Rubin Carter Wasn’t a Hero Then . . . Or Now: Myths & Facts About “Hurricane” Carter

Debbie Schlussel, April 21, 2014

Yesterday, the media was all abuzz about the death of “noted civil rights activist” Rubin “Hurricane” Carter whose boxing career was “ruined” after he was “falsely accused” of a murder he did “not commit.” Don’t believe the hype.

Carter, who died Sunday, was the beneficiary of multiple myths and fiction created byHollywood, the media, and a Bob Dylan song, most of it fairy tales. In fact, Carter was a thug who’d been involved in several crimes before the murder he may have committed and of which he was never acquitted or proven innocent.

Even the liberal New York Times wasn’t down wit da struggle on the Hurricane Carter mythology. In 1999, the NYT’s Selwyn Raab wrote this about that year’s hit movie, “The Hurricane,” starring Denzel Washington and based entirely on Carter’s own biased account of his life:

Whatever its intentions, ”The Hurricane” falls into the category of history contorted for dramatic effect.


But here are a few facts that don’t come into play in most of the mainstream media and race merchant mythology and remembrances of the newly departed Hurricane Carter:

* A bullet and shotgun were found in the Dodge in which he was picked up.


* The conventional story is that Carter was targeted because he was a civil rights activist. But there’s absolutely no evidence he was ever any such thing. In fact, all of the evidence is that he was just a thug and a lowlife with some boxing skills who was out for himself, carousing at bars and cheating on his wife.

* The claim is that Carter was exonerated. But that’s simply not the case. He was tried and found guilty TWICE. But those convictions were set aside on the grounds that he didn’t get a fair trial. Prosecutors simply decided not to try him a third time because so much time had passed and because of all the bad publicity against them and in Carter’s favor.


* The Bob Dylan song, “Hurricane,” has a number of false claims in it, just like the movie.


* Several of Carter’s alibi witnesses from the first trial recanted the alibi testimony at his second trial.


* Bob Dylan sings of Carter that “one time he could-a been the champion of the world,” but while Carter was a skilled boxer, there is no evidence he’d have won.


* There is a claim that Carter was about to begin college on an athletic scholarship. This is also bunk, and there’s no evidence of it whatsoever.

Read more on the many myths about Rubin Carter, many of which are masterfully laid out in painstaking detail here, “Top Ten Myths About Rubin Hurricane Carter and the Lafayette Grill Murders.”



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  • Mrfinoni

    He had a great career in Canada with talk shows and guest appearances. This was all before mass immigration and Canadians began to understand the ‘truth’ about multi-culturalism and the globalist agenda. Give Canadian hard earned tax dollars to 3rd world despots and bring more of these same people who reject our way of life and democratic traditions.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      From an old NY Times article:

      ” Mr. Carter lived in Canada and ran an organization that sought to correct judicial wrongs; Mr. Martin (a young black man who had befriended Carter in the later years of his imprisonment) became a lawyer in Canada. Left unsaid is both men’s eventual disenchantment with the commune and its treatment of them.

      After his release Mr. Carter married Ms. Peters. But he soon ended all relations with her and other commune members, asserting in his biography that they patronized him as a ‘trophy horse’ whose main purpose was to raise money for the group. He further complains that the commune tried to control his life, with members escorting him everywhere and censoring his words.

      As for Mr. Martin, he was expelled. His crime: dating a woman without the commune’s permission.”

  • dd121

    I guess he should win the Nelson Mandela Social Justice award. (sarc)

    • MekongDelta69

      What’s the prize? A burning tire?!

      • Whitetrashgang

        And a fat white woman who like to be hit and beaten.

      • And a can of gasoline.

      • Dave4088

        Yes, but a bronzed burning tire.

    • Whitetrashgang

      A hiv virus in every pot.

    • LHathaway

      Nobel Peace prize. ..

  • sbuffalonative

    It’s all about creating ‘the narrative’; framing the story to make your subject to look like a saint.

