A trio of teenagers from Tennessee have been indicted in connection to a 2013 murder and robbery of a married father of two.

Derek Cunningham, 15, and Corey Sandifer, 16, and Thomas Moss, 17, are accused of shooting dead John Palmer Shelley, 42, as they attempted to rob him October 4, 2013.

John Shelley with his wife and children.

John Shelley with his wife and children.


Cunningham, the youngest of the three, also faces one count of premeditated first-degree murder.
All three teens are being held without bond.

On October 4, 2013, John ‘J.P.’ Shelley and construction worker Octavio Sanchez were making renovation estimates on a home at 4776 Scottsdale Avenue when they were ambushed by three teens who demanded their possessions.


However, after the 42-year-old man gave up his wallet, he was fatally shot in the neck. Sanchez escaped unharmed.

‘They had robbed my family of such a wonderful man,’ Beverly Shelley, the victim’s widow, said shortly after the tragedy.

Despite their young age, both Cunningham and Sandifer have extensive criminal histories, MyFox Memphis reported last year.

Cunningham was charged with domestic assault in 2009 when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he was picked up by police 14 times on charges including aggravated sexual battery and resisting arrest.

Sandifer has been before a judge seven times in two years on assault, vandalism and other counts.


[Editor’s Note: Photos of the perps can be found here.]


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  • MekongDelta69

    “But yo honah, dey wuz jes aspirin’ rappahs. Dey wuz good keedz.”

    • Nonhumans

      Tunnin deys lifes arounz. Aspirin fewchuh scientisses and sheet. Gnomesain!

  • dd121

    Do you think Holder will file hate crime charges against the three? Me either.

    • JSS

      The fact that Shelley was murdered by the diversity after he willingly gave up his wallet shows that he killed because he was White. I doubt that Sanchez “escaped unharmed” he just wasn’t killed because he wasn’t White. You are correct though, in Amurrika Whites don’t have equal protection under the law so no hate crime charges will be filed. I don’t like criticizing people when I wasn’t there but if your White and confronted by vibrant teens you might as well go down fighting because they only take your submission as weakness and won’t have any mercy anyway.

      • dd121

        I believe everything you say is completely true. Remember some years back a guy shot black attackers on a bus/train. Think his name was Getz or something like that. The leftist forces tried to nail him to the wall. Just remember folks, if the left can disarm us, they can kill us.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Good reason to carry a side-arm at all time to protect one’s valuable life and precious children. Not only was John Palmer Shelley age 42, a victim, his children, wife and other family members are victims too, lifelong victims who lost their father, husband, son, brother, nephew and cousin.

          The guy’s name was Goetz, he’s from New York, and he is a hero.

          Too bad celebrities like to get behind the likes of black thugs like Carter and Mumia and not stand-up family men like John Palmer Shelley, age 42.

          • bilderbuster

            Goetz did the right thing when he walked off into the night after he defended himself.
            He left the Black thugs laying there for the cops and paramedics to clean up just as the Blacks would have left him.
            He did the wrong thing turning himself in and expecting to be treated fairly.
            Before he turned himself in and “The Subway Vigilante” was still on the loose, crime on the NY subways dramatically dropped.

          • Not so easy to pull off these days in our Orwellian panopticon states, unfortunately.

          • bilderbuster

            Don’t leave prints when loading the magazine and don’t forget to wear a hoodie when taking the subway.

          • Svigor

            I read somewhere that it’s very rare for the cops to lift a useable print off of a gun. Especially with modern “checked” grips or the like, no useable prints ever come off that kind of pattern.

          • bilderbuster

            I wouldn’t recommend leaving a gun behind but picking up spent cartridges can be time consuming.
            It takes minimal effort to do as I suggest so why take chances?
            I was only half joking about the hoodie and the subway though.

        • saxonsun

          We lived in NYC then and now. Blacks we spoke to about Bernie loved him and thought he did the right thing.

          • dd121

            The prosecutors didn’t.

          • The only one of Mr. Goetz’s would-be robbers who did not recidivate was the guy who was paralyzed. One of the others raped and beat up a pregnant 15 year-old girl after recovering from his own gunshot wound.

        • mobilebay

          Bernhard Goetz.

          • bilderbuster

            The good news is that when the rapist was released from prison he committed suicide a year and a half later.
            The one in the wheelchair was left with an IQ of an eight year old due to brain damage but he probably doesn’t miss the few points he lost very much.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Bernard Goetz is his name. He was a hero.

