A Driver’s Bloody Run-In with an Angry Detroit

Monica Davey, New York Times, April 21, 2014


As Mr. [Steve] Utash drove his pickup truck on the city’s East Side, a 10-year-old boy suddenly stepped into the street, the authorities said, and Mr. Utash’s truck hit him. Mr. Utash pulled over to check on the boy, whose leg was broken and whose mouth was bleeding. Soon after, a crowd descended on Mr. Utash, 54, beating and kicking him until he lost consciousness and was left in critical condition. That Mr. Utash is white and the crowd African-American is only part of a broader, more complicated problem of crime and violence in a largely segregated metropolitan area. As church and civic leaders condemned the attack and some in the neighborhood stepped forward to identify those involved, Detroit began searching its soul to repair the damage.


As the families of Mr. Utash and the accused waited tensely in a cramped courtroom here on Monday, a judge found probable cause to send to trial four of the men accused of assault with intent to murder and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. A fifth person, who is 16, was also charged with ethnic intimidation — the only overt nod to a racial element to the case, in a city that is more than 80 percent black surrounded by suburbs that, in some cases, are mostly white.


Kym L. Worthy, the Wayne County prosecutor, declined to discuss the particulars of the case, but she said that race certainly remained a matter of tension in this city. “We have a lot of work to do when it comes to race relations,” she said. “We always talk about it, but there’s no follow-through.”


“We’re not alone as a city in having crime, but there just seems to be a relentlessness about it here,” said Kim Trent, who works at a think tank and is a member of the Board of Governors for Wayne State University. In a matter of two days, the tires of her car were stolen, then she found that the rental car she had borrowed so her car could be fixed was gone, too. Her husband has been held up, as has her father. “Part of me feels like we’ve hit rock bottom,” she said.


Mr. Utash’s truck hit the boy on April 2, just after 4 p.m. The authorities said Mr. Utash was not at fault, and a surveillance video from a nearby shop suggests that the boy, who was standing with friends, stepped out into the busy street. Mr. Utash, who is a grandfather, pulled over, witnesses said, and emerged from his truck, asking about the boy who was lying in the street, crying.

Deborah Hughes, a retired nurse, tended to the boy, as a crowd of more than a dozen men gathered, stopping traffic in both directions. Some older teenagers and young adults began yelling at Mr. Utash, cursing him and asking, “What if that was my little brother?” recalled Ashley Daniels, a witness.

A first punch was thrown, and Mr. Utash stumbled to the ground. When he got up, dazed, someone dared him to pick up his hat, and from there the beating, kicking and stomping began, Ms. Daniels testified on Monday. At one point, she said, Wonzey Saffold, one of the five accused, pulled a gun from his waistband, waved it in the air and then at Mr. Utash.

In court on Monday, lawyers for several of the men, who ranged from 17 to 30 years old, argued that the charges against their clients were too extreme and that some accused of a punch or a kick or two ought not be accused of intending to kill anyone. The Detroit police said that they were still investigating and that additional arrests were possible.

The boy who was hit was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital.

Mr. Utash’s relatives have been holding vigil at the hospital, where, they said, he is conscious but still struggling and uncertain of what happened. Mr. Utash had no health insurance, but money has poured in from across the world, they said, after family members issued an online plea for help. As of Monday, they had raised $180,912. But his condition, they said, remained bleak: “He is still unable to distinguish reality from his delusions,” an online family posting said over the weekend.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Of course The New York Slimes has to put their typical spin on it:
    “the only overt nod to a racial element to the case, in a city that is more than 80 percent black surrounded by suburbs that, in some cases, are mostly white.”

    Wonder why that is Sulzberger?

    “We have a lot of work to do when it comes to race relations…”

    Who’s this ‘we’? They’ve been working on that for 50 years you maroon. Tell your black constituents to ‘work’ on it.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. The burden to ‘do’ something about race always falls to Whites despite the fact that blacks cause ALL the problems for us, while the hypocrites conveniently ignore the very real racial tension and violence between blacks, Mexicans and Asians. Of course, I’m sure that’s Whitey’s fault too, somehow.

