Detroit’s Demise: A Story About Race?

SBPDL, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012. Denver, Colorado: It’s not “liberalism” that destroyed Detroit. It’s not “unions” that left Detroit in ruins. Paul Kersey–of fame–answers the question of who is to blame for Detroit’s collapse in his fourth book, Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis.

In 1950, Detroit was known to the World as the “Paris of the West.” Boasting a thriving economy and a population of more than 2 million people (80 percent of whom were white), the sky seemed the only limit for this city on the move.

In 1967, the “Arsenal of Democracy” would be home to the worst riot in American history as the Black population of Detroit–roughly 30 percent of the population at the time–would explode in an orgy of violence that was only stopped when the Army marched into town to restore order.

The white population of the city would flee for the suburbs, leaving the remaining Black population in political control of the city’s destiny.

In 2012, order still hasn’t been restored. Now, a city of roughly 770,000 inhabitants (89 percent Black) has collapsed in a sea of financial mismanagement, crime, drugs, broken schools, eroding infrastructure, and hopelessness.

“When you actually look at Detroit’s history, you see the blueprint for the demise of America,” says Paul Kersey.

Detroit is the story of America’s future. Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis is the first of it’s kind: a book that places the blame for the complete collapse of the city on its majority population. It serves as a clarion call to other American cities.

The book is now available in both paperback and for the Amazon Kindle. On April 7, it reached No.1 in the category of Urban Planning and City Development on Amazon.

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  • Anan7

    When you bring a bunch of Africans/Haitians into a city, don’t be surprised when it starts to look like Africa and Haiti.

    The Libertarians like Lew Rockwell, “conservatives” like Mitt Romney, and hard-core communists like most Democrats will all tell you it’s because of too much/too little government.  There is no doubt some validity in this, but this is like yelling about a mouse in the room when everyone else is ignoring the 800 pound gorilla: race.

    Blacks are further behind in culture than every other race in the world; it is indeed “racist” to expect them to perform at the same standards Whites, Jews, and Asians do.

    • WmarkW

       Jared’s pointed out that white liberals have created perfectly safe, clean communities in places like Portland, Vermont or Marin County,  as long as its made up entirely of themselves.

      Liberalism is a perfectly valid philosophy of government, PROVIDED (functionally) everyone is on the same page about making it work.  It doesn’t, if more than a small number thinks the rest of society owes them stuff.  Bruce Bawer says this is what happened to Europe when Muslims started immigrating.

  • SintiriNikos

    It is quite telling that the symbol of Detroit went from the classical statue with the gold sun in its palm, representing industry, and family, and God, to the coal black fist of Joe Louis.

  • Seattle = Liberal, Democratic, successful
    Portland = Liberal, Democratic, successful
    Pittsburgh = Liberal, Democratic, successful
    Detroit = Liberal, Democratic, FAILURE
    New Orleans = Liberal, Democratic, FAILURE
    Chicago = Liberal, Democratic, FAILURE

    Seattle, Portland, and Pittsburgh ALL have 80%+ White populations
    Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago ALL have MAJORITY BLACK populations.

    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause and he’s White……

    • Dont forget Harrisburg PA 55%black
      Liberal white mayor for 20years successful
      Black gimme dat mayor since 2008 now bankrupt. A minority owned business that did more damage to infrastructure than it was paid to fix helped matters.

      • The_Bobster

        White liberal mayors know that even corruption has to have limits.

      • Teddi


        This is how you get the corrupt politicians…

        Old Version:

        Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

        Updated Version:

        Give a man a welfare check, a free Obama phone with unlimited minutes, free internet, cash for his clunker, a Chevy Volt, food stamps via EBT card, free housing, free contraceptives, free healthcare & medicaid, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, free medicine, forgive his student loans and give him an honorary degree for just trying, buy his “art”, give him a living wage, and show him where to go so the nanny state can wipe his a$$ for him when it comes to any personal responsibility…

        ..and he will vote Democratic the rest of his life… ..even after he’s dead.


