Posted on August 26, 2022

Plano Woman Arrested; Police Investigating Case as Possible Hate Crime

Steven Dial, Fox 4, August 25, 2022

A Plano woman was arrested on charges of assault and making terroristic threats after an incident outside a restaurant Wednesday night.

Police have video evidence of the incident that was posted on Facebook.

Esmeralda Upton, 58, is accused of using racial slurs during a physical attack on a group of Indian American women outside a restaurant.


One of the women, Rani Banerjee, posted a five-minute video from the incident on Facebook, and it quickly spread across social media.

One of the women recording was on the phone with 911 throughout the exchange.

“She’s a white woman wearing a black dress,” the woman told 911.

“No, I am not white,” Upton said in the video. “I am Mexican! I am Mexican, and I paid my f**king way here!”

“We didn’t even talk to you. Why did you walk up to us to talk?!” one woman said.

“Because I hate you f**king Indians, that’s why!” Upton can be seen saying. “You guys come to our country.”

It’s not clear what started the incident and whether it started inside a business.{snip}

Upton was arrested Thursday on charges of misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor terroristic threats. Police say they are investigating it as a hate crime.