of state and federal welfare, handouts, subsidies, and grants) have no purchasing power, the city needed an emergency infusion of cash in 2009 from the Obama stimulus fund. In all, Gary received $266 million in stimulus funds [Gary, Indiana: Unbroken spirit amid the ruins of the 20th Century, BBC, by Paul Mason, 10-12-2010]:

I’d been to Gary, Indiana before. In April 2009, when the Obama fiscal stimulus had just begun, the city’s mayor had told me that all the city needed was $400m of stimulus money in order to “fly like an eagle and make our country proud”.

To put this in context you have to know that Gary, home to what is still US Steel Corp’s biggest plant, is suffering from one of the most advanced cases of urban blight in the developed world. Its city centre is near-deserted by day. The texture of the urban landscape is cracked stone, grass, crumbled brick and buddleia.

Gary is one third poor, 84% African American, and has seen its population halve over the past three decades. If crime, as the official figures suggest, has recently dropped off then – say the critics – that is because population flight from the city is bigger than the census figures show.

Gary in the end got $266m of stimulus money and has, according to the federal “recipient reported data” created a grand total of 327 jobs. That’s $800,000 per job.
I went back determined to find out how the stimulus dollars had been spent; to get beyond the ideology and recriminations and see why President Barack Obama’s stimulus has failed to turn the country around.

Brink of bankruptcy?

So what’s the story with Gary and the stimulus? The mayor believes the city is “last in line” when it comes to federal money – because the money is dispensed via the state of Indiana, which is Republican controlled. Mayor Rudy Clay tells me:
“I guess they thought, well, Gary voted in large numbers for the president, enabling him to take the state of Indiana, so he will look after them.”

But it is more complex – Gary’s public finances are a mess. It owes tens of millions of dollars to other entities. Its great get-out-of-jail card – tax revenue from casinos – turned out to be a busted flush. Its convention centre is dark most of the time. The one-time Sheraton Hotel, right next to the City Hall, is derelict.

With no ability to raise a local income tax it is reliant on property tax. But the State of Indiana passed laws capping tax raising powers, so by 2012 Gary’s tax income from property will halve.

At that point, according to the fiscal monitor appointed by the city, it will lack the revenue to fund even its police, fire and ambulance services. The monitor calls for much of the rest of Gary’s services to be privatised – but as city officials point out, once privatised they cannot enforce job guarantees that allow the city to employ local people. Says the monitor, bluntly:

“The city will simply have to give up some long-standing – and often important – services that are the responsibility of other governments, even when it is likely that those governments will not provide the same level of service.”

This is the cost of “Manifest Destruction.” Gary isn’t suffering from Urban Blight–that’s just a symptom of the real problem. It’s not suffering from crime, high foreclosure rates, bad schools, or lack of outside capital investment in the infrastructure (and potentially investors who would open up businesses that could provide some semblance of a commercial tax-base); it’s suffering from the unmentionable legacy of the migration of Black people and the overwhelming of a once prosperous white city.

Earlier this year Karen Wilson-Freeman became the first Black female mayor of Gary. Her goal? Increase the efficiency of the almost entirely Black-run government, which calls “small victories” fixing potholes, repairing sidewalks, and not dropping the calls the 84 percent Black constituents who call to complain about the poor city services [Meet Indiana’s First African-American Female Mayor, The Atlantic, 12-29-2011]:

While U.S. Steel still employs 6,000, that’s a far cry from the 50,000 people who once worked there, and the loss of those jobs is reflected in the boarded up homes and empty streets that spread across town.

At its peak in the 1950s, Gary’s population topped 200,000, only to plunge in subsequent decades to about 80,000 in 2010.

Freeman-Wilson says she wants to heal the sometimes tense relationship between employer and town. “Certainly, they have a responsibility to our city, but we have a responsibility to be a good partner,” she says.

To hold up its end, willing to start with “small victories,” like better lighting, pothole free streets and repaired sidewalks.

But beyond that, Freeman-Wilson speaks of making Gary a cleaner city, not only in appearance, but also in the way it deals with residents, who frequently complain they cannot reach anyone at city hall.

“You should be able to get through without being transferred five times,” Freeman-Wilson says.

The decline of Gary correlates to the rise of its Black population and the decline of the overall white percentage of its population (remember, roughly 100 percent white in 1920).