  • MekongDelta69

    In the (formerly great) ‘America,’ for the last 50 years –
    EVERY dead black guy is remembered as a former ‘noble hero.’
    EVERY living black guy is praised as a present-day ‘noble hero.’
    EVERY future (but not even conceived yet) black guy will be praised as a future ‘noble hero.’


    • jambi19

      Yep that seems to be the M.O. in all of media and academia these days.

    • Royal


      • blight14

        I don’t see the liberal mantra referring to the ‘racism of low expectations’ much these days…..I guess they’ve finally put 2+2 and determined that what you see is basically what you get.

  • Debbie Schlussel has been on a roll lately. A few days ago, she had an article about stowaway boy, exposing the fact that he is a Somali Muslim 16-year old maybe illegal alien, and she also speculated that he was doing a dry run for some possible or planned terrorist attack.

    • John

      Debs first came to my attention during Bush’s 2nd administration when he had the big amnesty push in the works. I’m pretty sure she was in favor of it. In any event, I read her Wikipedia bio and surprise, she’s the daughter of a holocaust survivor! This gets even better. Her mother was born in and lived in the “death camp” until she was 6 when she and her parents were released when the camp was liberated. Doesn’t exactly fit the narrative of a “death camp” now does it? Of course not. The hollowhoax review committee must have tumbled on it because this had been changed the next time I had occasion to use it as an example to prove once again, the hoax.

      • bilderbuster

        Funny how the lies sometimes intertwine.
        Denzel Washington seems to be the chosen’s go to guy as the propaganda “Black Hero” .
        Before the Golden Globes sham for the false movie “The Hurricane” Washington narrated the PBS Oscar nominated film “The Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War Two” starring Louis Gossett Jr.
        The movie is about the unit of Black American soldiers who liberated the Jews from the Buchenwald and Dachau “Death Camps”.
        A new twist on the same lies.
        American Blacks oppressed by White racism at home rescuing Jewish victims of “The Holocaust”.
        The film was lauded by the usual suspects like the head of the US Holocaust Commission, The NAACP and of course plenty of “Holocaust Survivors” who all recalled in detail all of the joy they felt when these brave Black soldiers had “rescued” them.
        There was only one minor detail left out.
        NONE of it happened.
        The nearest Black unit was more than 300 miles away and not a single Black unit liberated a single camp of any kind.
        The hoax was exposed but no one had their careers or credibility damaged in the least.
        Just business as usual for the 24/7 anti White propaganda industry.
        It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s shown in classrooms as a “true history story” even today 20 years later.

        • John

          Standing orders in the tribes’ community; under no circumstances is anyone to engage in a public debate about the holocaust with a “professional revisionist historian”. Apparently the few times this has happened in “neutral” location (no draconian denial laws to interfere) the “deniers” took the “supporters” to the cleaners.

          • bilderbuster

            That’s been policy for quite a while now.
            One doesn’t even have to be a “professional revisionist historian” to debunk the hoax because it only takes a little research.
            With a fair amount of common sense proving “The Holocaust” is a myth is almost as easy as debunking Santa Claus.

    • shmo123

      Is he really a Somali muslim? Well that explains a lot. Based on what passes for transportation over there, it’s no wonder he survived 6 hours in the wheel well of a jet.

  • Luca

    He was exonerated because he was judged by an all-White jury in 1976. And we all know that an all-White jury will automatically be racist.

    Well, okay, technically it was 10 Whites and two blacks, but that is certainly identical to an all-White jury in the eyes of the Liberal media.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Larry Elder has been all over this story and reviewed the FACTS on his radio show for years, yet the media and lefty community contiue to insist that Carter — and Mumia Abu Jamal — are victims of a White Racist system where a “black man doesn’t stand a chance.”

