Posted on November 15, 2021

AmRen Conference Comes Roaring Back

AR Staff, American Renaissance, November 15, 2021

After skipping a year because of Covid, the American Renaissance conference returned with more energy than ever. It was a weekend of first-rate speakers and wonderful camaraderie that ended in a palpable sense of recommitment to our ideals.

The welcoming party of misfits was even more pathetic and bedraggled than usual. It bleated impotently for a few hours, then slunk away. The local media maintained its high standard of ignorance with an account that began with: “At the annual American Renaissance conference, attendees and speakers don’t show up in white sheets, with Nazi regalia or an AR-15 strapped to their back.”

It was a conference that could have hardly been better.

The weekend began with a cocktail reception and a welcome by Jared Taylor. He regretted the need to cancel last year’s conference, which was washed away by the year that was lost to Covid: a year of isolation and social distancing — except for the worst race riots in American history. Mr. Taylor called the rioters the most coddled and rewarded we have ever seen. If what happened on January 6th had been treated the same way, there would have been blanket amnesty and a second term for Donald Trump.

The conference proper started on Saturday morning with a fascinating account by F. Roger Devlin of the role of envy in race relations. He began with accounts of societies in which envy plays a powerful role. Among the Dobu Islanders of Melanesia, any man who works harder in his field than others and has more yams is accused of having stolen them, usually through witchcraft. Some envy-ridden tribes have no concept of individual ability or even of luck, and are convinced that every difference in wealth or achievement is due to malevolent magic.

Dr. Devlin noted that this magical view can “blind men to the real causes of economic prosperity, which include intelligence, hard work, a future orientation, and an ability to defer gratification.” And, of course, American society promotes similarly primitive thinking among blacks by telling them “you have less because the white man has more, and he has more because he has rigged the game in his own favor.” This is the message of Critical Race Theory, now even taught in schools. We therefore have “a regime systematically attempting to maximize envy in the rising generation.”

F. Roger Devlin

Dr. Devlin noted that envious groups can “embrace even failure itself as a badge of identity.” Thus blacks say that any other blacks trying to succeed are “acting white.” Dr. Devlin also emphasized the “futility of appeasement,” noting that “the more generous we are in benefitting the envious, the more clearly we demonstrate (in their eyes) our own superiority.”

Dr. Devlin concluded that there may be no solution to the problem of racial envy in America, and that if blacks and whites must live together, society must teach that white success does not depend on black failure and that everyone must succeed by his own efforts.

The second speaker was Peter Brimelow of VDARE.COM, who talked about what the mid-term elections could mean for us. He began by noting that Joe Biden has “gone full Merkel,” by throwing open the borders “with the obvious intention of electing a new people.”

Mr. Brimelow added that the new administration’s level of delirium means that “not being involved in the Capitol insurrection hoax will be no protection against a regime moral panic” that will be used against us, just as the frenzy over Unite the Right was an excuse to deplatform and demonetize everyone the regime fears.

Peter Brimelow

Mr. Brimelow laid 3-1 odds, however, that the GOP will take back the house and the senate in 2022, and proposed a “to do” list: 1. Impeach both Biden and Harris for treasonously failing to enforce immigration law. 2. End birthright citizenship and retroactively revoke the last generation of “Americans” who got it. 3. Put a moratorium on all immigration and deport all illegals. 4. Get out of all refugee treaties. 5. Hive off Puerto Rico and give DC to Maryland, so Democrats can never turn them into states.

Mr. Brimelow noted the number of “red diaper babies” who have become professors and prosecutors, and was pleased that hard lefties are increasingly being called “communists.” He added that all this is driving the white-percentage vote for the Republicans ever higher, and cited the case of Logan County, West Virginia. In 1996, it voted 72 percent for Bill Clinton, but steadily shifted Republican to the point that in 2020, it voted 81 percent for Donald Trump.

Mr. Brimelow said there is no reason we cannot see a similar shift in the entire electorate, which could even lead to a reconquista.