Indeed, where the white people went once they escaped Gary, prosperity flourished. Thriving business and commercial districts, safe streets, outside investments, and good schools were just an outgrowth of this migration [ Hurt feelings continue over Northwest Indiana town’s creation [Merrillville, Ind. experiencing now a little of what Gary did 40 years ago, WBEZ 91.5, 8-31-2012]:

U.S. 30 and Interstate 65 in Northwest Indiana is among the busiest retail corridors in Indiana. For a long time, this area, much of it in the Town of Merrillville, was the envy of Northwest Indiana, but none more so than for folks living in Gary.
To Steel City residents, the establishment of Merrillville a little more than 40 years ago was seen as a racist slap in the face allowed by Indiana state lawmakers.

But today, if you need to buy a new car, or celebrate a birthday or buy that special gift or see a concert by a top-notch artist, if you live anywhere in Northwest Indiana chances are you’re doing it in Merrillville.

“Merrillville is the Main Street of Northwest Indiana,” said Rich James, a retired political columnist from Northwest Indiana.

While shops dominate the Merrillville landscape now, James remembers it wasn’t always like that.

“Fourty-one years ago, Merrillville was pretty much a cow pasture,” James said. “It had a name, it wasn’t incorporated.”

But what the area did have was plenty of open land; land to build homes and businesses on. This area became pretty attractive just as the City of Gary began its steep decline as steel jobs began to dry up in the once-thriving community of 175,000 residents.

But loss of jobs wasn’t the only issue facing Gary.

In the mid-1960s, blacks increased in number in what was then a very ethnic-white Gary.

Confined to living in one section of city for decades, blacks pushed for the right to live anywhere they chose, including in affluent white sections.

Richard Gordon Hatcher became Gary’s first black mayor in 1968. In the years up to his election, Hatcher pushed for an open housing law. It wasn’t easy.

“Every time it came up for a vote the council chambers would be packed with screaming and yelling. I liken them to the Tea Partiers today,” Hatcher told WBEZ. “They were yelling and all kinds of racial slurs and they would intimidate. I introduced that bill at least six times. It was defeated five times.”

White fam­­ilies from an increasing black Gary left in droves once Merrillville became a town.
The hurt from that time still exists today even as Merrillville’s demographics have shifted.

But it won’t last, with the Black Undertow escaping their city of Gary and migrating to wherever white people go. Merrillville is now 40 percent Black:

Merrillville incorporated as a town in 1971, developing at a rapid pace with not only new residents, but retail development over the next decade.

As life breathed into Merrillville, in Gary, it was just the opposite.

Residents fled and Gary’s once thriving downtown – devastated.

Carolyn E. Mosby remembers growing up in a rapidly deteriorating Gary and couldn’t understand why it was happening.

“When you see these boarded up buildings on Broadway or you see these vacant homes, a lot of the people who chose to leave, a lot of the people who chose to leave didn’t decide to sell their businesses or sell their homes, they just boarded them up and left,” Mosby said.

By the 1980s, Mosby was a teenager who often found herself not shopping at the Merrillville area’s new mall or other stores – pretty much at the insistence of her late mother, Carolyn B. Mosby, a longtime state legislator from Gary.

“She was very involved in the community as well and this was something that was very near and dear to her was to really support those people that chose to stay in Gary, the businesses and the folks who didn’t abandoned their home and moved to Merrillville,” Mosby said.

Just last year, Merrillville celebrated 40 years as a town.

This town of 35,000 residents is no longer lily white.

In fact, it’s now more than 40 percent African American, with many continuing to move because its school district is considered better than Gary’s.

No town in America is safe from the Black Undertow. Gary was overwhelmed, to the point where without the infusion of $200+ million of stimulus funds in 2009 it would have ceased to be a city. This is the legacy of the Black Migration from the South, an event that has led to the ruin of Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and decentralized the Black dysfunction that was once reserved solely for slave-holding states.

But it was in reading S. Paul O’Hara’s book that the realization that the 1948 Shelley v. Kraemer U.S. Supreme Court ruling (outlawing restrictive covenants) was the nail in the coffin for the long-term prospects of America became crystallized. On p. 138 of Gary, the Most American of All American Cities we learn that the election of Gary’s first Black mayor signaled the coming of disaster for the white residents of the city:

Fear of a city run by a black mayor led many white residents to move away. “For Sale” signs popped up as residents feared declining property values. A rash of white flight of both capital and population occured. “I been here all my life,” reported one white resident to Harper’s.

