When Assault Weapons Saved Koreatown

Ryan James Girdusky, Human Events, December 23, 2012

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, sparked by the acquittal of four Los Angeles Police Department officers accused of beating now-deceased Rodney King. During the five days, mobs around Los Angeles looted stores, burnt 3,767 buildings, caused more than $1 billion in property damage, and led to the deaths of more than 50 people and left another 4,000 injured. A story that has been forgotten since then is that of the brave storeowners in Koreatown who fended off mobs with handguns, rifles and assault weapons.

On the second day of the riots, the police had abandoned much of Koreatown. Jay Rhee, a storeowner in the area, stated to The Los Angeles Times, “we have lost faith in the police.”

With the cops nowhere to be found, hundreds of people marauded through the streets towards Koreatown. The neighborhood suffered 45 percent of all the property damage and five fatalities of storeowners during the riots. Having had enough of waiting for police, Korean storeowners assembled into militias to protect themselves, their families, and businesses.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “From the rooftops of their supermarkets, a group of Koreans armed with shotguns and automatic weapons peered onto the smoky streets . . . Koreans have turned their pastel-colored mini-malls into fortresses against looters tide.”

Rhee claimed that the storeowners shot off 500 rounds into the sky and ground in order to break up the masses of people. The only weapons able to clear that much ammo in a very short time are assault weapons. Single shot pistols or rifles might not have been able to deter the crowd hell-bent on destroying the neighborhood.

By the end of the day storeowners had slain four looters and fended off the mob. It would be 24 more hours until the National Guard arrived and another two days before the riots were completely put down. Had the riots occurred just a couple of years later when the Congress banned assault weapons, many of these storeowners may not have been so lucky. It’s situations like the LA riots, which, while being rare, can occur anywhere from the streets of Los Angeles to far off countries during the Arab Spring.



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  • whtabtwdiv

    I am glad this was posted as I was not aware that the Asian community had joined together for the common good. I can’t beleive that the media would have down played it.

    • The__Bobster

      Common good? They were on their roofs, protecting THEIR businesses. The round eyes had to fend for themselves.

      • ODIN, Father of Thor

        And we “dog faces” need to protect our own and ONLY our own.

        • Anders

          Yes, Asians are not our friends.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I’m not certain, One of them is sitting on my lap.

  • Freethinker

    Assault weapons would have saved the firefighters who got shot today, but they unarmed. William Spengler killed two fighters in Webster New York. Had the firefighters been armed they would have been able to protect themselves. I think that the NRA is on the right track. The only way to stop someone with a gun is by shooting them with another gun. It is time to start arming firefighters.

    • ODIN, GOD of the White Race

      Any White firefighter who goes into an African area, to save worthless African property, is a fool.

      Send in fellow Zulus to protect Matabele trash homes. No White should ever risk their White life .

      Please, White people. We are highly valued. We are the BEST of the human breeds. We should never, ever, risk one White life for the sub-species. Stop dying for them. Stop.

      Every White life is precious especially when you consider the fact we are marked for extermination. Stop risking your life. Only die for other Whites and even then take 100 of the others with you.

      Nature has produced the finest humans in US, the White Race.

      • The Verdict of History

        May (the White) God Bless You on this wonderfully WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!

      • Freethinker

        The gunman was white, in case you weren’t aware of that.

        • liberalsuck

          I think he was talking about going into black areas; not the recent case where the 62-year-old white man (a convicted felon, BTW) shot the firefighters.

          • Convicted of murdering his grandmother with a hammer and allowed to leave prison after a shortened sentence for manslaughter. Even these whites that stray off the reservation, so to speak, would be put down if the communists hadn’t ruined our white justice system.

          • IanJMacDonald

            The Spengler case lays bare the liberal agenda: free the killers and disarm the law-abiding people.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            That would probably include me.

    • i am

      Who do you think the government will hire to walk the streets with rifles and protect us? I’ll give you a hint. The government employes the unemployable. I guarantee you whites will not win in the long run either way.


    For those of you who are fooled by the Marxist non-American Obama Administrations lies about “assault” weapons, rest assured that there is no difference between the “assault weapon” and most other guns you can buy.

    “Assault” to them are those guns that look like military weapons. Yep, they look cool. BUT, the fact is all “semi” auto rifles do the same thing and even if you have to buy a pump action or lever action rifle, you can do just as much justice to the Zulus as with a semi-auto gun.

