Man Tells Police Group Yelled ‘Trayvon,’ Then Beat Him

Chad Smith, The Gainesville Sun, April 9, 2012

Police are investigating the “racially motivated” beating of a 27-year-old man who was walking home from midtown bars early Saturday when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who shouted “Trayvon” before the attack.


Investigators believe that case was the catalyst for the beating Saturday in Gainesville.

“We do believe that the crime was racially motivated,” Gainesville Police Department spokeswoman Cpl. Angelina Valuri said.

The assailants were black, while the victim is white, Valuri said.

She said the victim had been drinking and could not provide a description of the attackers or their vehicle, only that it was a mid-size vehicle.

But Valuri said his injuries were consistent with being jumped by a group.

During what he told police was a five-minute beating, he sustained injuries to the left eye, abrasions to his palms and a cut on his right kneecap, and Valuri said he would likely have “permanent disfigurement to the left side of his face.”


The victim told police that a vehicle was coming east on Southwest 32nd Place when it stopped at 23rd Terrace.

A group of men got out and told him he was walking too slowly, the victim told police.

They then yelled “Trayvon,” according to a GPD report, and proceeded to beat him.

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  • B

    Only five to eight of them? That took courage.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      And that’s only a small pack of yoofs. They are the biggest cowards on the planet.

    • At least they had the courage to give a little warning they usually sucker punch even in groups that large

  • WmarkW

    At least the police acknowledge it was a possible hate crime.

  • Something I only realized a few day ago: blacks, also, are kept in the dark re. the true rates of interracial crimes and thus they too think racist violence is primarily whites against blacks (versus the other way around). Thus, I believe, many blacks think they are justified in attacking whites since the MSM, esp national, NEVER carries stories like the one about that white guy last week who was beaten and had his clothing stripped off of him and stolen by blacks. If the races in the attack were the other way around, esp w/video available to use to bash white people on the evening news, it would have made ALL the MSM channels. Since it wasn’t whites publicly stripping a black man, it wasn’t reported.

    Whites, esp liberal white guys and most white women, keep feeling sorry for blacks thinking that they’re primarily the victims of unjust racist attacks. Since it wasn’t reported, black women and black men also go on thinking that the only racist crimes that occur are against them (and thus they are even more “trigger happy” to go ballistic on any white who crosses them). Those 4 groups represent a HUGE number of people and thus a huge voting /political pressure group. We’ve got to reduce those numbers by getting the truth out!

    ALL AmRen readers/supporters have got to email family/friends and post on online forums and blogs the truth about interracial crimes. What I have found to be most effective is posting a links to Jared’s C-SPAN presentation, since C-SPAN is a respected source:

    Since we all know that people can lie w/statistics, I then say that Dr. Walter E. Williams, Prof. of Econ. at George Mason and an African American, ran the numbers himself and verified Mr. Taylor’s report (and provide this link):

    Last, I say that if you want to read the original or updated reports or get more info, ck out:

    If they’re still interested, they will now find AmRen and likely join us.

    • haroldcrews

      The ignorance on the part of blacks and white libs as to the true nature of inter-racial crime is willful.

    • rebelcelt

      Sorry, I went to a 98% Back Jr. High. Believe me they know they committ more crime and are proud of it. They see it as being stronger, tougher, stc. To them it is a sign of strength to take from another. (unless they are the victims). They know they cannot compete in a legitimate way far better than you understand it. and they hate you for it. How would you like to be reminded  of your inferiority everytime you saw a white? Then deal with it from a shallow reasonoing.

  • Sounds like the guy left the bar after midnight and was somewhat publicly intoxicated when walking by himself — talk about asking for trouble….

    There’s a ton of prudent advice in the three “Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice” postings at:

    Share w/family & friends.

    Be safe out there!

    • Anan7

       That is an excellent link!  I will be moving out of NY state in the next few years because of high minority population, confiscatory taxes, and gun laws that make it very difficult to CCW legally.

  • SintiriNikos

    I can only hope that some of these thugs will hear the words ‘Zimmerman’ as a serenade into the other world.

  • bubo

    What this story says is that if I’m out walking and hear the word “Trayvon” I should probably just start shooting.  

  • I’d suggest that White people not be strolling drunkenly home in the middle of the night, all on their lonesome, in any downtown inhabited by blacks. Or if they’re going to do that, they’d better be armed, and loaded (in more ways than one). Blacks love situations where they can gang up on isolated, helpless Whites, throw sucker punches, attack from behind, etc. Fire a few rounds, and they’ll scatter.

    Matter of fact, if you’re in a “stand your ground” state, and they’re obviously attacking you, do like the police academies train: Aim for center mass.

    • No point in shooting if you are not going to hit, that is called brandishing. If you shoot them the powder burns can show how close they where to you.
      If you are not in a castle law state move. No point to shoot anything other than center mass it is too easy to miss a moving target, and its not like you are shooting at the range with all the time in the world.

    • haroldcrews

      I would say if you’re drinking in public whether in a white area or black area don’t be alone.  Be with at least several people and the more the better.  The blacks in this story came out of a vehicle so it may not have been in a black area.  Also many of the carry states prohibit carrying if you’ve been drinking.

  • WmarkW

    Geeze, didn’t he read Derbyshire’s TakiMag column?

    • The_Bobster

      Maybe he was trying to find a black friend.

  • crystal evans

    I feel sorry for this guy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This reminds me of a similar incident in Atlanta 20 years ago when a white man was attacked by a group of black youths yelling “Rodney King”. The man was severely injured and was never the same again.