I got me a house I paid $35,000  for, but I’m leavin’ it…. It’s not that I hate the colored or anything, but I’m dumpin’ it all. Who the hell wants to live this way, I ask you. Bein’ scared somebody’ll hit you on the head all the time, you can’t go out of the house after dark. You work all your life for something, and then they start movin’ in, and suddenly you don’t have anything – it’s not yours anymore. First person that makes me any kind of half-ass offer on that house now, it’s his, and I’m gone. With once exception – I’m not sellin’ to no goddam colored. I’d put a torch to it first.

The prospect of sharing a neighborhood, especially for a city built upon an image of strict separation, was seen as undermining the very thing people had worked for in the mills. “Mr. Hatcher, We are a big group of women, who would like to know a few answer,” stated one letter to the new mayor:

We have nothing against the colored people but we would not like to have them live next door to us. Yet it seems that the colored people are always pushing… Please can you explain to us why black people want to be near us when we don’t want them deep from our hearts & never will?

Questions that will never, ever be answered. Instead, billions upon billions of stimulus must be spent to try and “save” cities like Detroit and Gary–the reason being that “Manifest Destruction” destroyed the social capital, community, and infrastructure that white people had created before their arrival.

Without restrictive covenants, the future of all American cities resembles that of Gary, Indiana.

It is, after all, the most American of All America Cities: In Black-Run America (BRA) that is.

And like that fistful of sand from the Rod Stewart song, civilization in Gary has slipped through the hands of the Black people who inherited the city after whites left.

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  • Puggg

    “Every time it came up for a vote the council chambers
    would be packed with screaming and yelling. I liken them to the Tea
    Partiers today,” Hatcher told WBEZ. “They were yelling and all kinds of
    racial slurs and they would intimidate. I introduced that bill at least
    six times. It was defeated five times.”
    White fam­­ilies from an increasing black Gary left in droves once Merrillville became a town.

    The hurt from that time still exists today even as Merrillville’s demographics have shifted.1.  When did Tea Partiers ever hurl racial slurs?  I would have more respect for them if they did.2.  Why should it “hurt” when white people move from one place to another if you believe in racial equality?  It only “hurts” if you’re a “white supremacist” at heart, which most people are if you scratch the surface.

  • jedsrael

    More evidence that the dominant culture abandons its responsibility to the beloved community of color through White flight.   But thanks to HUD’s forcing enriching, but oppressed, Diversity into “too White” communities, we can all rest easy that such shameful outburts of privilege such as White’s fleeing vibrancy are increasingly punished through Reconstruction III.

  • I’m a native, life-long Hoosier. Gary has become a sick joke in Indiana; a cesspool we wish we could persuade some other state to annex. Illinois? Wisconsin? Michigan? Anyone? What are we bid? That’s right; nothing.

    I remember when Richard Hatcher was elected mayor of Gary. To the liberals it was like the election of Barack Obama as president, only 40 years earlier. He was the black messiah; he was going to stop White flight; he was going to improve the schools; he was going to bring jobs back to Gary.

    Sure he was. And the morons who were his constituents, continued to re-elect him for 20 years. Mayors are not term-limited in Indiana — although they ought to be. But he was black like them, and that’s all they cared about.

    Those of us who had no use for Richard Hatcher did get a good laugh at one point during his long reign, however. One evening Hatcher, his wife, and another black couple were chauffeured over to the South Side of Chicago in the mayoral limousine, to have a sumptuous dinner at a “soul food restaurant.” Apparently the chauffeur went in for dinner, too (although he probably had to eat in the kitchen). Because when the party exited the restaurant, all full and sassy, lo and behold, some of their “soul brothers” had stolen the mayoral limousine!

  • jedsrael

    Even after all that White Humanity knows about Diversity and Black Ruined America, our institutions just can’t resist more Black Rule.

    What can you say about a superior race who wants to be ruled by its inferiors?   Doom, that’s about all.

    Update: How about that? George Martin, a UVa alumnus, was elected last night as the first African-American Vice Rector of the Board of Visitors. “When George Martin attended Virginia, he was one of only 250 African-American students in the entire student body,” stated Governor Bob McDonnell in a press release today. “Today, the University of Virginia is well known for having one of the highest graduation rates for African-American students in the entire country.”