        • gemjunior

          Bernhard Goetz, he will always be a hero. When that happened, the entire city was cheering and a large part of the state. I remember distinctly that even some black ladies at my mom’s job were standing up for Bernie Goetz even though he was white. Once in a while the left will trot out some trashy article about him – not exactly about how good he’s doing but rather trying to point out that he’s a loser – but it always backfires when people start getting his autograph. LOL. He was in some hot water for marijuana possession last I read. He was the mild mannered, quiet guy that looked to these thugs like he was the 98 lb. guy who gets sand kicked in his face, then he pulls out a giant gun and lets them have it. He told one of them “you look like you need one more’ or something like that. He will always be popular.

          • dd121

            I think our leftist elites are trying to make it very difficult to defend ourselves against black thuggery. They want to make it increasingly difficult to defend ourselves against black thugs. In that Travon Martin case, they all knew perfectly well that Zim was completely justified in defending himself. But yet they took a legal shot at putting him in prison for life. It’s not only disgusting what they did, it’s evil.

          • “Rather trying to point out that he’s a loser”

            In contrast to three of his four assailants, who turned out to be such winners and pillars of the community, and like MCS said, the only reason the fourth one didn’t resume thugging it up is because he was paralyzed.

            “He was in hot water for marijuana possession”

            The white liberals and black ghetto crime thug excuseologists trashing him also advocate marijuana legalization or decriminalization. So there’s another example of throwing stones out of glass houses.

          • Svigor

            The MJ bust sounds like the sort of thing the NYPD does to boots its white arrest stats. I had a friend from NYC years ago and he said everybody smoked it in public and the cops just ignored it. But then, he’s Dominican.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, that is why when a couple of them were about to pull a gun on me while trying a carjacking, I tried to kill the one who was going for the gun with my car. Whites must never co-operate. They must resist, or better yet kill them, then anyone else who tries to intervene. Mercy is for civilized people, not beasts.

        • Garrett Brown

          A pet grizzly is a great deterrent for negroes trying to harm you.

      • Svigor

        Yep. When armed diversity demands your wallet, act the part and reach in and pull out a gun instead.

        This guy lived in a gun-friendly state and went unarmed into a vibrant neighborhood. You rolls the dice and you takes your chances.

  • Magician

    Young black men are extremely stupid and extremely merciless

    Why kill a person who already gave away his wallet

    If you ever commit a senseless murder you are ruining your own life….. the authorities might be rather inactive when it is simply a theft involving several hundreds of dollars or less but if it involves a mirder then the authorities will carry out an intense investigation until you get caught

    • mikebowen55

      They’re also extremely worthless as this story clearly shows.

    • MBlanc46

      I think that part of it must be that when a lot of young black men get a firearm in their hands, they just have to shoot someone. Demarquise Elkins and the thug who killed the young man in Indianapolis recently are cases in point.

      • Magician

        Interesting perspective…

        I have also read multiple times about young black men sexually assaulting senior white women (past the age of 60) or their own grandmothers ,

        If they have a “weapon” they must use it

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      The murder wasn’t senseless to them and it shouldn’t be to us. John Palmer Shelley was killed because he was White, just like that newlywed, expectant father who was killed in an alley in Indianapolis.

      They were killed because they were White.

      • Pelagian

        Because they’re white … AND why not get his wallet too

    • Strike_Team

      I have dealt with so many black and brown felons that I believe they don’t really see whites as “people” or even human in the same sense as they see their own. Sure, we should adopt a similar attitude. But when I say they see us as something less, I mean that it’s as if they see us as some type of “thing”. Almost like an alien creature or giant insect. Considering how much more advanced our civilization is than their native lands ( these are people who would be living in huts or caves if they hadn’t come into contact with whites) one could see how they would look at us as some type of alien thing.

      • saxonsun

        Yes, but you have to attribute that to the “love your own group” thing. Blacks are humans, obviously, but I’ve never been able to take them as seriously as I take my people, whites. If they feel the same way about us, it’s only natural.

        • Strike_Team

          Oh, I don’t claim the dark folks have “love for their group”. They favor their own over anyone else, but within their own respective groups, it’s primitive, tribal, combative. The gangs we see in the streets are extensions of their primitive tribal mindsets. And the blacks fight blacks, the browns fight browns, and both groups fight each other. Constantly.

