Daring Pack of Kids Raid SE Portland Store

Meghan Kalkstein, KATU (Portland), April 9, 2012

Police are hoping the public can help identify several kids who stormed a local gas station this past Saturday night and stole everything they could grab.

On the surveillance video, one person came into the Chevron convenience store on SE 92nd and Foster. Then a second person came in and pretty soon, a large group of kids was packed into the shop. Soon, they were stealing anything they could, from drinks to gum to candy

Carlos Garcia was working Saturday night at around 11:30 p.m. when the incident happened. He said there were 16 kids in the store. Garcia said the kids grabbed anything they could and shoved items into their pockets or simply carrying them in their hands and out the door.



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  • I  suspect there are many more of these mob robberies that go unreported.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       yes. correct. to hear them purchase a police scanner and listen to the calls or use a free scanner online for your area. in one year listening maybe every other day i hear things blacks are doing that you cant imagine that are NEVER reported on the news such as exposing themselves to white families in local parks and wearing ski masks and wilding in business districts as well as looting

    • Southern Man

      As I once said here in another article, these kinds of attacks have a history of at least 20 or more years.  And not reported nationally.  My favorite instance occured in Tallahassee, Fl when Florida A&M (a historic black college) held their meetup in Governor’s Square Mall during homecoming weekend.  As some ruckus broke out in the food court, it was like shaking the cages of feral beasts.  They screamed and ran through the entire mall and targeted the best department stores in the mall, stealing whatever they could lift and carry away.  But prime in their ugly minds was to terrorize the few whites unlucky or unknowingly there in the mall.

      I said this was a favorite of mine.  First no one got hurt physically (and all I care about were the innocents that didn’t know better and got stuck in the middle of this).  Second, it was very amusing to watch all the usual libtards attempt excuses:  from the media, the democrat mayor, the utterly corrupt and inept FAMU administration.  And third, from one of my acquaintances who happens to be a Cuban naturalized citizen and marine vet.  Even before this wilding actually started, stores started pulling their security metal shutters, especially the smaller stores with more local control.  As the wilding started my friend, his wife and two daughters and another man and his wife were all trapped in an alcove.  Except this time the good guys prevailed, both my friend and the other man had a CCW permit and were carrying that day. They shoved their loved ones behind them and pulled their weapons and from what I would be allowed to print here, yelled to the crowds to go around or we will shoot you.  The hundreds of these black rioters swarmed around them but gave them wide berth.

      This story was told to the local newspaper, a Pravda wannabe, and of course was never published.  From this I learned that my days of owning a permit to carry and not carrying are long over.  There is no safe place in our society any more as these people are encouraged to set foot on traditionally white areas and the local police forces are not able to or want to look out for us.

  • “Daring?”

    I looked at the video, and it doesn’t look to me like they scaled an alligator-filled moat to get into the store.  They didn’t dodge grenades, or duck from the fire of a machine gun, or run away from charging rottweilers.

    Sorry, Media FAIL.  This wasn’t “daring,” these were the typical ghetto tactics of people who did something because they could get away with it, and it was easy, and because they knew nobody would stop them.

  • I see some smiles in that crowd.  They’re never happier than when they’re being exactly what they are.

    • Oil Can Harry

      They ARE Trayvon Martin…

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    here is an excellent example of where the stand your ground law would be justified and i urge any person in this situation to exercise your right to use deadly force without hesitation if you are in a store where this takes place because  i certainly would

  • rebelcelt

    Oh my my my………what are we going to do about these kids. You know … the ones that have no race, no readily seen forms of identifiction. You know just the general kind of youth that is like all the other kinds of youth..

  • joewest666

    If obama had sons.. those would be dead ringers for em.

  • MartelC

    “daring”? The media just loves these ‘youths’ don’t they? 

    • Didnt you see them swinging in on the wild trapeze

      • YouthDecay

        Looked more like a vine to me.

  • Who cares?  The store is probably “owned” by an asian anyway.

    • The_Bobster

      Someone has to be the cannon fodder.

      • The “intelligent asians” mantra is a part of why I have no patience towards those people and I reckon it’s because all I see is how American Quality Disappeared, we’re paying high prices for crap, Americans being traded in for cheap aliens and asians being pandered to at American Tax Payers’ Expense.

        The other part is, I prefer to purchase from Americans but when the majority of gas stations are asian “owned”, it doesn’t feel like they’re partaking, it looks and feels like they’re taking over.  Same for hotels, dunkin donuts, IT and soon, Medicine, Post Office, Politics, etc.

        • The_Bobster

          Yes, my local branch of the USPS has Hindus working in it! I thought it was the U.S. Postal Service.

  • No

    Mr Garcia tells us:  “I don’t want to hurt them . . . they’re kids.”

    Well good Mr Garcia . . . be sure to re-stock your shelves with plenty of grape drank and fried chicken-tasting bubble gum.

    The more time they spend robbing morons like you, the less time they have to rob decent white folks.

  • SintiriNikos

    Daring, my foot. If I’m the owner of one of these stores, I’m installing a revolving door with a delay and with a remote switch that I can trip to lock it in place, to keep the flow of these thugs to a minimum. I’m also packing a 9-iron for some practice swings

    • Up to my neck in CA

      You misspelled 9 iron, its spelled Winchester Defender 12 gauge.

  • Texan1st

    I see those darned Amish kids are at it again. Will they ever learn to behave?

  • Duxinarowe

     Remember Dr Zhivago. One man stealing wood for fuel is a tragedy, two men unfortunate and a thousand men a disaster. If we simply say only a few candy bars while that is true for one store if you add all the stores together you will end up with a national bankruptcy.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The “kids” are modern day Robbin’ da hoods!

  • ageofknowledge

    Portland used to be such a nice city before Los Angeles gangs discovered Amtrak.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    blacks robbing hispanics two germs trying to out compete each other on the same white host. somebody apply some broad spectrum antibiotic to these disgusting germs.  

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     i’m refering to where he had the blue crate thrown at him.
    a 2nd degree assault.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     in fact trayvon martin had bragged on his twitter about punching a school bus driver. thanks to mr z that driver is safe from further assault at least by one of these imported things from africa