    • John R

      That’s it in a nutshell: Blacks viciously attack Whites, and Whites therefore “have a lot of work to do on race relations.” It is apparently never ever the fault collectively, of the black community. So, playing devil’s advocate here, why should their group behavior ever improve? Simple psychology.

      • curmudgeon

        They have been given a free pass by AG Eric Holder and the useless pResident who have set race relationships back to pre Civil War conditions.

    • ptsargent

      Should have thought of that back in the late ’60’s when rioting blacks ran all the whites out of Detroit proper a fact that has led directly to this city’s demise. Detroit is currently 600,000 population, less than half what it was 50 years ago.

      • John R

        I hear what you are saying, but, Detroit’s decline had been going on for decades-at least since the post WWII era-due to the changing racial composition of the city. After 1960, when the black population reached “critical mass” (around 29% and growing) the process speeded up. The ’67 riot was just one event that made it more obvious, but it was coming on anyway. And the decline of population of the city was more than you stated. Detroit had nearly two million resident in 1960, only a fraction of that now, I believe. Otherwise, your points are well taken.

        • Montgomery Draxel

          I live outside of Detroit. Detroit’s problem is 100% the fault of blacks. Anyone that tries to blame unions or a political party is tap dancing around the root cause of the cities demise.

  • Puggg

    I wish someone with a badge or subpoena power would follow up on this theory that someone in the crowd made the boy run into the street as a setup for ghetto lottery or something worse.

  • Luca

    “We have a lot of work to do when it comes to race relations,” she said.

    They have been saying that since at least 1850 and I suspect race relations will be a problem for as long as the races are forced by government to live with one another.

  • dd121

    When my daughter was in Liberia she was warned that if you hit someone with your car, don’t stop. A flash mob will form and kill you. I guess negroid behave pretty much the same everywhere.

    • Sue

      That same sentiment was told from truckers driving through Newark in the ’50’s.

    • In rural India, the advice is that if you hit someone’s kid you can square it with the parents by giving them some money, but if you hit a cow, you don’t stop until you reach the next town.

      • Alexandra1973

        Holy cow!

        • TsT

          haha i see what you did . Kudos

    • So CAL Snowman

      What in God’s name was your daughter doing in Liberia? Was hell closed that week?

      • dd121

        The military has a boots-on-the-ground presence in Africa that the average American isn’t aware.

        • Bartek

          Why is your daughter aiding and abetting our enemy?

          • There are Marines stationed as guards at every US embassy. We also have funny things like satellite tracking stations in all sorts of remote places.

        • evilsandmich

          You mean that U.N. force that’s keeping the tribes from eating each other? Our people get malaria while the locals will just recommence consuming each other when we inevitably pull out.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Violence and Sociopathy are genetic with the Negroids. I can’t imagine setting foot in Liberia without being ready to shoot to kill at a moment’s notice. I hope that your daughter escaped from that sewer with her life!!

      • dd121

        She did. She dined at the Embassy every night and met the President of Libera. Said she was a charmer. The marines were there to train the Liberian army. She was there to save the marines if they got bitten by a boom-slang or black mamba. Black mamba is the worst. You have about 15 minutes to get anti-venom or you die. Didn’t happen while she was there.

        • The African black mamba has evolved to closely resemble the Australian coastal taipan. These are both very alert, but the taipan will normally move off when it senses people are coming. These are both large snakes, elapids, with amazingly potent venom and large glands for secreting it. The venom is very strongly neurotoxic. That’s the good news, because if one is bitten and survives long enough to reach a hospital and receive antivenin treatment, one will likely make a full recovery. Vipers and the Australian king brown are worse because their venom is strongly necrotic. The massive tissue destruction means the patient often loses the limb.

          Some of the African colubrids are dangerous as well. The tree snake – “boomslang” in Africans – produces a strongly hemmorhagic venom. No symptoms initially appear, and the bitten person may suspect that the snake gave a “dry bite” as a warning. Internal bleeding from the organs results. There are two genera of these, Thelotornis and Dispholidus, the latter being quite beautiful. I suspect that gel electrophoresis of their respective venoms will eventually show them to be co-generic: different species of the same genus.