  • IKantunderstand

    Yeah, we all know what the problem is… what’s to be done? Hey keyboard warriors! Any solutions? Any ideas?  I say write graffiti where you can. “Diversity =White genocide.” Go to” What exactly is the point of these websites if nothing is accomplished? Mental jack off? For what purpose? It’s become mental sparring on esoteric bs. Are any of you people for real? Is this a fake website to give the allusion that there are actually White people who really feel this way? Does Jared Taylor really exist? Then why isn’t he actually trying to do something? Mike Huckabee did more in one lousy comment about supporting Chik’Fila (or however it’s spelled). than any race realist EVER did. We need guidance, a leader, someone with vision. Perhaps it means a push for a third party. Like the Tea Party, but more radical. Perhaps we could co-op the Tea Party. The democrats have been co-opted by radical elements. Let us fight back! reverend jackson has “p.u.s.h.”, I say we have SHOVE (Sagacious Humans Overcome Vacuous Egalitarianism). I admit that the last bit was sarcastic, I am deadly serious about the rest.

    • In our defense, AR is a publication, not an activist group.  Many AR regulars and (back in the old days) subscribers to the paper AR are also members of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which is an activist organization.

      • IKantunderstand

        Well, although I understand you are a publication, perhaps it is time to become as you say ” an activist organization”. You know what creeps me out? You are using their terms.  Unless of course, you have a revolutionary new way of using “activist”, come on, they have co-opted that word.  I hope we are on the same side. CoCC is getting nowhere. Why can’t Mr. Taylor do something like Mike Huckabee? 

        • IanJMacDonald

           What do you propose that we do?

    •  I earlier gave an example of what could be done. Namely suit the crap out of the Estates of the Justices, Legislators, Executives, Lawyers, etc etc who executed unconstitutional rulings like the Civil Rights Acts, the Fair Housing Act, the Voting Rights Act, and rulings like Shelley v. Kraemer. 

  • I work in Atlanta.  I don’t know if it’s pride, denial, stupidity, whatever … Otherwise good working black people really can’t understand why everyplace they go becomes what they so desperately want to escape.  Most seem to sincerely think that their talents are unappreciated and are picked on.  Considering their own limitations is unthinkable.  The only explanation they are willing to accept is “racism”.  White people must be deliberately hogging all the prosperity, literacy, etc.  It’s no wonder they’re natural communists.

  • William_JD

    “But it was in reading S. Paul O’Hara’s book that the realization that the 1948 Shelley v. Kraemer U.S. Supreme Court ruling (outlawing restrictive covenants) was the nail in the coffin for the long-term prospects of America became crystallized.”

    Mr. Kersey, that sentence is a grammatical and stylistic atrocity. 

  • William_JD

    The idea that LBJ was altruistic toward Blacks is preposterous. 

    • Ed_NY

      LBJ could care less about blacks, he just cared about their votes.

      • JohnEngelman

        When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 he told an aide,  “We have lost the South for a generation.” It has been longer than that. The Democratic Party never got back the South. 

        • MikeofAges

           Never happened. LBJ carried Florida, North Carolina,Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee,  Arkansas, and Texas in the 1964 election. This is an of-repeated quip, but you will have to look somewhere else for an explanation for why the “Southern Strategy” succeeded.

      • CharlesFinley

        He could NOT have cared less.

      • CharlesFinley

        LBJ could not have cared less.

        • Ed_NY

          Charles, I stand corrected.

          • CharlesFinley

            Ed, I stand as a small-stuff-sweating @$$.  (-:

  • KenelmDigby

    Is it true that the actual, original state constitution of Indiana had a clause forbidding blacks from settling on Indiana soil?

  • TonyWestfield

    Paul Kersey writes: “Without restrictive covenants, the future of all American cities resembles that of Gary, Indiana.”

    Good try, Mr. Kersey, and you may be right.  But practically speaking, this is never going to happen.

    The better solution is freedom.  Yes, I sound like a dummy with a one-word solution, but it’s a solution worth a one-minute examination.  The problem started when people gave the government the job of noticing what you are and then treating you a certain way (by law) depending on what you are.  This was Jim Crow.  Then the Civil Rights Movement stepped in and solved the problem:  It gave the government the job of noticing what you are and then treating you a certain way (by law) depending on what you are.  Sound familiar?  I just copied and repeated the language that describes Jim Crow.