    BUT, the most important thing is to buy them NOW. Do not wait. The Nigerian, Obama, is going to push hard to ban guns since it is part of the plan to exterminate the White man. I am happy to own 9 pistols and 5 rifles and am looking at more.

    Within 10 years there will be blood. We can not, and will not, continue as we are with so many out to exterminate the Whites Race and with so many White men waking up.

    The clash is coming. It will come. There is no other alternative.

    We will win since we, the White Race, is smarter and more lethal than the low IQ Nigerians. WE have the intelligence, the will, the stamina and the moral right to rule and lead, just like Lincoln said. As Lincoln said, the White man is superior and should rule over the African. That is why Lincoln was our greatest President. His comment, he wanted “Nebraska for White Families” will resonate when the racial war comes.

    I want America for White Families.

    Get armed. Get ready and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    • CoweringCoward

      Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!
      And a Very Merry CHRISTMAS to you and your as well.

      • liberalsuck

        That’s why I bought the bulk of my magazines and ammo this summer, lucky for me. I usually buy them at gun shows or through private sales. Yes, it is legal to do that where I live. Check your state laws first.

        • All sorts of rumors are flying around about the next unlawful and unAmerican activity of the pretend president’s adminiatration and minions, the democrat party. There is talk about banning private sales of not only firearms but ammo and certain gun parts such as magazines. This is a mighty step towards the communist dream of a defanged America. We will all then be subject to torture and disappearance w/o any means of defending our Constitutional Rights.

    • The Verdict of History

      How radically clever… I’m pleased that you invoked HONEST ABE who was, if unwittingly, a RACE REALIST…

    • liberalsuck

      It doesn’t matter. To them they just want to disarm people, especially whites. First it will be fully automatic weapons, then semi auto firearms, then revolvers, then shotguns, then lever action rifles, then blackpowder weapons, etc.

      • Xerxes22

        True. Before there was gun control, there was sword control. In Europe in the middle ages, peasants were forbidden to own weapons. The rulers weren’t concerned about crime. No, they were afraid that the peasants would use those weapons against the nobility. Today the ruling class still fears an armed peasantry.

        • liberalsuck

          Yep. Of course, some retarded liberal will say, ‘Oh, we’ve evolved since then.’ Amazes me how academically ‘smart people’ can be so ignorant when it comes to history.

    • JohnEngelman

      I want America for couples of all races who get married before having children, and who stay married to raise their children.

  • Police cannot protect you from black riots. And you cannot protect yourself from them either – unless you are adequately armed.


    • George White

      The LAPD betrayed the Korean community. They suffered HUGE losses during the riots. The Koreans were very brave and badass. You have to give them credit.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I worked as a police officer during the 1992 LA Riots. LAPD failed to gain control of the situation for several reasons, but the main two reasons as I see it is because a lack of communication and direction from the higher ups on exactly what to do. And also because political-correctness had already deeply affected the LAPD that they could not forcefully and violently deal with their beloved ‘minorities’ like they should have with all its accompanying ugliness and blood. They reacted too slowly and were too timid about it all, so the Blacks and Mexicans essentially took over the city along with a sympathizing liberal MSM that justified them at every step.

        Folks, this is what always happens when Blacks, Hispanics and third-world immigrants are permitted into our White, Western cities and nations. It never fails.

        • liberalsuck

          I’ve seen that footage with a stupid white liberal/jewish reporter observing a Korean storeowner saying this, “Oh, Lord! He is shooting a real gun and those are real bullets; not blanks!

        • dba7

          The LAPD chief and other top officials of LAPD (believe all of them) were NOT at their post that day but away on a conference or a fundraising event. HUGE mistake when they knew the verdict would be announced that day.

          Imo, that was one BIG reason why it got out of control. I read of how hundreds of LAPD officers were waiting around in parking lots, waiting for orders from above. By the time the the higher ups showed up, it was too late to contain.

      • falsedawn

        I do give the Koreans credit. But we’ll outdo them when the time is right.

        • Oh Hear the Angel Voices

          > we’ll outdo them when the time is right.

          Unlikely – have you seen any Korean movies? They know their violence 🙂

        • i am

          You will still need to watch yourself. There are a LOT of suicidal self hating whites.

          • Liberalsuck

            The blacks, mexicans and third-worlders can have the white liberals. The nonliberal/conservative whites can do just fine without them.

