The Changing Geography of Asian America: To the South and the Suburbs

Joel Kotkin, New Geography, September 13, 2012

“There’s nothing wrong with New York that a million Chinese couldn’t cure,” the urban geographer George Sternlieb once quipped. It may be an exaggeration, but rising Asian immigration has indeed been a boon to many communities and economies across the country.

Over the past 30 years the number of Asians in America has quadrupled to 18 million, or roughly 6% of the total U.S. population. But their economic impact is much greater. They are far more likely to be involved in technology jobs than other ethnic groups, constituting over 20% of employees in the nation’s leading technology companies, four times their share of the overall U.S. workforce. And then there’s the line of connections to the most dynamic economies on the globe: India, South Korea, Singapore and, of course, China.

Asia has become the nation’s largest source of newcomers, accounting for some 36% of all immigrants in 2010. Asian immigrants and their U.S.-born descendants tend to be better educated: half of all Asians over 25 have a college degree, almost twice the national average. They earn higher incomes, and, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, are more likely to abide by “traditional” values, with a stronger commitment to family, parenting and marriage than other Americans, and a greater emphasis on education.

“Most Asian immigrants bring with them a healthy respect and aspiration for the American way of life, so I don’t think any immigration alarmists need to be anxious,” notes Thomas Tseng, founding principal at New American Dimensions, a Los Angeles-based marketing firm. “With a large influx of them, you will get a lot of their kids in the school system who are told that getting an education is the surest way for them to succeed in life, a great deal of entrepreneurial energy and new businesses in a region, and most certainly the local restaurant scene will improve.”

To find out where Asians are settling, we asked demographer Wendell Cox to analyze the most recent decennial Census. As expected, the largest Asian communities are in the largest metro areas, led by New York and Los Angeles with almost 1.9 million Asians each—twice the magic number cited by Sternlieb—followed by Chicago.

But our analysis found that in search of opportunity, Asians are increasingly headed to regions that, until recently, had very few Asian immigrants. And throughout the country, Asians, following a trend that has been developing over the past two decades, appear to be settling primarily in the suburbs.

Similar to the pattern we found in a survey on the migration patterns of bachelor’s degree holders, Asians are increasingly settling not in the established hubs, but in younger, more vibrant and growing cities that are mostly in the middle or southern half of the country.


Several smaller cities also saw bigger percentage gains during the 2000s: the Asian populations of Raleigh, N.C., Charlotte, N.C., Indianapolis and Phoenix all rose by 100% or more.

Growth was much slower in traditional Asian centers: 57% in the Washington metro area, and 52% in Seattle. The Asian populations of the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas expanded less than 25%. Overall, it is clear that the Asian population, although still largest in the biggest metros, has been dispersing to other parts of the country.


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  • jedsrael

    We need to move all these dusky Asians into the neighborhoods of the White politicians who signed of on pro non white immigration policies, especially into all the Kennedy compounds around the world. Any White bureaucrats who administer the immigration invasion need their neighborhoods invaded.

    • potato78
    • I always love when I drive through an asian city here in So. Cal like take for example the City of Westminster. Wow, what a lovely English name. Actually, it’s about 60% vietnamese. Here is a sign from a typical Westminster strip mall:

      Westminster is right next to Anaheim, with Disneyland only a few minutes away. What I love doing as I drive through, is looking at the political signs during an election. Here it is, a city in America, and on one side of the street will be a huge banner reading, “Vote For Pham.” On the opposite side it will say, “Vote for Phuc.”- or what have you. I always chuckle. If you roll your windows down, you can actually be assaulted by the smell of kimchi I kid you not. My point being that whenever asians roll into town, they clump and immediately begin running for public office. They turn “taking over” into an art form.

      • potato78

        A lot of exaggeration.

        I have barely seen Asians except for some Dusky Indians.

      • newscomments70

        Be that as it may, there is  a large Vietnamese super market near Bolsa. They sell some pretty wierd stuff, but on the entrance, there is a mural of an eagle with the American flag which reads, “God Bless America”. They fly American flags and South Vietnamese flags. If someone tries to fly a communist flag in Westminister, they get rocks pelted at them. Furthurmore, there is also a high percentage of people in Westminster that vote Republican. Imagine a Mexican supermarket flying the American flag? Imagine a mostly white supermarket flying an American flag? The ACLU would probably sue them. 

        About two weeks ago, an Asian diamond merchant in Westminster was held-up at gun point by blacks.  The store owner shot at them, killing one and seriosly injuring another. The third fled in a vehicle (the anti-white news media would not release the description and race of the assailant, making it impossible to report him.) If the merchant were white, he would have went to prison, of course. I still admire the Asian gentleman for defending himself and his livelihood. 

        I don’t want to be replaced by any other race in my own country, but I have to admire some of the folks in Westminster. 

        • I remember years ago, before they completely took over, when people kept talking about the “conservative christian” mexican immigrants. They were all going to vote republican, they were hard-working and believed strongly in family values. guess what? None of that is true. The “christianity” they follow is a mix of witchcraft and catholicism, just as black “christians” have their bizarre hate-whitey churches that are part muslim part kwazaa africa nonsense.
          Do you feel at home in Westminster? Of course not, we don’t belong there, because we are the minority there. I don’t want to live in an area where I am the minority. I don’t want to live in an area with stone lions, pagodas and signs I can’t read. I don’t want to see vietnamese flags flying around and I can’t believe on a site like this I have to even say these things. I shouldn’t have to teach this. You and I couldn’t disagree more.

          • newscomments70

            Perhaps you did not read my entire post, “I don’t want to be replaced by any other race in my own country, but I have to admire some of the folks in Westminster.”

          • No, I read your entire post. What I’m saying is that with liberalism, you get touchy-feely pity for the stranger or what have you. In order to build a society, you have to be cold and merciless. When it comes to immigration– merciless. You don’t see White enclaves in China. If we tried to set up a little America in Beijing, they’d have our corneas on Ebay that night. If you and I tried to sneak into mexico, into mexico– they would meet us at the border with loaded Ak47’s. You don’t take pity on strays, and when it comes to making a country that can sustain itself for more than 5 minutes you have to make painful decisions. You don’t just let everyone in willy nilly, with anecdotal stories about the good vietnamese, or the gentle chinaman that helped you tie your showlace when you were 4. Iron fist my brother. Or, we can just redo this failed experiment OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Amerca had a great start. Fine experiment that was manipulated and it failed. We just need to reboot, but in order to do it right, we have to respect law, and we have to have clear heads as to what makes a success. The vietnamese aren’t going to put us on Mars. Being a flophouse for the world’s jetsam isn’t going to put us on Mars. Compassion isn’t going to put us on Mars. Having a little tokyo here, a little saigon over there, a little whatever over there isn’t sustainable. I love vietnamese when they stay in viet nam. I’ll read about them if I care to. (I don’t)

          • newscomments70

            Not liberal here, sir. I don’t believe in immigration either. I actually agreed with some of your points. I would rather visit the Westminster of the 1940s and 50s, not now…and that sentiment applies to all of California. Asians are not the same as other ethnic groups though.  In apartheid South Africa, they were actually considered honorary whites. Most of those Vietnamese immigrants in the US wanted to stay in their own country, but faced horrifying persecution from the new communist government. Many of them worked for the U.S. military and S. Vietnamese government. That was a death sentence after the NVA occupation…for their children as well.  I’m not justifying immigration, but I would come here as well, if I faced those consequences. 
            There actually are European and white American enclaves all over the world. Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, and Singapore have  significant ex-pat communities. Even the communist China has American expats living there. “If we tried to set up a little America in Beijing, they’d have our corneas on Ebay that night.” All major Asian cities are English friendly and display most public signs in English, including Beijing. We actually have set up a “Little America” there, in some way. Mexico has a significant U.S. retirement (white) expat community. It has always been common for retirees from the border states to lease homes down there. That’s not my thing, and obviously not yours, but I don’t see my opinions as liberal and touchy-feely.  

