UCLA Shuts Down Controversial Illegal Immigrant College Program

Claudia Cowan, Fox News, September 13, 2012

Following scrutiny from a California lawmaker, the University of California is shutting down a controversial college program for illegal immigrants, though the reasons for the closure are not satisfying critics of the so-called National Dream University.

Critics of the plan of the so-called National Dream University (NDU) welcomed the decision to stop the program, though they weren’t satisfied with the reasons given for its closure.

“I believe the procedural issue gave UCLA an out, but it was public pressure and public scrutiny during such difficult economic times that was ultimately turned Dream University into a nightmare for UCLA President and regents,” says California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks).

NDU earlier this summer began actively recruiting those seeking a college degree and a career in activism focused on immigration issues. Its website, which has since been taken down, promoted “an educational opportunity to those who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the immigrant and/or labor rights movements [with admission] open to everyone, regardless of their immigration status.”

Operated by the UCLA Labor Center and the National Labor College, NDU would have offered credit for online courses in immigrant rights and political advocacy. At about $2,500, tuition was thousands less than what legal residents pay to attend UCLA, one of California’s premier public universities.

Assemblyman Donnelly was the first lawmaker to publicly express outrage. “Here, you’re going to have the taxpayers subsidizing it, so that illegal aliens can go to college, have their own little college, teach their own ideology, and all at taxpayer expense,” he said in August.

In an email to Fox News, a university spokesman admitted UCLA was “unaware of the courses to be offered” by NDU. Fox News has repeatedly reached out to the UCLA professors who, on their own, established NDU, with no oversight from university administrators.


In a response to a query by Donnelly, University of California President Mark Yudof said the two research groups behind NDU did not go through the proper channels, and therefore would not be allowed to continue the program.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    Sometimes all it takes is for one person with a spine to speak out and the bad guys crawl back under their rocks.

    For a day, at least.

  • jedsrael

    This program was only put in mothballs, and as soon as the racist Whites in California catch up with “humanity’s broader horizons of Equality,” it will be resurrected with greater fanfare than the millionth official celebration of Jessie Robinson, Rosa Parks, MLK, and Obama’s Haiwiian birth to a White mother who “always did the right thing by embracing ‘the Other’ “.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Illegals and their advocates are always on the look out for ways to bend and break the rules that apply to everyone else.  Glad to see it didn’t work this time.  Way to go Donnelly.

    • humptydumpty

      Good point Diamond. But the reason isn’t very well known. The reason is they’re not up to the standards of this society. That’s the reason for their bending and breaking rules.

  • Puggg

    In an email to Fox News, a university spokesman admitted UCLA was “unaware of the courses to be offered” by NDU.

    Let me guess.

    1.  Social Justice

    2.  Chicano studies

    3.  White privilege studies

    4.  Che Guevara

    5.  Si Se Puede

    6.  Spanish

    All classes don’t have attendance requirements or exams.  Just have a pulse both before and after the end of the courses, and you’ll pass, have a degree, and then you’ll be one of those intellectuals who will be too important to Aztlanmerica’s future to deport.


    • 7. Barrio organizing
      8. Spanish 101
      9. Racism in America
      10. Welfare enrollment.

      • crystal evans

        What about how to counterfeit social security cards, green cards and drivers licenses?

        • Those are electives, in which most of the illegal invaders will eagerly enroll.

        • They’ll be teaching that subject.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        You mean “Spanglish”

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      ” Puggg, wrote – … All classes don’t have attendance requirements or exams.  Just have a
      pulse both before and after the end of the courses, and you’ll pass,
      have a degree, and then you’ll be one of those intellectuals who will be
      too important to Aztlanmerica’s future to deport.”

      I doubt that. If you don’t need a pulse to vote in an election, in the U.S.A., why would you need one to attend a major California University, and get a degree? Combine that with the Fifth Amendment of the United States against self incrimination, even though they are not U.S. citizens, and they won’t even have to register for class as illegals. This would be great for the corrupt UC system. They could claim “X” number of illegals signed up, and charge the California government for people that didn’t exist. They could even boost the GPA’s and graduation rates of Mexicans, by having nonexistent ones in their school.

    •  And the White students pay through the nose to support scholarships and financial aid for diversities.

  • newscomments70

    They’re going to have to shut down more programs than that. Business owners like me are leaving California in droves. Liberals and minorities hate whites, but they tragically forget that we pay for everything. As we continue to rise up, marxist, anti-white studies will become a distant, hated memory. The nazis used to have classes on why “non-aryans” were inferior. Similarly, the liberals have classes on why whites are evil…nazis and liberals…two evil regimes that will fade into the dustbin of history.

  • crystal evans

    This is an interesting development. I am surprized by the fact that they need a school for illegals since illegals pay in state tuition in California and many of them go to UCLA anyway.

  • The fact that this program was contemplated shows how far this state, as well as country
    has fallen. These disgusting, la raza racists are teaching at UCLA right now,
    being subsidized by our tax dollars.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Tim Donnelly  is the one of the last of a dying breed in California, a lone voice in a one-party state lorded over by maniacal lefties.  The latest news states that 0bama has a 22 point lead in the once Golden State.

    Tim and others of his ilk will be silenced at some point in the near future, voted out of office due to accelerating demographic changes — despite whatever John Derbyshire may write.

    California will be left to the likes of openly racist types like Kent Wong, director of UCLA’s Labor College, the recruiter for UCLA’s taxpayer-funded illegal alien on-line “college.”  

    Here’s what he had to say to his new army of cheering recruits at a rally:

    You will go onto become lawyers and teachers and doctors and members of the U.S. Senate to replace those old White men.

    This moral monster, Wong, is STILL EMPLOYED by UCLA!!  


  • bluffcreek1967

    “NDU earlier this summer began actively recruiting those seeking a college degree and career in activism focused on immigration issues.” In other words, they wanted to enlist and train a host of Mexican ‘community organizers’ who would agitate White college administrators, White politicians and anyone else they could shakedown for money. They wanted to recruit and indoctrinate young Mexican students to protest and fight against the ‘White establishment.’ These students would learn how Whites have oppressed Mexicans, how Whites abuse immigrants and how they, as saviors of the down-trodden, can file grievances, sue and generally harrass the White man in retaliation. All of this was to occur under the tutelage and help of certain UCLA professors – most likely, DWLs and Hispanic activist teachers.  

    As I have said before, the government of Mexico and the Mexican people themselves are no friends to White Americans. These people were never interested in assimilating to the American culture, but in establishing Mexico and its culture here in the U.S.  They are here to take over and get even with Whites for whatever perceived wrongs they think we are guilty of.

  • In a sane world, they would have been fired on the spot. Unfortunately, all vestiges of
    sanity have left academia, as well as California.
    Mexican illegal advocates have been pushing their pro-mexican agenda for over
    twenty years in this state. It’s only a matter of time until the White hating
    la Razas and their illegal invaders from mexico take over this state. Nobody
    will stop them.

  • They will be lucky if they are only “fired” once the browns seize power. I suspect diversity  has something more sinister  in store for Whites once they steal power.

  • Marietta Nixon

     I wonder if any of the decisions have to do with things like the MSE Immigration Raid. I have heard that since that raid in 2008 that immigration things have not been the same. I dislike how the company gets bad press for things, when all they are trying to do is help the environment.