    He writes:

    Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was a thug, having spent several years in juvenile detention for muggings. On the eve of his 1964 middleweight title fight, he bragged in the Saturday Evening Post about his savagery, “I stuck a man with my knife. I stabbed him everywhere but the bottom of his feet.” Carter also said he and a friend “used to get up and put our guns in our pockets. … Then we’d go out in the streets and start fighting — anybody, everybody. We used to shoot at folks.” (…)

    When out of prison, awaiting his second trial, Carter viciously beat a woman who worked tirelessly to free him. (…)

    At the recent Golden Globe Awards, “Hurricane” Carter received a standing ovation from the Hollywood-ites in attendance. Did they love-serenade a man who killed three people? Chilling.

  • Ah, yes . . another negro incarcerated – and just when he had turned his life around!

  • JDInSanD

    This guy got 5 minutes airtime in the middle of one of the networks nightly news shows. All I could think was, “Never heard of him.” In contrast the Professor from Gilligan and Mr Kincaid from the Partridge Family (both known all over the world) died on the same day a few months ago and they got 30 seconds combined at the end of the report.

    • ncpride

      I love watching those old re-runs of Gilligan’s Island. No PC, no ‘social justice’ or political agenda shoved in my face….just good old fashioned slapstick comedy. On a recent episode, the Skipper was complaining that laundry was ‘women’s work’ and Gilligan had a rabbits foot. I jokingly told my husband that in this day and time, the rabid feminists and PETA would have hounded that show off the air and ruined those actors. That’s how ridiculous it’s all become.

      • saxonsun

        Something you wouldn’t like though–Tina Louise is gay.

        • Alexandra1973

          Who isn’t gay in Hollywood? Seems that list is shorter.

        • ncpride

          I know she’s Jewish, but have never heard she is gay.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Apparently she’s ‘in the closet’ as her IMDb doesn’t mention that ‘fact’.

          • MikeofAges

            You have to look at NNDB.

        • bilderbuster

          But Ginger wasn’t.

          • ncpride

            Exactly. She played a proper role, and yes, I mean a normal woman who loved men.

      • MikeofAges

        The incongruity of it always bothered me. Who brings that much that much junk on a three hour tour? The frequent disregard of the aristotelian unities also disturbed me.

  • Bob Dylan is another propagandist for Marxist causes. I’ll be glad when he joins his pal Pete Seeger six feet under. These two did incalculable damage to the white race and a decent country.

    • Strider73

      Something tells me he will not be “knocking on Heaven’s door.”

    • MikeofAges

      Dylan had all the material to become one of the great conservatives of the age. His populism and sympathy for the underdog did not preclude that. He touched at the edges sometimes, but never crossed over. And please don’t ask me how I know that, anyone. It’s been more than 40 years since I’ve been a listener and I’d rather not have to write about him. It’s just an idea to be considered.

      • Nancy Thomas

        No….his DNA is deeply anti-white.

        • MikeofAges

          I wouldn’t say that. But he was too influenced by the traditional communist view of American society. He was born before Pearl Harbor. He was an adolescent youth himself by the time James Dean came on the scene. I still say, he had the material to be a conservative, potentially. But the air he breathed was permeated by leftism. His rise as an artist predated the New Left. He had a fierce belief in moral authority and despised those who had a crybaby view of life or who were habituated to living under antiseptic conditions. That’s why I say, he had the material to be a conservative. But the air. You have to breath what air there is.

          • Nancy Thomas

            I’m sorry but I have to push back, even with the rules and the risk that the comment will be removed. His crew is anti-white because they nurse long historical grudges. The rest of us do not walk around with that kind of muck in our heads, but they do. I know a bit about him as well.

          • MikeofAges

            Maybe so. With what he grew up and the depression-era ideal of the folk artist as a romantic rebel leftist, it would have been very hard for him to be anything else. I don’t know why your comment would be removed. If you have anything to say about Dylan, I would like to hear it. Haven’t listened to his music in literal decades but he remains a fascinating figure. One of the few people who became as big a legend in the minds of others as he was in own mind.