            We need to stop immigration and re-establish white majority /white rule. I believe in deporting illegals, ending birthright citizenship, and treating criminals mercilessly. I do not believe in hurting innocent people of any race.  By mainstream standards, I am radical; however I believe I am realistic. Some people ruthlessly hate all non-whites, and want to get rid of all of them by violent means. I believe that is immoral and unrealistic. Most people don’t believe in that. I actually have been influenced by Jared Taylor. He doesn’t believe in violence. Even David Duke doesn’t believe in violence. I am not assuming that you do, but it doesn’t sound like you tolerate any other opinions than your own.

          • If I could go back in time to meet with George Washington, I would kiss him full on the lips. Thank God he believed in violence. Violent bastard, that George. You know what I believe in? I believe in anything that keeps me, or anything I love alive.
            Those creatures in Egypt, jumping up and down on our dead ambassador this week, I’m pretty sure they believe in all sorts of things, violence being one of them.
            As for my being right and everyone else wrong- in the case of basic common sense.. uh.. yeah?
            Should we drill for oil in our own country? Yes. Should we have no border and allow anyone to crawl over? No, that is not a good idea. Should we have an economy based on hopes, dreams and ponzi schemes? No, in my opinion that is not a plus. I could go on and on for a year and a half- I also don’t think it’s wise to get in a spaceship to go lick the sun– does that make me right and everyone else wrong? In these instances, instances of basic common sense, yes. Millions of people voted for Obama. Were they wrong? Yes, they were very wrong. 
            A little here and there, oh look at that nice mexican man over there weeding that garden– how exotic–, oh noes, those poor haitians have leprosy, let’s send them to a specialist in Dallas– that is what got us into trouble in the first place. Nip in the bud I say. Iron fist.

          • newscomments70

            “If I could go back in time to meet with George Washington,  Thank God he believed in violence. Violent bastard, that George. ”
            True. He even shot deserters. 

            “Those creatures in Egypt, jumping up and down on our dead ambassador this week, I’m pretty sure they believe in all sorts of things, violence being one of them. ”

            I don’t want to be that way…but we should not let that element in our country, obviously.

            “Should we drill for oil in our own country? Yes. Should we have no border and allow anyone to crawl over? No, that is not a good idea. Should we have an economy based on hopes, dreams and ponzi schemes? No, in my opinion that is not a plus. I could go on and on for a year and a half- I also don’t think it’s wise to get in a spaceship to go lick the sun– does that make me right and everyone else wrong? In these instances, instances of basic common sense, yes. Millions of people voted for Obama. Were they wrong? Yes, they were very wrong. ” –agree, 100%

            “A little here and there, oh look at that nice mexican man over there weeding that garden– how exotic–, oh noes, those poor haitians have leprosy, let’s send them to a specialist in Dallas–“–I would never agree to that. 

            I don’t think you will ever win the majority over with such strong language, but I respect your right to free speech.

          • pc must go

            Rincon is an white american ex-pat surfer community in Puerto Rico. Almost all of the hotels and restaurants in Puerto Rico are owned by white americans, especially those in Rincon, but even in San Juan.

          • There are plenty of White Nationalists who cut Asians a lot of slack. I’ve found the same regarding Arabs.  I could never understand it. I mean, the above article states that 20% of the tech jobs being taken by Asians. In what alternative universe is that positive? Especially during a depression. It’s bad enough that there are millions of illegals taking millions of jobs away from decent Whites. At Ellis Island, just a few decades ago, you were screened for diseases, and were only let in if you had a particular skill the nation needed at the time, and there were fierce quotas. That’s wisdom. I think it has to do with the myth of societal evolution, the false notion that we get wiser over time as a society. People back then were extremely wise. Brutal by our weak standards.

          • newscomments70

            They don’t let you reply after a few threads. I’m just responding to: “You have to get rid of them, don’t hire them, don’t let them take over and destroy the way they did here.” That is a peaceful way to get rid of someone; don’t hire them. i.e. I prefer to do all landscaping, cleaning, etc. myself. When I first moved to LA, my rental house was robbed by my landscapers. The stole everything of value that I had at that time. Ironically, I didn’t even want them in the first place. I told my landlord that I prefered to cut the grass, and landscape by myself. My white neighbors thought I was insane…why would some one want to cut their own lawn??? On a grander scale, businesses of all sizes hire Mexicans and other hispanic groups, believing that they work much harder than whites and blacks. An associate of mine owns a manufacturing business near Portland, OR. He is an older, “Archie Bunker” type. He is very race realist, and would be censored for his race realist comments, even on Amren. Most of his workers are Mexican. He explained to me that Mexicans work much harder than young whites. The one young white man he had working for him was walking by…he verbally berated him, saying, “look at the white guy,  look at how he dresses, he doesn’t even shave, he is lazy…I would much rather have a Mexican working for me.” I suggested that he could hire a better quality white guy…he shrugged, telling me they would want too much money. You make a good point, but this is how many business owners think. There is no racial solidarity, they only consider profit margin. 

          • Yes, I’ve noticed about Amren cutting a thread off after 10 posts or what have you. Yes, it’s sad, depressing, frustrating, infuriating that ALL of our problems here in the U.S. could be solved with a single $.50 pen. In his first day as president, a good man could confirm our laws, already on the books regarding illegal immigration. Fine a business $10,oo on the first offense of hiring an illegal, and then go up exponentially from there. Don’t rent to them, no handouts– there is nothing in the Constitution saying you have to give tax money to illegals. Ben Franklin would have written a book regading that. regulate immigration, drill for oil, build nuclear power plants like France/Japan (the breeder ones that are safer) etc. etc. Take one day to fill out those papers.
            But there are those who want the mexicans flooding in, and those are the people I am furious with. Those are the creatures I would like to see “not here anymore.”
            When I was a tiny kid, my mom used to talk about bloated Teddy Kennedy and she’d say, “when that old bastard dies, I’m going to dance and piss on his grave.” Benedict Arnold had nothing on Ted Kennedy and the rest of the traitors.

          • newscomments70

            “My mom used to talk about bloated Teddy Kennedy and she’d say, “when that old bastard dies, I’m going to dance and piss on his grave.” I like your Mom. I was actually in Boston when Uncle Teddy died. My plane was stopped because Obama was landing. We had to wait on the tarmac for one hour to de-board. I let my extreme disgust known to my fellow passengers on how I felt about Ted Kennedy and the Obama regime. I wasn’t very popular, but what can you do?
            “In his first day as president, a good man could confirm our laws, already on the books regarding illegal immigration.” Our black President hates us; that I understand. Hatred of whites is part of their culture and mindset, and their desire for “conquest”. What I don’t understand are white Republicans. For part of the Bush administration, Republicans had a majority in both houses, as well as a republican in the executive branch. They did NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to stop third world immigration, affirmative action,  section 8 housing, and anti-white hate crimes. They had a golden opportunity to do something, and they could have cared less. They were more interested in inflating real estate prices and lining their pockets. Bush and McCain actually engineered blanket amnesty with that fat f—, Ted Kennedy. That blows my mind. It happened before with Reagan, as well. What the hell? Who is on the side of law and order? Is there any sanity in this world?

    • Red

      Personally, I’ll be happy to take the Asians into my neighborhood. If I can find anyone willing to trade their Asians for our blacks, I’ll make that deal in heartbeat! I might even be able to go for walks after dark again without taking my life in my hands.

  • Oil Can Harry

    These Asians want to live in white neighborhoods while voting for the same Democratic Party that will:

    1.  raise their taxes

    2. flood their neighborhood with bused-in gangbanger students and Section 8 welfare bums

    3. discriminate against Asians through affirmative action

  • potato78

    Marry all of them and assimilated them as soon as possible.   Then divorce them when white women got money. 