    • JohnEngelman

      San Francisco = Liberal,Democratic,successful, 48.5 percent white,33.3 percent Asian
      San Jose = Liberal,Democratic,successful,42.2 percent white, 32.0 percent Asian

    • SoCAL, Chicago does NOT have a majority Bantu population – maybe 35% of the total. Caucasians are the majority, at around 45% and Hispanics are around 20%.

    • NM156

      Chicago is not majority black.

    •  Yeah I get it about Chicago, it still has more than enough blacks to be a failure….

  • Detroit_WASP

    Detroit is the rehearsal dinner for what is going to happen to this country.

    What do Detroit, East St Louis, Haiti and Cleveland all have in common?  Answer:  All black, all disasters. 

    Please keep in mind that Detroit  is not the only city in Michigan that blacks have destroyed.  Pontiac, Flint and Benton Harbor are all similar tales of death, distruction and decay. 

    Everyone knows that blacks ruined Detroit but few say it in polite company.  I was ran out of every neighborhood I ever lived in while a resident of Detroit. We kept moving to stay one step ahead of them.  Finally we moved out. 

    Detroit spends more educating students than wealthy suburbs like Grosse Pointe and yet they still fail.  You can’t teach a Pit Bull to be a Boarder Collie no matter how much money you spend trying.

    • Greg West

      “You can’t teach a Pit Bull to be a Boarder Collie no matter how much money you spend trying”That is a very succinct way to put it. I like it and will pass it on.

      •  Don’t forget my favorite saying on the same topic: “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig.”

        Other exercises in futility from the world of sci-fi:

        * teaching individuality to a Borg
        * teaching anger management to a Klingon
        * giving weight loss advice to a Hutt
        * trying to civilize a Tusken Raider

        • anonymous_amren

          Teaching anger management to a Klingon is possible. They are actually based on North East Asians! Klingons have a very strong sense of honor, discipline, and self-control. They also have above average intelligence. They value planning and strategy in combat too, not just raw violence. They have higher than average anger levels, but they can control it when it’s socially required of them.

          Of course, that would only work if Klingons were forced to follow the rules, rather than wimpy leftists teaching us to make special exceptions for Klingons such as letting Klingons kill us over any imagined offence. Then Klingons would walk all over us, and laugh at us for letting them do it. I’d still strongly favor segregation and deportation though.

          Naussicaans on the other hand, could not be taught anger management.

          • rebelcelt

            Lets’ keep our arguments in the real world. Our enemies would use these postings out of the context of having fun.

          • Strider73

             Science fiction very often (and by design) draws parallels with the real world. The decay of the US is aptly depicted in the Star Wars story as the Galactic Republic rots from within and becomes a brutal empire.

            “So this is how liberty dies — with thunderous applause.” — Senator Padmé Amidala

            Earlier in Episode III Padmé asks the question that everyone who still thinks the US can be salvaged in its current form needs to ask:

            “What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists, and the Republic has become the very evil we’ve been fighting to destroy?”

            On Mustafar Anakin/Vader channels his new inner neocon with  If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!” — a clear if unintended reference to W’s asinine “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

            In Episode II Chancellor Palpatine takes a major step in his quest for absolute power by announcing the creation of a “Grand Army of the Republic.” Chancellor, Abe Lincoln  calling on Line 1.

            People are already waking up, however slowly, to blacks’ negative effects on society and culture. If the analogy to Tusken Raiders evokes the memory of what Anakin’s stepfather said (“Those Tuskens walk like men, but they’re vicious, mindless monsters.”) and accelerates the awakening process, then sci-fi is a powerful ally.

  • No

    89% black.

    The US population is 12% black.  That means Detroit is 700% more black than the US.  What a nightmare.

    You know, I’m thinking . . . that means that there are still big cities where there are almost no blacks. 


    Oh wait . . . those places are probably full of mestizos . . .

    Never mind.

