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F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, June 21, 2013

The new direction for white activism.

Arthur Kemp, Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening WorldOstara Publications, 2013, $5.95 kindle download from Amazon, 88 pp. 

The Nova Europa Project

Those who attended the 2013 American Renaissance conference saw a change in mood and emphasis from previous gatherings—probably the result of watching Barack Obama coast to reelection with just 39% of the white vote. The new feeling is that the strategy of “awakening” whites and gaining power through democratic electoral means is not working. The demographic shift is too fast and our own progress is too slow; the opportunities we thought we saw are vanishing, and a strategic reorientation is becoming inevitable.

This reorientation will be toward the creation of autonomous white territories that can eventually become independent states, and Arthur Kemp’s Nova Europa is a fine introduction to this subject. The starting point and greatest strength of his thinking is a firm grasp of the territorial nature of politics. In Mr. Kemp’s own words:

Political power comes from physical occupation: not historical rights, not title deeds, not moral rights—only occupation. Those people who occupy a territory determine the nature of the society in that region.

Rhodesian-born Arthur Kemp worked as a journalist in South Africa, where he was expelled from the Conservative Party for opposing apartheid in favor of Afrikaner separatism.

Rhodesian-born, Arthur Kemp worked as a journalist in South Africa, where he was expelled from the Conservative Party for opposing apartheid in favor of Afrikaner separatism. He now lives in Britain.

In Mr. Kemp’s view, a failure to recognize this reality was the Achilles heel of South Africa’s apartheid system. The Afrikaner electorate believed that a stable European society could be built in a majority-black territory, and that with the right laws they could enjoy forever the benefits of cheap black labor while preventing blacks from determining the nature of South African society. Far from preventing black majority rule, this system was an incubator for it. Apartheid made whites dependent on blacks, even as it multiplied the numbers of blacks.

Immigrant “rioting” in Europe today is also to a large extent a political struggle over territory, an attempt by hostile aliens to impose their own sovereignty in areas where they are the majority. Like apartheid, the multicultural thinking that led to mass immigration is a fantasy because it ignores the fundamentally territorial nature of political power.

So what must whites do to ensure their physical and cultural survival? They must establish homelands where they are the majority and can protect their racial and cultural integrity. Blacks have many such homelands; the Chinese have a homeland; even Jews now have a homeland. Only white people no longer have a place to call home, and that is why only our survival is threatened.

When mainstream journalists discuss demographic change, they like to call it “the mass movement of peoples,” a conveniently neutral phrase that masks the reality that all this “movement” is in one direction—into white homelands. Although many whites are unaware of it, the norm in most of the world is for dominant majorities to enjoy special legal protections. As Mr. Kemp notes:

Japan, China, India, most sub-Saharan African states, most north African states, most middle-Eastern states and, of course, Israel, are ethnostates with varying degrees of legal enforcement designed to ensure that they keep their homogeneity.

This sensible policy prevents ethnic conflicts before they can arise.

Even many white liberals favor such policies—as long as the beneficiaries are not white. They will happily help protect the Tibetans or the Indian tribes of the Amazon from alien incursion. Why is it so difficult for such people to see that it is fair and right for their own race to enjoy the same protections?

A cause any liberal can get behind.

A cause any liberal can support.

Europeans today even fit the definition of those who wear the ultimate badge of fashionable victimhood, indigenous people. Europeans have a continuous historical link with a particular territory, are characterized by large degree of homogeneity, and are being colonized by aliens.

“Indigenous homelands,” in which natives enjoy special status and protection, have been established all over the world. Brazil alone has 672 such territories; tiny Belize has found room for eight; and dozens more can be found in Australia, Canada, the United States, India, Pakistan and all over Latin America. The United Nations has issued a “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” and maintains a “Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.”

The permanent forum would do well to expand its horizons. As Mr. Kemp points out, for several decades now the tables have been turned, and Europeans are in retreat from the peoples they once colonized. Mr. Kemp offers the following facts:

• More than half the residents of Brussels, the “capital of Europe,” are of Third-World origin.

• In 2012, 53 percent of children in Viennese schools were of immigrant origin.

• In the United States, by 2019 a majority of schoolchildren will be non-white.

• The foreign population of Spain rose from 3.2 percent in 1996 to 13.4 percent 11 years later.

• According to a 2004 study, there were 14 million persons of foreign ancestry in France, more than 20 percent of the population.

• In 2009, the Dutch government reported that about 20 percent of the population had “non-Western” roots.

• A 2011 census revealed that the white share of the British population is falling by nearly 8 percent of the total each decade.

As Mr. Kemp notes, “there is currently no area on earth which has been specifically set aside for European people.” Why aren’t the heirs of Western civilization being afforded protections routinely granted to the hunter-gatherers of the Amazon jungle?

It cannot be because such protection would be “white supremacy.” This fashionable bogeyman—imagining for a moment that anybody really advocated it—would be incompatible with the ethnic nationalism Mr. Kemp advocates: “self-determination specifically eschews the claim to rule over others.” Mr. Kemp—a strong critic of apartheid—argues that the demand for black self-rule in South Africa validates white self-rule in Europe and North America.

Nor must a program of territorial independence involve any claim to superiority. Mr. Kemp argues that “the contribution of European man to the world and the well-being of all people is unsurpassed,” but he demands no more for his own people than he would be prepared to grant to pygmies or bushmen.

So far, resistance to mass, non-white immigration has come from nationalist political parties, which have tried to enter government through democratic means. Nowhere have they achieved much success. This is largely because Western democracy has, in Mr. Kemp’s words, “turned into rule by the wealthy elite and powerful lobbies.” While mass immigration is unpopular among ordinary Europeans, social and political elites are fanatically committed to it.

Furthermore, non-whites everywhere vote as a block for the most pro-immigrant parties. Whites not only do not vote along racial lines, but even view such block-voting as somehow morally wrong. This means it is unlikely that any nationalist party will attain power within the brief time whites can be expected to retain their majorities.

Whites must not reject democratic participation. As Mr. Kemp writes, it “remains the best and easiest way to spread the message of ethnonationalism, which is vital for any potential solution to the crisis.” A nationalist party might yet come to power in one or more European countries and reverse the demographic crisis. Even if it occurred in only a single small country, such a development would send shock waves across the continent. The elites have good reason to fear nationalist parties.

But white patriots must adopt new avenues of action as well. Specifically, Mr. Kemp believes they must start building autonomous European communities wherever it is practically possible to do so, and ultimately create a European ethnostate (or states).

The great advantage of creating European communities is that it does not require winning over majorities. Meaningful concrete steps can be taken today by the minority of whites who understand the looming catastrophe. Eventually, such communities could become states. These communities would eventually draw from around the world Europeans who understand the genocidal consequences of multiculturalism. And where else will even liberals find neighborhoods with “good schools” and “low crime?”

The South African town of Orania is a good example of what whites must do. A small minority of Afrikaners have long shared Mr. Kemp’s view that white reliance on black labor was ultimately responsible for the downfall of white South Africa. In 1990, as the demise of apartheid visibly approached, a group of white pioneers bought the deserted village of Orania in the Northern Cape Province for a nominal fee. They chose the town’s barren and seemingly unpromising location for good reasons.

The Northern Cape, with its sparse population, presented the only area of South Africa which could effectively be colonized by Afrikaners with the least amount of disruption to the rest of the country. In 2010, the entire Northern Cape had only 2.3% of the country’s population. Majority Afrikaner occupation could be achieved with only 500,000 or so Afrikaners moving to the area.

A statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, the "architect of apartheid," overlooks Orania.

A statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, the “architect of apartheid,” overlooks Orania.

The town was founded on three principles: the Oranians were to have their own land, use only their own labor, and create their own institutions. From around two dozen pioneers, it has grown to a current population of over 1,500. The town boasts two schools and seventy local businesses, and is “possibly the only local authority in all South Africa which actually balanced its books in 2012.”

In 2004, Orania introduced its own currency, the Ora, which is a valid method of payment within the town borders. The Ora trades on par with the South African Rand and is underwritten by the local savings and credit union. The new currency keeps money within the community.

"Welcome to the Afrikaner home. Pay with the Ora."

“Welcome to the Afrikaner home. Pay with the Ora.”

In 2012, the British Sunday Times, a paper not noted for white advocacy, had this to say about Orania:

Building sites are everywhere. Plots of land that went for £1,000 four years ago now change hands for £20,000. There are supermarkets, all manner of other shops, a doctor, dentist, lawyers, architects, two schools and a radio station. Orania has organised many trips to Israel to study Israeli farming techniques—the Israelis too have made the desert bloom. Orania exports jewelry to the whole of South Africa, air-freighted vegetables to British supermarkets and pecan nuts to China. The community is probably the greenest in South Africa: all farming is organic, everything is recycled and alternative energy is used whenever possible. People leave their keys in their cars, live with their doors open and children play, unmonitored, in the street until dark.

A home in Orania with a solar boiler.

A home in Orania with a solar hot-water heater.

The Sunday Times reports that the Orania Council pays a £1,000 ($1,600) grant for every child born in the town. Local guide John Strydom says: “Recently growth has become explosive. It’s stretching us in every sinew. Our present land can house 25,000 people, but of course we’ll buy more land.” Not everyone thinks this is the best course; town founder Carel Boshoff says: “Expansion here may not be the right way. We need another Orania on the West Coast.”

The town’s greatest obstacle remains convincing fellow-Afrikaners to give up the short-term advantages of “cheap” black labor. As Mr. Kemp notes, white pioneers outside South Africa would not have this problem.

The official flag of Orania.

The official flag of Orania.

Another case study Mr. Kemp recommends is Israel, the world’s only avowed ethnostate. Theodor Hertzel was not the first to advocate a modern Jewish nation, but his 1896 book The Jewish State offered the first coherent plan for one.

The very next year the First Zionist Congress met in Basel to promote colonization. In 1901, the Jewish National Fund was created to buy land in Palestine. At the same time, a formal office for the Zionist Organization was established in Palestine to develop Jewish agriculture, settlement, education, land, finance, and immigration.

In 1917, Britain’s “Balfour Declaration” gave formal recognition at the international level of the Zionist effort and undertook to set aside parts of Palestine for a national home for the Jewish people. By 1923, 40,000 Jews had migrated to Palestine; by 1939 another 382,000 had arrived; several hundred thousand more came during the war and the early post-war period. On 14 May 1948, the state of Israel declared independence. All this happened within 53 years of Herzl’s publishing his tract!


Theodor Herzl

Whites can learn a great deal from the Zionist example, not all of it positive. Israel illustrates the danger of choosing a territory that requires displacement of a different (and subsequently hostile) group. If the territory we select is not largely empty, like South Africa’s Northern Cape, then it must already have a strong white majority.