          • And that is a major issue for us. We will be taking rounds in the back from these traitors and unless we identify them somehow, maybe before hand, we will be outflanked.

    • Police are NOT OBLIGATED to protect you whatsoever—validated in 2005 by the SCOUS: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html?_r=1&

      You are ‘on your own’.

      • i am

        Their obligation is to protect the criminals.

  • So if I’m understanding the Leftist ideology correctly, would an 18th-century “assault weapon” be considered a musket? Wouldn’t that still apply today?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Yes, and we Yanks won the Battle of New Orleans in part because we used “buck-and-ball” loads in our muskets. The best army in the world couldn’t close with us.

  • ageofknowledge

    I remember seeing that on television as I watched National Guard troops march past my window on the street I lived on during the Rodney Kings riot those years ago. We were all locked and loaded behind our doors where we lived but those Korean businessmen actually were locked and loaded at their stores and warehouses and bringing live fire to bear on those that would seek to destroy them and their businesses. Many Koreans left Koreatown for greener pastures; however, after the riots. Hispanics moved in. Koreatown is about 1/2 hispanic now. Truthfully, the rioters and streetgangs would have caused many more assaults and taken more lives if us law abiding good citizens had been unarmed.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’ve seen those videos, too. Those Koreans protecting their stores from mostly black looters reminded me of the television footage in Egypt where an older man was standing outside his store with a shotgun.

      • mendells-selection

        Yep, shameless black looters, they are PROUD of what they did. A year later I was at a college in Athens West Virginia and a black girl, from LA, was going on and on about how she looted a bunch of Korean stores. I told her she should go pay those stores for what she took and become an honest person. She went on and on about how she was entitled to take what she took and she was not going to pay anybody anything and that she will loot again whenever she has the chance. Now this creature may have gone on to get a degree given to her, that she didn’t earn, and is now working somewhere and the white people around her will say, “see, not all black people steal and kill, ms. Laqweeshaundra here works and is an upright citizen”. The truth is, they are born feeling entitled, they have no inner morality, they will all steal but their wants are their justification. When one has no inner morality, there is no other justification than ” I want”. The only thing that limits such a creature is the certain prospect of getting punished.

      • Rod

        Actually the looters in Koreatown were almost all hispanic. There are several videos on Youtube featuring raw news footage that show this clearly. Those armed Koreans store owners were protecting their property from hispanics, not blacks.

        Few people know that there were actually more hispanics than blacks arrested during riots.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Yes and no. The LOOTING was primarily hispanic; the fires, the drive-by shootings and mob violence were primarily black. I lived in Riverside at the time, and blacks even pulled white motorists from their cars and beat them along Magnolia Blvd. And as heartwarming as the Korean resistance was, civilization was restored by a mixture of retired military (read: whites) and Koreans.

          • Rod

            “The LOOTING was primarily hispanic”

            Yes, and hispanic looting was the central problem in Koreatown, and the reason why Koreantook up arms. And the Korean store owners in that now inconic footage were facing hispanic, not black, mobs, as commonly thought.

            It amazes me the degree to which the massive hispanic participation in the riots basically flew under the radar.

      • shattered

        One-third of the rioters were hispanic and one-half of the businesses looted were hispanic owned.


  • PesachPatriot

    assault weapons is such a ridiculous misnomer…a beer bottle or a stick is technically an assault weapon if you use it to assault someone. The 2nd amendment is pretty clear “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” It does not make exceptions to certain scary looking types politicians and libtarded bed wetters dislike. I’m reasonably sure all our politician eloi overlords have men with “assault rifles” protecting them. Why aren’t us lesser mortals allowed to own them? Pretty much anyone who purchases one legally wants to make sure they continue to stay on the right side of the law…watch the video hood life 3 west palm beach on youtube…the youfs and aspiring rappers already have plenty of AK-47’s and AR-15’s…and are very comfortable using them for all sorts of crime. 2 years ago some members of that poor oppressed demographic robbed a bank in my town in broad daylight with “assault weapons” where was the media outcry then? Oh thats right, I forgot, diversity is our strength. This little incident in LA was also the beginning of bantu pissing and moaning about how “asians beez rayciss ” I was 14 when those riots happen and if I recall correctly by 1992 jim crow laws had been repealed and schools were all integrated.

