Study: ‘Hurtful Messages’ Could Contribute to Obesity in Minorities

Penny Starr, CNS News, September 3, 2014

Research led by Rutgers University concludes that ethnic minorities’ tendency to be more obese than other populations could be caused by “hurtful messages” and stereotypes that diminish motivation to stay fit.

“Rutgers-led research finds that exposure to hurtful messages might diminish motivation to lose weight,” an article about the research posted on Rutgers’ website said.

“Many Americans need extraordinary willpower to avoid becoming obese–or to slim down if they already weigh too much,” the Aug. 25 article stated.

The research project was led by Luis Rivera, an experimental psychologist at Rutgers, who concluded the messages that suggest some groups are “inferior” make it harder for them to care about their health.

“When you are exposed to negative stereotypes, you may gravitate more toward unhealthy foods as opposed to healthy foods,” said Rivera, whose study appears in the Journal of Social Issues. “You may have a less positive attitude toward watching your carbs or cutting back on fast food, and toward working out and exercising.”


Rivera found that the Latinos he studied were significantly more likely than whites to agree that negative stereotypes commonly used to describe Hispanics applied to them. That suggested to Rivera that “somewhere in their heads they are making the connection that the stereotype is Latino, I am Latino, and therefore I am the stereotype.”

The Hispanics who were part of the research “self-stereotyped” themselves because of negative “messages,” resulting in higher rates of obesity, the article said.

“Hispanics in the study who strongly self-stereotyped were more than three times as likely to be overweight or obese as those who did not,” the article stated. “The data suggest that self-stereotypes diminish self-esteem–and therefore the motivation that might have helped them follow a healthier lifestyle.”


The article stated that aside from race, the people used for the research were similar in every other way–where they lived, access to healthy food, and income levels.

Rivera suggested in the article that “positive racial and ethnic role models” could be beneficial.


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  • David

    I believe they are right that racial insults and loss of self-esteem can lead people to take refuge in junk food!

    This is why so many white people are unhealthy, and so I recommend all whites research the paleo diet and make sure you get your saturated fats and dietary cholesterol so that your body can make healthy hormones like testosterone and also so that you have high fertility. Google: “ArtOfManliness How To Increase Testosterone Naturally”

    • Robert Binion

      Meat and pork have become so expensive lately (Why?) that carbohydrate “loading” may become even more common. If only oven baked catfish and chicken livers tasted like the fried.

      • The high cost of fuel drives up the prices of everything else in the economy.

        • Robert Binion

          Granted, gas has been high but relatively stable for a while now. With an election looming, one is naturally suspicious of inflated foodstuffs. My ugly brother-in-law tells me that stocks are unusually low.

          • Most livestock are fed at least partly on corn, and we had a drought a few years ago. Ranchers had to slaughter lots of animals simply because they were too expensive to feed. I suspect this sort of thing is cyclical.

      • Simonetta

        I’ve been dealing with the $5-$10 a pound meat prices by substituting a quarter cup of RAW sunflower and sesame seeds (ground to a fine powder in a coffee-grinder) for hamburger in noodle or rice dishes. Tasty, nutritious, very high fiber, and only about $1.40 a pound in the bulk-foods section of your local big-box supermarket.

        • I work a tablespoon of flour into each 1/4-lb patty of 80-20 ground chuck. Since I also like to work things like red wine, bulgoki sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce or teriyaki sauce into hamburger patties, the flour helps the meat hang onto the juices.

          We eat so much bass, catfish and trout I catch that the price of meat at Wal Mart is almost irrelevant.

        • Who Me?

          If you want more meat flavor use some ground instant bullion in it. It’s instant so it doesn’t have to be dissolved in a lot of hot water to work like those rock-hard cubes. Adds flavor and it’s cheap.

      • Spikeygrrl

        On any sort of low carb diet, fried foods are JUST FINE…unless you mean breaded and fried. That’s a no-no.

        Full disclosure: I have very strong opinions regarding ultra-low-carb lifestyles because I personally lost 125 lbs. on Atkins. I never was all that fond of sweets anyway, and now I eat bacon and other high-fat proteins FRIED dam’near every day without the slightest twinge of guilt. 🙂

        • Alexandra1973

          I have plenty of eggs, coconut oil, butter, and Gouda cheese over here.

          Why Gouda? Vitamin K2 content. D3 helps your body utilize calcium, and K2 directs it to where it needs to be…and I’ve heard of people healing cavities by upping D3/K2.

        • Nancy

          That’s awesome, Spikey! You’ve given me renewed motivation to begin low-carb again! (I had a horrible case of poison ivy this summer, thanks to the cat who got out of the house one night and brought the oils back in, and I had to go on two rounds of steroid pills AND shots. I blew up like a balloon.) I hate steroids.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Hang in there! Received wisdom from a very different context applies here as well:
            * One day at a time
            * Relapse is part of recovery
            * Keep coming back; it works if you work it.

          • You may be extra-sensitive or actually allergic to poison ivy. It grew all over UC Santa Cruz, and I wore polo shirts, shorts and Top Siders (no socks) in warm weather, and I could wade right through a patch with no reaction. I suspect eating some would be a very, very bad idea, but on my skin, urushiol does nothing, and if I wanted to poison myself, a package of macadamia nuts would go down more easily.

            As far as eating goes, my experience of life in general is that it is habits that will either save a person or sink them. Once you make a habit of something, you will do it without thinking, and for some people, that is eating when they’re not hungry. The three of us had breakfast together this morning, and I made my daughter lunch, but I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped lunch. I’ll be good to go again at dinner.

            We consume a fair bit of carbs, mostly wheat bread, tortillas, rice, wild rice, split peas, beans and lentils. Of course the latter three are also full of other nutrients. Most of the meat we eat here is fish, chicken and pork, in about that order, with ground chuck in fourth place. When I buy salt-water fish (we live 1000 miles inland), I don’t buy upper-food-chain predators like shark or bluefin tuna. Too many environmental contaminants.