On the positive side, as Mr. Kemp notes, the Zionist movement demonstrated good practical sense in providing prospective settlers with economic opportunities.

People—even the most ideologically dedicated—will not move anywhere unless they are able to earn a living. The Zionists knew that once the small beachhead had been established, the very first priority was to create a substantial infrastructure which would provide newcomers with a means to make a living.

Orania, by contrast, got off to a slow start because it did not have anything comparable. For the first several years it attracted only affluent retirees.

What about Europeans?

Ironically, there are more people of European descent alive today than ever before in history. Yet, in the face of hostile non-white intrusion the majority seem capable of nothing more than running away to the ever-diminishing “good neighborhoods” left in their countries. As Mr. Kemp writes, “a ‘mass exodus’ to a European homeland, if it comes at all, will come only long after the formerly European nations are totally overrun.” Even then, many whites would rather disappear through childlessness, miscegenation, or eventual physical extermination by the more violent elements of other races.

Mr. Kemp notes that there are many whites–“ignorant, apathetic, small-minded whites”–we will never save. “Brutally put,” he writes, “we are better off without them.”

The most difficult step in creating a European ethnostate, then, is mustering the will. Once a significant number of whites achieves this, the next step would be the creation of a colonization company that would coordinate fundraising, buy land, create businesses, and organize immigration. Mr. Kemp notes that many professional services can now be delivered from anywhere on earth. The revolution in communications technology means setting up colonies would be much easier than in the Age of Exploration.

After mustering the political will, the second most difficult question is choosing and colonizing a territory. There are two approaches. One is to select a small town or region within an existing threatened Western state. The goal would be to build up a series of towns or regions that could at a later stage form a contiguous, independent state.

Colonization efforts should be directed toward filling a region with racially conscious Europeans attuned to the project, not simply relying on an existing white population; there is no use in having a European majority, as in Vermont, for example, that is hostile to the project. For more on this strategy, I recommend John Hunt Morgan’s article “Building White Communities” in the November, 2004 issue of American Renaissance.

The other approach is to target a demographically suitable and receptive nation. Eastern Europe is promising. Apart from significant Gypsy and Turkish populations, non-whites tend to comprise no more than two percent in the region. Russia’s non-European population is significant, but largely concentrated in the South and Siberia. Of course, Eastern Europe owes its freedom from mass non-white immigration to its isolation as part of the Soviet bloc and to its relative poverty. As it recovers and prospers, it will attract immigrants. On the other hand, many of these countries are suspicious of Western liberalism, and some even have governments that are aware of European decline and low birth rates.

Ultimately, as Herzl wrote, the territory will be determined by what can be realistically obtained and by common consensus among those who want to create the ethnostate.

Finally, Mr. Kemp reminds us:

[T]he demand for a European homeland is nothing less than the right which is accorded all other peoples on earth. If it is presented fairly, without hate or denigration of others, it will find accord with reasonably-minded people of all races.

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F. Roger Devlin
Dr. Devlin is a contributing editor to The Occidental Quarterly and the author of Sexual Utopia in Power.
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  • I get a kick out of these white libs that run around with “Free Tibet” bumper stickers on their high class hooptees. “Free Tibet?” Free Tibet from who? How? They’re loath to admit that the who is China (Thomas Friedman’s and Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s favorite country), and the how is secession (are we to start a thermonuclear war with our T-Bill sugar daddy in Beijing over the matter of some brown hippie on a mountain?).

    Why not free Dixie from America?

    • robinbishop34

      “Why not free Dixie from America?”

      The north needs the very lucrative warm water ports in the South.

      • Romulus

        Which was the BIGGEST factor contributing to the civil war. The war was not over slaves, but the economics of slavery. Money. The industry of the north was heavily reliant on the inputs (textiles, and raw materials)from the south to make the economy work. Nothing is more fundamental in war than competition over resources! Lincoln framed it as an emotional argument. Federal rights over the states rights. The same thing happened on a smaller scale during the whiskey rebellion after the revolutionary war. Feds wanted their taxes.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Exactly. The greedy Northern capitalists won the war. They did not care about working Whites in the North or the South. A White populist party, like the Southern Democrats of old, is what we need these days. These greedy Northern capitalists invited the Negroes North to ruin our cities because they were a cheap labor source. They had no compunction about turning the worlds of most of our forebears upside down. Life was hard in the factories, but the working class White European Immigrants had built good communities. They were poor but proud, and people took care of each other. The greedy factory owners were the ones who invited the Bantus to our cities, because they only cared about cheap labor. They didn’t care if the Negroes were going to destroy nice Polish, Italian, and Slovak neighborhoods that were free of crime.
          One commonly held misconception is that aforementioned capitalistic greed was a distinctively Jewish ideology. The capitalistic greed thing was not a Jewish plot. Andrew Carnegie was not Jewish. He was a Scottish immigrant. Most of the wealthy back then were of English descent, New England Yankee ancestry, and the New England Anglo-Celtic culture was not to blame for their greed either. Greed was to blame, and it was not condoned by any of our European Nationalities. If there is any lesson we White racial realists need to glean from this Greed, I think it is that we must not allow greed to become the queen of our hearts. In a new White homeland, one of our focused should be an equitable distribution of wealth. While there should certainly be a wealthy class, wealth above a certain, sensible level should be used to enhance the community at large. Handouts should not be available, but there is nothing wrong with the wealthiest enhancing their community with their extra funds, provided this is done in a racially homogenous environment. This philosophy was the original reasoning for our “safety net” in the Northern states, and it works well at its’ intended purpose in the absence of non-Whites. Incorporate non-Whites, especially Negroes, and the safety net becomes a hammock. This is what they have done in the Great Lakes States. A safety net is fine, but only works in a homogenous White European society with European values, where folks believe in hard work, and do not have a bogus sense of entitlement, as Negroes do.

          • Romulus

            My post was not an endorsement of the Jews. Im extremely well versed In their history. I know who’s controlled the banks, courts,arts and sciences, and media since Jesus. Your proposition is well thought out and could potentially be a solution. Thank you, my friend for your input.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I am against freeing Dixie, as lowland Dixie is swamped with Bantus worse than anyplace in our land. We Northerners need to form a strong racial realist community with our Southern Brethren in Negro free areas in the Southern mountains, and invite racial realist White Southerners from the lowlands to join us, along with all White racial realists who want to build our European American Zion, free of Negroes and other non-Whites, and, most importantly, all of their cultural influences. Rap and Hip-Hop Culture or Drug Use should be treated as grounds for expulsion in such a community, expulsion back to diversity Hell!! In such a community, European culture and behavior, and European culture and behavior only should be acceptable. Judeo-Christian values only, no Muslims allowed, and churches teaching a proper abhorrence of any kind of racial integration, homosexuality, and fornication. A return to truly European culture in all ways.
        As Dixie currently stands, I could surely see West Virginia, and possibly Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee/Northern Alabama, along with the rest of the Appalachian South forming one state. The rest of the South, though, is too mired with Negroes, and had taken the wrong approach in recent years on the Negro problem.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          Forgive the time travel, but you are saying things with these posts that I find confusing. First of all, as Americans we are not interested in forming enclaves that restrict our rights. If anything we want the exact opposite. If you’re going to tell me what kind of music I can’t listen to, will you also restrict me from reading the black blogs and news sites I study? I do this so I will know what’s in their minds, not because I’m trying to become one of them. HUGE difference in the perception of cultural exposure.

          I happen to like being free to discuss any subject. Including the massive cultural rift between white and black Americans. And largely because of the attitudes of the blacks after decades of leftist indoctrination.

          In another post you suggested that this white ethnic enclave be dedicated to equality of wealth. That too is an odd place to go for people from a nation built on opportunity equality and benefits derived from work and production. The “equality” you speak of, where will it lie? Do we build towns with a minimal sized house and assign one to everyone? Then we use the collective tax machine to balance it all out? Every 10 blocks we should put in a grocery store and a park so residents can stay fit.

          While I like the overall utopian concept in many ways, it ignores true human nature. And I don’t mean the instinctive kind we ma be born with. I am speaking of the human nature you absorb from being raised as an American. This is where Obama has it wrong on so many levels. The left is in a rush to reach their utopia as fast as possible. No matter what the cost. For them human culture is clay to be molded and f#cked with. They think we should all be the same. So they think forcing us to live together will bring this about faster. It didn’t.

          But leftists will never admit hey are wrong. As an American I am more inclined to continue living under constitutional law. However, I am for removing all language justifying or mandating preferences for people under the government. We all make our own bed in America.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I am certainly not in favor of a socialistic society. I am in favor of an all White, culturally European society. In such a society, there would of course still be a wealthy class, poorer class, and a middle class. Socialism stifles creativity and discourages innovation, two of the hallmarks of any European society, and two of the bedrock reasons why European societies are great. Utilizing that abilities of each individual, not stifling them and insisting on conformity, made our European societies great. Look at what socialism did to Eastern Europe. Individualism and allowing us to explore and develop our individual talents is at the core of European culture. In an all White European enclave, we need to purify our culture of all Negroid elements, so that we can get back to fulfilling our God given destiny. Whites who are not talented musicians, for example, but who can create inferior Negro quality music, should be put back in their rightful place in society. A person like Eminem needs clean floors and toilets for a living, and real musicians need to again step to the fore as celebrities. Low IQ individuals need to be returned to their rightful place as basic laborers, and the truly gifted need to step to the fore. We need to return to a society where men like Bach and Mozart are celebrities, and idiots like Eminem, should they want to join a racially homogenous White society, occupy their rightful place as basic laborers. Not only should Negroes not be welcome in such a homogenous society, Negro culture should be cleansed away, at it is inferior. The embrace of Negro style musicianship by the American masses has destroyed our appreciation of real music in America. Not only do the Negroes need to go. Their culture needs to go as well in an all White, racial realist enclave. The whole point in such an enclave should be to not just protect ourselves from miscegenation, but to rebuild our culture. Rap garbage, and the raucous, ugly, unrefined singing and sloppy instrumental techniques of the Negro need to be cleansed. The stranglehold of inferior Negro culture on Whites should have no place whatsoever in a White racial realist enclave. If not, what is the point? It is not enough to merely segregate. American culture in general is heavily Negrofied, and this needs to be cleansed out of our White culture in any sort of racial realist, all White enclave, and needs to be done so consciously. Those who have an appetite for such culture should either be expected to refine their tastes, or should stay behind in diversity hell with the Negroes that they are worshiping.

    • jane johnson

      We tried that in 1864. Remember? Didn’t turn out so well for us down here.

      • Bobbala

        Might made right.

      • Gunrunner1

        Different time, different ways of fighting.

      • SlyDeNiro

        A good idea, poorly executed, remains a good idea.