    The modern civil rights regime — including the “fair housing” laws — deserves no respect because it is merely Jim Crow 2.0.

    Freedom is the answer.  All we have to do is get government (the law) out of the business of noticing what you are, etc.  This includes the census, by the way.  It even includes the FBI “uniform crime statistics” — as if we REALLY need government to tell us who is doing what, where, to whom (and the biggest bust of all time, “why” the crime occurs, i.e., the scourge of so-called “hate crimes”).

    Private persons or organizations can keep as many statistics as they desire, and for whatever reason(s).  Wouldn’t it be fun to see people fighting over what’s “true” and to have this fight proceed without the crushing finality of government to decide all such matters?  If people were free to buy or to sell or to organize as we see fit, i.e., without government looking over our shoulder, life would take shape pretty close to exactly as Paul Kersey (and most sane people) would like it to take shape.

    The problem is, we went from Jim Crow to Jim Crow 2.0 and skipped the middle phase: We never gave freedom a chance.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      There is a problem with the let’s-give-freedom-a-chance solution in 21st century America.  It has zero  appeal to evermore politically potent minorities.  Perhaps John Derbyshire said it best:

      “…conservative ideals like self-sufficiency and minimal dependence on government have no appeal to underperforming minorities—groups who, in the statistical generality, are short of the attributes that make for group success in a modern commercial nation.”Of what use would it be to them to embrace such ideals? They would end up even more decisively pooled at the bottom of society than they are currently.”A much better strategy for them is to ally with as many disaffected white and Asian subgroups as they can (homosexuals, feminists, dead-end labor unions), attain electoral majorities, and institute big redistributionist governments to give them make-work jobs and transfer wealth to them from successful groups.”*

      *John Derbyshire: Who Are We?—The “Dissident Right”?May 10, 2012,

      • TonyWestfield

        E_Pluribus, you and Derbyshire are 100% correct. The philosophical-elite Left and the bottom-feeding tribalist minorities have got the Constitution in a chokehold for so many decades now — and their “re-education” strategy has succeeded so wildly beyond anybody’s expectations — that even our normal Americans have forgotten the principles of limited government. Indeed, to “appeal” to the contra-Constitutional menace is futile, but I believe FORCE is going to win the day for freedom, one way or the other.

        One way: Creative tactics and strategies to “sell” limited government to the people at the margins. Our Constitution has fatal flaws, e.g., the Founders wrote “religion” in the First Amendment when what they really meant was “ideas.” Despite its flaws, our Constitution should have been deployed by the Supreme Court to stymie the “Progressives” as early as 1913 because the Congress interpreted the 16th Amendment in ways that conflict with at least two other parts of the Constitution. In more recent times, 1964, it shouldn’t matter that a majority of Americans wanted the government to seize about half the ownership value (the owner’s prerogative to hire and fire) of every business firm without compensating the private owners for the public “taking”; the Fifth Amendment should have precluded the burden of persuading a wrong-headed majority.

        The “other” way: When the system collapses because the people supporting it (the productive, freedom-loving citizens) withdraw our participation, the majoritarian bullies on the Left will be FORCED to experience the consequences of our principles of Constitutional limited government. Indeed, we on the right will need some strong points of philosophy as we rebuild from the rubble — this is the rationale for my slightly funny “Jim Crow 2.0” which is adaptable to a bumper-sticker. I’ve been working for nearly thirty years on the Constitution for the NEXT United States of America because it is almost certain that the one we have now is lost. Let’s try to get it right the next time.

  • humptydumpty

    Here, in the peoples republic of new jersey, they call it “affordable housing.” Each town has to provide affordable housing (low income housing) for a certain amount of homes being built and the size of the town. Towns used to be able to pay other towns to take their share of the affordable housing, but the legislature removed that loophole.

    • Puggg

      It would be one thing if this affordable housing was set aside for working class white families to be able to afford to live in an otherwise unaffordable area. But that’s now how it works out. “Affordable” usually means Section 8 blacks.

    • The__Bobster

      Blame the greedy developers and the Mount Laurel decisions.