    • The_Bobster

      Wrong place = any place where afrovoodoos congregate (malls, sneaker stores, cRap concerts, bassetball courts, anti-White rallies, all-you-can-eat skrimp buffets, funerals for dead gang members).

    • No

      On the one hand, there are no “wrong places” in Gainesville, Florida.  It’s still a nice (Southern) college town with lots of rich whites and poor Florida crackers sharing space with ex-slaves.

      On the other hand, every place is wrong because Gainesville is infested with white liberals and blacks (especially “afletes”) are treated like they’re made of gold.

      Any time a society allows a group to get out of control, the results are totally predictable.

      White liberals NEVER understood that about the South.  Whites did not institute Jim Crow Laws because they were bored . . . they put restrictions on blacks for the same reason you put retrictions on any wild animal – so they don’t eat you.

      • anmpr1

        Then they’d have to be awfully old “ex-slaves.”  One point: Jim Crow was not directed just at blacks, but was meant to control white behavior, also.  The law’s authors understood that certain whites are just as in need of external control in order to protect against white on black miscegenation, etc.  It always takes two to tango.  Jim Crow was as much preventative as proscriptive.

      • The_Bobster

        My parents lived near Gainesville. There are plenty of places where you don’t want your car to break down in right on the outskirts of the city.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    Saw a number of comments on the Trayvonostravaganza to the effect of “why did he have to shoot an unarmed kid”?

    This is why.  Because when they assault you they’re looking to destroy you, not just humble you.  And to pre-empt the trolls who will point out that there’s a difference between one man and several, I say that one black can do a wicked enough foot-stomping on your head to disfigure and/or brain damage you for life.

    Beatings like this are meted out by people who burn with hate. 

    • SintiriNikos

      Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to stand idly by waiting to see if he has a weapon.


  • No

    One upon a time there was a little community near Gainesville called “Rosewood.”

    You blacks ever hear of it?

    • The_Bobster

      The local newspaper is owned by the NY Slimes. You never hear the end of it in that rag. Bad YT.

  • tickyul

    It is going to be a long, hateful summer in The United States Of Ameristan. I can almost see it now……Urban American Yutes being more crazy/violent than usual. If you live among a significant population of these “PEOPLE”, best to be on a red-alert…….avoid if at all possible……..pack heat if legal.

    I think by the end of the summer Youtube is going to be full of new videos capturing hoards of Urban American Yutes assaulting Evil-Ole-Whitey.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    Michael savage is the only national figure speaking up for white men and white people in general and even he won’t directly discuss the flash mobs.  white people are in for a wake-up call. 50 million latinos OR MEXICANS WHATEVER, 40 million blacks, 223 million whites / others. at least 50 percent of whites (gays, white woman, white progressives/communists, jews )will side with the black /mexican coalition so: that’s 201.5 black/mex/leftist VERSUS 111.5 white conservatives. many gays hate blacks so that number may be less and some white woman are conservative or will back their husbands so that number will be less.  so the final number may be  145 million  marxist vs 166 million conservatives a close match so it should be interesting. either way it should be  a bloodbath.  its going to be great fun and it cannot happen soon enough.

  • Rocky Bass

    Going to have to get worse, much worse, before these become “newsworthy” events. Too damn many of our fellow countrymen are fast asleep still. WAKE UP and smell the burning little boys!

  • ACE2X

    Avoid the ‘groid is the best advice. If they an’t be avoided, concealed carry
    is the only option. Don’t be a victim, racial profile.

  • You may be correct — I was just speculating.

    But if I were a black sitting at home watching the MSM, I’d NEVER hear the rates of black on white crime rates, just like I don’t hear about them being white. While I’m sure they hear news and gossip about how their local “community” behaves vis-a-vis whites, I doubt whether they hear the results of any national studies since those would be squashed as “racist” (even by the “conservative” National Review as we’ve seen recently).

    Either way, one of our top priorities must be to get the truth out. That will increase the number on our side (and reduce the number on the other side), and embolden us to stand up for the truth and not let the liberals, the MSM, and teachers/profs get away w/these “conversations on race” that are nothing more than anti-white bashing and undermining Western Civilization.

  • generalquagmyer

    The media seems to be wringing its hands now over the possibility of hate crimes and rioting in the aftermath of Mr. No-limits N*gga’s demise. Jeez, what a dumb Twitter handle, BTW…

    Think about it, though. Do white people even KNOW how to riot anymore? And white-on-black hate crime is so rare that the media has to concoct it any time a white defends himself from attack, even changing the individual’s race from something else to white if necessary.

    Guess it wouldn’t be politically correct, though, to say that they’re worried about blacks rioting and blacks committing hate crimes against whites. Too Derbyshiresque…

  • saxonsun

    My sister worked with a half-white, half-black woman; she told my sis that most blacks are cowards and when whites fight back, they back down. She said that whites were just not aware of this fact and she stressed that as mixed race person she was in a definite position to know the truth.

  • redfeathers

    The Washington Post is reporting that Zimmerman will be charged.  It’s all about stopping people from defending themselves from black crime.  

  • anarchyst

    We need to get to the “power structure” (you know WHO I am talking about) that is perpetuating this racial strife.  (It ain’t blacks) . . .

  • LOOK at Zimmerman, he’s hispanic! How is it that nobody gets that?

  • What? no justice for this White person!? Hmm based on how the roles were reversed I can see why.

  • kminta

    Blacks behaving badly. Got anything new to tell me?