    • jane johnson

      I wish! But a white ethnostate will have to be somewhere else. Ports, beaches, and military bases here make the South far too valuable to the ptb for them to ever allow the South to secede. Also, Florida alone has over 1300 miles of coastline, which would be impossible to defend.

      • TheSpeakerOfTruth

        Why not move all move to a single state in Europe, vote out the immigrants, and then move on to the next?

        • Non Humans

          Why Europe? Coordinated and planned well enough, it could happen here. Sadly, it will probably take an economic collapse to catalyze it though.

          • TheSpeakerOfTruth

            One, you have no moral right to any piece of land in America. Where will the Amerindian live? Your proposition is tantamount to genocide, and the entire world will outright despise you for it. You have a claim to Europe, which is even more temperate and suitable for living. Why give up your homeland for a genocidal land grab?

    • Romulus

      DEO VINDICE!!!!

    • seafrog

      How do you propose that comes about? Where would all the displaced negroes go? Do you think they will leave voluntarily? Why not just go to the Northwest where it’s already mostly White?

    • YngveKlezmer

      The types of Whites who have these bumper stickers, especially if they live near any city with a large non-White population, will only resist us, and hasten our dispossession. We must find our racial realist brethren, and build our enclaves with them. Down the road, when they are living as minorities in the land they were born in, being abused by the Bantus they were so intent on lifting up, they will see that we, the racial realists, are the smart folks. Liberalism=Naivete for any White person. They are supporting their own dispossession. By arguing with us, they are literally arguing for their own dispossession. We are offering a gentle hand, saying “come with us”. If they choose to argue, we must leave these folks behind.

  • Anglokraut

    I’ve wanted to get Kemp’s book “March of the Titans” for years, but the price keeps going up, and my income is at a flatline. $61 for the hardcover is just beyond my price range.

  • evilsandmich

    the opportunities we thought we saw are vanishing, and a strategic reorientation is becoming inevitable.
    Yes it’s come to that. The next fifty years (if that) will be all about every group carving out a homeland for itself as the white money train that has kept the current global paradigm in place is coming to the end of the line.

  • watling

    It’s just possible that within 10 or so years the naive, ignorant white libtards will finally realise what’s happening.

    It might finally dawn on them that:

    there are an awful lot of mosques;
    the crime rate has rocketed;
    black gangs run amok in the inner cities;
    paedo gangs are predominantly Muslim;
    the best schools happen to be majority white;
    they meet very few people on the street who speak the national language without a foreign accent;
    public sector services (with large numbers of immigrant workers) have worsened over the years.

    They just might start voting for parties that can clear up the mess. Trouble is it might be too late to save our civilisation.

    • Hal K

      It’s not just white liberals who are clueless. White mainstream conservatives are too.

    • No, they wont.
      When these libtards pass 30 years old, many of them finally get a clue.
      The trouble is that there are a lot of white elementary school aged kids right now who will grow up to be die hard liberals in about 10 to 15 years.
      The cycle repeats.

  • nunjobizness

    We already do this through “white flight”. It’s just that in the future, it will have a different name. I live in Southern California and it does not even feel like America here anymore. I will put in another 8-10 years until my kids reach 18, and then I will be leaving my native state. If the kids and husband want to follow me, great. If not, I will cash out and stake out on my own. I will have done enough time here and CA is not the hill I want to die on.

    I look at what is happening in South Africa, and my heart bleeds for that nation. Liberals have ruined it as they do everything. The similarities there as compared to here are astounding. A dutch politician who visited Dr. Dan Roodt said that “South Africa is ahead of the curve and the canary in the coal mine for what is to come to the rest of Western Civilization.” I believe this to be true and I feel that the US will split up into “regions” with whites likely occupying most of the northern territories.

    On side note – the divisiveness between whites is astounding to me and it will be the undoing of our race if we don’t turn this thing around. For some reason the following quote, I find comforting in an odd way: ““ignorant, apathetic, small-minded whites”–we will never save. “Brutally put,” he writes, “we are better off without them.”

    • NM156

      I never leave a single white liberal among my friends and family off the hook for their stupid and contradictory views. Not one.

    • newscomments70

      I hear you, but the northwestern states and northeastern states are overwhelmingly blue. Even some of the midwest, such as Minnesota and Iowa, are blue states as well.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Well, tell this to the non-white world. Have Turkey open its borders to millions of Nigerians. Have Korea take in millions of Muslims.
    The fact is, only whites will leave racial identity at the door. We do not want our kids to live in the hell of a Detroit or a Haiti.

  • David Ashton

    Israel has foreign support.
    Orania needs it.

    • newscomments70

      It won’t have foreign support until traditional parties are voted out of office. Can you imagine our Republicans speaking up for Orania??

  • JohnEngelman

    The less contact whites have with blacks the more sympathetic they are likely to be with blacks. This nurtures white attitudes that are racially self destructive.

    The civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s was forced on whites with extensive experience with blacks by whites who had very little experience.

    • IstvanIN

      Places like New Hampshire!

  • NM156

    Of course race identity leads to conflict. Affirmative action jobs and college placement based on race causes conflict, for instance. Affirmative action set-asides won’t flip when whites become the minority either, because whites will still have the skills, education, and wealth that minorities cannot acquire despite decades of redistribution. This example is only one of many that demonstrates how race identity creates conflict. This conflict will only intensify as mass immigration and white economic and cultural dispossession continue.

  • vladdy1

    Please do me and others like me a favor. We know beyond a doubt the brutality that is involved but are sensitive to the point of nightmares about graphic pictures. Just a warning would be much appreciated. But also thank you for bringing it to the attention of those who go about their daily lives having no idea what may be ahead, and what is happening is “rainbow lands” now.

    • Spartacus

      I don’t think Disqus has any kind of spoiler system in place. Still, if it had, I probably wouldn’t use it. I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but people have to see these things, because that’s what will make them understand what’s happening, and actually doing something about it before that picture of an Afrikaaner girl turns into a picture of their sister, their daughter, their mother, their wife, their cousin…

      • Toms18

        You still should have put a warning on it, out of order just putting it there without one.

        • Spartacus

          No, what’s out of order is that these things happen, and not only do people do nothing about it, you complain that I’m even showing it to you. THAT is out of order.

    • Correct. If a given attached photo or video is not for the faint of heart, tokenize it using TinyURL or Goo-GL and post it here as a URL link. Disqus now embeds images and videos directly into the posts.

  • vladdy1

    The problem is, it has already happened. We HAD a society like you speak of, only to lose it to identity politics and the shame it involves. Now we face no choice.if we are not to be destroyed — both our country and ourselves.

    Recently found out one ancestor designed the gardens at Mt. Vernon and was in the plantation business in the islands. Another served as Gov. of KY and fought Indians wilh Andrew Jackson. Not bragging — I’m an average American myself — just saying “I DON’T FEEL ANY GUILT” — and I should have it (guilt) both ways, but I dom’t.

    Europeans and their decendants ned a homeland. We didn’t plan it that way;; it’s been forced upon us.

    • IstvanIN

      We have one, it is called Europe.

      • Talltrees

        Not anymore. It’s been taken over by Muslims.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Most didn’t leave “hatred” but came here for the money. Same as today. Only difference is that now whites aren’t welcome. There is where your hatred lies.

    • jane johnson

      It is true that many of our European ancestors came “for the money”, but they came fully expecting to EARN it. The current crop of third world immigrants expects, and gets, “the money” handed to them. A public assistance lifestyle is a huge step up from what they had in their own miserable countries. They have neither the desire, nor the talent, to ever assimilate or improve their situations generationally, the way our ancestors did. They will always be a burden.

  • Vonhauer

    I think a major problem with the “creating white communities” approach here in the U.S. is that any white community can be instantly targeted for “refugee” resettlement by a vindictive administration such as the one we now have with Obama dude.

    We need to actually own the territory for a whites-only ethnostate.

    • Sick of it

      And private ownership of land no longer truly exists in the United States. The EPA alone makes it impossible.

      • The Observer

        If you really think that it is impossible for people who went to the moon, to create an enclave or enclaves for themselves, anywhere, then you really need to give up right now.
        This constant negativity of “there is nothing we can do, we are all doomed” is the product of 40 years of political failure. You will snap out of it, or you will die–it’s as simple as that.

        • Sick of it

          I hope you’re developing advanced weapons technology to counter the extraordinarily huge arsenal of conventional weaponry that the Federal government will use against any separatist group. I’m a practical person.

          Also, I never said there’s nothing we can do and that we’re all doomed, but we need a plan, we need people dedicated to fight beyond death when they are, inevitably, attacked en masse, and we need significant manufacturing capacity in addition to technological development in any colony.

          If you think a few machine guns or mortars could keep you alive..wow, just wow. Look at what happened to Germany during WWII from the air force bombing runs alone.

          • The Observer

            You are living in a fantasy world by even talking about “nuclear weapons” blah blah blah.
            Look, it is quite simple: Europeans will either create a homogeneous homeland or they will die. End of the story.
            If you think it cannot be done, then please go away and leave alone those of us who actually want to do something more than bitch about everything and say “all is lost.” Can’t you see where your endless negativity is going? I.e. nowhere.

          • Sick of it

            Interesting that you literally just started posting anything in the past 24 hours, but you’re telling me to go away? Also, who said anything about nuclear weapons?

            Just another government agent provocateur, most likely.

          • The Observer

            What have you contributed except to tell everyone that we are all doomed and there is nothing we can do? You need to study your own motivations here. If you don’t want to be part of something positive, then at least have the good grace to stop bitching at people who do.

          • Sick of it

            And an immediate response. Nothing but belligerent comments toward other people. A 24 hour existence. Ok, that says it all. Goodbye.

          • The Observer

            bye now.

          • Gunrunner1

            We just watched the US Army get is ass wuped in Afghanistan against a few raggedy primitives with AK-47’s and some Semtex, or can’t you read? It will be interesting to see the Federal Government go up against Whites with their brains, computer savvy and Semtex. After watching Boston, it will be a Turkey shoot, with the Fatpo’s (Federal Anti-Terrorism Police) bringing the Gravy.

          • Sick of it

            #1 Those are people who kill themselves to get rid of anyone they consider an infidel. Not many people in this country are willing to die for anything these days.

            #2 My point is – Why the United States? Especially if we’re talking about creating new communities which would be relatively small in number. If the people are already fighting against the government, it might be possible…but read our news today. People are letting the government take every liberty we have away from us.

            There are other countries in the same hemisphere where you can essentially buy your independence. You can buy land and pay off the government and they will leave you alone. The United States government will never leave any independent minded people alone. NEVER. And if you start building a new community, a new homeland elsewhere, you would eventually have the numbers and the power (all forms) to hold onto said homeland even if/when the host government decides they no longer want you there.