    • liberalsuck

      Plenty of the muslims in Syria and Palestinian and Egypt can acquire all those weapons despite any ‘bans’ they have on them.

    • rebelcelt

      Never underestimate the validity of a good scoped hunting rifle.When one , two , three of the bad guys drop from as many rifle blasts, it will take the motivation out of the most die hard looter.

  • Korean guy

    Merry Christmas to everyone in this world!!

    I am very pleased to tell you that yesterday on Christmas eve, each and every local bus I saw was proudly displaying “Merry Christmas!” on their LED signs I did not see one politically correct wimp bus that said “happy holidays” on its LED sign.

    Christianity is the most dominant faith in South Korea now.

    There are quite a few muslims, non-Christians and hindus around me, but none of them ever feel offended when I say “Merry Christmas” to them. A couple of days ago, a Sri Lankan guy I have known for many years, who is a hindu, actually said “Merry Christmas” back to me when I said to him “Merry Christmas”.

    A few photos I took in downtown Toronto, Canada





  • rebelcelt

    What the article forgot to state was the vast majority of the damage was done after the National Guard troops arrived. The citizens stood down and the National Guard stood by as they looted and damaged buildings. Why did the guard care, it was not their property on the line and do you think any modern Govonor is going to give shoot to kill orders.
    Only the people with their life and property on the line will fight back like they have everything to lose.

    • In the deadly and damaging 1980 riots of South Florida, the demorat governor, Graham (of Washington Post family) intentionally sent the Guard to their stations while the ammo supply trucks were yet to arrive. And then the men were given sealed 20 round packs of two stripper clips and ordered to sling unloaded weapons. That was until some bantus relieved three Guardsmen of their M16s.

  • PesachPatriot

    rebelcelt…you make a pretty good point about the scoped hunting rifle…thats why I have a .30-06….it only holds 4 rounds, but thats probably enough to discourage looters and rioters…korean guy…sounds like good news on the christmas front…people say merry christmas to me and I say merry christmas right back….any non-christian who gets butt hurt over someone telling them merry christmas is borderline clinically retarded in my book.

    • Korean guy

      Just because the host country is making efforts to maintain its culture

      that does not mean the country is disrespecting the immigrants’ cultures.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Get another ’06. The M-1 Garand loads from charger clips and goes BangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangKaChing.

      Of course, a BAR would be heaps better.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the few times I thought about buying a rifle was during the Rodney King riots. I wanted to help defend my two Chinese girl friends in Oakland’s Chinatown.

    Sensible gun control laws would have allowed the defenders of Koreatown to defend their homes, stores, and restaurants, while making it more difficult for the rioters to own guns.

    • lily-white

      yes john… we are ALWAYS in need of more sensible “gun control laws”… are you just “baiting” or do you actually believe what you are saying?…

      • SLCain

        Engelman wants to disarm you – as he posted in another thread, he wants to ignore the 2nd amendment. He is a communist troll.

        And when Engelman says “girlfriends”, I think he actually means “boyfriends”.

      • SLCain

        Yes, he believes that guns should be used to protect orientals, but that YOU should not be allowed to own a gun to protect yourself.

    • toldev

      There are already sensible gun laws in place. For example: the laws that prohibit convicted felons and the mentally ill from possessing guns. The problem is that the government is about as diligent enforcing those laws as they are at enforcing immigration laws. The duo who shot up Columbine high school had violated over 30 gun laws before they fired a shot.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I remember exactly what I was doing when the LA riots broke out in 1992. I had received an offer of free industrial work-benches in Boulder, so a co-worker and I drove his truck north from Colorado Springs to get them. We each got a nice 8′ X 4′ bench. We stopped near midnight so I could buy a pair of 40s in Castle Rock, and Tom turned on the radio.

      Driving over Monument Hill, he was a bit concerned, and asked me what I had at home. I told him I had my old G-43 with about 1000 rounds, and that I was going to handload another few hundred for my Ruger Mini-14 in case my next-door-neighbor needed it.

      When you “think about buying a rifle”, it is already too late, John. One must buy during quieter times, and then practice as often as money will allow. Save your empty brass, because you will be handloading, or you will meet someone very much like I once was, who will do it for you.

      Nobody is going to go save you.

      • JohnEngelman

        I knew it was too late to buy a rifle for the Rodney King riots. I thought that if black ghetto riots were going to become a yearly occurrence, like they were from 1964 to 1968, it would probably be a good idea.