  • John_D01

    double post… delete

  • John_D01

    Asian immigrants and their U.S.-born descendants tend to be better educated: half of all Asians over 25 have a college degree, almost twice the national average. They earn higher incomes, and, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, are more likely to abide by “traditional” values, “
    The fevered liberal twits who wail about “white privilege” always forget about those pesky Asians, who put the lie to that nonsense.  God forbid we should talk about group average IQs as the cause of Black and Brown failure

  • Blaak Obongo

    Once again: what’s an “Asian?”  Are they talking about Orientals?  Or are they including Indians, Polynesians, Pakistanis, etc. into the mix?

    They’re not identical.

    • potato78

       I guess that could be dusky indians, far east asians, south east asians, etc. any type you can think of.

    • Tom in Miami

      I wish the term “Asian” had never been coined to describe Indians, Yemenis, Pakistanis, etc.  This is a relatively new development.  They used to be called “Mideasterners.”  This makes for confusion since an Afghan has just about as much in common with a Chinese as a Swiss has with an orangutang.

      • potato78

        What Makes Orangutans Intelligent

      • dukem1

        It’s the Brits.  They call ’em all “Asians”…here in the US an Asian is considered to be an oriental-type…Japanese, Korean, etc…to the Brits it also includes Hindus, Pakis, etc…
        I’d say that once they get a critical mass in a community, with a yearning for some political say therein, that the Democrats make it easier for them to sign on and get support from the larger political party…and unlike some other minorities, Asians in the US really know how to max out the the advantage they are offered via this affirmative action outreach – and more power to ’em…
        The price they pay, however, is fealty to their Dem mentors, even tho’ it seems to go against the values they display in their own lives.
        So, notwithstanding the history of the mongol hoards, if my block is gonna get busted by some non-white minority,  I’d much, much prefer a lawn-mowing, leaf-raking, house-painting, keep-to themselves and raise-your-kids-to-excel-at-some- STEM discipline type than….the alternative.

    • Vip

      No they should not be, but Indians seem to be on top the the list in America in the Asian Category, in Salary per capita and Education, in fact they are well ahead of the Chinese Americans. Something I’ve never understood is why Indians seem to be wining all the Spelling and Geographic competition and East Asians not standing a chance against them. I heard that they might be mostly high-caste Indians (Aryan Descendants), but also heard that the Dravidian Indians also seem to be winning a lot of academic competitions.  Always seem to confuse me??

    • crystal evans

      East Asians are defined as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. Polynesians are Pacific Islanders and Indians and Pakistanis are South Asians. From what I heard, Indians and Pakistanis used to be listed as white but they complained about not being eligible for minority business loan programs and so they were relisted as South Asians.

  • Ulick

    Looking at the most common victims of The Knockout Game and gang attacks, it’s whites followed by Asians as the primary victims.  That makes sense because these two groups are the most likely to remind blacks of their intellectual inferiority and propensity toward violence in comparison to those groups.  That’s why blacks they rail out against those groups — jealousy.

    So, of course, Asians would want to separate themselves from the people most apt to attack them.

  • Tom in Miami

    I studied at The University of Florida and saw many Northeast Asians there, but they never seemed to present a problem to anybody.  It seemed they were there to study and didn’t have time for student government and other university nonsense.  Without fail, the ones I met were polite and I never saw one of them get in any sort of trouble or argue with a professor.  As an experiment, I went to the library at 10:00 p.m. each Saturday night for a month.  The racial breakdown of the students there was very predictable:  mostly Asian, about a fifth White, a couple of Hispanics, and not a black face in sight. 

    • potato78

       Absolutely true observation.

      Blacks never study at all.

      Because they have a affirmative action to protect them.

      • Tom in Miami

        It takes a lot of courage for a professor to flunk a black, especially if he is on a sports team.  A professor friend of mine says they are advised strongly by the chairperson to pass all of them, regardless of grades.  Acceptance into the program is based on race too.

        • crystal evans

          This reminds me of the Jan Kemp case at the University of Georgia. She did fail a few athletes and was fired for that. She eventually sued the university for wrongful termination and the case was settled out of court.

  • potato78
  • Athling

    Orientals are the most compatible with us. When was the last time we heard of a Viet Namese rapist or a Japanese murderer? When was the last time we saw or heard any of them making the kind of waves blacks do? Who is the Oriental equivalent of big Al Sharpton? What Oriental has called for the murder of white babies as super fly Samir Shabazz has?

    If all non-white minorities in the U.S. were Orientals our problems would be few.

    Still, the laws of civilizational survival must be followed. Racial aliens allowed into your geographic borders can only be tolerated in very small numbers.

  • Periapsis

    Exactly, most espeically for the Slavs and other white populations in Central and Eastern Europe. The Mongols killed tens of millions of people during the 12th and 13th centuries during their attacks against Russia, Eastern and Central Europe. They were in fact poised to invade all of Europe, but for the fact trouble at home called these huge genocide forces back home. they spared nobody, not even infants and animals. To this day, Russians regard Ghenghis Khan and his hordes as synonomyous with Satan.

    • potato78

      That was intelligent war. 

      Comes around goes around.

      Anglo-white had three wars: pacific war with Japanese, Korean war with Koreanese, Vietname war with Vietnamese.

      Meaningful wars made wise people wiser.  I am not fan of wars.

      Never fight nonsense wars like people in Africa.

  • IKantunderstand

    If they are from the “most dynamic economies” on the globe, why are they coming here? Gosh, I’m just saying, something does not add up. I’m sorry, I’m just not getting it. We Whites have strong “traditional values”, we have a strong commitment to family, parenting and marriage. We believe in education as well. And  yet, we are denigrated for it. So… asians doing things traditional Whites do, they are celebrated. Whites, on the other hand are castigated, made fun of, and are encouraged to die off.  Oh, and the local restaurant scene? ANYBODY can learn to be a chef in another cuisine. Isn’t that what education (not the preserve of asians, hate to tell you), is all about? (Caveat: I don’t care what ANYBODY says, I will never eat 3 squeal rat). Not overly fond of curry smell OR the atrocious music from asia. Hey! You guys are so smart! Why the hell did you never figure out harmony?

    • potato78

      Relax, Please Relax a little bit.

      Nobody say that “Whites are not having a strong commitment to family, parenting and marriage.”

      However, the situation is gradually being changed since whites have long been influenced so much by blacks/hispanics culture for more than 150 years, especially after WWII.  From percentage perspective, % whites of hard working, family oriented, and strong marriage values of total white americans is dramatically reduced.  If looking at family divorce data, it tells a lot of information. 

      Factual Observation is one of High IQ Factors.

      • IKantunderstand

        Are you freaking joshing me? You write like Hollywood  made chinese people talk in movies. So, are you being funny? Or are you asian and can’t help yourself in terms of communication?

      • John_D01

        Nobody say that “Whites are not having a strong commitment to family, parenting and marriage.”
        However, the situation is gradually being changed since whites have long been influenced so much by blacks/hispanics culture for more than 150 years, especially after WWII.

        That’s a function of relativism and the suicidal sect of Whites known as liberals.  Those same Whites are ashamed of White success, so they denigrate any White achievement, and magnify the meager achievements of NAMs.  That suicidal cohort of Whites ushered in relativism.  Blacks substandard behavior used to be labeled as such (if you’re old enough to remember that).  We went from denigrating bad behavior, to tolerance of bad behavior, to celebration of diversity (bad behavior) as our greatest strength, and made “judging” at all into an evil thing, resulting in no standards at all, or accepting the standards of the lowest common denominator (blacks) as perfectly fine, just different.  So naturally generations of White kids began to behave worse, because their parents no longer condemned the same poor behavior in Blacks, so the Whites sunk to that low non-standard.   They thoroughly internalized the non-judgement foolishness, so they’re all afraid to call bad behavior bad behavior.  And all this, as well as our demographic suicide has happened in just 50 short years.  Within 20 years, America will be much more Third World than it presently is.  Our White children deserved so much better than to have their First World country turned into a Third World dunghole.