          Venoms in reptiles evolved before snakes and lizards differentiated. Monitor lizards like the Komodo dragon are also venomous. Like snakes, monitor lizards have forked tongues which they use as an aid in smelling with the same Jacobsen’s Organ as a snake. Just like a snake, a monitor lizard has a tubular glossus passage underneath its tongue that leads to the lungs, allowing it to breathe while swallowing a large prey item. Other lizards do not possess forked tongues. A monitor lizard’s venom is a blood anticoagulant, like that of Thelotornis and Dispholidus.

          I suspect that some elapid snake venoms – like those of the mamba and taipan – would make useful painkillers, while the anti-clotting properties of venoms like that of the boomslang could be used in blood pressure medications. The natural world is an amazing place.

          • dd121

            Thanks MCS, I think that says it all.

          • dukem1

            wow! you really know your snakes!

    • Alexandra1973

      As I said in a related thread, they step out in front of you or try to form a chain, just keep going.

  • Guess which one is Kym L. Worthy, Detroit prosecutor.

    • Shawn_thefemale

      Tacky wig

    • melissa236

      What in the world is that?

      • My question is who and why are those white persons standing near whatever it is. Other pics online showed actress Mariska Hargitay standing close by the creature in the middle..

        • melissa236

          Cannot believe this creature came out of any law school!

          • evilsandmich

            The Michigan Bar exam must be color-by-number (the numbers stay in the single digits of course).

        • Epiminondas

          Semite on the far right.

        • BonV.Vant

          Personally, I can smell negro, and I find it very unpleasant. It is not even subtle. I can smell when one has been in a room. It raises my blood pressure since I made the connection between the smell and the animal. It is NOT the products they use, it is their own body odor. I would be holding my breath if I was in that picture.

      • Brian

        An extra Gamorrean guard from Return of the Jedi?

        • melissa236

          Ha ha I just saw this and that is exactly what it reminds me of!!

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Is the blond lady Jane Goodall?? She has a chimp with her, LOL!!

      • BonV.Vant

        a chimp with a wig

    • BonV.Vant

      the one with the “hair hat”

  • MBlanc46

    A typical thoughtful NYT article. Of course mention the racial angle (how could you ignore it?), but then move the discussion to a more general question of “race relations” rather than the story of a black mob attacking a white man, which is what in fact happened.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I told dear hubby today, after a typically active weekend of Atlanta ‘native’ behavior in the news, I would love to see the crime rate in Atlanta for two weeks: the first week with all the blacks locked up and the second week let them out and lock up all the whites. The first week virtually no crimes would be committed. The second week every house belonging to a white would be ransacked, every car and all other possessions would be ripped off.

    • Nancy

      Greetings from Gwinnett, Shawn! My DH and I also speculate on similar experiments and come to the same conclusions.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Another warrior from Gwinnett! There is a Gwinnett Gladiator that posts on SBPDL. Good guy, salt of the earth.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I don’t see a lot of clueless white liberals reading the New York Time anyway. I’ll admit, I don’t read that rag, especially after that Affirmative Action hire Jayson Blair.
    Remember him? I’m sure our elected leaders from both stories were hoping you forgot.
    I sure didn’t.

  • Ella

    To NYT, I thought you can kick someone to death, especially when they laid on the ground defenceless and were kicked multiple times in the face.

  • richard garyson

    I always drive as far from the curve as possible and never pull up all the way to a red light. Being racially aware will save you a lot of trouble. I wonder how many white victims of blacks were racially aware at the time of their victimization?

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. Never, ever trust a Nig*er. It doesn’t matter if they are in a dress shirt and tie, especially these days. Actually trusting them is always a mistake. Being civil to them is as far as I will ever go.

      • Nonhumans

        And often civil is way too generous.

