Posted on January 25, 2023

High School ‘White Power’ Graffiti in Idaho Revealed to Be Hate Crime Hoax

Luke Gentile, Washington Examiner, January 24, 2023

Authorities iIdaho revealed that the “White Power” graffiti discovered after a school protest was a hate crime hoax and was created as an “act of intimidation” in a dispute between “rival Hispanic criminal street gangs.”

The spray-painted message was discovered last Thursday at Caldwell High School days after people at the school took place in a “Brown Pride” protest {snip}

Last Tuesday’s protest was reportedly held to support a student who was told to remove a “Brown Pride” sweatshirt.

Caldwell High School has a rigid dress code “compared to other school districts because Caldwell has had a gang problem before, and ‘Brown Pride’ is associated with gangs,” according to Caldwell High School Principal Anita Wilson.

When the “White Pride” graffiti was discovered days after the protest, authorities condemned it and said, “We will not tolerate hate in our city and will ensure that whoever is responsible for this will be held accountable for their actions.”

A day later, the graffiti was revealed to be a hate hoax and an “act of intimidation” {snip}

“At this time, detectives no longer believe the incident to be motivated by hate but rather an act of intimidation between two rival Hispanic criminal street gangs from Caldwell,” the Caldwell Police Department said {snip}