      • IKantunderstand

        Thanks for the suck up. May I suggest you change your name? Perhaps, “rice78”?

    • Concerned

      This is what I’ve thought for some time as well: if they’re so great, and function so well–AS A GROUP, AS A WHOLE–then why do they have a constant need to emigrate to White countries? Their respectable behavior and practices used to be characteristic of White people before they degenerated from the forces of political correctness, radical feminism, radical individualism, multi-culti fashion and music, perverted entertainment of all sorts (this includes viewing seemingly benign basketcases like Howard Stern, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and the man-hating, bigoted whores on The View), integration, pornography, party politics, and a variety of socioeconomic and psychological ills and vices. The Asians have fallen victim to these forces in far few numbers, so they have held onto their traditional values and solidarity. But they are NOT special or smarter or more noble than White people generally! Anyone who thinks that because they are law-abiding, self-absorbed (which is mistaken as polite because this  keeps them quiet and non-threatening), educated, hard-working, and intelligent they make good additions to communities are sorely mistaken. The law of the world has always been this: the stronger, dominant, more populated group ALWAYS mistreats a weaker group when they are in the same locations. This goes for this scenario we discuss here. Don’t think if Asians become a majority they’re going to have our best interests in mind, or any interest in us at all.

      • crystal evans

        Asians are conformists to the standards of their group. There is a saying that they go by “the nail that is sticking up gets hammered down.” Asians study harder than most other students. They tend to master math because for the most part, it does not require language skills.

      • IKantunderstand

        I couldn’t have put it better. Obviously, if I could have, I would have done so. Thanks for articulating my thoughts in a more cogent fashion.

    • crystal evans

      I think that the reason they come here is they want freedom. Countries such as Singapore and South Korea tend to be conformist societies. Both societies are tightly controlled. I have asked a few of them and this is what I have been told.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        It is not the job of White nations to provide “freedom” for Asians.  

        If Asians can’t organize themselves and fight for their own freedom, why should anyone expect us to provide it for them?


        • The__Bobster

          They’re here to make money. It’s as simple as that.

      • IKantunderstand

        And did you also ask them what their definition of freedom was? Call me crazy, but I have never seen a south korean come to this country and write a book or anything describing their need to escape the tightly controlled, (and of course, repressive societysouth korea represents).Right… Same goes for singapore. Please. They come here to make money. Period.

  • As I’ve said many times here before, pro-whites have to set political priorities. 

    For me (in order of feasibility): (1) Stop ALL illegal immigration; (2) ban “anchor babies”; and (3) deport ALL illegals. These first 3 are critical if we expect to save our country (along w/repealing Obamacare/socialized medicine which will be used to dictate how we live our lives, since “who pays the piper calls the tune”). We are being flooded w/Latinos who are far worse neighbors than Asians. These 3 steps will also reduce to a trickle the number of Asians coming to America. But the focus is on Latinos.

    Next,in parallel: (1) Shall Issue Right-to-Carry so that law-abiding folks will be able to carry to defend themselves against Bad Guys. Asians and whites are disproportionately law-abiding, whereas Latinos and esp blacks are disproportionately Bad Guys. Many Asians, however, don’t have pro-gun cultures, so this will primarily help whites. (Frankly, I’d be happier if a law-abiding black was the one who took out the law-breaking black. Who wants to be in Zimmerman’s shoes???)

    (2) Support the death penalty and push to expand, rather than restrict, its use.

    (3) Reduce or end various wealth transfers (again, whites are the primary losers and NAMs (non-Asian minorities), the primary beneficiaries.

    (4) Reduce or end foreign aid.

    #3 & 4 will allow more hard working whites to afford more kids.

    Asians vote Dem because only the Dems reach out to them. Even on AmRen, where you’d think people would be smarter, some advocate “going it alone” when to Joe Average White American, a solely white (and aging) party looks like a relic of the past.

    Too many AmReners just have “white race” as their political agenda, not realizing the vast majority of whites vote for ISSUES in their own best interests, and would be offended if you suggested that they vote for their race (whereas blacks can openly discuss voting for what’s good for their racial “community). IOW, I think too many on our side spend too much times on websites like this and forget how few whites are willing to discuss, much less agree with, what we discuss here every day. 

    As I’ve also said before, “Post on AmRen less, work and donate to AmRen more.”

    Re. crime, here’s FREE Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice. If you like it, share it w/family, friends, coworkers, and church friends.

    • potato78

      My 2 votes is counted.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      the vast majority of whites vote for ISSUES in their own personal best interests, and would be offended if you suggested that they vote for what was best for their race 

      Then this is what we must combat, and with haste.

      Start small, with your family or trusted friends in small groups, introduce the subject of White issues gently and calmly — you could ask why ALL other races except for Whites are allowed to organize, promote and advocate politically for themselves?  

      Ask why aren’t Whites allowed to do this?

      Wait for the answer.

      You’re likely to hear the usual, utterly ridiculous, school-taught, marxist blather about “Whites have a terrible history of racism and genocide and must atone for their past sins.”

      Ask if they’re OK that White nations are being flooded with non-Whites and that soon they, their children and grandchildren will be minorities in their own homeland lorded over by hostile non-Whites.

      We have the moral high ground here.  Keep at it — this is what I do.

      Also, you could teach your children about White history, achievements and accomplishments (something they will NEVER, EVER learn at school)  — such as air flight, the jet engine, the internal combustion engine, space exploration, the Hubble telescope, The Messenger.  Talk about the great White engineers, innovators and inventors — Edison, Franklin, Tesla, Henry Ford, James Watt, William Shockley, Adam Smith — the list is endless!!

      For an excellent review of White history, start here:  The March of the Titans:

      Why should we Whites NOT be proud of our achievements and accomplishments — instead of being shamed, abased and denigrated by the American media.

      We Whites need to teach our children to be proud of who and what they are and NOT allow the media, schools or government to denigrate and debase them.

      I will not stand for my own White children to be defined by the government, media and schools and told that their culture and heritage don’t exist and/or are not worth preserving or that they be consigned to a life of “guilt” for what their ancestors may or may not have done in the distant past.

      Look, I am a schoolteacher and deal with high school textbooks every single day that define Whites as evil slaveholders, genocidal land rapers, (really!), thieves, racists and liars.

      I am NOT ok with the definition for the White race, will combat it with everything I’ve got and fight against those who promote and advocate for White genocide.  And yes, I do donate to this site and the others I mentioned above as well even though I’ve taken four years of pay cuts while taxes and UC tuition in California have gone through the roof.


      This is my final post.

      • Dr. Möbias

        I too am seeing a defeatist attitude on this discussion board and others like it, i.e., posters claiming whites are nothing but self interested and don’t care so why even bother discussing white issues with them? Really?  I think American Renaissance has been infiltrated by those who are working to destroy whites.  

        We are in the beginnings of a ruthless battle over our very right to exist,  fighting against a disgusting global elite and their supporters who think the way to wipe out racism is to wipe out the white race.

        I cannot believe anyone believes the ridiculous notion that Asians will make a good ally for whites.  Won’t. Ever. Happen.

        •  “I too am seeing a defeatist attitude on this discussion board and others
          like it, i.e., posters claiming whites are nothing but self interested
          and don’t care so why even bother discussing white issues with them?
          Really?  I think American Renaissance has been infiltrated by those who
          are working to destroy whites. ”

          Too funny! (shakes head) Set up a straw man and attack that.  No one said don’t try, did we? We’re just being “race realists,” and that includes being realistic re. how our own race behaves and views racial issues.