      • gemjunior

        Yes, don’t even be civil to them. One night I was at Stop ‘n Shop which has a pretty big parking lot and I was putting groceries in my car but I always have my wits about me and hackles up. Always prepared, so when one of them sidled up to me asking my name I just put on my crazy face (blank stare), didn’t answer, and put my hand in my pocket for my weapon. He asked me one more time and I just stared without answering and took a step in his direction, and he took off pretty quickly and went over and got in a car. The only problem is that if there were a few, I wouldn’t face them, I wouldn’t even go in the parking lot alone and if I were already in the car, I would keep driving and run them over if necessary. It just shows us that even helping one of their children is dangerous so if you hit one it might be safer to keep driving and say a prayer you didn’t hurt them too badly.

    • evilsandmich

      That and always keep a gap between you and the car in front of you so a quick escape can be made if necessary.

  • ViktorNN

    This is the plight of lower middle class whites who haven’t yet fled from dysfunctional black zones, or who simply don’t have the means to flee.

    They’re abandoned by a government who would rather give affirmative action to black kids than poor white kids. They’re abandoned by law enforcement which has higher standards for anti-white hate crime than for hate crimes against any other groups. They’re abandoned by academia which outright hates and mocks poor whites, and which stirs up anti-white hate among non-whites. They’re abandoned by mainstream media which would rather pretend that interracial black on white crime doesn’t even exist.

    It takes mass outpourings of sympathy and donations for the powers that be to grudgingly acknowledge the existence of such incidents.

    There are thousands of Steve Utash’s in this country every year as Amren readers already know.

    Poor whites are truly on the bottom rung in this messed up country.

    • Coral Rose

      I come from the area and part of the problem is union programming of whites to believe it’s all about class and not race. The union is losing its stranglehold finally but it’s been so deeply embedded in Metro Detroit culture that it’s hard to break for some people.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Very true. That seems to be true in most of the metro areas in the Great Lakes region. Before the schvartzeh descended on our cities, this made sense.

  • r j p

    I am guessing this was a young buck looking to hit the ghetto lottery.
    Just had his timing off and actually got hit.

    • BonV.Vant

      There is a surveillance video of the location and the event. Yes, there were SEVERAL blacks who stayed at that spot for some time and REPEATEDLY ran out in front of cars or stuck their foot into traffic! YES this was a TRAP!

      • r j p

        They did this at Cabrini-Green in Chicago.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      “Ghetto Lottery”, Winning a social security disability claim; That’s the term I use anyway…

  • BonV.Vant

    they couldn’t ignore this story. They wanted to, they tried to. Meanwhile, a jew is attacked on the streets of NYC and that is immediately front page news.

  • Ron

    This man’s fate was sealed as soon as he hit the kid. What if he took off for what ever reason?
    What if he had noticed the blacks gathering up for the obvious attack and took off to call the police? The blacks would be screaming for his head AND How no one values black children and on and on.

    Stop truck=get beat near death
    Drive away due to restless natives=death threats law suits and demonize(think Zimmerman)across the world.

    Great options for the hard working white man.

  • Who is they?

    When I had a job assignment in Nigeria (Africa), all expatriates were immediately told upon arrival, if you ever accidentally hit someone while driving, regardless of the circumstances and whether or not anybody is hurt, DO NOT STOP! YOU WILL BE ATTACKED.
    OK, it’s a third-world country… Now the AFRICAN-Americans in Detroit act exactly the same as their cousins in Africa, ie., BARBARIC. When will this stop?

    • Epiminondas

      When will this stop? When they’re deported.

  • Epiminondas

    Just get yourself a conceal/carry permit and never leave home without a handgun.

  • ptsargent

    Having been mugged by two black thugs on a subway train nearly 40 years ago, I have avoided all areas of any city I visit where blacks may congregate. These are dangerous people who hate whites.

    • Luca

      They are wired to pick the low hanging fruit. Why work for 40 hours and wait a whole week for your pay when all you have to do is mug the closest White person when the opportunity presents itself? It’s as easy as picking a banana.