          It’s not about taking someone who’s different seriously. It’s the fact that they can shoot you in the face in your kitchen, then make a sandwich and sit on your dead body while chowing down. And not thing anything about it. Nothing. That’s how violent and primitive they are, and that casual disregard for life period, especially towards whites, is something animal, primitive, innate. Sure, they kill each other too. But they killing whites as something not even worth a shrug. That’s the part of their behavior that should be taken seriously. But take them seriouslly as constructive, valid, vibrant human beings? No. I take neither group seriously. They don’t have “it” when it comes to truly being civilized. Take away contact with the white man, and they’d be living in huts and caves. Not even arguable.

      • Then I wonder what their excuse is for all that violent black- on -black crime?

        • Strike_Team

          See my post above – it’s their primitive, innate tribal mindsets. The kind of mindset needed to survive on the veldt or in the jungle in Africa, or in the forests and jungles of Mexico, Central and South America. Wipe out the people infringing on the area where the trees drop the most fruit, or the most easy to catch edible animals wander by.

          • Yes, although it was probably harder to survive in northern climates where Whites developed. We had no choice but to build structures that would get us and our necessarily smaller families through long hard winters. Gathering jungle nuts, fruits and berries all year long was just not an option.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Willie, he had been dissin’ Tyrese.

      • They see us as having “stuff” they want.

        • Strike_Team

          And they imagine us as having stuff they should “have”. As if these things should just magically appear in the dens of the mansions on their 40 acre estates.

          They never seem to make the connection between whites working and having money and “stuff”. Not that they would want to, even if capable of such a thing.

    • John R

      I think you’re heart is in the right place, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I don’t give a sh*t if these P.O.S.’s lives “are ruined” by this. I am only concerned about the life taken, and about that person’s grieving family. You will have to find someone else to cry for these scumbags who did this.

    • M&S

      Not really. There are parts of this country where even SWAT does not go without good reason and lots of backup and all rule of law has reverted to ‘think local’ jungle writ.

      If you are white in a black ‘hood, you will be lucky if your body is found because, while blacks have grown used to the ‘badge of honor’ effect of a prior felony, they are also not interested in turning the vacation into a permanent residency at Club Fed.

      And even if the corpse is discovered (days or weeks too late to matter on DNA match with a crime scene), no one will snitch, lest they get more of the same.

      The only hope the cops have of closing the books on these kinds of cases (which is done more to make the stats look good on a ‘bad year’ crime wave than anything as idealistic as justice) is Cold Case returns, where friends, family and acquaintances either look for some silver for their betrayal or have gone on to develop their own petty squabble with the killer, often for nothing more than that ‘he didn’t share the booty’.

      Even then it’s not a given that the case will be solved as usually these people know enough to leave town because they are well aware that the secret always slips from between flapping lips, sooner or later.

      It’s all well and good to know whom you want to bring in for questioning but even if you know -exactly- the city and relatives the perp fled to, it’s hard to get case funds for a pickup and so the best that can be hoped for is that they will do something stupid, elsewhere, and then a standing warrant from X can be served while they are locked up.

      If they are using the same name.

      At this point, there is real wisdom inherent to The Three Stupids (place, time, companions/purpose) and a Judged by 12 or Carried by 6 rationale but the truth is that if you are poor white, living on the edge of vibrancy, it’s just a matter of time before your predated.

      • Svigor

        I watched a hell of a lot of The First 48. The conclusion I draw from this show is that the only blacks really street-savvy enough to know to plead the fifth and lawyer up are the hard-core gangsters. They’re trained. The rest usually incriminate themselves. There were very, very few of the hard-core type on TF48, and a great many black knuckleheads.

        • M&S

          Why do you think that the prisons have such a comprehensive system of gang affiliation recording of individual identifying marks and ‘known vs. suspected’ criminal associates? It’s the only way to keep a who’s who card sort on the constantly shifting membership and activity level conditions with known criminal events.

          Gangs are a very powerful agency within this nation’s poorest areas, supplying hierarchy and social leveraging to those places where people have nothing and no one else to victimize in their hopeless rage.
          A single gang member can command silence ‘just because’ they are both the most likely to commit crime and the best (support base) able to outrun it’s consequences. While more than occasionally bringing money and drugs and cheap stolen goods to the community.