          Too bad you can’t honestly debate an issue. That being the case, when you say, “I cannot believe anyone believes the ridiculous notion that Asians will make a good ally for whites.  Won’t. Ever. Happen,” that is when we’ll start to trust you. “Won’t. Ever. Happen.”

  • IstvanIN

    I am so sick of all the comments about how “Asians” or “Orientals” are the most compatible with us.  I do not care if they are 1,000 times better than us, and they are not, I do not want to be ruled by Asians, I do not want genome subsumed by Asians.  I do not want my skull shape, and hair colors, and eye colors, (notice how I said COLORS), my people wiped from the face of the earth.

    There is only ONE diverse people on the face of the earth, and it is those of European decent.  Period.  And we should no more be wiped out then some snail darter or whatever.

    • potato78

       You never be wiped out by Asians.

      However, you might be wiped out by blacks or hispanics.

      Asians are asians, you may be too big to them.

      • IstvanIN

         What?  You have a rice fetish?  Yes, interbreeding with them wipes us out.  They need to live among their own and us our own.

        • Athling

          Moderator, please allow me to defend myself here. Mr “IstvanIN” has attacked my positions repeatedly.

          IstvanIN, if you care to go head to head with me on any topic then try addressing me directly. Several times now you have made disparaging indirect comments about my observations and I am getting sick of that.

          Of all non-whites currently in the U.S., Orientals are the most culturally compatible with whites. Period. You want to argue that with me? Bring it on.

          Then from there you jump to not wanting Asians to take over and some other tripe about skull shapes etc.

          You would probably be a better fit at some other website exclusively focused on nothing but race as your comments lack any intellectual value here. Again, address me directly for any debate you may desire with me. I’m sure it will be entertaining for the group here.

          • IstvanIN

             Are you potato under a different name?  Sorry, there is no point arguing with someone who has a fetish for Asians.  I have nothing against them, I just do want to be out numbered by them, or ruled by them, or absorbed genetically by Asians.  I believe in each race to its own.

            And as for Asians being so wonderful, ask some white kid attending school in Hawaii about Asian racism.

          • Athling

            I have been posting comments here since 2005. My views have been entirely consistent. I am in favor of stopping all immigration except white immigration.

            I was merely pointing out the huge cultural disparity between blacks and Orientals. East Asians are far more assimilable than blacks. They form self-supporting communities and pose no direct physical threat to whites the way blacks and hispanics do. We also won’t have to keep pouring billions of our tax dollars into taking care of them the way we do with blacks.

            Like Jared, I have lived in the Orient for several years. I was not immersed into their culture anywhere near the extent that he was but I’ve learned a thing or two about their culture some of which is admirable. I have always been treated well by them.

            Doesn’t mean I want them here and certainly not in any greater numbers than they are now. Let each race live among themselves within their own geographic borders. Multiculturalism, or more precisely, multiracialism doesn’t work.

            I’ve said this repeatedly here referring to Gause’s law and so on.

            Guess you were taking a nap that day.

          • IstvanIN

             I am responding to your last comment.  I do not care how wonderful Asians or any other group is, I simply do not want them invading my living space and mooching off my civilization.  I do not want them inbreeding with my people, which happens when you have different groups living in close proximity.  Sorry if I am not intelligent enough to wax poetically about how wonderful Asians are, I simply do not care if they make good neighbors or not.  I love my people and want to see them exist, healthy and prosperous, far in to the future.

  • Mahound

    I’m fine with Asians as long as we don’t interbreed with them. And that’s the real danger, that we start thinking that these guys are ok, hard working, well-behaved sort of guys, and then we start marrying them and it’s all over for us in the long term.

    • crystal evans

      Asian women tend to marry out of their race. Mostly to white men. In fact for the most part, you do not see a successful Asian woman with an Asian mate.

  • zimriel

    Older Viets go anticommunist. Koreans are the Scots-Irish of Asia and over here will vote like West Virginians, which may be Dem or Republican – it depends on what annoys you most. It’s the Japanese and Chinese who tend toward SWPL-ness.

    Although there too there are some exceptions. I saw some Chinese in my Latin class, for instance (Latin? srsly?). There was another (Chinese) I met who was a reactionary to put a lot of AmRen to shame. That one had even studied Dante’s “De Monarchia”. I didn’t ask if she’d read Moldbug’s blog but if I had, I suspect we’d be married now . . .

  • We should build allainces with Asains. Many times it is advantageous to combine forces to defeat a common enemy and Euro-Americans are mathematically doomed.  My only real problem with them is their curious atttraction to the Democratic party, perhaps something is getting lost in translation. At least they generally tend to have strong family values, value hard work and education. Thye also have an entrepeneurial spirit. About the only law breaking they do involves illegal gambling. When they build their own little Chinatowns or J-towns or whatever, at least they don’t turn into ghettos.

  • crystal evans

    Chinatowns have always been with us. But one thing that happens with Chinatowns is that once Chinese can afford to leave. They do. In San Francisco, most of the Chinatown residents are new immigrants, not second or third generation Chinese Americans. These are the ones tht have moved to the suburbs. As far as Korean Americans on television, there is Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park on Hawaii Five-0 and  Sandra Oh on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • crystal evans

    The problem is that many Asians see themselves as a minority like Latinos and blacks. There are Asian American studies classes as West Coast Universities and Asian American student organizations  that will often team up with black and Latino student associations on issues of affirmative action and discrimination.

  • Dr. Möbias

    and most certainly the local restaurant scene will improve.

    So, we’re supposed to take one bite of orange flavored chicken and immediately come to the conclusion that we need millions of Asians around us?

    Uh, no thanks.

    • The__Bobster

      A century ago, Americans would go overseas to learn foreign cooking. We didn’t need millions of foreigners here to have exotic restaurants.

  • crystal evans

    I disagree with this. I do not see this happening at all because Asian immigrants are too conformist to do something like this. The only ones that would get into trouble are the ones that do not fit the model minority mode, Asian gang members and other criminals.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      You mean like racist, White-hating Kent Wong, director of UCLA’s Labor College and recruiter for the UCLA illegal alien online college??   A “college” set up to train non-White illegal aliens to fight for “social justice” against White Americans using White American money?

      Here’s what Kent Wong had to say at a rally for his new army of cheering young anti-White activists:

      You will go on to become lawyers and teachers and doctors and members of the U.S. Senate to replace those old White men.

      Imagine me going to China and openly rallying young non-Chinese to fight the Chinese overlords and encouraging them to “replace those old Chinese men.”

      How soon before I got a bullet in the back of my head?

      What I want to know is THIS:

      Why aren’t we talking more about racism against Whites in our own nation?


      • crystal evans

        Kent Wong was probably talking to young illegal immigrants who are unable to get US citizenship so how can they become Senators and Congressmen,. They need to be in the US legally to get licensing to become teachers, lawyers or doctors.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Make no mistake: Ken Wong was rallying non-Whites against White Americans.

          This makes him a moral monster.


      • IKantunderstand

         We need to be more like the chinese. I’m referring ONLY to the “bullet in the back of the head” policy in  response to people of minority groups who advocate the replacement of old White men. And Bon, good luck with that  rallying of non chinese thing. I think this case has been DOUBLED closed.

    • The__Bobster

      I guess you missed the article published here last month, one where Asians demanded that town meetings be held in Chinese.

    • ATBOTL

      This is just the way group dynamics work, no group is exempt.  A rapidly growing white population in Japan would lead to increased conflict.  

  • potato78

    Nonsense jealousy.

    The premise is that Asians is as minority, not majority.