    • Greg West

      I live in Hawaii (big isle) Black and Latino population here is less than .5%
      Very low murder rate even though there are tons of guns.
      And the welfare rates and poverty are extremely high here.

      • The_Bobster

        And full of chunky brown natives who hate haoles. I’ll pass on that.

  • It is called negroism

  • JohnEngelman

    The ultimate reasons for Detroit’s demise have been changes in laws and technology that have made it easy for business executives to move manufacturing jobs to low wage countries. When Detroit provided lots of decently paying jobs with benefits to people with double digit IQs it thrived. 

    • anmpr1

       No.  That may be one reason for the auto industry failing, but not Detroit as a city.  Just look at Detroit’s City Council and their shenanigans, and you’ll realize that the “ultimate” reason for Detroit’s condition has nothing to do with “laws and technology.”  It is like saying that the reason Haiti is Haiti is because of a lack of industry and high tech toys like iPads.

    • anmpr1

       No.  That may be one reason for the auto industry failing, but not Detroit as a city.  Just look at Detroit’s City Council and their shenanigans, and you’ll realize that the “ultimate” reason for Detroit’s condition has nothing to do with “laws and technology.”  It is like saying that the reason Haiti is Haiti is because of a lack of industry and high tech toys like iPads.

      • JohnEngelman

        When the American auto industry in Detroit offered decent jobs for decent people Detroit was a decent place to live. 

        • anonymous_amren

          But if Detroit offered decent jobs for decent people now, Detroit would still not be a decent place to live, and few of those decent people would take those jobs. Decent people wouldn’t come for the jobs, and they wouldn’t stay for the jobs.

          In places that don’t have decent jobs, enough decent people normally stay and create decent jobs in other fields, and the city survives. But that can’t happen in the presence of large numbers of violent black people.

          • Strider73

            Exactly. Detroit started going downhill after the 1967 riots. The Big 3 automakers didn’t start going downhill until the first oil crunch in 1973. Even if the crunch had never occurred, Detroit still would have collapsed.  The city could have been saved had the riots, as a blogger said a few years ago, been “crushed without mercy or regret.” That didn’t happen, and Detroit became postwar Dresden.

  • ACE2X

    Didn’t that stupid, criminal mayor Kirkpatrick tell the whites
    to get out, they’re not welcome? Same as Zimbabwe. From neighborhoods
    to continents, blacks ruin everything. No exceptions.

    • anarchyst

      It was Detroit’s first black mayor that alienated whites . . . Coleman Young.
      A successful criminal apprehension program, STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets) was disbanded.  It was a campaign promise by Coleman Yong to get the criminal vote.

  • Holinsbart

    Paul Kersey?
    Isn’t this the guy played by Charles Bronson in several movies?

    If it is we sure could use ole Kersey back..

  • Holinsbart

    Let me get this straight:

    12 blacks beat a white male 78 into a coma for no reason – not a hate crime.

    5 blacks torture and kill a white couple in Chatanooga – not a hate crime.

    6 blacks beat a 67 year old white woman steal her wheelchair then break it into pices as she watches – no hat crime here.

    1 white guy asks a black what time it is without calling him SIR first – Hate Crime

  • The_Bobster

    Look at all the cities that are predominately white.

    Are there any left?

    •  Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Des Moines – they’re aren’t many but those that are tend to be prosperous, literate and relatively safe.

  • anonymous_amren

    “How can liberals believe in evolution, but then not entertain the notion that different races evolved differently?”

    I was smarter than most liberals, so I did actually consider questions like this (without ever having met a racist smart enough to talk about things like that). I told myself:
    * that intelligence was equally useful in all environments;
    * that it was humanity’s only competitive advantage over other species and that humans therefore would have to fit that niche and evolve in that direction as best as possible wherever they went;
    * that the brain was too complex an organ to evolve much difference in the short amount of time that races were separated (in evolutionary terms);
    * that intelligence must have evolved before humans split into different races;
    * that intelligence was always an advantage, so races couldn’t evolve backwards towards lower intelligence;

    and most impressively of all:
    * that the only human traits that could evolve differently were ones humans didn’t value or care about, such as skin color, because humans valuing a trait would itself cause evolution towards that trait. Plus human emotions valuing a trait was itself caused by evolution favoring that trait and thus also favoring the valuing of that trait.