            Learn from what happened to South Africa. Produce everything in your communities, because trade will always be cutoff by the rulers of the world. Do not intermingle with other peoples, but have one solid, contiguous territory. Produce your own armaments, rather than buying them.

            See where I’m coming from?

            Another fact which should be noted – Supposedly the U.S. military was trounced in Vietnam…we could have ended the entire war in less than a week by bombarding North Vietnam..by killing their army and leadership at home. The people in power have reasons for dragging out wars and “being defeated” even when they aren’t.

          • Gunrunner1

            Reasonable response. Allow me to elucidate.

            1. The IRA were able to hold off the British Army with just a few guns and guts, without resorting to blowing themselves up. Nor did the British EVER consider using Nuclear weapons on the Irish. (Well they probably did in their fevered imaginations, but never publicly).

            2. The Northwest is perfect for resistance and for acquiring. Huge amounts of space, islands, water, forests, mountains, several excellent deep water harbors, reasonable climate, excellent crop yields, far from the base of power (Washington D.C.). The Northwest Front plan is the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and about half of Montana. Several groups, Montana Rifleman included, are already considered neutral if not friendly. Already Brigades (three man cells) are being formed.

            3. There is evidence (Kenniwick Man) that Whites have always been here, going back as far as 9000 to 14,000 years (pre-Meizto Indian). See: The Solutrean Hypothesis. If not on the North American continent, where we were once and then driven back to the sea, killed off and then triumphantly returned…Where?

            Lastly, to put the issue of overwhelming force aside for a second. If the Government WERE to use atomic devices against, say Seattle, would that not completely de-legitimize the Federal Government as any kind of “protector” of the people? Would it not require the people to ride up and destroy it?

          • Sick of it

            The way people are today is essentially legalistic. More people are upset at our government today for breaking the law than for doing anything morally reprehensible (which is the best argument against white genocide).

            If people break any law or regulation of the United States, few will come out in support of them, even when the law/regulation is immoral and unconstitutional.

            I just don’t see massive support until the government really starts rounding people, from all walks of life, up for questioning the government.

            Now overwhelming force..man I was just referring to the ridiculously huge air force we have. The tanks. The missiles. The helicopters. The drones. MILLIONS of troops, including so many many reservists and National Guardsmen. They have already turned their guns on Americans before when their Commander in Chief ordered them to do so.

            I personally would prefer not to leave this country, since my damn ancestors helped to make this country. Out of every branch of my family, the latest immigrants came in the 1830s I believe. But I’m also a realist…I see that the natives of this land have lost all power to, in many cases, descendants of European socialists who arrived in the late 19th or early 20th centuries, as well as foreigners and the children of foreigners.


            Regarding the IRA…man Fenian socialism is probably a derivative of Fabian socialism. The government in Ireland today supports African immigration to Ireland. Same bunch controlling them.

          • That was purely a matter of will. We “got wuped” (or didn’t convincingly win) in Afg because we didn’t want to win, because the two Presidents leading our effort there, Bush and Obama, believe that enemy’s religion is peaceful and also that our diversity is our strength. Meanwhile, they would absolutely incinerate us with abandon and without remorse because they would have the will to do so, because we’re not politically correct.

          • Gunrunner1

            If they “incinerated” us (meaning vast swaths of people with abandon) then that would utterly cancel any legitimacy they would have of being our rulers, even the Islamists are not using Nuks against each other. Would not such an action FORCE the activation of the Second Amendment in every other State to resist and overthrow such a Government? Of Course. Also, I don’t think that when more than a few of them have been voted out of office under “Rule 308” that they will want to retain a small ungovernable part of the USA any more than the Romans wanted Gaul.

  • Eddie Lutz

    1. I don’t want to be a Jew 2. I don’t want to be a Jew who lives in Israel. I am of European decent and my ancestors conquered this world. I shouldn’t have to flee for my life from savages so I can cower in a fortress. I won’t.

  • Eddie Lutz

    The real problem is that whites aren’t having kids. So they obviously don’t care about a future for their race. If whites, specifically white women, wanted children (instead of dogs and cats) we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    • IstvanIN

      Being flooded by never ending hordes of non-whites is the biggest problem. Having too few children is a big problem, but the invasion supported by the elites and tribe is the biggest.

    • CaptainCroMag

      It’s true that overall Whites are not having enough children, but it’s only the liberal Whites that aren’t breeding. Conservative Whites are having kids at above replacement level.

    • Talltrees

      Isn’t the stereotypical White family, Mom, Pop, 2-3 kids, a dog and/or cat? A family with kids must have a dog and/or cat. It’s not normal. Ha!

    • Sick of it

      Having kids you can’t feed leads to dead kids. We aren’t subsidized like everyone else.

      • The Observer

        That is a cop-out, and you know it. I have no idea of your particular circumstances, but I am willing to bet the average white person who uses this “argument” spends a fortune each year on alcohol, cigarettes, pc games, x box, movies, etc, etc. It’s all a question of priorities.
        Besides, you should read Nova Europa: the majority of whites can’t be saved, you need to readjust your perspective.

        • Sick of it

          I know some people spend too much on unnecessary gadgets for their kids. I also know that I grew up, essentially, in a single parent household and that I’ve been poor my entire life. I also know that my Master’s without experience is essentially worthless so my job prospects are pretty bleak.

          • The Observer

            “Job prospects are bleak” – yes that goes for a lot of white people in the modern de-industrialized west. I haven’t had a “job” in years, but instead of sitting at home whining that I could not get a job, I went out and started my own business. If you are looking for independence and work, start your own business–there are plenty of opportunities if you just have the willpower to look.

    • kjh64

      White women want kids on average more than White men do and it is couples together that usually decide how many kids to have. White birthrates have fallen because of the economy. We wouldn’t be having this problem if we didn’t have these immigrants. It’s a myth that we must have them to sustain our population. We’d do just fine without them.

    • Gunrunner1

      Lot’s of influence by the Jew here, working on race-mixing and deluding the Goy. Watch it.

  • anew

    Taken to it’s logical conclusion, your argument is that we should eliminate all sources of passion, because caring passionately about something creates the potential for conflict. What an inhuman fool you are.

  • HJ11

    I favor multiple approaches. This is one good one, and if it wins the day, great. If it doesn’t well, there will be others trying other approaches. We will find a way to survive, prosper and expand our kind.

  • Easyrhino1

    That’s six words.

  • Mike Lane

    I read his book March of the Titans. Highly suggested.

  • Mike Lane

    No racial identity leads to a cultureless global “society”. (emphasis on the quotes)

  • IstvanIN

    You seem to forget several important issues:

    1) European immigrants, while not of the founding (Anglo/Northern European) stock, were still European and racially the same.
    2) They had a similar, inter-related culture.
    3) They were Christians, even many Catholics became more like Protestants over time.
    4) They were not catered to in their natives languages by the government, but had to learn English.
    5) Many, if not most, wanted to become American and insisted their children do so.
    6) There were few divided loyalties, especially evident during the two World Wars.
    7) There was a break from mass immigration and a return to traditional sources of immigration for the few we let in.

    An African can never be an American, as can be seen in most of our major cities. Nor can a Muslims or most “Latinos”.

    • kjh64

      Re: IstvanIN
      Also, the USA had a system of quotas for Whites too for each of the different White countries. This way, you wouldn’t have too many people from one country coming in all at once and turning the country into their old homeland. Limiting the numbers from each country allowed people to assimilate, not colonize.

  • Truthseeker

    Racial identity only leads to conflict if people are threatened by different racial groups. Racial identity wouldn’t need to exist at all if the diverse
    populations in most white countries didn’t force people to confront
    their differences on a regular basis. The fact is, people are not interchangeable. There are clear differences between races, and we’d all do well to acknowledge it.

    A homogeneous group left to its own devices is likely to experience life richly. Its members can share their existence with others who have similar experiences, culture, interests and biological tendencies. There will be a greater sense of community and understanding within the group, and it can be run more efficiently as well. A diverse group, on the other hand, will have more disparate needs and desires, and trying to please everyone becomes a matter of reducing everything to the lowest common denominator, which ends up pleasing no one in the end.

    The Irish, Germans and Italians were able to assimilate to America more easily due to the fact that they were white in a predominantly white country. While they may have had some differences in background, their shared race meant that there was less of a gap to cross when adapting. They had more in common with each other than any non-white did with any of them.

    It’s not about hate, it’s about doing what’s best for people. Most people want to live peaceful, productive lives, and community with others who share their values, goals and worldview is one of the best ways to achieve that.

  • Talltrees

    It’s us against big business, that small wealthy minority, and lobbyists. We have no organization fighting for us. Why? It’s absolutely pathetic that we don’t.
    All Whites need to threaten Republicans with not voting if they don’t represent their White base. If all of us here and at other White sites would do that we might make an impact.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Republican party advances the interests of “big business, that small wealthy minority, and lobbyists.” The only time they think about any other whites is during political campaigns.

  • Talltrees

    Why haven’t we defeated them long ago with our intelligence? Why wait until there are only 600,000 left? Why wasn’t non-White immigration stopped in its tracks before it got started? Was it because Whites sat passively in front of their TV sets just as they are doing now? The 1965 immigration law was huge. Whites should have gone nuts over that bill.

    I’d like to see a survey done on Whites to get inside their heads as to why they aren’t protesting. What is wrong? We hear this and that, but those reasons describe a fearful White. Whites have never been fearful about overcoming adversity until now. Most have become worthless.

  • Talltrees

    “having a homeland for any races is a tragic idea.”

    Really? Are Japan, China, and Israel, tragic?

    • David Ashton

      Turning England or Iceland into Afro-Asian “societies” is the greater tragedy.

      • Talltrees

        Yes, and turning the United States into Hispanic, Muslim, and Asian Indian “societies” is a greater tragedy, too. It’s been Afro for a long time and that has been a tragedy.

        As our Mother country it was always interesting to see, particularly in the northeast, that our streets, towns, and cities were named after those in England. Your country is a very unique and special place.

        The names of all of our streets might be renamed, soon, to Allah, Muhammad, and Akbar.

        Tragic, indeed, describes our situations, well.

        • David Ashton

          Thank you. Inter-national solidarity against similar theats is essential.

  • Talltrees

    “Failure is not an option.”


  • Sick of it

    They have the deadliest diseases on the planet stored so they can replicate and distribute them as needed. They have increased the power of militaries worldwide. They have begin arming civilian government forces. They have ensured control of valuable resources as well as routes for their distribution by installing puppet governments around the world. They’re pushing to totally control the world’s food supply via GMO. So..the elites aren’t exactly out of the loop here, they’re expecting trouble and planning for it.

  • The Observer

    Have you even ever read Nova Europa? Or are you another one of those happy to condemn it without ever having laid eyes on it?
    The word prejudice comes from the two words “pre” and “judge”. Anyone who forms an opinion on something without having first acquainted him or herself of the facts, is not only “pre-judiced” but also mad, No-one in their right mind takes an opinion or a decision of import without having acquainted themselves of the facts.