            If something is working out well for you, make it a habit and then you’ll keep doing it. Habits don’t have to be unhealthy, like smoking or getting drunk, driving under questionable sobrietry, driving without a seat belt or arguing with strangers or (!) attacking policemen. A diet thus does not have to be something special one does for a while to lose a set number of pounds. Each individual is a bit different, and what works will very likely also need some individual adjustment.

          • anony

            Look for Poison Ivy Remedy in your local drug store. All the wood cutters around here swear by it. My wife is extremely allergic to poison Ivy. She tried it this Summer, was exposed, and did not get infected.

            Why doctors don’t prescribe it, I don’t know.

      • OS-Q

        There’s a highly contagious disease called Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (or PED) killing piglets by the truckload. Also the Southwest drought and high price of hay in the last couple of years caused a lot of ranchers to scale down or even retire.

        Inflation, of course, doesn’t help anything.

    • brior


  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Only problem is that personality tests show that blacks actually tend to have higher self-esteem than whites.

    • Cecil Broomsted

      This study is a classic example of slanting toward a sought outcome. I remember reading somewhere that blacks have a supreme sense of self confidence out of all proportion to reality. Higher than any other race.

      • RyanP

        I have witnessed this quite a bit. Their level of confidence with women is quite amazing to watch.

        • John R

          It is easy to be confident when you lack the basic ability to do a realistic self assessment.

      • Nancy

        When I was teaching school, I would give each student a self-assessment sheet to fill out right before report cards/teacher conferences. Basically, it asks them to fill out a pretend report card on themselves: on their academics and behavior. It was a great tool when I taught white students, as they took the assessment seriously and tended to grade themselves harsher than I would (a great thing to have on hand when a belligerent mom wants to know “where I get off giving Junior a C in math”…whereby Junior’s own assessment, he felt he deserved a C or even a D).

        Predictably, this tactic is completely useless with the bantus, regardless of whether I had a whole classroom of them, or just a couple. They are the least intellectually honest creatures on the planet. They always gave themselves glowing reviews, especially in their “conduct”. I could always predict how many “false positive” reports I’d receive, just by counting the blacks in the class.

        • John R

          And that hits the nail on the head of why blacks interpret life and the world the way they do. Nothing is their fault. There is nothing wrong with THEM; it is others, especially Whites, that are to blame. That is why we need to control blacks, there is no use trying to reach any compromise with them. They will ALLWAYS interpret things differently.

          • Nancy

            I’m adopted, and I noticed that blacks share a LOT in common with my adoptive mother, who has Borderline Personality Disorder (a joy to grow up with, let me tell you). Ugh.

            A hallmark of BPD is exactly what you observed, John: the borderline is NEVER at fault, because he/she has an emotionally immature view of the world, like a child, in which everything is very black-and-white: people (even themselves) are either all good or all bad, depending on the BPD’s last encounter with them. It’s a psychological term called “splitting”: they can’t reconcile that all people have good and bad qualities at the same time. By that theory, since they can’t accept any fault without splitting themselves “all bad”, then THEY can’t possibly be the problem…it must be everyone else that’s the problem.

            It’s an exhausting way to live, especially if you’re the child of a BPD mother. Borderline “momsters” will also “split” their own kids into the all-good child and the all-bad child. I was the “bad” kid for pointing out her outrageous behavior and enforcing boundaries as an adult. But the most insidious aspect of BPD is that the borderline parent will insist to their own children that THEY, not the parent, are the one’s with “issues”.

            I think the similarity between blacks and BPDs lies with the emotional immaturity they share. If they have an extreme overreaction to an event that does not warrant it, rather than accept that their “feelings” don’t match the situation, they just reinvent history so their new recollection of events warrant the reaction. This can be seen in the blacks’ explanation of the videotaped strongarm robbery: the tape was “hacked” or faked in some way.

            As a child, I thought my mother had problems with her memory, until I learned about BPD. It seems, just by watching Ferguson, that blacks do the very same things.

          • I am sorry about that. One of my friends had a wife with BPD and she emotionally hurt him as her hobby. He finally drove away and lived here for a few months. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He also said it was very strange to live in a home where everyone is happy.

    • B.A_2014

      I don’t believe for a single second that black people have higher self-esteem. When I observe these people in my day to day life I see a people that are very self conscious and attention hungry. For example not only do they wear sunglasses in the lashing rain but I have lost count how many times I have seen them wearing shades indoors. They also speak loudly so other people look at them and I still haven’t touch on their clothing and body language. Everything they do screams look at me look at me. If they say they are confident and have a high self-esteem, I suspect they are doing what black Africans always do…LIE!

      • Spikeygrrl

        Sir or Madam, you are mistaken. Valid research shows that they do indeed have higher “self-esteem” (unearned high opinion of themselves NOT based on any objective measure of performance). What they do not have is self-respect (high opinion of themselves based on performance and behavior).

        Not at all surprisingly, these qualities vary inversely. I’m recalling a study 15-20 years ago which asked black, white, and Asian schoolkids how good they were at math. The blacks bragged, the whites were modest but confident, the Asians self-deprecated. Then they all were given a math test. BIG SURPRISE: Asians did best, followed very closely by whites, black scores straight down the crapper.

        • B.A_2014

          It is ‘Sir’ just to let you know. I don’t doubt the fact that when asked they respond in a boastful manner. The point i am trying to make is i think that it is an act. You are dealing with African americans. Here in Ulster we have to put up with Africans who have been brought up in a completely different environment. They seek endless attention. People that need the world to look at them and nod in approval are not confident people. All men regardless of race behave like this ( we call it acting a knob ) when they are under pressure, feel insecure or have been humiliated. knowing in their repulsively black hearts that they are compared to all other human groups massively inferior in every way causes this sort of 24/7 one man show. They are trying to convince others just as much as they are trying to convince themselves.

