Posted on August 10, 2022

‘I Hate Mexicans,’ Park Slope Subway Attacker Tells Woman

Nick Garber, Patch, August 9, 2022

A woman riding the subway in Park Slope was randomly punched in the face by another woman who said that “I hate Mexicans,” according to police.

The woman sat down and began talking on her cell phone when the unidentified suspect sat next to her and without saying a word, punched her several times in the face, according to police.

“Why did you hit me?” the victim asked the stranger, police said.

“I hate Mexicans,” the woman replied, according to authorities.

As the train pulled into the 7th Avenue stop, the victim snapped a cell phone photo of the assailant, which police released on Tuesday. The suspect then got off the train and fled to an unknown location, police said.

Anti-Mexican Assailant

Anti-Mexican Assailant