          • Nancy Thomas

            Let me put it this way. A member of his tribe gets up in the morning thinking about the Holocaust and the Inquisition. A black man gets up in the morning thinking about slavery and Jim Crow and how much he hates white people. The brown man gets up angry thinking about how whitey stole the southwest and how can he get back at whitey. But the white man gets up in the morning and simply asks for a cup of coffee. Do you see the point? The entire rainbow coalition is against us, but most whites have absolutely no awareness of this fact. That’s why our situation is so dire.

          • MikeofAges

            I’m partially of Jewish descent (paternal), but I do see the point. One thing about the white population in the United States. Unlike in some other countries, it is not failing. What has happened is that a second country has been grafted on top of us, so to speak, and that is what has put whites on the track to being a minority in the United States. Even so, due to the economic depredations we have suffered under the disparate impact system, since 1970, there must have been at least close to 20 million whites, maybe a lot more, not born in America on account of the impact on whites of massive immigration and the gratuitous restrictions put in place in the name of civil rights enforcement.

          • Nancy Thomas

            Hope I didn’t offend.
            I’d say the numbers of lost whites is much much higher than 20 million, both due to abortion and economic sanctions against us that inhibit our people from being able to afford children. Oh, and my impression is that we ARE failing. The number of white deaths exceeds the number of white births, while the number of non-white births exceeds the number of white births. This is a demographic disaster not only for the power in non-white numbers but because of the long list of historical grievances nursed by non-whites. This stuff keeps me tossing and turning all night long, and I’m not exaggerating. You see, as a white minority in Los Angeles I have suffered a great deal of anti-white discrimination, so I’m the canary in the coalmine for white people. Into the cannibals pot we go.

          • MikeofAges

            I’m looking at the numbers between, say, 1960 and now. In 1960 the total population was 180 million, probably about 20 million black, more than 150 million white as we understand the term, not as the census department uses it to include South Asians. Today, the white population, again as we understand the term, must be around 200 million. That’s still a hefty increase. Absent massive Third World immigration, how could anybody possibly imagine that those were here today would not be significantly better off in educational and career opportunity, blacks included. And Hispanics descended from citizens here in 1960 and legal immigrants.

            The birth/death numbers may be skewed by the possibility that baby boomers are passing away in large numbers. I would look at all of the age cohorts by decade before I declared the white population shrinking. One thing about contemporary whites in America. Largely, whites do not want to raise children under pestilent conditions and they do not want to live in an atmosphere of destructive social competition and violent interaction between groups. That’s why whites try to leave when other arrive. Not because whites are violent, but because they are not. White flight is one of the most enduring social hoaxes of the postwar era. In most cases of so-called white flight, most of the whites of prime age had left along with their children before the community actually collapsed.

          • Nancy Thomas

            The numbers in my head are frightening. I could be off, but my understanding is that prior to the 60’s whites were over 90% of the U.S. population, and we’re down to around 65% now, although I think they count light skinned Hispanics as white so it might actually be much worse.
            I’m quoting from memory again, but I believe that I read that in 1930 white people represented about one third of the world’s population, but now we are down in the single digits in terms of world population.
            Scary stuff.
            We need to fight against this nation wrecking immigration, we need to stop white abortions, we need to find ways to stimulate the formation of white families and encourage whites to have more kids, and we have to fight anti-white discrimination in employment.

          • MikeofAges

            Again, in the United States, the issue is not the failure of the white populations as we use that term. The census department distinguishes between white Hispanics, almost all of whom are mestizo, and non-Hispanic whites. But the census department includes South Asians, meaning both Indians and Middle Easterners in the non-Hispanic white population. The reasons for these classifications are, in my estimation, legal., They are set up as they are to protect affirmative action against possible future limitations of it. If affirmative action has to be limited, then they want to preserve it for blacks, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.

