Posted on November 15, 2021

Washington State Patrol Replaces Psychologist After Passing Too Many White People in Screenings

Asher Notheis, Washington Examiner, November 10, 2021

The Washington State Patrol replaced its psychologist of 27 years due to his hiring process not having enough diversity.

Daniel Clark was temporarily replaced last Thursday after data indicated he rejected more minorities than white people in his evaluations. Public Safety Psychological Services has temporarily replaced Clark with an outside contractor, according to the Seattle Times .


The data that resulted in Clark’s resignation indicate that his psychological screenings over the last four years ending in January rejected 20% of white candidates, compared to 33% of black candidates, 35% of Hispanic candidates, and 41% of Asian candidates. Candidates who were rejected were almost never hired, the outlet reported.

Clark defended his process, saying he treats everyone “as an individual and make[s] my recommendations based on an individual assessment.” {snip}