Columnist Michelle Malkin received a warm welcome for a talk titled “Race, Immigration & Con Inc.: How I Came to See the Light.” She began by tracing her “30-year journey from mainstream campus conservative to establishment Con Inc. media figure to speaker here at American Renaissance.” She praised the activism of those engaged in “hand to hand, pen to pen combat against the vast anti-white, anti-American forces bent on demographic mass murder.”

Identifying the common purpose of those in the room, she said: “One way or another, they – we – have all arrived at the same shared destination point. It’s an unblinking conclusion that the answer to St. Rodney King’s question way back in 1992 when I started my journalism career –  “Can we all just get along?” –is, alas, No.”

Of her own trek, she noted: “I was never lost,” she said, “I was always headed in the right direction.”

“Being white,” Mrs. Malkin asserted, “is not a crime. Noticing and caring about the overthrow of the historic American nation is not a crime.” She condemned simpering Republican politicians such as Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Nikki Haley, and Ron DeSantis for “bowing their heads and beatifying” the “drugged-up thug” St. George Floyd, “as if this will appease the unappeasable. It will not and never will.”

Michelle Malkin

As someone who is 94 percent Filipino and 6 percent Chinese, Mrs. Malkin is dismayed by Asians who now blame “white supremacy” when blacks attack them, but is glad to see “a growing legion of undeceived Chinese tiger moms and ‘rooftop Koreans.’ ” She noted that her parents came to America after the 1965 change in US immigration law, but asked “why does this obligate me to support mass immigration that will turn the only homeland I’ve known and loved into the kind of third-world hellhole my parents fled?”

Mrs. Malkin acknowledged the difficulty of bringing blind rank-and-file Republicans who parrot “Democrats are the real racists” and “we’re for all legal immigration” talking points to an understanding of race  and demographic realities: “How can you get them to stop going on about the glories of immigration because the ‘restaurants are great?’” she joked, but emphasized that we must “not give up on those who haven’t fully made it to the light.”

Mrs. Malkin brought the audience to its feet as she paid tribute to generations of persecuted America First dissidents and closed with a quotation from C.S. Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew that she believes captures what is now happening as the movement grows in defiance of deplatformers and defamers: “One moment there had been nothing but darkness; next moment a thousand, thousand points of light leaped out.”

Colin Flaherty, who had been scheduled to speak, was unable to attend because he is at a critical stage in a battle with cancer. Instead, there was a witty and talented musical tribute to him by Allan the Barbershop Guy. Music-making of this kind is a good example of the creative way white people are mocking the treacherous things we are supposed to believe.

Jared Taylor began with the assertion that “our country is sick,” adding that the patient took a dramatic turn for the worst on May 25, 2020. Of course, if one arrest that went wrong could unleash a year of rioting, looking, and arson, anything could have done it.

Mr. Taylor evoked Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University, who on a recent online conference said of whites, “We need to take those mother f***ers out.” He added that this was not nearly as remarkable as the fact that President Joe Biden addressed the same conference to apologize and pander — of course, to no avail. The blacks who commented on the President’s address were as foulmouthed as Prof. Cooper. Mr. Taylor thanked the professor for drawing a racial dividing line so clear and bright it should “should dazzle even whites who are deliberately blind.”

Jared Taylor

Mr. Taylor spoke of the many futile, fratricidal wars whites have fought and lamented that a people that has rushed so often into the cannon’s mouth now fails to rise to a challenge that is worse than any our race has faced. He urged the audience to give our fellow whites the understanding and the will the join this great life-and-death struggle for the survival of our people.

He concluded that although our fight is with words and ideas rather than with weapons, we must be like our heroic ancestors who did die in glorious causes: the Greeks who fought the Persians, the Franks who crushed the Moors, the Europeans who saved Western Civilization at the gates of Vienna. “All of you,” he said, as the audience rose to its feet, “have the blood of those heroes in your veins, and like our noble forebears, we will fight and will be victorious.”

Gregory Hood, the after-dinner speaker, spoke on what he called the “Real Racial Reckoning.” He emphasized that European-Americans are the ones with real grievances in this country — as we suffer from government discrimination, media defamation, and a complete lack of political representation. Mr. Hood charged that “we have practically dismantled our entire civilization” but have received almost nothing in return. The lost opportunity cost for what has been squandered in pursuit of an impossible and undesirable egalitarianism cannot even be estimated.