            For other people, then, they will seek to base outreach on the educational level of parents and family, not economic level. The object is to eliminate persons whose parents might have some college but were economic failures. A politically unreliable group, you know. “God works in strange ways”, and so does Popular Front communism.

          • blight14

            Nancy, are you with us in the hills of Tennessee right now at the Amren conference? If not, you should be! Next time…..

          • bilderbuster

            The Tribe’s leadership role is a subject that is taboo there too.
            David Duke had the bad manners to ask why that was the case a few years ago.
            It’s on YouTube.

          • blight14

            Indeed it is….the proverbial 800# gorilla that shall NOT be named!

          • blight14

            There can be zero rebuttal to your comment Nance, that is the situation in America today, actually the entire planet.

        • blight14

          Correct, period, end of story.

      • Dubyasee

        Just type “Bob Dylan plagiarism” into your friendly search engine, and a plethora of questionable circumstances pop up, enrobing the singer almost as completely as his years of reflexive media fawning have. Documented from his teenage start, when he submitted a hand written, thinly revised version of country star Hank Snow’s “Little Buddy” for publication as an original poem, to his 1963 pilferage of Irish poet Dominic Behan’s “Patriot Game”’s melody for the similarly slanted Dylan tune “With God on Our Side” to songwriter James Damiano’s ongoing multimillion dollar copyright infringement suit (alleging Dylan’s Grammy-nominated “Dignity” is nothing but an altered version of Damiano’s “Steel Guitars”) to the naked “Red Sails in the Sunset” melody heist for the song “Beyond The Horizon” on his Modern Times album, up through the recent Confessions of a Yakuza-Love & Theft plagiarism charges (Love & Theft? Calling Dr. Freud!), the Timrod controversy, even the numerous passages of Proust and Jack London that (re) appear in the text of Dylan’s autobiography, it’s a deep, dark thicket of thoroughly damning and apparently chronic bootlegging. Naturally, Dylan has said nothing publicly about any of these, but he already spent over three million dollars defending himself against one-time affiliate Damiano–the classic delay-to-destroy court room technique.

        • MikeofAges

          He sorta-kinda admitted to adapting someone else’s songpoem into “Blowing in the Wind”. His claim was, the other person could not have developed it. If nothing, else, a different, more primitive, view of what art is. More likley, a character disorder. Doesn’t necessarily detract from his talent, but it puts him into question. The thing about many of these people in the modern world of celebrity is that they are readily able to take other people’s ideas and concepts, develop them, and believe either that they created themselves or that they are entitled to take them and claim them as their own.

          In that way, they are not so different from athletes who cheat, but believe that their performances are authentic. At least an an athlete can’t steal some else’s performance.

          In the celebrity world, the people protect themselves from from the possibility of usurping other peoples’ work by isolating themselves from other people. They are expert, you know, at pretending like they don’t hear you when you talk to them. And they act out against other people in brutal ways sometimes, a kind of preemptive defense. In the movies, they hate having to pay and credit some minor writer for the story they have stolen from him. Since they get no publicity value, cred or cachet from that person’s name, they believe they owe him nothing. In their minds, they believe they were set up by the guy in the first place. Sometimes they are set up, I suppose. Well, quit crybabying. Who worries about money that much except a gangster?

    • blight14

      Mr Zimmerman, indeed………

    • LHathaway

      Dylan changed his tune. Or at least expanded his views. He became a born again Christian. Even embraced some ideas bordering on the edges of Nationalism. I’m thinking of the song ‘Sundown on the Union’?

  • RHG

    Just like the cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, leftists and blacks don’t care about the truth anymore, It’s all about getting a brother off the hook if he’s managed to get some publicity for himself, especially if he’s killed whites and the truth be damned.

  • MBlanc46

    Negro fatigue….

    • dukem1


  • John R

    Rubin “Hurricane” Carter: Another Mumia Abdul Jamal.

  • Caucasoid88

    Even the liberal New York Times wasn’t down wit da struggle on the Hurricane Carter mythology.