    Whenever saying asians are “law abiding people”, then some “narrow mind” people always go crazy as if “Asians will become majority tomorrow.” 

    Smart asians never would like to “wipe out” pure white people, who are intelligent and colorful people.   Too much and too obvious propaganda.

    Plus physically, white people are much larger, stronger, heavier, and hairier people with far too mature personality.

    Asians are cutie, younger, smarter, and hairless people with less mature personality.

    White people should be more worried about being “wiped out” by black people instead of asians as a real minority.

    Very two different beauty with incomparable personality trying to reach the same goal, peaceful and harmony society with no or less violence.

    Again, if asians don’t like to stay in U.S., they always have a freedom going back to where they come from, because over there, they are not poor either.

    Not like blacks and hispanics, once comes here, never like to go back.  Please take a look at numbers (for example, % of population), which tells you everything.

    As I said here, If US goes down, never due to asians, especially from far east asians.  

    It is not sustainable under “bad” influence for so long.

    Pat Buchanan was right, but what did he get and anybody here can tell me why?

    Some “narrow mind” people never had right focus on true issues.  It is time to open your mind.

    God created imperfect human.

    • Net_Drifter

      I’m convinced. I also want Asians because they’re “less hairy” and “cuter”. After all, we need smooth little asia boy for our homosexual population.

    • crystal evans

      Not all Asians are hairless. Okinawans are as hairy as whites. Jeremy Lin is over 6 feet tall and he is pure Chinese. Golfer Michelle Wie, who is of Korean descent is about 6 feet tall.

  • BaronBaal

    And your point is? Look, I’m a white guy and I’ve lived in Asia half my life and once you speak the languages and know the cultures you will find that Asians are just people. Some are liberal, some conformist, some conservative, some radical, it all depends on the individual. Generally speaking, the Asians are the most compatible with us whites and altho some of the people on these threads probably won’t agree with me I myself see no problem with Asians and whites living together and even “interbreeding”.

  • Athling

    What specifically did I say that you disagree with? Please do not read extraneous information into what I said. Also, I am against ANY racial miscegenation. Ethnic differences e.g. Poles and French, Germans and Italians etc. I have no problem with but not black/white, Asian/white ….. non-white/white.

    Just wanted to be clear on that.

  • Barrack Osama

    The majority of Asians I know have strong race realist tendencies. Compared to every other problem Whites have, Asians are rock bottom of the list, and personally, I think arguing about them is a waste of time and energy.

    If anything, we should be trying to harness their unique powers to our advantage. For instance: It’s very rare for white liberals to call any non-white a racist. Asians can potentially talk about racial issues without being shouted down, and it’s in both of our advantages for such a thing to occur.

    • I agree. My best friend from high school was Korean and there is no way he or his family think they are equal to Blacks/Hispanics (even southeast asians). Hes one of the few people I can talk to about this stuff  comfortably. Fortunately for him, he decided to go to college in Korea. South Korea has virtually no Blacks or Hispanics, and that is by design.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Why can’t YOU talk about Race Relations?  Are you No longer Entitled to Free Speech and no one told me?  You have Every Right, The First Right actually, to Speak Freely.  You do know what that means yes?  Free Speech is not First by mere happenstance.  Speak My Good Fellow!

      You don’t need asians to speak for you.  And, as I wrote to another on here, if you don’t mind handing over your Power and Rights to asians, that’s on you but don’t put that on the rest of us.

      As for being shouted down, that’s actually Illegal as that is an Act of Obstruction of a Free Act.  You are not allowed to shut down Free Speech.  The “Law” (police that don’t arrest offenders) needs to be sued for not enforcing the Law.

      • Dr. Möbias

        Tell that to Mitt Romney

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          I don’t like romney.  Chances are, I’m not voting this year.  All I want to do is just completely withdraw from Society.

  • MartelC

    Once they get large numbers they are no longer pleasant, smiling, ‘friends’  – all the philioasiophiles here don’t realize they are not here to hold hands and save sea turtles, they are here to DOMINATE. once they get critical mass, I gurantee they’ll start pushing for doing things THEIR way, like getting rid of exotic species protection so they can have their precious tiger penis powder..

    • crystal evans

      I think this is true of large mostly immigrant Asian communities where their knowledge of English is not very good. I lived for several years in the Richmond district in San Francisco and this was a predominately Chinese area and they were very cold and unfriendly to me, even though I am Asian myself.

  • John Bonham

    The Changing geography of Asian America : To the south and suburbs …
    No one ever claimed that Asians were stupid..
    They know what the deal is… 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Strange isn’t it.  
    Nobody goes into any Asian country and demands that Asians have no right to their own homelands, that Asians must import millions of Africans or Hispanics in the name of ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,‘ ‘for the economy,‘ to ‘boost low birth rates’  or to ‘atone for past sins.’   Nobody says that Asia is “too Asian” and must become more ‘diverse’ i.e., less Asian.

    Why is there a notion that non-Whites, who took no part in the pioneering efforts and years of back-breaking work to build the foundations American civilization, can simply show up in large numbers to exploit our natural resources and take advantage of what we White American created??

    It is obscene.

    Why aren’t we talking more about racism against Whites in our own nations – the U.S., Australia, England, South Africa??

    • “Why aren’t we talking more about racism against Whites in our own nations – the U.S., Australia, England, South Africa??”

      Because to do so is extremist hate-speech and will put us on DHS terrorist watch list….

      Big Brother has whites running scared.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Because to do so is extremist hate-speech and will put us on DHS terrorist watch list…

        I should have made my comment clearer:

        Why aren’t we on AmRen talking more about racism against Whites in our own nations?
        Is it possible to talk about racism against Whites in public?  in one’s workplace?  at one’s school or university? with blacks or browns?   Obviously not.

        Is it still possible for us to discuss racism directed at Whites on AR?  YES  (at least for the moment).  

        Should we be discussing racism against Whites?  YES.

        Should we be networking and discussing strategies as to how to combat racism directed at Whites?  YES.

        Is racism against Whites possible to combat?  YES.  —  as Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks)  recently did and Prop 209 does in California (for the moment).

        Are Whites starting to wake up?  YES.

        (read the comment section lately of any msm publication when black/brown/etc. sob stories come up??? — that is before the media toads clear and close the comment sections — there are MANY out there like us).

        We must promote, advocate and encourage ALL Whites to stand up for themselves as much as they possibly can and AR,, OO and White Civil have been indispensable resources in this fight.

        I cannot imagine the hell Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Kevin MacDonald et. al, have been through for standing up for White rights.

        Instead, every time an Asian article appears on AR, internecine warfare breaks out on these threads.


    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Because Ma’am,

      You know better than anyone that we’re the best and thus, must be destroyed ’cause there is no other way to completely control the people and bring them down to peasantry and worse.

      Now I could go off on The Bible Way of my personal reasoning and why the Puppet Masters do it but I’ve written that before.  You’ve probably seen it so I’ll spare ya!

  • CoweringCoward

     I think he was saying that even Asian/Caucasian wars were fought for a purpose, in that there were great things to be had or lost, whereas African style never-ending slaughter was only that.  

  • I caucused for PJB in 1996.  I was 19 years old that year.  But for me, I think the youngest person in our particular caucus site caucusing for either PJB or Bob Dole was 40.

    “Going out on the street.”  Street theater only goes so far.  The TPM has moved on from it to pressuring politicians and wielding influence in Republican primaries.