  • KenelmDigby

    Interesting arguments from Arthur Kemp.
    I just have one problem with his analysis. If ‘White homelands’ are established, what is stopping the ‘old cycle’, (ie ‘low scale’ third world immigration eventually starts which myseriously morphs into full-blown takeover in a space of decades), from re=asserting itself?
    It seems to me that Whites have a unique genetic psychological deficit that prevents them from taking the utterly harsh, ruthless and selfish action that needs to be taken, (ie an absolute constitutional perpetual prohibition on non-White settlement in the ‘homelands’), that are the essential non-negotiable founding characteristic of the ‘homeland’. I fear that we will revert to type and the soft hearts and soft heads of the falsely ‘compassionate’ will gradually, in the course of time, turn Whites’ minds away from the founding principle – in the name of charity – and in due course leave us exactly as we are today.
    As a pre-requisite, something like the Indian caste system where ‘race’ is given a quasi-religious significance must be inculcated in the minds of the puportive citizens of the new ethno-state.

    • The Observer

      The book Nova Europa addresses and answers this very issue.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      I would think that any whites who want to be part of an exclusive white homeland would by definition be sick of multiculturalism and diversity, and so would no longer think like brainwashed guilt-ridden whites. This is a whole different breed of white people– experienced in diversity and disgusted with it, racially aware, unapologetic, impervious to criticism. They would not make the same mistakes again and would probably put safeguards in place to avoid all the pitfalls you mentioned.

      • The Observer

        Nova Europa points this out–and that white liberals are the ones who are not breeding, hence will be the first to vanish.

    • John McNeill

      I think prosperity is enough a prerequisite for liberalism; a society that has leisure time is more prone to embrace decadence and open its borders so it can have foreign labor.

      I think white communities will need to be willing to accept hard sacrifices. Perhaps like the Amish, although hopefully maybe something a little more moderate. I don’t know if I want to live in a world without electricity, but if that’s what it takes to preserve our race and culture, then so be it.

      • John McNeill

        Granted the Oranians have so far resisted Luddite ideas. They embrace technology that enables self-sufficiency and sustainability. We’ll see how this works out.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    white communities must be tolerant and promote diversity, but colored communities must ‘give back to their own’ and ‘remember where they came from’ and ‘provide positive examples for their people – be taught and serviced by their own, who, ‘understand their unique needs’. Immigrants of color travel thousands of miles across the earth and then are settled, by leftists, in neighborhoods exactly like the ones they left.

    If there are too many whites in an area. . that area needs to get more diverse, and it’s a sign of residual evil. . it’s just a momumental coincidence, however, a strange fluke that folks from thousands of miles away all landed in the exact same neighborhood or side of town, and it’s just great then that there is little diversity and few or no whites or if that area is becoming less white or an area where their are virtually no whites. In which case this becomes something to celebrate. Anything else would be racism – against people of color, that is.

  • David Ashton

    Cameron and Merkel may or may not believe what they have said on multiculturalism, or even what they understand by it, but they can now be quoted.

  • WmarkW

    I disagree with the premise stated early in the article that the 2012 election shows we’re in a one-way spiral to anti-white hegenomy. It was a very ordinary election in the normal flow of Presidential politics, in which only once since the start of the twentieth century (Jimmy Carter) has a party been turned out of the White House after only four years. And the changes in Congressional makeup were below average for a Presidential re-election.

    The promises of the Obama platform are not sustainable. Once it stops being tenable (and legitimate) to fault GW Bush for the state of the economy, the inherent contradictions of the diversity coalition will blow up.

    • The Observer

      You are ignoring the very real racial demographic changes which underlay the Obama victory. Do some reading on racial population statistics.

      • kjh64

        While this is true, the racial demographics were much the same in 2004 when Bush won till 2008/2012 when Obama won. A lot of Whites stayed home and a lot of illegal aliens voted and so did many Blacks and more than once.

  • Part of the problem is that a large percentage of people who consider themselves pro-White and are willing to vocalize this publicly are content with complaining and repeating the symptoms ad nauseum. We(yes, I’m even including myself) spend far too little time talking about the practical, short-term solutions needed to bring about a remedy. We spend even less time actually doing the things that need to be done.

    For example, look at AmRen articles. Nine out of ten, possibly 99 out of 100 articles are about the symptoms, with the comments just repeating various forms of disgust and repeating the symptoms. When an article comes along that talks about organization and possible steps to a practical solution, what do we get? We get comments that talk about the symptoms again, defeatist attitudes that tell us why it can’t be done, and an infinite number of ways to attach labels to what someone believes has caused this mess. Never optimistic solutions or practical steps that make it easy for current and possible pro-White people to do some physical activism in the REAL world.

    Where are the people who aren’t content with complaining on the Internent? That’s who I want on my team. Where are you?

    • The Observer

      If you read Nova Europa, you will see that it contains a complete set of practical steps and proposals, ie. the formation of a Colonization Company and the formalization of the process.
      This is, as you correctly point out, vital to take the debate out of the hands of the perpetual whiners and “flat tire syndrome” specialists who want to do nothing more than tell everyone how bad it all is and how nothing can be done.

    • Gunrunner1

      Northwest Front.

    • David Ashton

      There have been miscellaneous constructive suggestions here and there in previous AmRen posts, and it would be worth going back through them for collection. We certainly do not need defeatism and backbiting.

  • The Observer

    What a load of nonsense. I know all of Kemp’s writings, and he has never issued a “White Man’s Manifesto”. You are making it up, so stop lying.

  • The Observer

    “Why read such a nonsensical screed” — well, that sums you up, doesn’t it– prepared to condemn something you haven’t even read! God help me that I never drop to your level that I express an opinion on something that I have never even seen. What an idiot.

  • watling

    The Irish, Germans, Italians etc are racially similar enough to assimilate into a larger pool of European stock. The standard of living in Ireland, Germany and Italy is similar. Each of these three example countries have produced individuals that have made outstanding contributions to humanity.

    However, Africans do not assimilate as well among Europeans. Their main problem is their lower average IQ, which means that they cannot compete on equal terms with Europeans, which in turn means that they are less able to make a living in European societies. The only way they can compete is if they are helped with affirmative action. That leads to resentment among those who are expected to compete without such assistance.

    Over time miscegenation will lead to a lowering of the world’s average IQ. Is that progress? How will the crucial scientific discoveries of the future – for the benefit of all races – be made if we get dumber as the years go by?

    • ms_anthro

      You are correct in everything you say, but all of that is secondary to a single fact: we have a right to exist, no matter our relative strengths and weaknesses. That White people exist as a distinct race is reason enough to preserve us. We don’t need to claim supremacy to justify our existence. This is a trap that many Whites fall into. It enables our enemies to force us to defend our desire not to be annihilated. Don’t take the bait!

      We will fight to survive because we exist and wish to continue existing. We don’t need another reason than that, nor do we require our enemies’ permission to save ourselves from the evil they perpetrate against us.

  • The Observer

    Just how do you intend for “nationalists to regain control over monetary policy and the central banks”? We can’t even get a congressman elected! The time has come for realism, and enough of this fantasy island theorizing about seizing control of existing states.

  • The Observer

    No, you are wrong, on several accounts.

    Firstly, pro-European activists are a tiny minority of the general population, and have ZERO political power. Why even engage in fantasy island talk about deporting people, when you don’t even control a simple local authority? Talk about putting the horse before the cart.

    Secondly, this is, as Nova Europa correct says, one of the most important lessons to be learned from Israel, where the Jews created an ethnostate by expelling an existing population–and thereby earning the perpetual hatred of its neighbors. Quote from Nova Europa: “The Israeli lesson teaches us that a state born in hate, supremacy, and violence, begets all that and more back.”

    The target area must be largely unpopulated (see Orania) or it must already be majority European.

    If we don;t start somewhere, even small and local, we won’t have anything at all.

    • Gunrunner1

      I am sorry, but you are wrong. No State has ever craved out its place in this world by anything but force. Further, the “small and Local” idea was tried with Koresh and Waco and Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge. The Government likes it when all the Nationalists are in one place, that way they don’t have to hunt them down later.

      • The Observer

        If you are right, then it is all hopeless and we might as well crawl away and die . . . however, thank heavens, you are wrong.

        • Gunrunner1

          Not at all. I would go for an IRA type response, carving off a piece of the USA as the Federal Government goes under. It is already weak and its credibility is low. La Raza is also pushing in this same direction for the same goal. A coordinated effort might be in the offing.

      • Stan D Mute

        If you think you can “carve out” a part of the US, you are delusional and doomed. Long past are the days a citizen militia could engage the government in battle successfully. Today it’s a one-way ticket to the graveyard or worse. Go ahead and point your pea shooter at a missile armed drone and see who wins. I don’t think you will be around to tell us how it worked out.

        The ONLY way you can succeed in creating a white ethno-state is to pioneer land presently uninhabited. And yes, such places DO still exist, but they will take a HUGE amount of courage and hard work to carve out.

  • The Observer

    You are ignoring the rapid rate of demographic change underway, Take the US as a prime example: According to the latest census, it is 64% “non-Hispanic white.” But this figure is an exaggeration, because it is based on self-classification, and classes all Middle Easterners as “non-Hispanic white.”
    Even if the total figure is 64%, (which it isn’t), the additional complication is the age spread: the vast majority of the young are of Third World origin. By 2019–JUST SIX YEARS AWAY–the majority of under 18s in America will be non-white.This means that as the older generations die off–which will start occurring within the next 10 – 20 years, the population shift will become even more rapid.
    In addition, non-whites are already the majority of live births, and this figure increases exponentially every year.
    It will be very surprising if, within the next 20 years, whites still form a majority in the US at all.

    We need to start planning for that scenario now. There is no alternative.

    • kjh64

      Take the US as a prime example: According to the latest census, it is 64% “non-Hispanic white.”

      The census counts anyone living in the US, whether citizen or not. Forty million illegals are counted as “Americans” as are millions of non-citizens here on work or student visas etc. American citizens living abroad are not counted. In order to get actual demographics, ALL American citizens need to be counted and the census needs to separate citizen vs not. The true racial makeup of the USA is only it’s citizens.

      • Stan D Mute

        As the article correctly points out the political makeup is that of those OCCUPYING the land. So the “64%” if that’s an accurate number, is quite correct. The “40 million illegals” no matter how much we wish for it, aren’t leaving. I’d bet my life savings we can’t stop them bringing every third cousin and in-law either.

        It’s well past time to face facts and not what “should be” or what we’d “like to be” true.