      The New Jersey Supreme Court, in Mount Laurel I (1975) and Mount Laurel II (1983), declared that municipal land use regulations that prevent affordable housing opportunities for the poor are unconstitutional and ordered all New Jersey municipalities to plan, zone for, and take affirmative actions to provide realistic opportunities for their “fair share” of the region’s need for affordable housing for low and moderate-income people. Peter J. O’Connor, founder and Executive Director of Fair Share Housing Center, was one of three attorneys who brought the original Mount Laurel litigation.

      The Mount Laurel Doctrine, which prohibits economic discrimination against the poor by the state and municipalities in the exercise of their land use powers, was the first case of its type in the nation and is widely regarded as one of the most significant civil rights cases in the United States since Brown v. Board of Education (1954). The Mount Laurel Doctrine today is a cornerstone of land use courses in all of our nation’s law schools.

      In 1985, the New Jersey Legislature, in direct response to the Mount Laurel decisions, enacted the Fair Housing Act, which created the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) to assess the statewide need for affordable housing, allocate that need on a municipal fair share basis, and review and approve municipal housing plans aimed at implementing the local fair share obligation.

  • Great article; an Amren classic. The sad reality is that this same story has repeated itself over and over in neighborhoods across the USA and in Western Europe. As black populations levels rise, the overall quality of life goes down and of course, from the perspective of blacks  and white liberals, it is always the fault of whites. 

  • Ed_NY

    Nothing in this article surprises me.  It is the same old story constantly repeating itself.  It just reinforces the reality that blacks are nothing but parasites, leaches and locusts.  The future of my kids and especially my unborn grandchildren looks less and less promising as everyday passes.

  • Black people who want the date close to January 15 or the approximate Monday as a national holiday for the reasons they want would have done better to pick August 27, LBJ’s birthday.  All the civil rights and voting rights acts, all the Great Society welfare programs, and throwing the borders open in 1965 were all John Kennedy’s program, but he didn’t have the political skill that LBJ had.  Luckily for the advocates of those issues, relatively incompetent JFK was “set aside” and far more competent LBJ replaced him, and the assassination anguish helped the cause of getting all that legislation passed, especially in getting LBJ elected in his own right in 1964 and big legislative majorities to help him.  Even then, he had to grease palms and roll logs and issue veiled threats.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Where are all those tough Americans I keep hearing about. Whiny people like Mike Huckabee, Sham insHannity, and Lush Bimbo  keep spouting off about how great this country is and how we can make anything happen. Well, where all all these great people? Cowards, nothing but cowards.  As long as Israel comes first, Americans, especially whites, will come last.

    Americans reap what they sowed.

    • JohnEngelman

      Israel has always been in danger of annihilation. I am glad we support Israel. 

      • That sound you hear is me not standing with Israel.

        Why not?

        1.  I’m only negligibly Jewish, so I feel virtually no ethnic pressure to support Israel.

        2.  I am not an evangelical Christian, so I don’t take Revelation literally, I take it as most educated Christians through the centuries have interpreted, as a spiritual exercise.  But I do take John 18:36 literally.

        3.  It is a pathological form of stalking for one group of people to be so interested in another group of people.

        4.  What does “stand with Israel” even mean?  How can one “stand” with a country from the other side of the world?

        5.  I don’t like most people that “stand with Israel” from a political standpoint.  Meanwhile, the politics of most people who don’t care about Israel or even stand “against” Israel are far more agreeable to me on balance.

        6.  The billions we’re spending to bribe Israel not to thump its enemies and on its enemies not to thump Israel would pay for a lot of unemployment checks for people that really need it.

        On the other hand:

        1.  Israel has virtually nothing to do with Islam’s hatred of us.  Fundamentalist Muslims are just a naturally hateful people, and will do battle with anyone who is not them anywhere they go, because their religion demands it of them.

        2.  There’s no way I would support the illiterate ignorant rock throwing moronic clods that call themselves “Palestinians.”

        3.  If we would just quit treating Israel like a dependent child, it will either grow up and do what it needs to do to become a real country, such as what it did before the Camp David Accords, and will have “permanence,” (in as much as anything is permanent in human history), or it will sink.

