Posted on October 29, 2021

Do They Really Think We’re This Stupid?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 29, 2021

All’s fair in love, war, and politics. That said, there needs to be at least some plausibility if you’re going to try to smear the opposition.

Republican Glenn Youngkin has pulled slightly ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race. In desperation, Mr. McAuliffe, who was governor during the 2017 Unite the Right protest, is waving the bloody shirt of Charlottesville.

Mr. Youngkin is campaigning on Mr. McAuliffe’s support for Critical Race Theory, a transgender policy that may have led to  a rape, and the struggling economy. Mr. McAuliffe is now welcoming support from President Biden, Jill Biden, and former president Barack Obama. The former governor desperately needs black voters.

Perhaps this explains why five people dressed in khakis and white shirts and carrying tiki torches showed up to a Glenn Youngkin rally. They were dressed like Unite the Right attendees, and people on social media fell for the hoax.

I copied the last two because I suspect the reporter and congressman will delete them. It’s worth noting that Rep. Eric Swalwell is on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. No wonder this government can’t win a war. It appears that Democrats tried passing off these men as Glenn Youngkin supporters.

This is unconfirmed. However, even if these are not the Democratic staffers identified above, one of the “all in” Glenn Youngkin supporters is black.

This could have been slimy but clever street theater. It would be like the phony “Billionaires for Bush” who satirically “supported” George W.’s tax policies.

Many progressives believe their own nonsense. Even the black guy in this group isn’t changing their minds. They think this was a real white nationalist group attending a Youngkin rally. If the above charges are confirmed, and these were Democrat Terry McAuliffe supporters, I look forward to an explanation from Twitter for why it let “misinformation” on social media.