Posted on December 24, 2012

Whites and Guns

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 24, 2012

Pistol with bullets

Credit Image: Wikimedia

The media has discovered the real enemy behind mass shootings in America: white people.

Americans used to believe firearms were an integral part of our identity, a symbol of our self-reliance and the conquest of a continent. “Progressives” are adopting a mirror image of these ideas, but are using them to justify disarming white Americans.

Hugo Schwyzer, who blogs for the feminist intellectual journal/celebrity gossip magazine Jezebel, blames mass shootings on white men frustrated by multiculturalism. Katie J.M. Baker, who worries about the crisis of racist sorority girls, racist theme parties, and rape epidemics by white people in Montanasniffed that “Americans have fetishized the power and agency guns provide ever since the Revolutionary War” but dismisses this heritage as “macho daydreams.” Michael Moore provided the most detailed analysis, characterizing white Americas as “fearful” of the minorities they are oppressing, and suggesting that they own guns only because of “racism.” But how does he account for the latest celebrity YouTube video condemning Americans and their guns that begins with Jamie Foxx, star of Django Unchained, who was last seen bragging that he gets to “kill all the white people” in his latest movie?

Of course, the truth is that the shocking violence in Newton, Connecticut, or Aurora, Colorado, conceals the larger reality of rampant gun crime in cities such as Chicago, where more than 270 school-age children have been killed in the past three years. In addition to astonishing levels of black-on-black violence, there is a great deal of black-on-white violence, especially gun crime.

However, Michael Moore and his ilk believe that whites are irrationally fearful of oppressed non-whites. The most spectacular recent example of irrational fear was George Zimmerman, a “white Hispanic” now awaiting trial for the crime of defending himself and actually doing his job as a neighborhood watch volunteer, rather than ignoring black crime.

Blacks, as always, practice an almost refreshingly straightforward tribalism. Among the leading voices for disarmament is the Congressional Black Caucus. It seized on the killing of Trayvon Martin to introduce a repeal of all “Stand Your Ground” laws that allow Americans to defend themselves against violence without first retreating. After the Newtown shooting, the group supported the message of one of its members, Yvette Clarke, who badly claimed that “we have the authority” to ban “assault weapons” and certain kinds of magazines, and to control private sales of guns.

Oddly, the group’s alleged worries about unregistered firearms did not extend to the “Fast and Furious” scandal under Eric Holder, in which untracked assault rifles were shipped to Mexico and used in violent crimes, including the murder of white Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The Congressional Black Caucus walked out during a vote to hold black Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, and even honored him at a gala as a “role model for the African-American community.”

The appears to be a long-term agenda: Disarm white people and make them dependent for  security on a government that despises them. Tom Scocca, writing at Slate, makes it explicit, saying that the real danger after Hurricane Katrina was not the collapse of civil order or the disintegration of the black police force, but bands of “racist civilians.”

We know where this kind of anti-white gun control leads. The South African Firearms Control Act mandates that gun ownership be allowed only after an applicant passes a written test and a criminal background check, explains his “need” for the weapon, has adequate safekeeping facilities, and takes a shooting test. Gun owners must re-register periodically.

Not surprisingly, the South African government cannot keep up with its own administrative requirements. Applicants have been waiting for as long as five years to own firearms legally. The system is a model of what Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny,” as the government mysteriously loses tens of thousands of its own firearms even as it denies permits to law abiding citizens. If a white citizen does use a firearm to defend his life against a black, he is often punished.

The result is predictable. Murders of white South African farmers have become so common that  even “Genocide Watch” says the South African government is in the beginning stages of a drive for extermination. The government is not worried; President Jacob Zuma recently sang “Shoot the Boer” at an African National Congress celebration.

White South Africans who could not afford private security companies used to rely on “commandos” of mobile defense teams that could respond quickly to reports of violence. Of course, in 2003, the South African government forcibly disbanded them because they were supposedly linked to apartheid. Now, as Genocide Watch pointed out after an exhaustive investigation in July 2012, “Deliberate inaction of the South African Government has weakened rural security structures, facilitating Afrikaner farm murders, in order to terrorize white farmers into vacating their farms.”

Could it happen here? Since President Obama’s re-election, the media has increasingly removed the mask, engaging in multicultural triumphalism. Most of the world greets Boer genocide  with silence or even approval, so we cannot expect anyone else to defend us. The current debate over gun control isn’t about public safety, or mental illness, or the Constitution. It’s about whether whites have the right to defend themselves.

Only we can be us and only we can defend ourselves.