        • anarchyst

          As long as the “tribe” has a stranglehold on American “foreign policy”, we will be “stuck” with being Israel’s “benefactor” and “sugar daddy”.
          Look at “who’s who” in the U S State Department and you will find it populated by dual-nationality Israelis.
          Check it out for yourselves . . .

        • anarchyst

          Moderator:  WHY do you keep deleting my post?? I am merely pointing out the obvious . . .
          As long as the “tribe” has a stranglehold on American “foreign policy”, we will be “stuck” with being Israel’s “benefactor” and “sugar daddy”.Look at “who’s who” in the U S State Department and you will find it populated by dual-nationality Israelis.Check it out for yourselves . . .

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals do not want to say anything good about Lyndon Johnson because of the War in Vietnam. When they think they are looking back at John Kennedy they are really seeing the Robert Kennedy who ran against President Johnson during the election of 1968. 
    Liberals even get Robert Kennedy wrong. They like to pretend that if he had lived he would have defeated Richard Nixon, ended the War in Vietnam, poverty, and racial inequality, and all would be well. Actually during the primary of 1968 Richard Nixon was always ahead of Robert Kennedy in the polls. The only Democrat who was ever ahead of Richard Nixon was Hubert Humphrey. 

    • Even after RFK’s last primary win in California, assuming he would have lived and reeled off victories in every remaining state primary or caucus that season, he still would have gone to the convention far behind HHH in delegates, and HHH still probably would have won the nomination.

      But even if by some fluke RFK won the nomination, don’t forget there was a third candidate in the race that year:  George Wallace.  A three way race between Nixon, RFK and Wallace I think (and I say “I think” because I think alt-history is snake oil) that Nixon would have been so far ahead of RFK so consistently that it would have “free up” enough white voters in the South but not Deep South to vote Wallace such that Nixon wouldn’t have gotten to 270 and the EC would have been locked up.  As the reality was, Nixon and not Wallace won North and South Carolina mainly on the counsel of Strom Thurmond (who by that time became not much more than a Republican machine shill), and that was the difference between Nixon making 270 and not.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    When I read arguments in favor of and against the civil rights legislation is is clear to me that those who opposed the legislation have been vindicated by subsequent events.
    Blacks really are different. The differences are genetic. They are not good differences.
    Do liberals admit that they were wrong back then?
    I pause for a moment, to let you stop laughing mirthlessly.
    Instead, liberals suppress a candid discussion of the issue because they know they cannot win on the merits. 

    • LaSantaHermandad

      “Instead, liberals suppress a candid discussion of the issue because they know they cannot win on the merits.”Yes, they play the “R” of Spades card which is an automatic Candoricide!

  • JohnEngelman

    On a scale of zero to 100 with zero being most dangerous, and 100 being least dangerous, Gary Indiana had a crime index of one.

  • The correct name for this condition is negroazation. It spreads like cancer and is caused by parasite races.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I’d wager that most of you have probably seen this video but it’s worth a second look. This sums up the major problem in this once great country. Ironically it’s Nancy Pelosi’s daughter conducting the on the street interviews.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Increasingly, the idle are being pushed out of the cities (where they don’t need to be because they’re not working anyway)…”

    And what do you suppose, TheBison, “the idle” will do to the suburbs and rural areas they’re being pushed into?  

    Burn Down the Suburbs?Stanley Kurtz, National Review, August 1, 2012 PARAGRAPH:President Obama is not a fan of America’s suburbs. Indeed, he intends to abolish them. With suburban voters set to be the swing constituency of the 2012 election, the administration’s plans for this segment of the electorate deserve scrutiny. Obama is a longtime supporter of “regionalism,” the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. To this end, the president has already put programs in place designed to push the country toward a sweeping social transformation in a possible second term. The goal: income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities.

    CONTINUED (with Amren comments) AT LINK

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “The goal: income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities.”

      Forced reparations and an end to white flight..that sounds about right.