        From 1964 to 1968 the rate of violent crime in the United States per 100,000 inhabitants grew from 190.6 to 298.4. In 1992 it had grown to 757.5. Consequently, it was reasonable to predict a dystopian future.

        Fortunately, the rate of violent crime has declined since 1992, although it is still higher than it was in 1968.


  • I thought the Koreans were doing what the police would not do. Prevent looting and other disorderly conduct. With the tensions between blacks and the Koreans because of the Latasha Harlins shooting by a Korean store owner. The blacks tried to take it out against the Koreans and they had to protect themselves.

  • potato78

    Yes, we do need guns to protect women and girls with families.


  • WhiteFalcon1

    Enforcing laws currently on the books don’t help, what makes these idiots believe creating more laws will disarm the bad guys? IF they went after the gang bangers, drug dealers and criminals, most of the violent crime in this country would end almost overnight…going after law abiding gun owners whose only crime is owning the same type of gun as the aforementioned miscreants is only going to leave a lot of innocent people dead!

  • Media say “assault weapon,” they almost always mean a ranch rifle with plastic decorations.

  • MathFaithWorks

    So the assault weapon ban was because the Koreans fended off the attack with them?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      It was already in place by then. I believe the most common semi-auto rifle used by Koreans in the L.A. riots was the Ruger Mini-14, and this was not part of the original California ban. As rifles go, the combination of the Mini-14 and the 5.56mm X 45 NATO round isn’t one of the greats, but it is a very good one.

      The same rifle is available in 7.62mm X 39 Soviet as the Ruger Mini-30, but I think the weapon chambered for 6.5mm Grendel or 6.8mm SOCOM would be excellent. I’ve been out of the shooting sport for over 12 years, so I have no idea whether Ruger has these available in their semi-auto.

  • Winston L. McCuen

    Let’s view Lincoln is right perspective.

    [The following is a letter to the editor printed in the Greenwood Index-Journal, Oct. 31, 2012.]

    Secession Yesterday and Tomorrow

    This is in response to a recent (Monday,
    Oct. 17) Our View editorial. That piece evinced a staggering ignorance of history and politics. First, it called South
    Carolina’s secession from the Union in 1860 “blatant disregard for
    the U.S. Constitution.” Secondly, it portrayed
    Abraham Lincoln as the great defender of the Constitution. The truth is quite the opposite.

    The U.S. Constitution is now a dead letter, and the states are
    merely provinces conquered by “federal” money and slavish thinking. But
    in 1788, when first enacted, the Constitution was the terms of a
    voluntary political agreement or compact
    between sovereign and independent states. To his dying day, into the
    1820s, Thomas Jefferson himself held that any state in the union may
    withdraw or secede from that union for any reason it wishes to give, or
    not give.

    As regards Abraham Lincoln, no one has
    done more to destroy the U.S. Constitution and
    real freedom in America. Lincoln hypocritically waged war against
    freedom in the name of freedom. He destroyed federalism
    and the republic, raised an empire, and enslaved future generations of
    Americans by empowering those unfit for real freedom.
    Portraying Lincoln as the great and noble defender of the Constitution
    is a bit like portraying that
    father-of-liars Satan as the great champion of Biblical truth. And so,
    just after he had fatally shot Lincoln, the Southerner John
    Wilkes Booth aptly shouted to a stunned Yankee audience in
    Ford’s Theatre, “So may it always be for tyrants!”

    in these times of no-choice elections and unreformable government, more
    and more Americans are viewing secession as a viable option. The
    break-up of the United States via the secession of states is arguably
    the only way to save what is left of true America.

    Winston L. McCuen, Ph.D.
    Ware Shoalsdv

  • JohnEngelman

    I invite anyone to answer this who is knowledgeable about rifles. How do you evaluate the AK47, the AK74, the M14, and the M16? Is there another rifle that compares with these? Does the AK47 have any advantages over the AK74?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The M-14 fires the 7.62mm X 51 NATO cartridge, which places it head and shoulders above the rest of the rifles you have listed. The rest fire “intermediate” cartridges, which our bed-wetting classes persist in calling “high-powered”.

      My favorite rifles are the old first-generation “battle rifles”. My favorite round is the 7.92mm X 57, and my favorite rifle the G-43. Perhaps this dates me.