          • John R

            But where are your Ulster blacks from? Probably from Africa or the West Indies. That is not the same as American blacks, who have been fed for two full generations constant negro worship by American White liberals. That affects them.

          • B.A_2014

            I feel for you american if your negros are even more narcissistic than ours. Yes they are mainly from africa. The Somalis are a different kettle of fish.

          • captainc

            How different are the Somalis compared other Africans?

          • B.A_2014

            Africans do not like somalis. My English cousin from Manchester has a lot of black friends, and she has told me that all that the somalis are despised by the africans. My father also dated a black girl ( he was quite ignorant on racial issues then. I have educated him and now he looks down on that sort of thing ) and she spoke about her ( and her families ) hatred for them.

          • captainc

            why are they despised? is it because they more tough in business dealings like the Chinese? I mean if convicts hate another convict, perhaps because the other convict will not hesitate to rat out their criminal activities in order to get benefits.

          • The movie industry really has them believing they are superior. Since the F-22 Raptor is permanently illegal for export, and Japan is developing an equivalent, I read last week that someone suggested they hire some wonderful black scientists to do the engineering work.

        • Nancy

          Agreed, Spikey. That’s what I saw on my classroom “self-assessments” I described earlier in this thread.

      • John R

        I beg to differ. Blacks are full of themselves.

    • superlloyd

      All blacks suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

      ”The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias manifesting in unskilled individuals suffering from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude.”

      • I suspect the movie industry’s constant portrayal of blacks as genius supermen might have something to do with this illusory superiority.

        Of course, the corollary to the Dunning-Kruger effect is the frustration and eventual rage that results from the repeated disappointments these folks experience as a result of their own mediocrity.

    • John R

      Thank you! They need to drop this myth of the poor negro with “low self esteem.”

  • I thought slavery caused obesity.

    • APaige

      Most victims of racism or ethnic hate end up looking very emaciated. Only sub-Saharan Blacks feel the effects of hate by being fat. Food did not jump in their mouths and most Africans wish they had this type of racism.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        This article is about latinos.

    • mobilebay

      Or maybe George Bush caused it.

      • Don’t laugh; today I read a comment on Yahoo news that Ronald Reagan is responsible for the low wages that unskilled fast-food workers earn. I asked the individual whether or not he knew that Reagan has been out of office for 26 years and dead for 10.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          Plus fast-food workers were making low wages before Reagan ever took office. I think I remember minimum wage being $1.25/hr.


    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      The whites that stole Egypt and civilization from the negro caused it.


  • Everything is YT’s fault. That is all.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I’ve yet to see nonwhites take responsibility for any of their problems. Everything bad that happens to them is our fault.

      The other day Amren had a piece blaming whites for the fact that black women don’t breastfeed!

  • Steven Williams

    Well, if minorities get obese through hurtful messages, I would buy it even if it is a beneficiary to the survival of Caucasians.

  • IstvanIN

    Rivera suggested in the article that “positive racial and ethnic role models” could be beneficial.
    How does he explain all the bowling balls from Mexico and Central America?

    • authorizedversion .

      I believe the obesity rate in Mexico is now higher than in the U.S.

    • Laura Dilworth

      it will be blamed on exported mcdonalds restaurants…

  • TruthBeTold

    Research led by Rutgers University concludes that ethnic minorities’
    tendency to be more obese than other populations could be caused by
    “hurtful messages” and stereotypes that diminish motivation to stay fit.

    That has to be it. It couldn’t be they don’t take responsibility for their own choices.

    They really should leave and demand we leave them alone.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Perhaps it would help if we halved the monthly welfare check and EBT? Eating less sometimes helps me lose weight.

      • With EBT/SNAP payments halved, they would still make grossly irresponsible choices about which foods to buy. Remember, these folks are quite content being unhealthy, so long as they can blame us for it. Faux “studies” like this one are merely a demand for increased official recognition of a disconnect between cause and effect when it comes to blacks and browns.

      • Nancy

        What?!?! Eating LESS helps you lose weight?

        I’ve been going about it all wrong. 😉

    • The Worlds Scapegoat


      Hurtful messages = come to the US and sponge off of whites.

      If they stopped sponging off of whites they might not be so fat.


  • Samuel_Morton

    How is this bunk “research” funded? Check out this bombshell:

    “Rivera found that the Latinos he studied were significantly more likely than whites to agree that negative stereotypes commonly used to describe Hispanics applied to them. ”

    You think? I wonder why whites didn’t think that Hispanic stereotypes applied to them? Maybe because they were Hispanic stereotypes and not white ones?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      You are a nazi racist. That is a white stereotype for you.

      Now go out and eat a bag of chips and drink 2 liters of soda-pop.


      • I am going to invoke white privilege and admit that dinner tonight was boneless chicken breast baked in thick vinaigrette dressing served on rice, with baked sweet potatoes and a salad that included cold artichoke hearts, asparagus and leeks, all washed down with unsweetened iced green tea.

        Even leaving aside the eventual – and entirely preventable – medical expenses, it costs less to prepare good meals from scratch for three people than it does to feed us on “convenience” food.

        • bilderbuster

          I can’t believe you just spilled the beans and gave away our secret about reading cook books and following recipes.
          If other White people start to give away our secrets like you do we won’t have our privilege much longer.

        • B.A_2014

          That sounds delicious. I’m not sure if we have white privilege in Ulster yet but if that is an example of the privileges then I got to get me some.

    • Perhaps this is because whites are significantly more objective when it comes to applying negative stereotypes to Hispanics than the reverse.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Of course the Asian obesity rate in America reflects the same?

    • bilderbuster

      Give us time.
      Right now we have our hands full oppressing Blacks and Hispanics but we’ll get around to them ASAP.

  • Truthseeker

    Many Whites have internalized the stereotype that we’re a uniquely evil race of people, and that the immense good we’ve done for humanity is outweighed by some things done by members of our race that weren’t very nice. Not surprisingly, many Whites are downtrodden and pessimistic today, and have little self-respect. Some even derive their sense of purpose in life from being as anti-White as possible, because they feel the need to atone for their very existence. They refuse to have children, or produce mixed-race babies that would never side with us if a race war were to break out.

