Posted on November 7, 2022

Black Artist’s Flyer for Bucktown Show Mistaken by Some for Hate Group Propaganda

John Garcia, WLS, November 3, 2022

A Black artist who goes by the name Hyero has been working hard to get a Bucktown gallery space ready to host her new exhibit this weekend. And the exhibit has garnered much more attention than originally expected since the 23-year-old distributed flyers around Chicago for the show, which is called “White Only,” with a drawing of a noose.

“Racism is alive and prevalent as much as we act like it doesn’t exist. I live it every day,” she said.

Some critics have complained the flyers suggest they come from white supremacists or some other hate group.


The flyers contain little information but offer a QR code which links to the show’s website. There, the artist offers some explanation of her philosophy.