        The traitors destroyed our Nation in 1965. It’s been a slow-motion train wreck ever since, but a train wreck nonetheless. I recall as a boy in the early 1970’s, my very liberal mother telling me that I would one day be a minority in my country and I should therefore be tolerant of minorities now. They knew what they were doing when they did it. Everyone did. Our parents and grandparents destroyed our legacy.

        Now, if we want our children and grandchildren to have a country in which they may be safe, we must act. Not wish.. Not hope.. But act and act decisively. Our forebears came here from elsewhere. We must match that courage and build a new home for our progeny. Then we must defend it VERY forcefully.

  • newscomments70

    There is no section 8 housing in Malibu…home to Barbara Streisand and the other rich liberal vermin. How would Babs feel if a Section 8 high rise was built next to her mansion on the beach?

    • kjh64

      “How would Babs feel if a Section 8 high rise was built next to her mansion on the beach?”
      Babs and others would raise hell and if that didn’t work, move.

      • newscomments70

        She sued an art photographer for $20,000 for simply including her home in a panoramic photo. (She lost.) Imagine how she would feel about home invasions and physical attacks?

      • It wouldn’t come to that. I’m sure that under the guise of protecting the environment, building a Section 8 or “affordable housing” high rise is de facto impossible in Malibu. Environmental concerns are how a lot of elitist hypocrites rationalize their “for thee but not for me” hypocrisy.

      • YngveKlezmer

        She’s just move the heck out of there, like all of her wealthy pals, Oprah and Whoopi included, and wouldn’t care about folks of modest means that got left behind. With the state of the modern media, She would have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by accusing any fellow Jew who is stuck living near Blacks, and who angrily vents about the Schvarza, of being “a racist”, and everything to lose by standing up and speaking with pride about her heritage, and defending the rights of American Jews to keep their neighborhoods White. In a sensible world, She would reinforce, with other American Jews, that White European Gentiles created the American culture, and that this is the culture they should respect most, and where they are “safest”. She would reinforce that the Schvarza are an alien race predisposed to violence and sociopathy. She would point out that it is the White European Gentile culture in America that allows American Jews to live in quiet, safe, clean neighborhoods, and remind them of what life is like in Israel, surrounded by Muslim hordes. She would remind them of why New York was so nice in the old days. Almost entirely White and Judeo-Christian.

    • YngveKlezmer

      She knows very well that She doesn’t want Bantus moving in next door, and knows very well how they will act. She also doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the working class folks who are not wealthy enough to move away from the Schvarza. She also knows that, if She sticks up for Jackie Mason when he points out that Negroids are Schvarza, or defends the rights of her Jewish brethren in a traditionally Jewish neighborhood to keep their neighborhood White, She might not experience social approval from Oprah or Whoopi.
      If Babs really cared about her fellow Jewish Americans, She would point out that folks in places like Skokie, Illinois have every right to keep their neighborhood White, and to maintain their Jewish culture, and would point out how Whoopi Goldberg is a first class example of the evils of miscegenation, as She is a Black first and foremost, and doesn’t care anymore about her smidge of Jewish descent than Obama does about his Mother’s family being Irish. Most likely, though, Babs is like most wealthy folks, and doesn’t really care about helping her working class brethren. She could try to get Jewish Libtards tuned into reality, into how self destructive their support of Negroes is, and encourage her brethren to respect White Gentiles, first and foremost, and to realize that their heroes should be racial realists like Robert Weissberg.

  • newscomments70

    I love the flag of Orania. I believe that is an appropriate symbol for white solidarity, worldwide. Print it out, post it on your refrigerator, car, office. Tell your children what it means. This movement means more than just a few “eccentric” Afrikaners. This movement is for all of us, and it should explode. Nazi symbols, etc are not going anywhere. A symbol of a strong white youth rolling up his sleeve…either to fight back, or to toil at rebuilding. That is what we are about.

  • Anglokraut

    Do you recall the name of this paper, because it probably wasn’t called “The White Man’s Manifesto”. Or perhaps remember the year it was published?

  • Anglokraut

    You’re still in Cleveland? I had to leave that place because there was no work. The last time I was there I stayed in Lorain for a few months, and as trashy as the place was in the 1980s and 1990s when I was growing up, it’s gotten so much worse now. Lorain is nothing more than a colony of Puerto Rico. Even the front-lines of Parma and Lakewood were turning brown–and when the Polish can’t keep Parma, and the gays can’t keep Lakewood, you know the rules of urban warfare have changed.

  • Once the place and time is worked out, I’ll buy the first round of drinks for everyone in the pub. Might even pick up the tab for the whole night. You only live once, so you might as well make it worth something.

  • newscomments70

    I hear you, but believe it or not, there are many decent, conservative folks in these areas. I used to live in Malibu. Even though the place was full of liberal vermin, I knew scores of race realist, conservatives. Our gym was like an Amren convention, at times. As much as I find liberals repulsive, there are many decent non-liberal whites in those ares that i want to see protected. I don’t want Section 8 housing in any decent communities. I am open to other suggestions…possibly shipping liberals off to prison in cattle cars. That would solve the problem.

    • Non Humans

      I would like to agree with your last 2 sentences, except for the fact that the very implementation of something like that would most likely make the libtards choke on their own sermon and change course.
      Nothing like first-hand reality (their own medicine, if you will) to awaken them from their stupidity and immaturity. Race-Realism is not bourne of ignorance, it is bourne of experience.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Exactly. They probably try to curb the stupidity of their Liberal neighbors by occasionally bringing up the truth, but are just written off as “right wingers”, thanks to our current media. They are probably cognizant, as well, of how much more extreme the media has become under the presidency of Obama the Bantu, and had probably tried to warn these Liberal neighbors not to vote for Obama, as he would turn out to be a Black supremacist, as all Blacks are. All non-White minorities think racially, because they are not shamed for doing so.

  • Talltrees

    Download free March of the Titansepub(with images)pdf
    First link is pdf

    • The Observer

      No it’s not, it downloads a .exe file which contains a worm.

      • Talltrees

        OK. Thanks for the tip.

  • Gunrunner1

    NorthWest American Republic. Harold Covington Novels. The Future is closer than you know…Ex Gladio Libertas!

  • Gunrunner1

    Thanks for the help, Bernie.

  • Gunrunner1

    Orcrist (FoeHammer) If you would, explore Northwest Front DOT org. Books are “The Brigade” by Harold Covington.

  • Garrett Brown

    I haven’t posted on here in a while but this was an absolutely amazing article that gives me hope. I pray it some day comes true, I will surely start supporting the effort once I have the means to do so. Never give up!

  • puffdaddy

    Would the new ethnostate welcome white Americans? If so, when can we start?

    • Jackryanvb

      There is an existing movement to colonize the Pacific Northwest and form a break away White Republic

      Www dot Northwestfront dot org

      • newscomments70

        They have a tough job in front of them….WA and OR voted for Obama.

        • Dude

          You think American kosher-conservative christian zionists are much better?

      • puffdaddy

        thank you Jack – I’d also love to know there was a place in Europe to go as well.

        • Jackryanvb

          Russia and most of Eastern Europe sound great.

          • ed

            Russia sounds good to me too.

      • ed

        I live in the North West, and I don’t think this will work. The whites here are of the Californian sort, in fact a great number of them are refugees from California. They haven’t learned their lesson.

        Most importantly, the US federal government is just too strong, too pervasive, and too committed to white dis-empowerment.

        We’re going to have to look beyond the borders of the United States for a homeland.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    It’s “I’s yo’ new neighbor.”

    • YngveKlezmer

      That’s right. That is when this racial realist moves, and why, in the current environment, we White racial realists need to start planning our White homeland. Too many Whites out there will begin by rejoicing when they move in, naively thinking this will “broaden their horizons”, but will, in short order, realize how naïve they have been all of their lives. They will be shocked that, yes, maybe that Black guy is raising his children, and maybe he is a Doctor, but somehow, the kids still act like their “brothas and sistas” in the ghetto. Hmmm…how did that happen?? Suddenly, these Liberals realize that their White racial realist friends are not “right wingers”, “hillbillies”, or “bigots”, but simply intelligent, sensible people who are cognizant of the distinct behavioral differences amongst the races. We are realists, who realize that race is surely not a social construct, and that the different races of humans have different basic temperaments and behavioral patterns. They may even realize that Negroes, as a race, just tend to be more violent than us Caucasians. They have a meaner spirit about them, and this cannot be explained by any time of supposed “racism” that we have inflicted on them. This is why, in our absence, levels of violence prevail amongst them which we find abhorrent. Such violence is not abhorrent to them, it is just acting naturally.

  • Non Humans

    Kind of like when I lived in A T Hell. The nonhumans directly across the street were dealing drugs. I worked nightshift, so on my off-days, we were awake at the same hours. The whole subdivision had no other outlet other than the entrance.
    I would wait until 2-4am when business was heavy and call it in as “Suspiscious Behavior”. The cops would park an unmarked in the subdivision, then have the markeds just down the road “Speedtrapping” and pickup the junkie nonhumans as they were leaving and loaded. I could usually hear the “Ah Din Do Nuffins” from my back porch as I drank some beer.

  • JohnEngelman

    Whites can learn a great deal from the Zionist example, not all of it positive. Israel illustrates the danger of choosing a territory that requires displacement of a different (and subsequently hostile) group. If the territory we select is not largely empty, like South Africa’s Northern Cape, then it must already have a strong white majority.

    – F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, June 21, 2013

    The Zionist example is not very inspiring. Israel has had to defeat three efforts by the Arab world to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews there. The Israelis endure a chronic state of low intensity warfare against their existence, and periodic UN resolutions.

    A “strong white majority” will almost certainly be composed of sanctimonious white liberals who do not know many blacks or very much about them. I used to be that way until I was robbed at gunpoint, mugged, and nearly murdered by blacks.

    • Anonymous White

      The history of Israel may have been bloody, but so has all jewish history. The fact remains that they went successfully from having no homeland to having one. We still, however, can’t follow their example because, simply, we don’t have their wealth and power.

      • MikeofAges

        You don’t have a unified agenda, self-definition or even enough understanding of the major issues which affect you to create one. White Americans, exclusive of Jews, have plenty of wealth and power. What you don’t have is the ability to define what you want, beyond “owning” a piece of dirt and a house, and getting a strong consensus on the side of it.

        • Anonymous White

          Whites as a whole, maybe. White nationalists, no. We have small numbers and small influence. And unfortunately, you’re right about the lack of a unified agenda.

  • Guest

    Kemp wasn’t lying low. He worked for the BNP for a good amount of time until he couldn’t handle the backstabbing anymore. Nick Griffin allegedly labeled Kemp as a sociopath, but I don’t find Griffin to be a very credible source these days.

  • Paul

    ‘white reliance on black labor’??

    This is nonsense. Whites do not rely on black labor. Look at the creation Australia, England or the US, We did not and do not need black labor.