    Let’s crush the disgusting lie that our race is evil and reclaim positive racial identity. For our survival, for our ancestors, for ourselves.

    • If a race war broke out they would’nt have a choice of whose side their on.
      look at inmates,they self segregate. It would be the same or they would have very short lives.

    • me

      I say that we admit our evil nature, and tell the ‘minorities’ to move far, far away from us. We’re evil, racist, dangerous people that should be left alone FOREVER in our own country, without the gifts of diversity and multiculturalism, as punishment for our evil, racist ways.

      • adplatt126

        Loved it until I saw three children talking to their imaginary friend. People should be taught reason and self-reliance, not reliance upon things for which there is no good reason to believe even exist. Race is real. It is a strong predictor of a society’s output. God is not real. Religion is a poor predictor of a society’s output. Half of Africa is Christian for god’s sake.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Hear, hear! I wish I could upvote this 1,000x.

          • adplatt126

            You can upvote it 1000x. It just won’t be recorded, and it’ll take a lot of time out of your day.

          • Spikeygrrl


        • OS-Q

          I’m an agnostic but I don’t think religion isn’t incompatible with reason and self-reliance, at least not from the Western tradition of “Heaven helps those who help themselves” dating back at least to Aesop.

          The problem is when most of society abandons a religion they NEED a different one, even something that masquerades as something else. We spent half of the last century fighting a mere economic theory (Marxism) that millions were ready to die and kill for and that promises a means (socialism) to an inevitable utopia (communism).

          Another example is the adoration of “The One” or our Messiah In Chief by media and celebrities.

          In short, I’d rather have someone worship a god who may or may not exist, than something evil that certainly exists.

          • adplatt126

            “You don’t think religion isn’t incompatible…” So you agree, it’s perfectly incompatible with reason and self-reliance? Speaks for itself. Freudian slip perhaps?

          • OS-Q

            Ah, double negative. Fixed.

            It isn’t necessary to think that we just die when we die in order to be right or wrong about other things.

          • adplatt126

            Of course not. But to believe in a made-up fairy tale which makes outlandish claims regarding supernatural phenomena, and which was written by hallucinating Middle Easterners in the stone age, I’m afraid does reflect upon the sense of the person who believes it. The heart of my point remains. There is nothing inherently good or noble about believing in something, and indeed assuming its truth, for which there is no evidence, despite the portrayal of what those brainwashed children are doing, as something pure and holy. There is plenty dangerous and disturbing about it though.

          • OS-Q

            The problem is that Atheism can be a religion of its own, with its own weeping and hysterics, or its followers find something else to be fanatical about. Many people tend to free themselves from slavery to church doctrine only to go into slavery to another doctrine.

          • adplatt126

            Still, you’re more likely to reach the right conclusion by thinking rather than presuming.

          • OS-Q


          • JP Rushton

            As an atheist, I’ve noticed that most other atheists seem to off in the far left direction, believing in a mythical utopia (heaven) that can be achieved if only we could get communism or multiculturalism working. It’s only because of racists (sinners or Satan) that multiculturalism doesn’t work.

            There is a reason why communism forces people to become atheists; they must worship the state instead.

            A great thing about America and religion was that the government didn’t give you your rights, God did. But now, God doesn’t give you your rights, the great benevolent government gives them to you and if you are naughty they can take them right back!

            I’m convinced that the masses can’t handle atheism, they need a religion. I would also rather have them worshiping Jesus than the government.

        • me

          Organized religion–no.
          Belief in intelligent design and Jeshua–yes.

          • adplatt126

            A total distortion of the arguments for the unnecessary existence of God. Modern science can explain “something coming from nothing” as you so crudely put it. Things like quantum fluctuation combined with other reasonable hypotheses like the multiverse et al, are essentially used to produce complex physical models, which at present produce a number of reasonable alternatives to God’s existence and God’s plan. Every day science gives us better models and gets us closer to good answers to those questions. The fact that you don’t understand them doesn’t mean they aren’t rational or even true. There is certainly stronger direct and indirect evidence for those claims than for God’s existence. Anyhow, most agnostics like me, don’t claim God doesn’t exist, only that it’s highly irrational to believe* he does. There is no evidence for his presence. None. There is indirect evidence for a number of phenomena in the early universe that can be explained by rational, sensible physical models. Those models which include observable physical phenomena and some rational extrapolation, can account for everything we see and know in the universe. So, why believe in God? Just because?

        • me

          Fellow Christians…
          Sir Frances Bacon
          Robert Boyle
          George Washington Carver
          Samuel Taylor Coleridge
          Nicolaus Copernicus
          Leonhard Euler
          Michael Faraday
          Johannes Kepler
          Father Georges-Henri LeMaitre
          Carolus Linnaeus
          Matthew Fontaine Maury
          James Clerk Maxwell
          Gregor Mendel
          Samuel F. D. Morse
          Sir Isaac Newton
          Blaise Pascal
          Louis Pasteur
          Sir James Young Simpson, Founder of gynecology and modern anesthesiology
          Nicolaus Steno, Father of Stratigraphy
          Johann Sebastian Bach
          J. R. R. Tolkien
          T. S. Eliot
          Rembrandt van Rijn
          Antonio Vivaldi
          Georg Friedrich Handel
          Van Gogh
          Antonin Dvorak
          Alessandro Manzoni
          Felix Mendelssohn
          Leo Tolstoy
          Fyodor Dostoevsky
          Isaak Levitan
          Max Planck
          Erwin Schrodinger
          Werner Heisenberg
          Robert Millikan
          Charles Hard Townes
          Arthur Schawlow
          William D. Phillips
          William H. Bragg
          Guglielmo Marconi
          Arthur Compton
          Nevill Mott
          Antony Hewish
          Joseph H. Taylor, Jr.
          Alexis Carrel
          John Eccles
          Joseph Murray
          Ronald Ross
          Derek Barton
          Richard Smalley
          And thousands more. This list is made up of 2/3 Nobel Laureates that were leaders in the field of physics, medicine, biology, thermodynamics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, etc. DON’T YOU DARE CALL CHRISTIANS ‘IGNORANT’, ‘STUPID’, ‘DELUSIONAL’, ‘DUMB’, ‘IDIOITIC’, ‘IGNOBLE’, ETC. Now, can you refute that any of these men were less than geniuses and heroes, who helped change the world and were a boon to mankind?