  •  because we need to atone for our evil past (only whites have an evil past) and allow lesser minorities to defile our civilizations

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    And the Japanese still haven’t, have they??  
    Way back in 2003, the NY Slimes wrote that Japan needs immigrants:  Insular Japan Needs but Resists Immigration, by Howard W. French, July 24th 2003.
    Japanese reaction, according to our own Jared Taylor?  So What?
    And that was the end of it.
    According to Jared Taylor in his response to the NYT article, The New York Times Says Japan Needs Immigrants. The Japanese Politely Disagree:
    Most Japanese are determined to find solutions that do not involve importing foreigners because they are deeply attached to their ancient, subtle culture. They believe that only native-born Japanese can understand or maintain it.
    And, continuing, here is how Japan feels about immigrants:
    Before the Second World War, Japan ruled Korea and Taiwan and brought over a number of colonial subjects to work in Japan. Today, the second- and third- generation descendants of these workers — who speak fluent Japanese and are physically indistinguishable from Japanese — are NOT Japanese citizens.  They are snubbed socially and have a hard time getting jobs. Didn’t hear any outrage from the NY Times after that, the UN, the Wall Street Journal or anyone else in the Western Press calling the Japanese “bigoted,” “racist,” “xenophobic,” or “hateful,” for not allowing their country to be flooded with backwards Africans or Hispanics.(and good for the Japanese, the Israelis too who are busy expelling African migrants from Israel and building a WALL around their country to keep unwanted immigrants OUT).
    This is as critics of White Western Culture such as Tim Wise and other cheerleaders of White genocide tell us there IS no White culture. 
    No, it is the White race and only the White race that is condemned and called hateful, xenophobic and bigoted if we don’t open up and flood our homelands with non-Whites from the most depraved, backwards parts of the Third World.  Without White homelands, there will be no White race.
    This is genocide.  There is NO other word for it.  Flooding White living spaces with unassimilable “others” damages Whites’ ability to maintain their unique cultural and genetic heritage.

    Your post leads me to believe that you are OK with this.Bon

  • IstvanIN

     The Indians have polluted most NJ suburbs.

    • The__Bobster

      And they vote 84% Democrat. They know who butters their bread.

  • IstvanIN

     How about we just not take any more non-whites.

    •  How about dealing w/reality?

      Too many AmReners appear to have no concept of our current legal and political landscapes. They prefer no bread to winning 4/5ths a loaf. Deporting blacks ain’t gonna happen in this century, so how do we deal w/them? Stop all forms of forced integration (busing, affirmative action, Section 8 housing to improve “diversity”, etc.). Bring back the death penalty big time. Shall Issue Right-to-Carry for ALL 50 states. End ALL forms of wealth transfers. These can be done politically, but obviously they require an end run around the MSM and liberal teachers/profs, and some need a major turn around in white’s thinking — thank God for the internet!

      Asians have displaced whites in some parts of major cities and in some entire smaller cities, whereas Latinos have displaced whites in entire regions of major states (e.g., the Central Valley of CA, and most of Southern CA).

      Asians are NOT attacking white men and killing them in major numbers. Blacks are. Asians are NOT attacking white women and raping them. Blacks are. Why is it that some AmReners are so, ahem, intellectually challenged that they can’t get the difference between the IMMEDIATE threat the blacks and Latinos pose to whites and the theoretical threat that Asians supposedly present (too many white guys falling for their gals)???

      Plus, solving the illegal Latino problem (w/stopping birthright citizenship, stopping governmental benefits for illegals, deporting illegals, and suspending immigration for assimilation and reevaluation of our immigration policies to take place), will as a side effect reduce to a trickle Asian immigration.

      I see more activity on articles re Asians than, oh, just another white person getting beat within an inch of their life, getting raped, or being murdered by blacks.

      Unless we get our priorities straight, we’re doomed….

      • Blacks & Mestizos are cancer, Asians are TBC. Any White nation can do very well without all of them.

      • IstvanIN

         Non-Jewish Whites still control most of the government and we could stop all non-white immigration, or all immigration, if the will was there.  We certainly do not need more population.  From jobs to the environment, we are full up. 

        •  Yeah, and 3rd party candidates who NEVER held a local, state, or federal office could be elected president if only everybody voted for them. But the reality is that hasn’t happened and isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

          So, what do we do, waste our time on fantasies, or figure out if we can’t get from A to Z all at once, what are the stepping stones that can get us there and what are the goals we can achieve in the near term. Going after the Asians is a non-starter since MOST Americans don’t see them as a problem. Going after non-whites is a non-starter since the US Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution to be color-blind. Going after crime and illegal aliens while not mentioning race is something that can help us and can be achieved, albeit w/difficulty. Dittos for Shall Issue Right to Carry and the NRA’s expanded model Castle Doctrine law.

          Spending time on AmRen gripping about hard working, law-abiding Asians when we’re being attacked by blacks and Latino and flooded w/Latinos is a waste of time and effort by our side, which can’t afford to waste any time, money or effort….

          Taking my own advice, I’m done w/this article’s thread.

      • Net_Drifter

        Maybe most people hate when there are cheerleaders like you who openly advocate for Asian/Oriental immigration. You and John Engelman may be doing nothing but thinking with a head that is well south of the one protruding from your neck. 

        It never sounds like making compromises for the better, but a real desire to see these people in huge numbers in the U.S. because of a simple personal preference. There is no other reason for you to be so self-righteous about it otherwise.

        • As I wrote in two posts above, “Plus, solving the illegal Latino problem (w/stopping birthright
          citizenship, stopping governmental benefits for illegals, deporting
          illegals, and suspending immigration for assimilation and reevaluation
          of our immigration policies to take place), will as a side effect reduce
          to a trickle Asian immigration.
          ” (bold added)

          Does that sound like someone, as you put it, “openly advocate for Asian/Oriental immigration”???

          With every post you make, your build your reputation in this online community. Your reputation has taken a hit even people who share your position because they see that you are willing to distort truth in an attempt to get your way.

          You are your own worst enemy, Net_Drifter….

  • The__Bobster

    Like potato chips, you can never have just one.

  • The__Bobster

    Don’t you have racial identity politics there?

  • Better than sending them to an all black or hispanic school. In the end we as parents are responsibile for guiding our kids whether its hard work, study or self-esteem.

    • Le Gaulois

      How about sending them to an all White school as it should be in their own country ?

      A lesser evil is still evil.  Asians are maybe better than blacks and hispanics, but they will never be as good as your own people.  The US is a White country, and Asians have no rights to take over our neighborhoods and schools just like any other Non-Whites.

      I’ve lived in San Francisco for 26 years and both my wife and children went to mostly Asian schools in the city.  Let me guarantee you,  it doesn’t have to be turned into a “ghetto” to still feel COMPLETELY alienated in your own country.

      All those who keep preaching that Asians are not as bad or the next best thing, are beyond clueless about the long term consequences of their rising immigration in the US.  They have their own countries and it’s not our obligation to give ours  away !

  • Darryl wrote:

    If I could go back in time to meet with George Washington, I would kiss
    him full on the lips. Thank God he believed in violence. Violent
    bastard, that George. You know what I believe in? I believe in anything
    that keeps me, or anything I love alive.
    Those people in Egypt,
    jumping up and down on our dead ambassador this week, I’m pretty sure
    they believe in all sorts of things, violence being one of them

    George Washington didn’t believe in violence.  Think it through.  I’ll start you off with a hint:  Think about the philosophical differences between secession and revolution.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    This is good for us they tell us…  Nothing to be worried about…  And they say there is no take-over…

    In the meantime, Americans are without work and what work they do have comes with depressed wages and half if not double someone else’s work load from either an inept co-worker or from being under staffed.  But this is nothing compared to what they’re really doing.

    Asians mean harm and a great deal of it.  They have every intention of taking over every square inch of America they can.  And, this is why I strongly advocate against them.  Never give a non-white business your money.  They get your Taxes and what you do get?  You get to be asianized.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I just hope that one day, we will all get to choose who we want for our neighbors and in our own Communities.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    “Chinatowns” don’t belong in America.  China Towns belong in China.  C’mon now, White People deserve to be left alone now.