  • Eight days ago I left on vacation and had a man I have known for some time stay and watch over my place. I live in a very rural area with a shallow well and at this time of year I have to truck water to the home.
    This guy has helped me several times in transporting the water.  I asked him to water the cats, the few plants on my deck and the veggie garden. I also let him stay in the house as he is homeless and working to get a place of his own.  When I got back there was no water, plants were dead and the cats were kinda hungry.  The house looked like a dump and took us two days to straighten up and clean.  I just got the water working again, after , for some unkown reason, he dismantled the system and couldn’t figure out how to put things in order.
    He is incompetent, although I find him likable and friendly.  This in my mind shows me that when you put things in order and turn it over to an incompetent person or group the same thing happens.  Also for some reason, Blacks, with exceptions, are incredibly incompetent and should not be allowed to attempt to run a sophisticated business, city or anything which requires a capacity to think and overcome a problem. 
    I’ve read AmRen for some time and see through the writings here that it is irresponsible of us Whites to ever allow a Black to run anything of importance, disaster follows as we all see.
    By the way, the guy is a white man but is missing some important elements in his thinking process.  He is also a “former” druggy and I highly suspect that is his main problem.  I’ve seen others with drug problems do the same thing, they just can’t think straight.  Add drugs to the Black problem and it’s compounded and again a disaster.

  • I long ago concluded the ruling of  Shelley v. Kraemer was indeed a major reason for the death of a civil urban America. Indeed, it was an unconstitutional ruling as was all other State Supreme Court rulings which went even further by categorically taking away the property rights of people. Individuals have the absolute to sell only to people they wish to sell to, and in turn, have an absolute right to freely associate their property in a manner to exclude, include, or open whatever they so choose. What needs to be done is massive defense of these rights. All purchases of every property by persons excluded by deed or covenant was illegal. In turn every gain or loss made by such illegal purchase must be compensated. The first persons to be liable for those illegal purchases are not only those who broke the deeds and covenants but also the Title Insurance companies, the mortgage bank companies, the realtors, and last but not least the Judges, Human Rights Commissioners, the lawyers, attorneys, etc who enforced these decrees. If the individuals responsible are no longer alive, then their estates could be levied. I look forward to the day that the Estates of every single Justice who ruled in making Shelley v. Kraemer are made liable to the trillions of trillions lost as a result of that unconstitutional criminal ruling and redistributed to the millions of whites who suffered! Now isn’t that “re-distribution” we could all support?

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Your post aptly describes TERMITES, the only difference being that they are white.

  • shmo123

    I drove through Gary last summer for no good reason (there’s no reason to be there at all anyway), just to see it for myself. I was on one of the main streets leading to downtown and was struck by all the beautiful old art deco apartment buildings lying in decay.  They were, no doubt, gorgeous in their day–large windows, high ceilings–but now look like something you’d see after a war. I see no chance of any business or manufacturing venture taking a chance on the place. It would be a good place to make a horror film though.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I thought the same about freed blacks who headed North after the war. They have a funny way of thanking 365,000 KIA and 275,000 wounded Union soldiers.

  • At every school, festival, park, mall, street, etc. where blacks congregate in large numbers, prosperity and civility go down…criminality, poverty and fear go up. There are scores of malls across the country that have been driven into bankruptcy, because roving gangs of black youths drove away all of the paying customers. Wherever blacks appear in large numbers, civil society is destroyed. 

  • Silas Sconiers

    The problem is simple labor unions and city officials are using a communist approach to running the city.

  • Tomenable .

    Welcome, I am posting this from Poland where I live. You know, I feel
    quite sorry for you, but on the other hand – you, WASPs, are to be
    blamed for all this. First of all, you imported slaves from Africa
    because you were too lazy to work on your own as paid White farm
    workers, instead you wanted free Black slave labour… Secondly, you had
    restricted immigration policies towards Eastern Europeans because you
    considered them just as subhuman as Blacks as well (that was before the
    IQ tests showed that we do not lag behind Western Europeans in IQ –
    unlike Blacks who do). For all your Polack jokes, now rot in your black
    hell, to be honest. I just hope that immigration from the Third World
    will spare this part of the world. Despite 50 years of Communism we seem
    to be quite capable in catching up with the top of the First World.
    Since 1990 Polish economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the
    world, comparable to “Asian Tigers”. All of this despite extermination of Poland’s Jews by Germanic racists like Hitler (Ashkenazi Jews are a high IQ group, just like Polish intelligentsia – another population targeted by your fellow Saxons who renamed themselves Germans). It takes high IQ to prosper in a capitalist society. Communism on the other hand is dysnfuctional for high IQ societies – maybe indeed it should be applied in Detroit. But it wll fail there just like capitalism. PS: keep inviting hordes of
    Mexican immigrants and keep restrictive visas for us Polacks.