    • The Observer

      In South Africa, they did, and still do — except in Orania.

    • WR_the_realist

      Whites in the U.S. don’t much rely on black labor now, but up through the middle of the 19th century white elites used a lot of black labor and imported blacks. That was called slavery. The slave owners have a lot to answer for — to other whites. Today the elites import massive numbers of Hispanics for cheap labor. Elites unwilling to mow their own lawns, pick their own crops, or put up their own drywall and unwilling to pay free white labor to do it also have a lot to answer for.

  • MikeofAges

    I have come to the conclusion recently that the boycott of South Africa, which included matters that were not economic, was intended to force the majority population into accepting compromises as well. The international boycott of South African athletes, for example, fell on blacks as well as whites. I think this is other side of the forced process which created the “new” South Africa. How can you make it work when some large portion of the majority population does not, itself, believe in the creed of Anglo-Saxon liberty and Anglo-Saxon fair play which was the foundation of democracy in both the United States and the Commonwealth?

  • Jackryanvb

    Arabs have some other words, phrases, actions:

    (In Arabic) move to France, Norway, Sweden, Australia – rape White girls, set up no go zones for Whites, burn suburbs to celebrate New Years, set up rip off convenient stores, create same nasty Arab Muslim communities in White Western countries that they left in ME.

  • ricpic

    I’m confused about Orania. If the town is within the borders of South Africa then what’s to stop the black run South African government from forcing Oranians to offer their homes to blacks as well as Afrikans at the point of sale? I ask this because other commenters have stated that should whites attempt to establish an Oriana here in the States they would immediately be criminalized on the basis of practicing discriminating against non-whites.

    • The Observer

      Orania town is a privately-owned company. It does not have any racial restrictions, though, for two reasons: 1, It is illegal to discriminate on race in terms of South African law; and 2. They are not going to give the state any legal mechanism with which to attack.
      On a South African TV interview, the head of Orania was once asked what would happen if a black man tried to move into Orania. The answer was “nothing, but it has never happened.” There are two reasons for this:
      1. The dominant culture in the town would make him an outsider;
      2. There is nothing in the town, or even surrounding it, for hundreds of miles, which could serve as an attraction for blacks to move there–even if they were bused in.
      This is why Orania gets left alone–it is just too far away from the black epicenters for them to bother with.
      This is discussed in detail in the Nova Europa book, and the comparison with Israel is clear: no state can be founded in a territory which is not suitable, either in terms of existing demographic make-up, or in which an already existing alien population is present and has to be expelled: that will unquestionably bring down a counter-reaction.
      The last valid question is, of course, what about the long term? As Orania gets more and more successful, will it not attract the authorities’ ire?
      Yes it will, but there is another law at work as well: as the state becomes more and more Third Worldized, it becomes less capable of doing anything except guarding the president’s palace. This process will also be at work in the US, eventually.

      • Laager

        Another reason Orania is unattractive to blacks is that you have to get off your butt and work. Most people are self employed. There is no need for hewers of wood and carriers of water nor are there any jobs for them. Orania whites have wised up and are totally committed to self sufficiency.

  • The Observer

    Let’s see now: you can’t remember this book’s title, or when it was published . . . or what it said exactly,,.. pathetic troll! Go away, you don’t fool anybody with your made up lies and smears!

  • The Observer

    You really must be desperate to make up these lies! Laughable troll!

  • The Observer

    No. Apartheid South Africa failed because a white population of circa 4 million–and less than 600,000 part time soldiers– could not “keep the lid” on 40 million plus blacks. Don’t ignore reality.

  • Jackryanvb

    He’s a great writer and a very good radio podcast speaker. He’s not good at other things (fundraising, running a business). Don’t try to make him your best friend, don’t expect him to employ you or pay you. It’s the bad nature of the American WN “movement” for everyone to bicker, compete for small donations. If any one WN writer or leader has any modest success or breaks through in mainstream media, politics, others are jealous. Don’t make the WN movement your whole life. Get a life and then bring pro White racial realism to your life.

  • The Observer

    If that is your true thinking, then all is lost and nothing can be done. The problem is that not everyone is prepared to accept your “we are doomed” scenario” and actually want to try and do something. I have to ask you: if you really feel that there is nothing that can be done, why are you even on this website? Is your sole purpose here just to come and tell everyone they are wasting their time?

    You really need to ask yourself what exactly your motivation is.

    My motivation is to do something, not wallow in doom and gloom.

  • The Observer

    Well then, if that is your opinion, then “nothing” can be done and we all need to crawl away and die.
    Fortunately, not all of us are like you, and we prefer to work towards something which can be achieved, rather then slinking away and doing nothing, crying “woe is me.”

  • The Observer

    Nova Europa points out that it is impossible to save “the masses” and that this is a “psychological Rubicon” which has to be crossed. We will only ever be working with a minority of aware people, The rest will not be saved.

  • Nave Wilson

    White South African here.

    The citizens of Orania are Christian Zionists. They see the Jews as their allies. They refuse to acknowledge the Jewish role in the destruction of Apartheid South Africa. This means that Orania will ultimately fail. When you allow Jews into your homeland they will eventually subvert it from within. This is why i and many other like me will never move to Orania.

    • The Observer

      Wrong. Apartheid failed, not because of the “Jews”, (even though Jews were predominant in anti-Apartheid activity) but because whites in South Africa refused to acknowledge the relationship between political power and demography. They though they could use the blacks as labor to do EVERYTHING — but then expected them not to demand political power.
      Apartheid, by its nature, like all segregation, was doomed to destruction by its own inherent contradictions.
      You really need to take a fresh, sober, assessment of why White South Africa came to a fall, and stop blaming others.

  • plaintruthforidiots

    Wow, things are worse than I thought. Only 600,000 whites left on Earth.

    Are you stupid?

  • The Observer

    Those who think that a state will be created by “civil war” (and I see there are some making comments like this in this section) are, frankly, day dreaming.
    Right now, the “right wing” cannot even get a local town authority elected, never mind a congressman, and much less an armed insurrection (“Turner Diaries” fantasy) which requires mass support.
    People need to stop holding out this utterly false “hope” and get real: the only solution is to build a new community from the ground up, the hard way. There is no alternative.

  • The Observer

    Yes, that is the point of the Nova Europa book: it contains a feasible “to do” list which most certainly does NOT include writing your congressman.
    This is the value in looking at how Orania, and the Zionists, have created their own states–not the errors they have made, but the methodology followed and avoiding the errors.

    • Dark Age Fire

      The white race IS waking up at a rate never seen before. Worse is better. Let the Left run this ship into the rocks. White men need to stop propping up this anti-white system. Let it go, and get the hell out of the way. It needs a fast crash not a slow motion white genocide. Diversity is code for white genocide.

  • The Observer

    “How we should deal with the defeat” — an excellent summation. I think you would find great value in reading Nova Europa.

  • The Observer

    You are asking an impossible question. We have no way of knowing what white people two or three generations might think.
    We cannot concern ourselves with things over which we have no control, or even ability to foresee. We should instead focus on what we can achieve, in our lifetimes, and at best, hope to influence those who come after.
    Endless negativity, “all is lost, we are doomed” theoretical scenarios serve no purpose whatsoever in this regard.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    It cannot be because such protection would be “white supremacy.” This fashionable bogeyman—imagining for a moment that anybody really advocated it—would be incompatible with the ethnic nationalism Mr. Kemp advocates: “self-determination specifically eschews the claim to rule over others.” Mr. Kemp—a strong critic of apartheid—argues that the demand for black self-rule in South Africa validates white self-rule in Europe and North America.

    Yet if ‘the others’ are a member of the local population, you must indeed ‘rule over them’ to get them to leave the wealth you would create for yourself. If you are unwilling to define what you want in life as the /kind/ of society you and your fellow whites will achieve, without ethnic aid, you are a coward who doesn’t understand that supremacy is that the heart of the issue. What’s better for us is not better for them. Hence it is White Superior.

    This is a key issue because failure to note it is a failure to plan for the future. Whites who tout past achievements don’t want a white future, solely wholely and ONLY for themselves. The past is dead. The present lives next door to us as unwanted neighbors. The future will be one where we are the ones ‘politely or otherwise encouraged to leave’. The living world.

    And the reason is that genetic algorithms drive instinctive behaviors which are about inclusion only so long as it advantages them to play Cuckoo (bird that lays it’s eggs in another’s nest for a different species to raise for them). As soon as white society starts to collape, black and Hispanic genetic algorithms will move to the polar opposite: wiping out the weakest competitor to enjoin their resources to their own.

    The most difficult step in creating a European ethnostate, then, is mustering the will. Once a significant number of whites achieves this, the next step would be the creation of a colonization company that would coordinate fundraising, buy land, create businesses, and organize immigration. Mr. Kemp notes that many professional services can now be delivered from anywhere on earth. The revolution in communications technology means setting up colonies would be much easier than in the Age of Exploration.


    Rubbish. Distance across the Atlantic made Colonial America possible because it encouraged both separation from immediate oversight and enforcement of prohibitions against own-technology based development. If someone doesn’t get what they need from a distant government, they tend to improvise on their own.

    That degree of enablement of innovation through improvisation is rebellious because it rapidly frees itself from artificial limiters (patents, copyrights, tariffs and taxes) which would otherwise keep profits flowing only one way. This is why China generally respects no commercial process as sacred unto itself. This is why China has a 6,000 person dedicated hacker force as well as the computer servers to hack the entire world wide web, datamining -hours- worth of bandwidth at a time.

    Now, with this as a given, how long do you think it would be before someone who ‘heard from a source who heard from a friend’ that we were building X as knockoffs would come running lest THE MYTH of ‘cheaper from China’ was exposed as what it really is:

    An attempt to create inefficiency as thermodynamic waste and /profit/ from that waste as ‘every job created is another chance to own stock in someone else’s labor’.

    If you are not willing to STEAL from your sponsoring state as nation the assets you need to make a new one, you aren’t thinking far enough ahead on the “We won’t let you go lest you prove a better way for all the others to follow!” cause:effect chain.

    Point Blank: when whites go, we had better take nuclear weapons with us. Because that will be the only way by which we can stave off Cavalry Chases Geronimo pursuit and the very nearness of everyone’s virtual presence will be what makes it impossible to just ‘slink away.’

    The other approach is to target a demographically suitable and receptive nation. Eastern Europe is promising. Apart from significant Gypsy and Turkish populations, non-whites tend to comprise no more than two percent in the region. Russia’s non-European population is significant, but largely concentrated in the South and Siberia. Of course, Eastern Europe owes its freedom from mass non-white immigration to its isolation as part of the Soviet bloc and to its relative poverty. As it recovers and prospers, it will attract immigrants. On the other hand, many of these countries are suspicious of Western liberalism, and some even have governments that are aware of European decline and low birth rates.