    I would put a ring on Debbie’s finger and make her an honest woman.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I understand that will take a lot of work. I understand she plays for the other team. Good luck!

    • blight14

      While articles like this are promising, we can never forget Debbies true ‘curriculum vitae’……her allegiance is first and foremost to her own people….articles like these can only be looked upon as throwing a proverbial bone to the masses….

  • This was eye opening for me. I didn’t realize the Hurricane Carter story was nonsense. I guess I should have known better.

    • Pro_Whitey

      There’s this story. Ann Coulter just reiterated how the Central Park Five really were guilty of assaulting and raping a white jogger in Central Park, but thanks to leftist lying they are about to get $50-60 million a piece for “unjust” treatment by the legal system. That’s some AARP (African-American Retirement Planning). I have adopted automatic skepticism. Even Emmett Till and the Scottsboro Boys I am going to treat as guilty until it become very clear they are innocent.

      • bubo

        Emmett Till most certainly committed what would today be called “sexual assault” by forcibly grabbing in a sexual manner and chasing the young white lady at the store. The “whistling and flirting” myth was cooked up by liberal press in the Northeast to demonize the south during the civil rights era.

        No doubt if Till had done the same thing in his native Chicago or New York he would have at the very least gotten a severe beating for his actions and depending on the ethnicity of his victim, death.

        • MikeofAges

          Sexual battery, it is usually called.

      • Zimriel

        Till had a date with a rope, it was just a matter of *whose* rope. His fellow blacks likely would have lynched him a year later for molesting one of their own. Or he might have just been executed two years after that, for worse crimes. People like Till were and are bad news whatever their hue.

        The Scottsboro Boys were hobos, brawling with whites who were just as bad. On that much, probably the best option was to jail the lot and give them all a public flogging, then let them go. Unfortunately politics got involved, and the CPUSA got involved – so, things had to go the way they went.

      • MikeofAges

        The real story of Emmett Till was that he was mentally disturbed and mentally retarded. That makes the story a lot more nuanced that it is represented as being. It has to do with people dropping the ball and a society that was not aware of mental illness and how to deal it. Till was counseled by his peer group, other teenage boys, but paid no attention to what they told him.

        Till should have had something happen to him other than being beaten to death. But anybody who tries to make him into a hero is a fool. His future victims could have been black or white. More likely black by the time it got to the stage of mayhem and murder, actually.

        A few years ago, we had a group of black teenagers assault and kill a local eccentric in Seattle known “Tuba Man”. A few years after that, the leader of the pack went into a local nightclub and shot and killed a 30-year-old black man who apparently was a totally innocent person.

        Dameon Williams, the black man who hit trucker Reginald Denney in the head with a rock during the L.A. riots, later killed an black man. The victim was described as a “drug dealer”, but until proven otherwise I have to assume that he was just a simple user who supplied a few people in the neighborhood to support his own habit. I doubt Williams would have been allowed anywhere near a real trafficker.

    • evilsandmich

      That’s okay, I didn’t even know what a “Hurricane Carter” was until I saw this story.

  • TXCriollo

    I went to high school with this liberal guy, who like most libs defend any black criminal carter was a hero to him. Wonder what he thinks now

  • HamletsGhost

    Ever since that clever bit of agit-prop “To Kill a Mockingbird” came out, every black man is an innocent saint besieged by the brutish spectre of white racism.
    That movie has imprinted itself into white liberals’ minds the way that Konrad Lorentz’s ducklings imprinted on him as their mother when they hatched.

    • r j p

      To Kill a Mockingbird focus of “One Book, One Chicago”.
      Promote the hate …..

  • bubo

    Never believed that this guy was innocent. When I hear lib excuses like, “all white jury” and “he was gonna be champ he didn’t need to shoot people” I knew he was most likely a cold blooded murderer.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    99.99% of so-called black heroes are frauds. This should come as no surprise to those who are well-acquainted with blacks and their monkeyshines.

