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Amendment to Australian law will raise the bar for speech to be deemed illegal “hate.”

Another University of Michigan hoax.

Hisham Saadi invented the “Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4).”

Apparently he, “has significant special education needs.”

This is the ninth time he’s been convicted of “inciting hate.”

Says he wanted to be noticed.

Hate Crime Offenders wouldn’t be allowed to work with children.

Muslim attacker actually being prosecuted for a hate crime.

The left inflates hate crime numbers in the UK just as in the US.

A new way to “cry Trump.”

Michael Kee had noticed that hate-crime victims get lots of attention.

Yet another Trump hoax.

How I Would Prosecute the Chicago Hate Crime

Remember: No case is a slam dunk.


He will be the first person on death row for hate crimes.

Chicago Blacks Torture a White Man

Authorities eventually decide it is a hate crime.


“[T]he overall trajectory of race relations in this country is actually very positive.”

They’re facing hate crime charges based on both the victim’s race and mental disability.

Blacks tortured a white man while yelling “F*ck Donald Trump!” and “F*ck white people!”

Piers Morgan points out the disgraceful double standards.

And they just keep coming.

Faker may face charges.

More crying Trump.

Jasskirat Saini is not the suspect people imagined.

Crying Trump: The Latest Hate-Crime Hoaxes

Are any of the alleged attacks legitimate?


She is being charged with filing a false police report.

But there will be no fine or prison time.

No data included on whites.

Another hoaxer has been caught.

The “study” is a collection of unconfirmed anecdotes.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform is trying to revoke their non-partisan tax status.

Article concedes that no one knows if there has been a rise.

SPLC will probably tout false “surge” in anti-Muslim “hate crimes.”

Student is now “no longer enrolled.”

And most of the reported hate crimes were graffiti.

Her cell phone history proved she was not where she claimed she was.

She claimed two white men–one wearing a Trump hat–beat her up.

Woman says she knew him by sight from the neighborhood.

Hispanics “rise up to resist displacement” by opposing “white art.”

They were attacked by Black Lives Matter activists holding a vigil.

Hispanics “used firebombs to drive the victims from their homes because of their race.”

Police want attacks on police to be treated as hate crimes.

Killed one, injured three.

Black attacker also used racial slurs.

Knocking out her tooth was a crime; just not a hate crime.

They know you hit whites if you are targeting “America.”

Sentence includes 90 days in jail and an $82,000 fine.

And now president announces “a host of new diversity initiatives.

Bill will make it a hate crime to target police officers.

No charges files against hoaxer, of course.