Posted on March 17, 2023

Verified Hate: Pick One

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 17, 2023

We begin with a tweet that got little attention, but is revealing. How do modern progressives reconcile their lack of religious faith with rejection of human biodiversity?

They don’t.

Some people believe that evolution guided a godless world but it magically didn’t apply to humans — that we evolved into groups that look different but are completely equal in every other way.

Diversity is important. Why? We need to fight racism. Why? We must fight racism because it is evil. Disagree? You are cancer.

I can’t verify the data below, but all sources are listed. This fact-based account is also open to corrections, so if there is one that needs to be made, post it. This seems to prove blacks were responsible for all black-white interracial murders last month.

Even reading Takimag is now scandalous.

For women reading this, maybe you should just stick to watching videos about innocent things, such as cooking for your family. Wait, that’s white nationalist too.

It wouldn’t be surprised if this entire faction of Twitter is wiped out by such an article. However, other subjects will probably remain as long as the platform does.

There are some reports that the Biden Administration is planning to ban TikTok because it is owned by a Chinese company. The ACLU is worried.

However, the ACLU has mostly abandoned the First Amendment and is now just another progressive group. It’s interesting what it chooses to defend.

This tweet essentially took over Twitter:

This did not.

In the first case, a white man who drunkenly did something destructive fit the villain archetype our society is trained to see. The second is an act of wanton cruelty that our entire society ignores. There won’t be movies about random, stupid black criminals attacking people for no reason. Such cases are common and depressing, but not interesting. Life is not a Hollywood movie.

Good news everyone. “Wokeness” isn’t about demanding radical change or a redistribution of power.

This is the bait and switch. What “woke” means is now a Twitter debate ever since journalists decided conservatives aren’t allowed to define it.

The debate now swings between “woke” just meaning being a good person (like Toure’s definition above) to woke not existing and being a conspiracy theory, like the Great Replacement. Zach Goldberg posted this definition, which is about right.

A quibble: Differences in outcome must always be due to white oppression of non-whites. A white advocate could argue that the American government discriminates against whites and those with cultural power incite hatred against us. Those with power are therefore partially responsible when non-whites attack whites and when bureaucrats and corporate bosses put them in the back of the bus. Such an argument would not be “woke.”

Sometimes, “wokeness” is toned down. The military is suddenly appealing to America’s past and seems to want whites to join.

However, the military discriminates against whites once they are in. The Army is insulting white Southerners by renaming bases named after Confederates. The Pentagon is also in a permanent witch hunt against “far right extremism.” Any white man who doesn’t hate himself or the American past should stay out.

The media and her own university are attacking Professor Amy Wax for speaking truthfully about race. The New York Times recently entered the fray, sparking a debate on Twitter.

Steve Sailer had an interesting rejoinder.

Official opinion holds that all people and all groups are equal. This is nonsense. Some seem to assume that if people are not equal, tyranny and genocide follow because we must wipe out the “inferior” group. This is also nonsense. Inequality doesn’t mean inferiority, nor does it justify violence. America must deal honestly with race, rather than preach false egalitarianism.

A reminder that white privilege is the most extreme conspiracy theory:

Another white woman has been caught faking being an “oppressed” minority. Her career prospered until she was caught.

At the same time, state media reported this about the Oscars:

If all she did was “identify” as Asian, why can’t anyone?

Still, racism is a serious problem. Look at this shocking headline:

Now, click through to the story:

Two Black teenagers were suspended from an East Sacramento school after a fake dollar bill with racist imagery against Black people circulated throughout the campus on Tuesday. . .

Sacramento attorney Mark Harris was contracted by the district in 2022 as a diversity, equity and inclusion monitor and serves as a liaison to the district during incidents of racial misconduct. . . .  “I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster today. This is the third time we’ve had perpetrators of a racially motivated incident identified as African-Americans,” Harris said.

Why is he surprised?

Let’s not forget what happened with the Jussie Smollett hoax that fooled a lot of celebrities and politicians.

Finally, an example of what is allowed on Twitter.

Elon Musk says:

These are bold words, but where’s the action? Jared Taylor and American Renaissance are still not back on Twitter, even though neither ever broke Twitter’s rules. We challenge Elon Musk to live up to his principles. If he doesn’t, his boasts about free speech are just hot air.