          • adplatt126

            I can make some notable observations about them:
            1) A significant portion of them lived in eras when it was essentially a crime to be an atheist and would have risked death or severe punishment to admit such a philosophical position. So for many of them, who knows what they really thought. That’s like asking a CEO today what he thinks on the issue of race.

            2) If I made a list of great scientists and philosophers, all of whom did not believe in god, or were certainly part of no organized religion, I can state rather comfortably that of all the people on the planet who are or were atheists, a much higher percentage of them have made significant contributions to mankind than Christians have. Yes, there were and are some Christians who qualify as great men. For much of history, Christians also made up like a full one quarter of the entire human population. Atheists not so much. In terms of their proportion of the total human population relative to Christians, a shocking percentage of great men are concentrated in that group. For example, 93 percent of those in the National Academy of Sciences, an elite scientific organization, are non-believers at the present time.

            3) Their Christianity was perfectly and utterly incidental to their accomplishments. They were probably more influenced on the whole by say Greek thinkers than Christian ones. Some of them were simply mathematicians. Euler for example was famous for his genius and logical capacity and yet infamous for his lack of critical analysis on most worldly issues, which Voltaire publicly humiliated him for on more than one occasion. The real causes of their contributions were factors like innate IQ, living under non-religious or quasi-religion yet moderately tolerant nation states (or at least tolerant ones via the enlightenment) that didn’t impose rigid standards on the pursuit of truth and debate, inborn curiosity, inordinate mental drive, sufficient nutrition due to living in a well-ordered, planning society etc.

            4) Many of them lived in eras when access to alternative philosophical positions, arguments and scientific data would have impeded their ability to take up rational positions on the matter, and this likely combined with perverse social incentives to delude them.

            5) I can not say these men were not geniuses and heroes. I can however say that I think less of them, whilst still a great deal, for believing in the absolute balderdash that is Christian orthodoxy.

  • anony

    How wrong we can be; all my life I have thought that over-eating caused obesity.

  • Hurtful messages cause minorities to fill their shopping baskets with cheesecakes & frozen pizzas.

    • sho nuff do

    • Don’t forget that these hurtful messages also cause the poor, hurt blacks and browns to believe that a steady diet of McDamage fast food is reasonable and healthy.

  • TruthBeTold

    Is there anything ‘racism’ can’t do?

    • Xerxes22

      It can’t make them smart and law abiding.

    • JInSanD

      Well they haven’t blamed us for being ugly yet but this is a start.

  • They are inferior, but their overeating is a product of their inferiority, rather than the result of us noticing it.

    • Reverend Bacon

      More accurately, it’s a product of that combined with us giving them a bunch of free food for having to do no work and get no exercise. Steatopygia notwithstanding, they were much thinner pre-LBJ (for blacks) and pre-Teddy Kennedy (for Hispanics).

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Cargo cult science.

  • John Smith


    These dip s*** leftist NPR types would intellectualize wiping one’s a** if they thought someone would listen.

    They would be better off talking about things DON’T impact or offend or ruin the lives of people of color.

  • jim

    This reminds me of the NPR story I heard last year about pregnant black women having more trouble carrying their babies with more complications….and the reason? RACISM! Yep, you guessed it. One woman they spoke to said she could tell how people felt about her by the looks they were giving her….Seriously, you can’t make this crap up.

    • JohnEngelman

      When I see a pregnant black woman I never see a wedding ring. I wonder if she knows which one of her fly by night lovers did it. I know she will not be supporting the child. White tax payers will be.

      • bilderbuster

        And the funny part is she’s thinking the same thing too.

      • It gets even “better” than that; we will be supporting N’DeShitavious for life, not just until he turns 18. He’ll get an Obama phone, a Social Security disability check each month for being crazy, complete with Medicaid and a SNAP EBT card. He’ll get a rent subsidy and a utility bill subsidy, and when he goes to prison, we’ll still be supporting him there.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      But seriously. . . I may have been trying to tell her how I felt about her by looking like that.

    • journey

      How does NPR explain away the population explosion among blacks here and Africa? Where the average is about 5 or so from different fathers?

      • bilderbuster

        They don’t.
        They just intentionally ignore that.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      The cleverness of leftists in coming up with cunning ways of attributing all black problems to white racism would almost be a source of admiration if it weren’t so scurrilous and evil.

      • bilderbuster

        They’re usually not very clever or cunning.
        They’re almost always ridiculous or incredibly stupid.

        • Douglas Quaid

          Yet, they say the most ludicrous of things with an overflowing of eruditeness. As though they are casting precious pearls of wisdom to us unwashed masses.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Her strange feelings is what historically has been known as shame. She probably was knocked up and had no idea which of the half dozen men she slept with was the father. Of course it is always easier to project one’s shame onto others and accuse them of “judging”, yeah that’s right, it’s whitey’s fault.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    So let me get this straight. Sitting on your fat azz all day, eating Doritos, Colonel Saunders, and Ho Hos, washing it all down with Purple Drank, smoking Newport 100s while collecting welfare and EBT is caused by “hurt feelings”? The excuses are literally endless, as is the generational entitlement welfare “gibsmuhdat”.

    • Nancy

      And they’re insulted at the least provocation, as was one Bantu “baby momma” when I had the temerity to ask her, “Will little D’Tre’vaunte’s father join us at his parent-teacher conference?”