  • bernicegreenbaum

    Saw this in the new on the web. Really sad and unbelievable. Not reported in MSM, of course.

  • kjh64

    “Some older teenagers and young adults began yelling at Mr. Utash, cursing him and asking, “What if that was my little brother?” recalled Ashley Daniels, a witness.”

    I would have said he ran in front of my car and there was no way I could stop in time. Maybe his parent or shall I say mama should have not let him play in the street.

  • Joe blow


  • 1G25

    Conservatives WORK, ignoramus.

  • Stan D Mute

    Of course not a word about the attackers’ families’ demeanor in court – they were LAUGHING as the prosecutor described the attack. They were seated directly behind Mr Utash’s family and several had to be removed by the Bailiff for their behavior.

    Wonder why THAT wasn’t newsworthy?

    • NoMosqueHere

      It goes without saying if the races were reversed it would be an international cause celebre and President Bonehead Hussein would give an address to the nation.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Just like KFI radio in Los Angeles, they conveniently omit the fact that the street thugs also stole his wallet. Don’t want people to have all the information, they might realize what??

  • NoMosqueHere

    Kym L. Worthy, the Wayne County prosecutor, declined to discuss the particulars of the case, but she said that race certainly remained a matter of tension in this city. “We have a lot of work to do when it comes to race relations,” she said.


    I don’t understand. What kind of “work” needs to be done? What more do we need to do for these people? More affirmative action? More welfare? More food stamps? More third world immigration? More white self hatred and humiliation? What?

    • MikeofAges

      More semiskilled jobs at $10 or $12 per. There is no such thing as social justice in today’s America. In today America, social justice is a meaningless abstraction because we already have it and have had it for, by now, two generations. Blacks, unfortunately, are too steeped in abstraction and the idea that some apocalyptic event will come along and alter their condition all on one fiery night. Unfortunately, that is something than can happen only once, and it already has.

      I have said many times, if Rev. King’s “dream” was achieved one fine Saturday night, Monday morning a lot of people would have to go work in a lot of not very interesting jobs. Maybe thanks to growing up on the South Side of Chicago I can see the issue. For most everyone else in white America, a tangible agenda culminating in a five day week and paycheck every Friday might be likely to engage their attention.

  • Truth Teller

    Thought I would post this op-ed from the NY Slime marxist propaganda rag



    A Beating in Detroit

    April 25, 2014

    DETROIT — AS Detroit burned to the ground on a hot summer night in July 1967, my grandparents stood on their front lawn listening to the sounds of our civic suicide.

    “Pa,” my grandmother is said to have said. “We’ve got to get out of this neighborhood.”

    To which my grandfather replied, “How many of them can there be?”

    Grandpa was talking about black people, of course.

    Grandpa wasn’t black. Not anymore. The census of 1920 may have listed him as a “mulatto” down in Louisiana, but he was light-skinned and when the family moved north to Detroit he was able to become “white” by the time the 1930 census rolled around.

    I don’t judge him. Life and race and class in America are complicated and murky things. But it is easier to be white. Grandpa knew that. We all know that if we’re being honest.

    In any event, the next morning, my grandfather got a gun. A few years later they got out of town. Their home is for sale again. Asking price around $500.

    I’ve been thinking about my grandfather and his gun these past few weeks, ever since a mob outside a gas station in Detroit beat up a man who had accidentally hit a child with his truck after the kid stepped into traffic, perhaps playing a game of chicken. When the driver stopped to come to the aid of the child, he was attacked.

    After what happened, I suspect lots of people in Detroit are getting guns. And if they’re not getting guns, then for sure they’re not stopping for gas.

    The motorist, Steve Utash, was white. The mob, witnesses say, was made up of a dozen black men. A crowd of onlookers gathered while the mob beat Mr. Utash within an inch of his life. He was saved by Deborah Hughes, a black woman and a retired nurse who carries a .38. After attending to the child, who was not critically injured, Ms. Hughes lay across the body of Mr. Utash and promised herself that she would put a bullet in the next person to strike him.