          The reason for which (economic as social) isolation is that blacks have an IQ which is anywhere from 87-93 ‘lower range normal’ to ‘out of Africa’ closer to 70-75. Yet, where 60 is clinically retarded, they are still functional, amongst their own, why?

          I believe it is because, for simple things, they have a collectivist hive-mind operating theory of social leveraging as communal group think dictum amongst themselves that amounts to burden sharing as a kind of vested interest (if X goes down for this, all blacks look that much worse and…the victim wasn’t black so it’s better to hold X’s future earnings at risk than to turn him in…for now.).

          Further to this, amongst their own, on their own turf, blacks don’t need to fear for want of being racially singled out based on a statistical crime rates. If few are totally clean, the threshold of being too dirty to deal with has a much narrower definition (no SSD/SSI benefits) too. i.e. They can get away with stuff they wouldn’t, elsewhere, and practice breeds skill.
          Of course, there are also hard limits on the absolute number of people you can afford to screw over before you have no friends left.

          All of which will restrict the ‘get even or exploit their vulnerability for gain’ profit motive and -knowing this-, blacks will be cocky because they know Omerta is heavily enforced and can reliably judge when an officer or DA is lying about witnesses or testimony. Not least because the LEO will not give anything if s/he’s got it all sewn up.

          IMO, the hidden issue is how many cases get this far.
          The list of Temporary or Fleeing Felon Fugitive Warrants on the NCIC has a database, accessible only to Law Enforcement is supposedly _enormous_.

          And grows, daily.

          Possibly in the millions (we have 2.3 million incarcerants).

          Because, short of better targets, blacks and to a lesser extent Hispanics, will opportunistically also feed on their own. And that is of course beyond the pale, the known-guilt for which will be WIDELY disseminated and exaggerated, as besmirched reputation, just to protect/justify the snitch’s own behavior.

          I think that if we could get access to the demographic breakdowns of the fugitive warrants listed on NCIC, we would have both a watershed understanding of the true rates of racial crime in this nation(as go/nogo redline zones where it happens, effecting future race mixing legislation) and the effective case resolution rates to an indictable arrest level on that crime.
          All of which would massively motivate whites to WAKE UP.

          My guess is that less than 50% of ethnic crime gets reported and less than 10% gets prosecuted unless the perp is caught within moments of the act. Because they know full well that when they cross ‘that line’ amongst their own they are no longer protected by the group as a whole, even as they are always suspect, outside it.

          And so they run.
          Either to a friend or a relative out of state or to the shelter/day labor system as a kind of punitive penury of subsistence (Benefits also stop when you are on this, as they do for Dependents which makes loyalty -much- harder…) until it’s safe to come back.
          Get an ID using someone else’ clean SS# and you have a new life, so long as you stay out of fingerprinting.

          By ‘refusing to notice’ them as racially distinct propagators of criminal behavior, we have set up a cockroaches-in-woodwork condition by which it is all too easy to keep the truth scuttling away from the lightswitch.

          What we see reported in the media then becomes the flashlight on the moving shadows near the baseboards. Never bothering to check the carpet as a whole.

          Which is why I maintain: if you go into a black neighborhood, you will play by their rules or you will die wondering why society’s laws don’t apply to them. It’s because we don’t know/notice and thus racial groups think they are on their own in terms of a functioning moral code.
          And they are correct.

  • At least given their lengthy criminal records, they’re overwhelmingly likely to be charged as adults. The epitome of stupidity is a robber who kills his victim(s) after he has the money, as the police will look much harder for a murderer than they ever will for a simple robber. There’s also the issue that most white people use debit and credit cards for day-to-day purchases, and simply do not carry much cash anymore; I put lunch at Golden Corral for Dean, Ariadne and me today on Visa. These were not “smart” robbers, however: they were black.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Blacks live in the moment because they have no future orientation. Getting caught is unfathomable to them because the time frame is in the future, even 10 minutes ahead doesn’t exist to them. They react on a primal level, usually violently. The result of living in a culture — White — that is not suitable for them and where they DO not belong. Not a one of them.

      • striket3

        Your assessment is absolutely correct. They lack impulse control and think in the moment.

    • r j p

      I don’t carry cash anymore. Only jingle on me is my keys.