      Ho-lee SHEEEIT! You’d have thought I called her a worthless, lazy welfare cheat to her face. (Which I never would have back then…I was just 22 and naiive.)

      “Whaaada you MEAN, his Daaady?!?! What we need him fo? Why he need to be dair? I don’ need no MAN tellin me whatta do!” And on and on.

      • meanqueen

        She didn’t know who D’Tre’vaunte’s daddy was. You embarrassed her!

  • JohnEngelman

    Where do these “negative stereotypes” come from? They do not come from the mass media, or the popular culture. Those present images of blacks and Hispanics that are unrealistically positive.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      But blacks and Mexicans can’t live up to those stereotypes, so it is racist for whitey to create them. It is also racist for whitey not to create them to give blacks and Mexicans a positive role model.


    • Douglas Quaid

      No one ever wants to talk about where stereotypes come from, namely repeated observations of behavior and traits, stereotypes are only brought up to say how we shouldn’t have them and how hurtful they are.

  • San Antonio was at one time the fattest city in America. The local TV, newspapers, universities, and school system preach Mexican supremacy. Thus, I conclude that the FAT Mexican A**s that are everywhere are related to the enchiladas SWIMMING in GREASE.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    Will this minority pity parade ever stop?


    • Of course. Hasn’t the left been saying for fifty years that all we need to do is spend a little more money only a few new government programs? Would they lie? We must be in the home stretch by now.

  • Brady

    Last year Mexico passed up the US as the most obese country in the world. Can blame the US anymore.

  • journey

    How does Rivera explain the fat ones jumping the border?

    • bilderbuster

      He doesn’t.
      No problemo.

  • Simonetta

    After given the matter of why there are so many absurdly fat black women in America, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is primarily a genetically-based condition, rather than due to diet.

    It’s my theory that over in Africa back in the days of slavery, the local tribal chiefs pretty much knew when the slave-catchers were in the area, and used them to get rid of all the people in the tribe that they were tired of having around. This especially applied to all the giant, mean, nasty, big, fat-bottomed women that ate twice as much food as all the other women. And then would tell all the other women that they didn’t have to go work gathering food all day while the men just sat around drinking bush beer.

    So whenever the chief heard that the slavers were sailing up the bay they just decided that this would be a great time for all those big-mommas to learn how to go fishing.

    And during the two-three month-long middle passage voyage to their new life, when all the other captured slaves on the ship were dying off because they weren’t being fed, those big-mommas would be burning off and surviving on all that excess body fat. So when they arrived in the new world and were put up on the auction block for sale, they all were svelte and sexy and looking like Beyoncé.

    Which caused all the planters to go nuts, buy them all up, and bring to the most distant corners of the South. Where they were installed in the kitchens far away from the planter’s wives. Where after a few years, they ballooned right back up to their giant mean old selves. Only this time with a really serious nasty attitude towards every living thing. Which they passed on, generation after generation, to the ghetto-potomases of today that we’ve all come to know and love.

    Try expounding this theory in gathering of liberals for most embarassing, jaw-dropping, silence that you’ve ever experienced (but don’t do this if you’re still under consideration for tenure).

    But the theory must have some validity because it makes some sense and because there really aren’t all that many big fat women in Africa. At least not like in American Africa.

    • “Ghetto-potomus”.

      Hee, hee, hee!

    • Nancy

      I have to agree on this one. I have three daughters, two teenagers and an 8 year old. I fed them all the same things in the same amounts growing up, yet one of them came out of the womb with a weight issue, and still has it to this day. Genetics play a big part in metabolism, unfortunately.

  • Who Me?

    You’d think being told that being fat is hazardous to their health might have some effect on them. Are they REALLY that stupid? (Well, I guess they are, because the message is out there and they’re still fat…)

  • fatbaby

    Why white peoples be fat?
    Everytime I see Obama on tv I drink.

    • me


    • “Everytime I see Obama on tv I drink.”

      Given the fawning press treatment our First Idiot and Golfer-In-Chief receives, your liver is going to explode like a car bomb someday if you keep doing that.

      “The world is going to hell in a handcart. We have a near-war situation between NATO and Russia in the Ukraine, the Ebola outbreak in tropical west Africa is out of control. China is pressing non-historical territorial claims against Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. ISIS is over-running huge swaths of Syria and Iraq, and has made incursions into Lebanon. The Taliban has announced it will begin operations in India. Colombia and Venezuela are at loggerheads. We have a epic horde of illegal aliens invading our Southwest, in which adults with grey hair and wrinkles are claiming to be minor children. That’s all completely OK, however, because I have a new tan suit and took two strokes off my golf game!”
      –Obama in a news conference sometime tomorrow.

  • Paleoconn

    I am fat because of racist Whites. This stuff is becoming impossible to parody.

  • Moe

    Ah, yes. Play the victim card…”I’m obese because of white racism!!!” Meanwhile black women generally love to flaunt their fat. “The bigger the butt…” Etc.

  • bilderbuster

    We Whites have been exposed again by another brilliant minority scientific study.
    Every time we find a new way to oppress non Whites we get caught!
    This one was working so well I don’t understand where it went wrong.
    We used our White Privilege to give us mind control over non Whites to make them think negative thoughts about themselves so they would then over eat lots of crappy food until they became obese.
    Foiled again!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Don’t hurt muh feels, yo.

  • mike smith

    Luis Riviera in English would be Lewis Rivers? Just another fcuking Jew using the race card to fan the flames.

  • Douglas Quaid

    I met this guy who told me that getting AIDS was the best thing that ever happened to him, my reaction was, “Really? I would think that would be horrible.” He responded, “Nope, nope, best thing that ever happened to me. Because now every month I get a $1500 check from the guvahmint. Right now I have over $5000 waiting for me, I’m going on a cruise.”

    I wonder what stereotypes damaged this poor soul to the point where he thought having HIV was an improvement on his lot in life?