  • Funruffian

    Carter was a career criminal who was mythologized by Hollywood.

    • BonV.Vant

      yes, and who owns hollywood?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The article title presumes that the Left has the same definition of a “hero” as normal, sane people. To the Left, a black man who murders white people (particularly during the Rubin Carter era) is a hero because the black man, in the Leftist’s eyes, was fighting for black rights no matter the evidence to suggest otherwise. Look at the hero status that the Left has heaped on Mumia Abu Jamal.

  • BonV.Vant

    liberal definition of a hero : “black man that kills or is involved in the killing of a white person, and found guilty by a jury”

  • evilsandmich

    The conventional story is that Carter was targeted because he was a civil rights activist. …In fact, all of the evidence is that he was just a thug and a lowlife with some boxing skills who was out for himself, carousing at bars and cheating on his wife.
    I’m…just not seeing the contradiction, sorry.

  • jayvbellis

    Get to know some rough Right Wing Hispanics from Central America. We’re running out of nice, legal options for dealing with Black murderers, rapists, rioters. Don’t think our side in El Salvador let’s the likes of Rubin Hurricane Carter and Bob Zimmerman Dylan get away with what they did here.

    Don’t let these terrible cultural Marxists enablers of Black rapists, murderers get off the hook by some fake conversion to some form of Judeo Christianity. Bob Zimmerman Dylan tried the Conversion to Jesus scam in the 1980s when Christian Zionism was taking off and looked to be a big power. Now Bob Zimmerman Dylan has gone back to his 1960 s self.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Did you know Rubin Hurricane Carter had a son–who was gay? You’ve never heard of “Sugarcane” Carter? Bob Dylan wrote a song about him,too. “Here’s the story of Sugarcane /starred in the all-black version of Auntie Mame/ He liked to dress up as a nun/ put in an evening gown and one time he couldve been the next Diana Ross…”

    • dukem1


  • Strike_Team

    Most people are not aware of the liberties the filmmakers (Director Norman Jewison and crew) took with Carter’s life in “The Hurricane” – especially when it comes to his championship fight with Joey Giardello. The film makes it look as if Carter was the victim of a bad decision – a bad decision based on racism. In reality, Carter barely escaped with his life because Giardello, a fighter with much greater skill, and a lot more heart, beat him mercilessly for 15 rounds. From round 5 on, Carter was running for his life. Giardello was so upset when he saw how the fight was portrayed in “The Hurricane” that he sued. And he won, amazingly enough. Giardello considered Carter a “bully” and a “punk” and said he knew that Carter would back off from any fighter who went at him full steam.

    The media at the time, already fully controlled by Norman Jewison’s relatives and co-ethnics, merely described Carter as “listless” and such when describing the fight. How charitable. Giardello’s sons in fact had a website up for a while, with the fight available, while the lawsuit was winding its way through court. Giardello and sons openly asked for everyone to watch the fight, and then to ask how in the hell a Hollywood film could be so completely off the mark. WE KNOW how and why the film was off the mark. When interviewed about the film’s veracity, the fight scene in particular, Jewison disingenuously stated, “The truth is a moving target, I found. When you make a film about real people, about something that really happened, you’ll never get it right because there’s always somebody who’s going to disagree with you.” Oh, you can bet he and his crew presented exactly what they wanted to, truth be damned. I can imagine that his statement is truly grist for the mill.

    The film (on DVD & Bluray) now carries a statement from Jewison remarking that Giardello was a great fighter, etc. But it doesn’t make up for that scene in the film showing Giardello as some punch-drunk palooka winning a “racist” decision.

    • [Guest]

      >>>The media at the time, already fully controlled by Norman Jewison’s relatives and co-ethnics…

      Do the first three letters of his surname indicate who his relatives and co-ethnics are? From what I understand, no.