  • Le Gaulois pretty much summed it up: “Lesser evil is still evil”.

  • newscomments70

    I was just on Australia’s immigration website, yesterday. I am looking for an escape plan as the US continues to rapidly deteriorate. It showed photos of “new Australians”. Almost ALL of them were Africans. There was one Asian and no whites. That is what your liberal government has planned for you. That is actually worse than rich Asians driving prices up (which I also disagree with).

    • IstvanIN

       It is funny, here we are arguing over which groups are the least detrimental to, or the most compatible with, western white society and the politicians have already made their decision: bring in whoever can get rid of us fastest, regardless of the mayhem and destruction that results.

      • newscomments70

        True, our governments seem especially hell-bent on driving up real estate prices into oblivion, and importing millions of rapists and murderers from third world countries. That is progress and growth. 

  • potato78

    Leave these dusky hairy “whites” alone in america.

    Anglo-white moved to East Asia.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    I have mixed feelings about this.  Asians could be allies in fighting for ability grouping  in schools, tough law enforcement. welfare restrictions, and even restrictive covenants.  If we could join in Derb’s “Arctic Alliance” without actually biologically mixing with them, it could be a net plus for whites.

  • crystal evans

    In San Francisco’s Chinatown, most of the places to rent are small rooms filled with Chinese elderly or new immigrants. You would not want to live there.  There is also the Ping Yuen Housing project which once housed Chinese families is now open to all races. Ping Yuen was once known as a project where the bulk of young people either went to college on academic scholarships or went to work after high school. They did not lay around unemployed in the projects. This is probably not the case today.

  • crystal evans

    At one time this was true, I am not sure if this is the case now with the difficulty Asians have entering top tier universities.

  • crystal evans

    Simple, they want to look more western. That is why there is a demand for eyelid surgery. Not all Asians need this surgery. This is the same reason Asian women dye their hair blonde or brown.  Most Asians outside of the US, have a desire for extremely white skin so that when they go outside, they carry an umbrella with them to avoid the sun.

  • Net_Drifter

    This country is already dead, it’s obvious. It’s merely taking awhile for it’s corpse to rot and every single cell to die off.  The integrity of the national structure, racially, has been destroyed in the present day. A few of the people commenting here are the same types that made/let that happen. People who will go out of their way to argue strenuously for the rights, compatibility, and worthiness of a racial group that is every bit as alien(often moreso)as any of the other races whites face. You obviously have more respect and feeling of kinship to ‘asians'(elite) than to any other white people.

    Really, some of the people who post here are just as globalist, deracinated/culture-less, and completely lacking in loyalty and racial values as any leftist; the only difference is that you have distaste for ordinary whites AND blacks and latinos. It doesn’t really involve race for you people in a strict sense; it’s only that you can only find one other racial group(ing)that you think of as much of a brilliant elite as a few of you believe yourselves to be. Or to put it another way: you’re just snobs. On top of that, the same people with those particular views are also cowards. Scared to death to lose prestige. That’s why everything you do is [email protected]@ed.

    I guess I won’t name names, but you know who you are on this thread.. This ideology has been standing still for decades because too few want it badly enough.

    • Dr. Möbias

      Name names, call ’em out.  Subversives and underminers needs to be exposed for what they are or think they are, brilliant elitists like John Derbyshire who believe they’ll form a cabal with other elitists, be they brown, black or Asian and remain in control of the U.S.   Anyone taking this nation down should be uncovered and hung out to dry, so to speak.

  • jedsrael


    AmReners need to get busy over on Breitbart-

    You replied to enough
    Anyone who scrutinizes Obama will be deemed racist and turned over to the FEMA-DOJ Auschwitz.

    yesterday Obama’s Skipped Intel Meetings Now Under Scrutiny

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  • A recent Gallup poll released Saturday found that 70% of US Jews still support Obama, while the GOP’s candidate has only 25% support – similar to the support given to John McCain in 2008.,7340,L-4281750,00.html 


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    We Whites are in a fight for our survival.

    We are fighting a cold-blooded, ruthless, sadistic, violent enemy whose singular goal is the utter annihilation of the White race. You and other Whites may not see it that way but this is exactly, precisely what is happening to Whites in every White (and only White) homeland.

    And, our White-hating enemies are winning; the empirical evidence is all around us in every White homeland on earth.  

    White genocide IS a black and white issue.  

    Potato:  You may not think that the White race (especially “blondys”),  — or White heritage, White culture or White languages are worth preserving. 

    But I do.  

    What is so difficult to see about that?


  • You and me, buddy, we don’t live in a city, we live in a war zone, and we lost quite a while ago. That’s what frustrates me to no end. I went to Tennessee not long ago, and I was enjoying that there were so many rural White folks around, and I went into a diner, and there was a mexican washing dishes. I was chatting with some folks and since I come from Los Angeles, I tried to be a prophet and warn them. I said- that-is your problem right there. It’s how it started in our neck of the woods here. You have to get rid of them, don’t hire them, don’t let them take over and destroy the way they did here. The folks in Tennessee just stared at me, and they explained that their big problem there were the “G-Men.” Huh? What is this, the 1930’s??!!
    They wouldn’t listen because they just couldn’t wrap their minds around how horrible things can be.
    I remember a beautiful White Southern California. They used to test rockets here. Now, we are strangers in our own land. We are soldiers on the front lines. I’ve seen life, with my own eyes go from boom to bust, and the turning point, the coup de grace was when we turned from White to “other.”
    Westminster isn’t “Little Saigon,” it isn’t a nice little place to visit with some exotic culture, it’s a colony, an entire city, just like Compton, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Inglewood, Oakland and on and on and on. We’re losing entire cities one after the other after the other. We retreat and pull back, and they keep coming. Run the numbers, the birthrates, the immigration rates– the numbers are staggering. They say the pen is mightier than the sword– it’s the human phallus that is mightier than both, I believe.
    We can’t be pipe smokers, wear our suits and chat about skull sizes– we have to get frosty, we have to get angry, we have to scream and make lots and lots of plain sense. These are desperate times,  serious times, angry times. This is not time to be genteel southern gentlemen. That boat has sailed. (and then sunk)

  • newscomments70

    Some years ago, I saw one of your multicutural riots first hand in Sydney. That was my first attempt to escape diversity in the US. Two people died…so much for the escape. I gave up, but years later, it still looks much safer than the US.  I think you have the same fate as we do, unfortunately…unless we rise up.

  • Tens of thousands of white women are raped by black men EVERY YEAR in America vs, usually, fewer than 10 black women being raped by white men, yet the MSM ignores it, so almost no body knows about it…..

    For the past 30 years, Latinos have far out paced Asians in immigrating to the US, both legally and esp illegally. In the early 1900s, they were less than 5% of the population. Now, they’re the largest minority. Asians are where Latinos were back in the 1950s.

    Black violence and Latino immigration are FAR BIGGER PROBLEMS than Asian’s non-violence, and fewer numbers.

    Seems like some AmReners really have a problem wrapping their minds around the concept known as setting priorities….

    We don’t have infinite resources (time, money, manpower), so we  have to set priorities based upon cost-benefit analysis — what will have the biggest impact on black on white violence and Latino immigration, white’s 2 biggest racial problems in America? That’s what I focus on.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I’ve never seen a Black girl playing a Cello. 

  • 5n4k33y3s

    I’ve lived among them as well, which is how I acquired my taste for conservative values, in contrast to their consensus on “progressive” ideology.

    Pompous progressive whites who think they’ve got more heart than me just don’t understand. As the song goes “ain’t no love in the heart of the city”. Those who once claimed to have a monopoly on soul are actually revealing a deficit.

    People talk out of both sides of their mouth. They espouse one point of view to the public, and another amongst themselves. These duplicitous figureheads cannot fool me anymore.