    • willbest

      the bright side is if he is spending that money on cruises rather than life saving treatment he won’t be leaching off the system very long.

      • kjh64

        There is no bright side. In addition to his disability payments, he gets free medicare, so his medical needs, which are costly, are paid for by YOU, the taxpayer. I wonder if he’ll pick up any men/women on this cruise and spread his disease?????

    • Life on what amounts to chemotherapy in exchange for $18,000 a year doesn’t sound like a very good trade. I think I’ll stick with saving money via coupon-clipping, shopping Wal Mart’s “rollback” deals, vegetable gardening, making my own fishing tackle, fishing, and wearing old clothes.

      • Nancy

        What are your thoughts about “food insurance”, Michael? Is it something worth doing?

  • Douglas Quaid

    How come stereotypes never work in the other direction? On tv and in all the advertisements all the minorities are well behaved, they are doctors, and professionals, if anyone is acting like an utter buffoon it is always a white male. How come white males don’t seem terribly hurt by these stereotypes? Likewise, how come all of the racial harmony and professionalism among minorities on tv and in advertisements doesn’t translate to reality?

    • Mary

      It’s an ironclad, politically correct rule in the New America that blacks are always portrayed favorably in ads and on television and White males are portrayed as buffoons or villains. You will never, ever see a buffoon or a villain, especially in an ad, who is either black or female. The most absurd commercial of all time is the one where the White guy breaks into the home of the Black family. Has this ever actually happened?

      • meanqueen


    • meanqueen

      In real life, there are a few highly accomplished black professionals, but on tv, they’re everywhere! It’s completely annoying. Plus, in all the print ads on EVERYTHING, the models are almost always black, as if every manufacturer is trying to prove that their company is not racist. Check out the babies on the Pampers and Huggies and Luvs diaper boxes – almost all of them are black or Mexican. WTH? Give me a break. That’s why I love the Hannah Anderson catalog – most of the kids are white but every now and then, they will have a token black.

  • willbest

    Given that we essentially pay for everybody’s healthcare you shouldn’t be allowed to vote if your waist to height ratio exceeds 0.55, unless you have a confirmed genetic anomaly

  • Garrett Brown

    “Rivera found that the Latinos”
    “commonly used to describe Hispanics”
    ” that the stereotype is Latino, I am Latino”
    “The Hispanics who were part”

    Well, which or the other Riverrrrrrrrrrrr (tongue roll) rrrrrrraaaaaa?

    This is what happens when you don’t identify people for what they are, you just come off as a completely clueless fool that doesn’t have any kind of legitimate representation for his people. This is like in one sentence calling mulattoes white and in the next black, back and forth, back and forth. On and on and on ad nauseum.

    You’re Mestizo. You are not a culture and you are no longer under Latin rule That’s what you are, accept it.

    • Mergatroyd

      What do you expect from someone who was hired only because of race.

      • Garrett Brown

        He doesn’t even know what race he is!

  • adplatt126

    Please. Black people are fat for the same reason they’re lazy, uneducated, and have too many children. They lack self-control and discipline. Case closed. Then again, so do most people, but blacks lack it in spades relative to other groups. Millennia upon millennia spent lounging under the palms…

  • Haereticus

    Are any of the many many failings of Africans the responsibility of Africans themselves? No, apparently not. They are flawless angels from heaven, held back and dragged down all over the world wherever they are found, compelled to fail abysmally everywhere at every turn by evil whitey. So sad.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      It probably is the same things that cause them to over-eat that also causes them to over-rape and over-kill. And those things are lack of impulse control and lack of ability to fully appreciate future ramifications.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    It’s not ridicule in the black and Hispanic communities that causes their women to be fat. It’s the exact opposite. Those two communities are the most accepting of fat women to the point of even preferring it. Giant, fat butts are worshipped among them, and you commonly see their fat women brag that they’re “big & beautiful”. There’s hardly any stigma against being fat in those communities, never mind out right ridicule.

    Whites and Asians are different when it comes to female weight. There’s much more pressure in those communities for women to stay thin, and that’s likely why you see more white girls with anorexia or bulimia than you do “women of color”. Simple logic would dictate that if black and Hispanic women felt this incredible pressure to be thin (as the article suggests) they too would show comparable rates of not eating as opposed to higher rates of eating more and eating worse. These researchers aren’t concerned with logic, though. They’re concerned with supporting a false narrative.

  • Mergatroyd

    Yet one more in the unending blame Whitey genre of news reporting – which is all of it!

    I can see where this is going: blame Whitey for black obesity and then demand “reparations” and billions of dollars to take care of black health problems cause by White Racism.

    Holder probably has the lawsuit ready to go.

  • John R

    I looked at this, and I was FLOORED! I can’t believe how delusional some people are. So, blacks and Hispanics are fat because of all the “stereotypes” we make up about them? GIVE ME A (expletive deleted) BREAK! Yeah, like in every school, those damned teachers are telling the blacks, “Of course, you people are not as good as whites…” And those poor black and Hispanic kids, walking the hall ways, being tainted by those mean white kids who tell them they are not as good as whites. Yep, you bet. Uhhh, btw, why has the obesity rate for “African Americans” (I am being politically correct here. Ain’t I nice?) actually gone up in recent years, far surpassing that of Whites? It seems that it isn’t negative stereotypes that make black people fat. More likely being told how great they are no matter how lazy and slovenly they become.

  • MekongDelta69

    “The research project was led by Luis Rivera, an experimental psychologist at Rutgers”

    Why waste endless keystrokes scientifically debunking this (and I could), when the above says it all?

  • What BS . . .too much fat in food and lack of exercise . .has nothing to do with
    someones feelings being tattered . . .what pussy’s

  • I’ve seen that, but it was drug-induced. A former friend who used to be a good guy turned into a lying, raving thief (and eventually a child-molester) after he began using meth, coke and extasy, and when questioned, he would provide excuses that would embarrass a toddler. He simply assumed that everyone else in the world was just as stupid as he had become.