    I was way too clever for my own good!

    I’m still disappointed that since I became a race-realist, the stupid anti-racism activists who try to argue with us can’t come up with arguments that are even 1% as good as ones I could come up with (but now know are wrong). They really aren’t trying, or aren’t at all smart.

  • anarchyst

    What Chicago still has is strong “ethnic European” neighborhoods that closely control who resides there (despite “equal housing” laws).

  • Whiteman

    “When the American auto industry in Detroit offered decent jobs for decent people Detroit was a decent place to live”.
    Actually, our automakers still offer good pay and benefits (no doubt it earns them no credit for leftists like you). It’s the other job, non-corporate ones, that don’t pay well. You know, those employers that aren’t evil and don’t need to be taken down, like our dastardly corporations do.


    The black and Mexican populations of Chicago, as well as the Puerto Ricans, were brought to the city by capitalists for cheap labor.  You cant put all the blame on liberals and Democrats for that.  

    When large numbers of blacks first came to Chicago during WWII, the opposition came from labor unions and ethnic whites.  The pro-black forces were the business owners/rich WASP establishment types.  

  • curri

    Many South Side white working class and middle class neighborhoods shifted from white to black during the Richard J. Daley years.  The first Mayor Daley was, however, able to keep his own South Side neighborhood (Bridgeport) almost entirely white during his lifetime. 

    The second  Mayor Daley was a big supporter of Mexican  illegal immigration for the purpose of containing the more troublesome black population.  This was deemed necessary because younger whites (except for affluent lakefront yuppie-SWPL whites and Gays) had already largely decamped for  the suburbs by the time he came into  office.  Add declining white birth rates to the mix and he had no choice .

    Daley II’s “brain”, Jeremiah Joyce, was a Mensa guy of  Buchananite inclination who understood these things very well.  

  • Strider73

     Thanks for the quote. I saw it somewhere else long ago, but don’t recall where. Can you tell us the source (one of Dr. Schweitzer’s books, diaries, notes, or whatever)? If it’s in print, perhaps it’s available at Amazon or elsewhere.

  • Any intelligent sane person knows blacks have ruined every city they populate. For too many years Political Correctness and white guilt have kept whites from opening their mouths. I see things are beginning to change as people finally are having enough of this. Blacks would be extinct if not for whites. They can’t even dig a well in Africa.

  • JimmyFreedom

    I’d have to say that Limbaugh, Coulter and others are partially right. Labor Unions and specifically the public-sector unions of the government workers helped run Detroit into bankruptcy. And liberal, “rob Peter to pay Paul” socialist policies helped to destroy Detroit. But the black people that took over Detroit (after chasing away the tax-paying producers) are the ones who initiated those policies—for they are always looking for the socialist handouts stolen from white tax payers to be given to the black welfare state. And look at other cities where black people took over—Gary Indiana or East St. Louis. The entire cities are now dilapidated ghettos with less than half of the population that they had in their hay day when they were known as great places to live (with over 80% white populations). They are also the most dangerous cities in the U.S. with constant crime, and they are both now close to 100% black population. The liberal/socialist governments and labor unions helped them along too, but the black populations destroyed them. Now, I may sound like a “racist” conservative, white guy—but it may surprise you to know I’m a black man. But I have a wife and kids, an education, a job, and a house in the mainly white suburbs so I guess I’m an “Uncle Tom” LOL. I don’t smoke crack, expect welfare, scam, cheat, steal, kill, and knock up multiple baby-mamas, so to “black America” (i.e. places like Detroit) I’m not “ligit.”