Police Car Shot Up in Trayvon Martin’s Neighborhood

Candace Smith, ABC News, April 10, 2012

Six shots were fired into an empty police cruiser early today in the Florida neighborhood where black teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as the mayor warned that the town has become a “kindling box.”

No one was injured in the 4:30 a.m. shooting at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Fla. Police removed the vehicle and have begun an investigation.
The shooting occurred as tensions continue in this small middle class city. One official told ABC News tension could soon reaching a boiling point.

ABC News has learned that the emergency operation centers of three counties have been activated at Level II, the same level of preparedness used ahead of a hurricane.

“Are we a kindling box? Sure,” said Mayor Jeff Triplett. “But we’re working down a path and so far it’s been absolutely peaceful.”


Capt. Robert O’Connor of the Sanford Police Department told ABC News, “Law enforcement agencies in the area are monitoring a variety of activities and groups to ensure that conditions remain peaceful.”


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  • JohnEngelman

    When the riot starts the police need to suppress it quickly. When the looting starts it is time for the shooting to start. Rioters and looters should be shot on sight. 

  • Yeah but they fail to mention the blacks only shot up THE WHITE HALF of the car!

  • SintiriNikos
  • Police cars are very threatening to some people but not others.  I had several cops come into work one day and asked me about a customer, when a black coworker came around the corner, she screamed and droped what she was carrying. She failed a random drug test after that, maybe not so random.
    Other than when I am speeding cop cars are comforting.

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      The police are the muscle of the government.  That government is hostile to your views.  If we become explicit enemies of the state, rather than the implicit enemies that we are now, and you were publicly exposed, you would have to assume that the police are not on your side.

      “Serve and protect” is horse manure.  The police exist first and foremost to preserve the government monopoly on force and use it to press the government’s interest.  Your safety and mine is a peripheral concern at best.  The occupants of that car you find comforting can trample your Constitutional rights to holy hell at the drop of a hat with no recourse for you.  I know because it’s happened to me before.  It’s a harrowing experience.

      If you’ve found this site and agree with it’s opinions, the government is not your friend.  If anyone here ever had to shoot a black man in self-defense their posts on this site could be combed for evidence to bring a hate crimes charge.  Just a little food for thought.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        OK Alex Jones.  I know we often paint with broad brushes, but local cops often represent the population at large.  Some are honorable, some not.  Some are conservative, some liberal.  Some are respectful and polite, some are rude and authoritarian.  Most cops, when being completely honest, will agree with the sentiments about black crime of Amrenners–because they see it every day.

        • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

          I’ve been stopped on the street and checked for weapons simply for being present at the scene of a gun incident.  I’ve been on a boat on inland waters stopped and searched for drugs by the Coast Guard with absolutely no probable cause whatsoever.  I refuse to fly anymore because I refuse to be treated like a criminal and searched as a prerequisite for exercising my freedom of travel within the borders of this country.  Don’t use the name of a pariah to smear me and belittle my arguments.  Progressives do the exact same thing to RR/WNs when they call us “Hitler.”  It’s disappointing to find that here, to say the least. 

          What you said is all wonderful obfuscation of the point, which is that at the end of the day, they’ll toe the line because they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.  That’s the salient point that you need to understand about those who’s families eat at the behest of the government. 

          It’s something the Bonus Army and their families learned at the points of MacArthur and Patton’s bayonets as they were driven from the National Mall. 

          They learned this in Little Rock when the 101st Airborne made it plain that the people in that community couldn’t decide for themselves who would sit next to their children in their schools.

          There was of course that whole War Between The States…

          The police and military have always been on the wrong side of upholding your Constitutional rights.  ALWAYS, whether it’s the Weavers, Branch Davidians, secessionists, Hutaree militia, if you oppose the state the state’s thugs will come down on you, no matter if they have a lovely house with a white picket fence, a wife on the PTA and kids in varsity sports.  And by being on this site, you have articulated that you oppose the state, who’s aim is to promote multiculturalism at your expense. 