    I was once asked by my old federal probation officer whether I ever felt like hurting that guy, and I replied that while I hated his guts, I also knew exactly where he was going (though ultimately not the main reason), and that I saw no reason whatever to spoil the suprise for him. In his most recent CDoC mug shot, his expression looks as if he has finally realized that he wasn’t really fooling anybody except other druggies.

    It would have been quite entertaining to have heard him making his pathetic excuses to police, DA and judge, who not being druggies would have seen through his nonsense as easily as I earlier had.

  • Rhialto

    Rivera suggested in the article that “positive racial and ethnic role models” could be beneficial.

    Rivera suggested in the article that “America’s problems are caused by White men” and their elimination could be beneficial.

  • OS-Q

    Very true,

    Though I take issue with Gibbon’s idealization of ancient peoples as less superstitious than Medieval Europeans. Greeks and Romans thought they could tell the future by where an owl hooted or by looking at chicken guts.

  • MoMo

    According to Dr. Perlmutter of the “Grain Brain” fried chicken and watermelon will not make one fat!


  • none of your business

    Like I say,bowling balls on stumps. It’s all my fault, My name is never mind and I am an obesity causing White racist. Mea Culpa mea culpa mea culpa. I acknowledge my participation in this surge of obesity in formerly lithe, slender messicans. I will join a self criticism cult although I still must decide if the Stanlinesque or Maoesque sessions would do the most to eliminate my obesity causing racism.

  • none of your business

    Whiteplight I remember something about the skyrocketing price of tortillas in mexico. Tortillas and certain other basic foods are subsidized by the govt but the price increase was still more than a lot of people could handle. As Michael said, the drought also has something to do with it as the cost of hay is over the top and is the main food of cattle.

  • none of your business

    I agree with Nancy. Something is seriously wrong with just about all blacks. I was a Probation officer 99 percent black criminals before I had children. When I was reading those child development books I realized that emotionally and intellectually blacks including cops, judges and attorneys are stuck at about 18 months old.

  • none of your business

    BA2014 is right that blacks just scream for attention. They are like little kids at the beach,look at me look at me. And they do not speak, they shout so that people in the next block can hear them.

  • none of your business

    Those little one pound cartons of chicken livers are cheap if you like them. Cut the double ones apart, cook gently in butter, add a tiny bit of garlic, a lot of parsley take them out when done and deglaze the pan with red wine, cook the wine down till it gets a bit thick, put the livers back in

    cheap and non fattening and delicious if you like liver which I do. You can also mash them with a potato masher and it’s chopped liver. Mash them smooth and call it pate.

    The cost of food rises and rises and interest rates are rock bottom.

  • none of your business

    I have to tell my meat department manager friend that the black slugs with whom he is inflicted suffer from the Dunning Kroger effect. Because the federal courts ordered so many blacks out of prison because of overcrowding he has had black parolees inflicted on him. The major super market chains were coerced by the state to hire them. My friend tells me that after 3 days on the job they know everything and start ordering everybody around.
    He can’t stand it or them. Is there a psychological term for a person who cannot understand the concept of “follow instructions and the manager is your boss”

  • none of your business

    I love sweet potatoes and baked chicken. See how us eeeviiiillll Whites stick together?
    The sweet potato and chicken menu is racist.!!! So is White milk, White bread, White rice, White potatoes White cheeses White noodles bechamel White cake and frosting, meringue, marshmallows vanilla ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and most fish except for salmon.
    You mentioned your family eats a lot of fish Michael but not salmon. So you are the most racist of us all. I used to serve lots of White fish and White rice dinners so I am doubly racist in meal planning.

  • MoMo

    Americans in general are too damn fat. If you have a European or African genetic background (non Asian since Asians can tolerate far more carbohydrates) do this simple diet and you won’t be fat!

    (1) No sweets
    (2) No bread
    (3) No cereals other than a small scoop of oat meal in the mornings.
    (4) No dairy products
    (5) No soft drinks
    (6) Coffee is good, energy drinks are very bad.
    (7) No white potatoes (sweet potatoes yes white potatoes no)
    (8) No corn
    (9) No rice (green vegetables yes white and yellow no)

    Have your hormonal and insulin levels checked and brought into balance.

    Have your arteries scanned.

    Walk three miles a day If you want to include weights try P90X every other day.

    Have four to six small meals a day rather than three large ones.

    If you are going to drink alcohol no more than two drinks a day – morning is better than at night.

    Don’t count calories but no more than 60 grams of carbs per day.

    Throw your damn scale out the window and never step on one again. When you begin getting into shape (and you will – and I don’t give a damn how fat you are or how many diets you’ve been on) you won’t need a scale to tell you.

    Take a look at what obese people have in their shopping cart.

    Obesity is not racial, it is educational, but there is a direct relationship between a person’s educational level and his’ or her’s waist line.

    Foods that elevate your insulin levels are also mood altering. You feel good on a sugar high before the insulin rushes in to balance it out. Unfortunately, none of the so called diet gurus, including medical doctors, have a clue. Read the grain brain diet book and make it your bible.

    I think I’m preaching to the choir here. Judging by the way you guys write you are probably brighter than I but simply because you know what to do doesn’t mean that you will do it. Finally, the only time I ever worried about how someone else looked was when at was in a body building contest (in which I finished dead last I might add). Never compare yourself to anyone else – you don’t know their genetic makeup – you don’t know whether or not they have had surgical enhancement, pharmaceutical intervention, or how much time they put into it. You are you and it is you who can do it!


    • anony

      I read Grain Brain. Highly recommended.

    • meanqueen

      Excellent. I would only add one thing – get a good fiber supplement!!! PGX Fiber (granules are better than the capsules, is found at Amazon or at a health food store) is one of the best brands of fiber out there. It has been shown to control blood sugar levels and reduce sugar/carb cravings.