    Four adult men were bound over for trial this week and charged with intent to murder. A teenager has also been charged with ethnic intimidation. Mr. Utash spent nine days in a coma, and is now conscious and recovering in the hospital.

    Was the beating race-related? Probably. This is America, after all. This is Detroit. We have a history. The city has endured three major race riots. In my lifetime I remember two out-of-work white autoworkers in 1982 beating a Chinese-American man to death because they thought he was Japanese. In the early 1990s, white cops went to prison for beating a black motorist to death. Last year, a white man shot a black woman to death after her car broke down and she was wandering the neighborhood, presumably looking for help. Now this. So the circle spins on. Black mob. White fear. More guns.

    Sadly, the talk after the attack on Mr. Utash wasn’t about a man who stopped to do the right thing. It wasn’t about Ms. Hughes, the gun-toting angel of mercy who saw no color except the red of his blood. It wasn’t about the use of justifiable force or the value of carrying a sidearm.

    Instead white people asked: Where were the old-school civil rights advocates who usually spoke out against such beatings? Where was Reverend Al? Why did it take Jesse Jackson almost two weeks to say something? Not that any of them really wanted famous civil rights leaders coming to town and marching around. What they seemed to be demanding was an admission from black leaders that blacks harbor racial hatred, too.

    But leaders nationally and in Detroit stayed curiously silent. A medical fund was established for Mr. Utash, but it took more than a week to convene a vigil for him as he lay in a coma. Until that vigil not even Mike Duggan — the first elected white mayor of Detroit in 40 years — made a public appearance about it. (Though he did put out a press release and a tweet.) Nor did any City Council person that I’m aware of. And nothing from President Obama. Rage and hopelessness are no excuses here. All Detroit, whether black or white, noticed the silence.

    The fact is, it’s often hard to be white in America, too, especially in a struggling city like Detroit. Just ask the Utash family.

    Three black men I spoke with at the gas station a few days after the beating acknowledged this two-way street. They called Mr. Utash an honorable man for stopping to help when too many people in this city don’t. They mocked the silence of civic leaders. They wanted to know why the mayor had not come to their neighborhood. They knew the score. They’re Americans. And they also know that we can’t expect those leaders to solve this riddle of ours called race.

    If you’re looking for any hope in this story, go back to the corner of Morang and Balfour on the east side of the city of Detroit, where two very good people named Steve Utash and Deborah Hughes met one very bad day.

    Charlie LeDuff is the host of Fox Television’s “The Americans With Charlie LeDuff” and the author of “Detroit: An American Autopsy.”

  • Truth Teller

    There are few blacks where I live, but many posters have said that blacks have the habit of strutting out in traffic to force White drivers to stop. Video confirms that the small OFE
    walked out into traffic.

    So this was obviously some sort of set up. Whether the adult OFEs planned it from the start or the small OFE was showing off in front of his pack, it is just one more example of why OFEs need to be under strict control.

    • IstvanIN

      What is an OFE?

  • OnGuard

    I have experienced that abuse personally, when I had to stay in one after my surgery. Almost all of the aides were black, almost all of them were lazy, heartless, abusive, sarcastic and loud. At least I could defend myself, unlike the older, weaker, maybe senile residents.

  • brior

    “Detroit began searching its soul to repair the damage.” What a load of crap! That hell hole doesn’t have a soul. Pray for the day the welfare stops.

  • Alec Smart

    Imagine what state the blacks of Detroit would be in if not for the billions in welfare and other subsidies wasted on them over the decades.

  • Brian

    “He is still unable to distinguish reality from his delusions,”
    OMG, this is worse than I thought. They beat him so hard he turned into a liberal?!

  • Brian

    I work in Gwinnett but, unfortunately, for the time being, am living in DeKalb, a.k.a. the heart of darkness.

  • dd121

    Recent evidence suggests that it is indeed slightly poisonous.

  • Varanid monitor lizards are quite venomous.

  • DeBaliviere


  • Shawn_thefemale

    I’m actually one county east of you; about 10 minutes from Athens