    If you don’t bring money and jobs and your own infrastructure with you, don’t count on a warm welcome. Europe is doomed by it’s EU connected currency as debt servicing status. The border and backland states of Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and the like are having their debt service bought out in trade for the wiping out of their own population unities. That these debts were often /created/ by leveraged currency as trade fraud and that such ‘preferential treatment’ will once again be inflicted on any who try to leave the EU or at least it’s currency is a given.

    The failure of EU-rope is the contrast between Hitler and Capitalism: Hitler wanted a unified racial homeland and would never have considered, for any reason, a shift to multi-racialism as a means to break down the nationalist as genetic sympathies of it’s peoples.

    Capitalist socialism uses the profit motive to undermine WHO WE ARE was a nation to destroy our allegiance to the state. And so replace it with something that is self conceived in Brussels as replacing whites to unify Europe. Europe doesn’t live as a culture.

    We do.

    And so replacing the living people with an organizational fixture as label, EU-rope commits genocide against whites to retain a white definition of power as it’s own purpose, such as Hitler himself couldn’t possibly imagine.

    You shove that reality in the faces of everyone. You _Tell Them_ that the Council Of Ministers in Brussels (which is _not_ the capital of Europe) is out to do to them and their children what Hitler tried to do to the Jews. Solely to preserve it’s own power.

    And when that reality strikes them, you give them the weapons as international petitions for secession to get out of the EU-rabian death mill before the modern Nazis not only kill them all. But replace them with Southwest Asians as Islam.

  • William Allingham

    whites will have a homeland of their own where we will be free, it will be the best place in the planet where beauty and science will flourish again. today’s situation is analogous to the selection process in nature where very few survive the naive-confusion and conflict of adolescence to enter into a mature prosperous, self assertive adulthood.

    If some people have lost their white identity i cannot but feel so sorry for them because they are giving away the most precious gift they will ever have, and are denying themselves an entrance to the promised land (the best things in life do not come for sure neither without looking forward to them).

  • White Reactionary

    They haven’t had to interact with non-whites. Many of the white liberals in South Africa who voted against Apartheid, have changed their views radically. They no longer have the luxury of an all-white neighbourhood and all white schools. Before they were exposed to the real facts they believed everything liberal media was telling them. Remember, during Apartheid dissident voices WERE allowed. Liberal American propaganda was shown on TV in Apartheid South Africa. “The Cosby Show” became a favourite among white South Africans during Apartheid.
    Many liberal radio stations funded by certain people were spreading this propaganda. There were liberal newspapers as well.

    It’s quite remarkable actually since most people assume all dissent voices were banned in Apartheid South Africa like they were in Nazi Germany, but it wasn’t the case. Retrospectively they should have been banned. If you allow the enemy to spread their propaganda, they will eventually erode the spirit of the nation. The Apartheid government wasn’t authoritarian enough in my opinion.

    • Dark Age Fire

      How did they not know that this would all end in their own genocide?

  • ms_anthro

    We need more White men of your quality and caliber. Thank you.

  • ms_anthro

    Balderdash. The elites are the problem, full stop. This is completely intentional.

  • Thinking aloud

    Having read that article, I must say I agree 100% with Arthur Kemp’s assessment.

    If you (Tucker) actually do support all the brainless skinheads and idiots who besmirch the pro-European movement, then YOU are the clueless idiot.

  • Thinking aloud

    You misunderstand the point, obviously. “Who was there first” type arguments matter nothing — the only thing that matters is who occupies the land NOW. Stop clinging to history as a justification of anything–political power comes from those who occupy the land, not those who were there first. Ask the Red Indians if you don’t believe it.

  • YngveKlezmer

    Excellent read!! Very impressed from all angles. A good, realistic take on Zionism, and what we can learn from it, and an excellent depiction of Orania, two great examples of what we, as White racial realists, can build for ourselves.
    We have so many advantages here in America. We already have huge areas of our country that are entirely to almost entirely White, already have an established White European culture, and are not in close proximity to the present Negroid or Mestizo enclaves. In these areas, we do not have a local alien population to displace, and would not even have enclaves of aliens close by. If a lovely, peaceful community like Orania can be built on the dark continent, we can build one here in almost any part of the rural West, Midwest, or Northeast. The Mormons built there Zion in Utah, and what a great place they built.
    The primary thing that we lack is the hearts and minds of our people. It seems simple, but it is not. So few Whites in America are racially aware, and most of us who are had a racial awakening by having to deal with Blacks, or possibly other non-Whites, and having negative experiences which woke us from the lies the media propagates. As such, most of our almost all White areas tend to be like Vermont. The Woodstock Generation has gone off the deep end with their bogus beliefs about people being the same wherever one goes. They are seniors themselves now, but many are more set than ever in their bogus beliefs which are grounded in rebelling against their racial realist parents. They are galvanized in believing that miscegenation and integration are the answer to America’s race problems, because they have never experienced what non-Whites are really like. Most of these aging Baby Boomers never went to school with Blacks, even in college, at least not in large enough numbers to catch onto the fact that the Negroes have a very different temperament from us.
    Other than lack of exposure to Blacks, though, has been the key issue of being divided. The North/South divide in this country is still alive and well, and, in my opinion, is the key element here. A house divided always falls. As a White racial realist from the North, I know that Northerners made their worst mistake when we saw Southerners as a “them”, instead of our White European American Brethren. The “them” was the Negroes, and Southerners knew their temperament. If we had listened to our Southern Brethren, we Northerners would have secured our Northern States as our White homeland during the civil rights movement, sent the Negroes back South, and offered asylum and quality of life to any of our Southern Brethren wanting to escape the Negro scourge down South. We would have preserved our cities for our people, and welcomed our Southern Brethren to join us in building our Pan-European Zion here in the Midwest and Northeast.
    But, what is done is done. I live near a Midwestern City that was once a clean, safe, pan-European place that was destroyed by Negroes. Everyone I know around here over 80 years old is a racial realist, and is under no illusions as to who destroyed their city, and is honest about this. Unfortunately, most folks under 70 years old will give them argument on this. The folks under 70, of course, are too young to remember living in a now majority Black city when it was almost entirely White, and was safe and clean. The folks over 80 remember this. Before I digress further, though, key point is that, in an area such as where I live, it would be pointless to try to build a White homeland. The burbs and outlying areas are mostly White and still nice, but there is not enough White racial realist sentiment to even bother. Too many Baby Boomers clinging to the naïve dreams of their youth, and feeling self righteous thinking that their parents were “racists” to just go ahead and tune into reality. The cities now dominated by the violent Bantu hordes are too destroyed, and too far gone for us to even consider wasting time fretting over them. The best thing to do is get the heck away from these areas, and focus on building our White homelands in rural America. As a Midwestern White racial realist, I would gladly settle amongst my racial brethren in Southern Appalachia, for example, as long as they are fellow racial realists. The fresh air, open space, and freedom from taxes that feed the Negroid welfare trampoline are highly enticing. Our Southern Brethren tried to warn us about Negroes a long time ago, but too many Northerners had been brainwashed that Southerners were slow witted by the same greed driven, imperialistic wealthy capitalists that were inviting Negroes North as a cheap labor source with no regard for the havoc they would inflict, and are now inviting unabated hordes of Mestizoes into our land for the same reason. We racial realists need to form our Pan-European Zions wherever we can, but we might as well do this with little or no violence when possible. As such, we might as well build our Zions in fertile ground. I think we should follow the Mormon example, and not the Israeli example. Might as well form our communities where they are already started, places like Southern Appalachia and the Rocky Mountains. Kalispell, Montana is building a right impressive community, as I understand, and there is no reason we can’t build communities in all kinds of locations, such as Southern Appalachia and The Ozark Mountains of Missouri/Arkansas. I personally prefer, from a Midwestern standpoint, building communities in Southern Appalachia and the Ozarks, where folks are already racial realists. Us Northern folks can help solidify European American Zions in those areas as the White Liberals sit idly by and allow the Blacks and other non-Whites to take over in the Great Lakes States.

  • YngveKlezmer

    If we could only get these Liberals to read their history, and read it from the right sources so that they tune into the truth, they would be ashamed of themselves for having held these insidious views for so long. They would learn that Blacks have never had a harder life than us in America. As Slaves, they had a far easier life, by and large, than the immigrant factory worker in the North. Provided they worked hard, the Black slave never worried about being homeless, or having enough to eat. They didn’t have to manage money, or secure a home for their family. This was all done for them. This is why, around 1900, when former Black slaves were interviewed, about 70% of them had nothing but good to say about their former masters.
    Considering the Negro temperament, I think this is amazing testimony to the benevolence with which, obviously, the large majority of Black slaves were treated by their masters. Blacks, as we know, are hardly ever happy, and expect a lot of pampering before they will speak with such benevolence. They certainly don’t have such feelings towards Northerners these days, despite the coddling they have received here. I could recommend some excellent reading to these Liberals that would, should sensibility prevail, reshape their views.

  • ThomasER916

    Allow me to burst your bubble by pointing out:

    Apartheid was ended by allowing half-a-million Litvaks to move into South Africa and vote. Joe Slovo created the slogans “Kill the white farmer!” as he organized a Marxist revolution. After stealing the wealth and the land from the Boers who built it, over 90% of the Litvaks fled South Africa for other countries like Great Britain, Canada, and America.

    Now guess which countries are having mass non-white immigration?

    Go ahead. I’ll wait forever.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Libtards blame Whites for Black behavior. Their ideations stem from a fantasyland inside of their heads, where we Whites are actually bullying Blacks to the point where they snap, and become the psychopathic idiots that they are. To any of us who have had to spend any amount of time around Blacks, and who are realists about life, this is the ultimate flight of fantasy. These Libtards are imagining a scenario that has never occurred. Black behavior is mostly a result of genetics. Blacks are rarely bullied by non-Negroes. Blacks constantly bully everyone else, though, and in the old days, folks did not sit back and allow themselves to be bullied by Negroes. Negroes cannot be reasoned with. Constant and unnecessary conflict is in their nature. To expect a Negro to become culturally European is an exercise in futility. Their nature is to want to fight constantly. When these Libtards say things like “Coexist”, they are apparently unaware that most Negroes laugh at such a notion. Negroes enjoy conflict, and enjoy watching others suffer, including other Negroes. When a man falls on the ice, for example, the typical Negro reaction is laughter. Our reaction of wondering if the person is hurt, and empathizing with their pain, is simply not present in the average Negro. Negroes are an inferior race, and always will be. The late, great George Wallace had the right idea: segregation now, segregation forever!!! Negroes will always be an inferior race with an inferior temperament.

  • Dark Age Fire

    Jews despise everyone. Thanks for sharing. You have Israel. You have a homeland. This is a problem for white people to solve.