Mr. Hood received his largest applause when he said that Kyle Rittenhouse “is the line” for those who want to be engaged in political struggle. Mr. Hood blamed the federal government for refusing to enforce the law and forcing citizens into the impossible position of having to do it. No one who opposes the right to self defense can count himself in our number. Mr. Hood also said that he sees little prospect for civic nationalism unless two conditions are met: the abolition of racial preferences and the enforcement of all immigration laws.

Gregory Hood

Finally, Mr. Hood said that the struggle is actually bigger than the survival of Western Civilization and the existence of our people. The attack on whites is justified by a “victim-based morality,” he said, which ultimately jeopardizes any kind of human progress or greatness. Thus, everyone of good will who wants humanity to advance rather than degenerate has an interest in helping our struggle. His talk was met with a standing ovation.

On Sunday morning, Jared Taylor introduced a video message from our Estonian comrade Ruuben Kaalep by saying, “There is certainly only one person alive who ever attended an American Renaissance conference — which Mr. Kaalep did in 2016 — where he boldly called himself ‘a shit lord,’ and then went on to win a seat in his national legislature.”

Mr. Kaalep opened his message with the words, “Dear friends from America and the white world.” He explained that the reason why he was not with us in person is because he refused to be vaccinated, a requirement for travel to the United States.

Mr. Kaalep explained that his Conservatives Peoples Party has been so successful that it was in a coalition government from 2019 to 2021, but was pushed out by the Estonian equivalent of “the deep state.” However, he anticipates great success in elections in 2023, adding, “Every victory for Estonian nationalists is a victory for nationalists worldwide,” because it is all part of the same “world-historical struggle against the same enemies.”

As a member of a political party that has held real power, Mr. Kaalep had advice for nationalists, explaining that we must think in four dimensions. The first is the vertical, which is the inner psychological and spiritual dimension of the nationalist. Only if this is solid can there be success. This inner dimension is under attack from consumer society. When we turn away from it we discover deep relationships with our families, nation, and traditions that lead us to a “sacred view of life.”

The horizontal dimension is the people who stand at our side. They must be well grounded vertically and must believe firmly in our ideals. Nationalists must avoid unproductive squabbles and divisions.

The height dimension includes all educational and political action, including waging meme wars. However, “Each word should be pointed not at your opponents, but at your listeners.” It is our own people who are our audience and who must be won over, not those who are hopelessly hostile.

The dimension of depth is where we shape history though our will, faith, and dedication. This is our ultimate objective and our ultimate reward. Mr. Kaalep’s greetings were followed by an inspiring video of the 2019 Independence Day torchlight parade in Tallinn, a tradition that Mr. Kaalep started and that has grown from a handful of people to a mass march of 10,000 patriots.

As usual, Sam Dickson closed the conference. The title of his remarks — “A Time Whose Idea Has Come” — was a clever twist on a famous line by Victor Hugo. The idea is that Americans of European origin must have a nation and that there is no hope of political reform. Reform might have been possible three generations ago, but today it is impossible.

Mr. Dickson said that non-whites will always hate us and that anything we do to appease them will only make them hate us more. He said it can be no surprise that we are losing when we are ruled by people who have no loyalty to us. They tell us we live in a creedal nation, but by their creed, we are not Americans.

Sam Dickson

Mr. Dickson pointed out that the Left has given up on everything it once championed: It used to be against war but now loves the military-industrial complex. It used to champion the working class but now spurns it in favor of its non-white and degenerate pets. It has abandoned any openness to ideas and crushes all with whom it disagrees. It used to sympathize with victims of crime but now sides with criminals. All this is praised and abetted by “a robot-like media, all in step with each other, never asking questions.”

Mr. Dickson quoted Selwyn Duke: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” He added that the rising number of people who see our government as illegitimate “offers great hope for the future.”

Mr. Dickson brought the audience to its feet by concluding that the idea and the time have come together in such a powerful way that “I believe very confidently that we will have our own nation.”

Mr. Taylor brought the conference to a close with a promise to meet again next year.