      • Seek

        Norman Jewison, a Canadian native, actually is Protestant, and has said so publicly. He’s nearing 90, so he’s not going to be making too many more films. He’s made some good ones over the years, including “The Cincinnati Kid” and “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Unfortunately, his racial films, “In the Heat of the Night” and “The Hurricane,” are the ones he’s best known for.

        • Chip Carver

          Yeah yeah. John Kerry is a Roman Catholic.

          I actually went to school in LA with someone who’s fairly well known in the media. Publicly they state they are not Jewish. Privately it’s another matter. When Jewison made fun of Cage at an award fest a few years back telling him wasn’t bad at certain things, for a “goy”, some of the real background slipped out. And of course, a sob story, real or not, goes over well in Hollywood.

          • redfeathers

            You’re right, last name Tokowitz.

      • Strike_Team

        I can think of others along the same lines; John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Madeline Albright.

  • MikeofAges

    One thing about the Tuskegee squadron is that they stayed closed to and guarded the bombers where white pilots often would take off and look for opportunities to get into dogfights with the Germans. Understandable, maybe, but perhaps not always the best tactic. Choice of tactics, what theatre they were in or when they went into the war all could explains why the Tuskeegee squadron had no aces. Without evidence, I’m not going to second guess what happened in combat 70 years ago.

  • richard garyson

    Debbie Schlussel need not play the role of iconoclast, as she had me at civil rights activist – none of them are heroes.

  • Moe

    “all of the evidence is that he was just a thug and a lowlife with some boxing skills who was out for himself, carousing at bars and cheating on his wife.”

    Hmm, not unlike MLK, it seems…

    • Nancy Thomas

      I don’t think he got around nearly as much as MLK.
      Jackie Kennedy despised MLK and thought he was creepy.

  • libertarian1234

    “Bob Dylan sings of Carter that “one time he could-a been the champion of the world,” but while Carter was a skilled boxer, there is no evidence he’d have won.”

    I just went to Wikipedia to get Carter’s boxing record. He had 27 wins, 12 losses, 1 draw and was knocked out in one of those losses.

    His last five fights amounted to 3 losses, 1 draw, and 1 win.

    That’s the record of a second rate boxer, not a potential champion.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Bob Dylan is an idiot.

  • me

    “He be workin on his rap music. He was a good boy. He din’ do nuffins.”

  • rickj2

    Back in mid 70s, during the elite liberal “support Carter” affair, I had a black truck driver working for me who said he “didn’t know if Carter was guilty of the murder, but Carter should be put in jail anyway” When I asked what that was all about, he said that “Carter was a guy who liked to intimidate people and beat them up.” He had a couple of run-ins with him. Those in the local New Jersey black community who knew Carter and of him, almost uniformly detested him as a violent thug.

  • Strike_Team

    That’s right. The usual suspects were frothing at the mouth at the time, hoping for Giardello’s age to catch up with him. Back then, 35 was ancient. With so many advances in training, sports medicine and more, 35 is no longer a big deal. However, the usual suspects were able to make boxing conform to their view of how things should be via executive pressure, which increased in power from the mid thirties and resulted in complete control from the late 1960’s up through almost 2000. Then they started to lose focus because they began to work on MMA. That sport needing adjusting, in the hopes of turning into something that their favorite tools might be able to dominate. Sort of along the same ways our friends fixed the NBA in terms of rules no longer being enforced correctly. We see all kinds of traveling, palming the ball, ups and downs, you name it. All in the name of playing to to strengths of the tools who aren’t usually too keen when it comes to pure shooting among other things. Shooting as in putting the ball into the net that is.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Like so many myths in that specific community – Kwanza, the Christian Reverends, Once WE Were all Kings, etc. The true Black heroes are the men and women who work hard, marry, parent their children, and pay taxes, reject the N-word and support their neighborhood. Those are the real heroes, and there are damned few.

  • Royal

    I ask the same thing every time.

  • roval

    Leave it to the MainStreamMedia to create a lie and present it as the truth.without doing any research.