Pulitzer Winner: ‘Soul of Heterosexual White Man Is at Stake’ in 2012 Election

The Daily Caller, April 9, 2012

In a wide-ranging symposium Monday called “The State of Race in America,” award-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas said that “in some ways, the soul of the heterosexual white man is a stake” in the 2012 election.

His comments were part of a larger monologue on political and social power moving to minority groups, which he said will hurt former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign.


Vargas is best known for his Pulitzer Award-winning work covering the Virginia Tech shootings for the Washington Post, and for his essay, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant,” for The New York Times Magazine, in which he revealed his status as an illegal alien in the country.

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  • ed91

    I’m a heterosexual white man and I don’t need an hispanic man or anyother man speaking for me.  I have watched the last 50 years while women and blacks get handed sugar coated jobs and grants for schooling,  and early promotions and every other perk you can dream up while heterosexual white men are the unspoken trash of the nation…….. something to get past, be beyond……. a pox on our government and lousy politicians……  

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “the soul of the heterosexual white man is a stake” in the 2012 election.

    If by “soul” does he mean free white tax money?

    •  The Gibs Muh Dat of Whitey is at stake, Holmes!

  • June39

    The man sitting with Juan Williams is a declared illegal, right? Then where is the DHS, Police, ICE or anyone else who can arrest him and hustle him out of the country? Illegals are so brazen now, they actually wear tee shirts stating that they’re illegal and there’s nothing we can do about it. I fully expect an enemy nation to soon send their army here and our government will wave the white flag, because we surely wouldn’t want to interfere with their “rights.”

  • bluffcreek1967

    You know our country is doomed when this vain babbler, who just happens to also be an illegal alien, is given a platform to spew his nonsense. The audience, I’m sure, was fawning all over him, and he was treated as if he was some sophisticated intellectual with something deep to say. Ooooh, such depth of insight and scholarly acumen! In truth, however, he is a simpleton who needs to be deported to his country of origin.  

  • Well, well, well, what have we here?  An Illegal Alien who knows his Free Ride is about to end.

    This Illegal Alien knows that not even his own people will give him what The White Man has.

  • They want our souls not as well.

  • Deport this absolute twit. He’s glorying in his contempt of this country and the people who made it.

  • How does a homosexual hispanic know anything about the soul of a heterosexual white man?

    • ed91

       very much agree…….  to take that thought further—

      how would a homosexual hispanic know much of anything other
      than the glory and self-absorption of being a homosexual hispanic?

  • From the video: “They’re looking at him, in which everything has been *given*….” — white privilege!

    In reality:
    Who has paid for most of the taxes at ALL levels of government in the US? White guys!

    Who has fought in greater numbers (and as a % of their race), and died in each and every war this nation has fought? White guys!

    Who designed and established this great nation that so many of these blacks and Latinos (NAMs — “non-Asian minorities” (most Asians are too busy studying or working or taking care of their families)), whine about, even though they don’t want to leave? White guys!

  • ageofknowledge

    My soul is just fine. The illegal alien working in the U.S. must be projecting some personal problem on everyone else. It happens from time-to-time.

  • Ken

    I’m a homosexual white man you @#$%&*, and I need your bogus redemption like a tracheotomy hole needs an unfiltered Camel cig….see you on the barricades!

  • This illegal invading squatter is still here! He should be writing articles and giving interviews from ciudad de mexico! Is that what they refer to as “living beneath the shadows?”

  • gemjunior

    “Yes, let’s transfer social and political power to Blacks and Latinos, they do such a great job of running their own countries.”

    It is absolutely amazing that this is being done right in front of our faces.  How do we stop this lunacy?  I know that White men WILL  get back up and take their rightful places as leaders and masters (yeah! I said it! MASTERS!!!!) of this, OUR country, before it’s too late, but how long are they going to wait?  It is getting close to a situation of peril – like, “not safe to wait much longer”……….

    • ed91

       our foolish leaders are allowing blacks and hispanics to take over our country…………  among other groups, like muslim

  • Pandemonium

    Most of what you predict has already happened. It’s going to be much, much harder to take our country back now since we have let so much of it go. The fault is our own. 

    I’m reminded of what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said about the Russian revolution, and I paraphrase: “if we had met them in the hallways of our apartment buildings with our broom-handles and shovels…if we had only fought back when we were still strong and they were relatively weak…”

    If, if, if. I hope, I pray that we are not singing a similar lament in the near future.

  • My guess is you’ve never bothered to call Congress.  Were you one to bother fighting for your Country, you’d know all too well, Congress does not care even when it’s about blatant abuse of American Tax Paid Generosity.

    Take S-Chip for example.  There is NO Income Limit, hard to believe but it’s True.  S-Chip is “free” health insurance for kids but you can qualify even if you have access to insurance from your job, even if you make a six figure salary and even if you have several working adults under the same roof.  Do you think PA Congress Members did anything about it?  NO, they have not.

    We come here because it’s one of the extreme few places a White Person can go without being constantly told how “racist” we are.  It’s one of the extreme few places White People are actually welcome.  You calling this place a “ghetto” makes you sound like a jealous non-white.

    You run along now and call Congress for surely they’ll listen to you….

  • ed91

    White women have been beneficiaries of affirmative action from the beginning.

    Since they are inherently more intelligent than the average bantu, they have benefited much more…………… at the expense of heterosexual white men.

    •  Don’t agree.  There is a relevant range of employment and educational circumstances where white women will get brownie points over white men, but overall, AA has hurt white women.

      • ed91

         I would like to hear your reasoning widened at bit.
        By definition, AA had women and blacks getting chosen first on jobs, appointments, promotions etc…….. white women were/are part of the women ……..how has it hurt white women?

  • Done.  Doubt if anything will happen given they didn’t sound too happy to be taking my complaint.

  • This speaker’s whole life has been one big deception and an outright lie.

    His family knowingly paid a criminal ‘coyote’ to illegally smuggle him into the US, he’s knowingly carried forged documents such as green cards, drivers licences and has knowingly lied on various federal income tax forms as to his legal residential status and then his illegal presence has corrupted numerous US citizens in helping to keep his illegal status away from the eyes the relevant authorities with them having created a ‘underground railway’
    like network to hide him away (while remaining in plain sight).

    After consciously partaking in all of this deception, this speaker now has the gall to lecture a whole other racial/ (sexual?) block (apparently it’s only wrong when we do it) and the health status of their (intangible) soul? Because we White men “who were given everything” need to help those “who’ve struggled for everything”(like the speaker had to struggle to live while breaking various laws), this homosexual Filipino’s whole existence  has been built on a lie and theft and now he’s trying to guilt the group he covets the most into giving his life some validity.

    This is his soul’s problem, not ours.

    No doubt the progressives will think of this book wormy, little gay Asian as the typical illegal alien.

  • Vargas is an interesting case.  He has a Spanish name, and is technically an illegal alien, so everyone assumes Hispanic/Latino/Chicano.  But he is really Filipino.

    The reason the media love illegal immigration is because illegal immigrants almost never cost media people their jobs.