          I won’t have sunshine blown up my rear end by people who are just certain that the police and military will refuse to use force against us to further the government’s aims, when I am unaware of one single instance in modern American history of these organizations refusing to do so.  Pandering about how the agents of the state are model Americans in their home lives is no different than throwing your fellow whites under the bus to prove your racial bonafides in the vain hope that the black crocodile will eat you last, to paraphrase Churchill. 

          The police forces and military of the United States are committed to diversity!  The organizations under which they are slowly being integrated have come out publicly that their intentions are to label “white nationalists,” militias, Ron Paul-loving Constitutionalists, and veterans unhappy with the course of our foreign policy (those they term “disgruntled”) as terrorists.  These organizations are your enemy, whether you accept it or not.

      • anonymous_amren

        There’s no record to trace me to this site. I only access it through TOR (The Onion Router). As long as I keep my mouth shut, they’ll never know. I am breaking the law by posting here, but I’m hoping not to get caught.

        I support a government monopoly on force. But the government aren’t doing their job well enough.

  • SintiriNikos


  • Texan1st

    ABC’s slanted reporting in the original article is disgusting, yet predictable. According to the writer, Zimmerman was merely “knocked down” by Martin before he shot him in self-defense. Really? Of course Mark Potok was given an opportunity to weigh in with his ‘expertise’ too. Nothing like having an impartial expert such as Mr Potok explaining the situation. We all know his reputation and credentials are impeccable.

  • No

    QUOTE:  “tension could soon reaching a boiling point”  ///

    I got my popcorn ready.  It’s going to be a wonderful Summer.  This should be better than Katrina . . . and I so enjoyed watching the spectacle at the Superdome and the video they kept showing of the fat black cow sitting on a mattress in three feet of slimy water.  Priceless memories . . .

    The state of Florida has a long tradition of whites re-educating out-of-control blacks. 

    Everyone has head of “Rosewood” . . . but there were also “Perry” and “Oconee.”  Even Gainesville has a long, proud history of getting blacks under control.  So does Orlando.  So does Sanford.

    It would not surprise me if there’s a long line of men (and women) standing outside the local Ku Klux recruiting station.

    The Skittle Boy Show is even better for us than the Three Stooges (Obama, Holder & Hillary).

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    according to michael the following is what we should prepare for.  it’s time for white people to stop apologizing. stand on your own two feet.

  • KenelmDigby

    I hope certain highly prominent persons in the media, newspaper and TV editors etc are very proud of the trouble they are stirring up, the murders, assaults and damage that their propaganda is stirring up amongst weak minded and impressionable people.
     Of course, they have no shame at all, and think that they are ‘morally’ the ‘great and good’.
    The deaths and damage of the Rodney King riots (which they also engendered), washed over them like water off a duck’s back.

  • Duxinarowe

    If you can blackmail your government with threats of violence for any wrong at will you will soon cease to have a government. The shooting was justified and we aren’t being exploited for injustice Trayvon is simply a moral hanger for the poverty pimps to demand goodies from us.

  • The_Bobster

    The $PLC regularly gives seminars on “hate groups” to local police forces. Guess what we are.

  • Strider73

     The Founding Father you quoted was George Washington. If he could see the cesspool of corruption the city that bears his name has become, he would burn it down all over again (as the British did in the War of 1812).

    As for the police and military, I suspect Tom Chittum’s prediction in Civil War II will come to pass and those institutions will crack up along racial lines, with civilians teaming up with their uniformed brethren. If so, that bodes ill for blacks. Thanks to the military’s PC/diversity obsession, incompetent, quota-filling black officers and senior NCOs would be in charge of a rabble of poorly trained, undisciplined troops. Facing them would be nearly all of the Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and other elite forces, led by top officers and senior NCOs angry at being passed over for promotion in favor of those less-qualified blacks (and plenty of former officers who had already left in disgust). The blacks would be, in a word, annihilated.