      -. .. –. –. . .-. …

    • Laura Dilworth

      they kill the vics so they won’t identify them

      • That’s a great idea! Double-down on a possible armed robbery conviction by risking a murder conviction.

        When I needed money for something at that age, I just mowed more lawns or shoveled more snow, and helped the Myers brothers with their paper route.

        • Laura Dilworth

          i think alot of perps shoot the vics so they can’t identify them. maybe he made more money robbing people

          • I don’t recall the cops ever arresting me when I messed up and landed a newspaper on someone’s roof.

          • Laura Dilworth

            let’s hope not

    • bilderbuster

      You just described someone I know who was robbed and shot by a Black.
      My friend was in his Mercedes with a wallet full of plastic but only three dollars cash when the Bonobo robbed him. When he saw it was only three bucks he shot my friend in the stomach in anger.
      My friend almost died and the animal got away to commit more crimes.
      Lesson:If a Black wants your wallet, take your chances and go for your gun.

  • Luca

    “Cunningham was charged with domestic assault in 2009 when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he was picked up by police 14 times on charges including aggravated sexual battery and resisting arrest.”

    But I’m sure he was just in the process of turning his life around and trying for a basketball scholarship and might have gotten it, if it hadn’t been for that darn warm spell that hit town.

    Picked up by police 14 times in 5 years??? And no one saw this coming?

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Too bad his a** wasn’t capped by one of his homies before he turned 12.

    • Nonhumans

      That rayciss warm weather!

      I still find it perplexing that warm weather encourages the nohumans to act even more savagely.

      • Magician

        If thats true then why aren’t young whites committing more crimes?

      • Whitetrashgang

        Its not that, its just with warm weather more of them will come out of their dwellings instead of staying inside all day smoking pot and playing video games.

      • Deporting them all to Antarctica would fix this problem.

    • r j p

      Literally sounds like a story out of Chicago.
      Garbage Patch Kids … but he bes a a good boy.

    • Jade1

      No one saw this coming. Of course they did but they just didn’t care. It is all about protecting this race not matter how heinous their crimes.

    • It would appear that the “school-to-prison pipeline” is having problems with flow rate.

      • Luca

        That’s the problem with sewer lines, they tend to flow at a sluggish rate.

    • bernicegreenbaum

      Like Saint Trayvon, he was really a good boy underneath it all. Nome say’n?

  • Meanwhile, the big story is Clive Bundy’s “racist” remarks and his subsequent demonization by the utter piles of crap Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Bundy called out black dysfunction, nothing more. As Voltaire put it, “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you can’t criticize.” Alex Jones doesn’t seem to be backing away the last time I looked.

    When creepy radio guys turn their backs on the war on whites, unleashed in full force by Obama and Holder, I have NO use for them. If only someone on the radio would stay focused on black on white crime, we might get away with a little honesty of the Clive Bundy type.

    • Bundy was right.
      Black yoof – in lieu of picking cotton – are only capable of destruction.

      • bernicegreenbaum

        They really weren’t that great at picking cotton. The Mexicans came in and could dance circles around them picking cotton, vegetables, and tobacco down South.

    • But don’t rush to his defense too quickly. In the same interview, he gushed all over Hispanics.

    • Magician

      I read about a man in Canada who was jailed because he placed a black doll outside his house on Halloween

    • saxonsun

      Clearly, Bundy is right about blacks, but he’s still very dicey.

    • tlk244182

      Used to listen ‘3 hours a day, every day.’ But the show went down hill until it was just a source of frustration. Haven’t listened to any of them (Rush, Hannity, or Levin) since the day after the election. As K. MacDonald suggested recently, redress of legitimate grievances is no longer possible at the ballot box. Attempts to work within the system, ‘taking back the senate,’ etc. are, IMO, pipe-dreams. As much as I respect Rush and Levin, they merely supply color-commentary on the collapse of the West, and are no longer politically relevant.

  • trouble maker

    Another excellent reason for concealed carry !

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Yep, and if they attack, an even better reason for two shots to the chest, one to the head.


        They call them REAL NI66AS at World Star Hip Hop . . .


          Murder scene at 4776 Scottsdale Avenue

  • Who Me?

    I know that many denizens of the “inner cities” are utterly worthless, dysfunctional and despicable, but how on earth does one of them run up a string of 14 felonies (including aggravated sexual battery), 2 assaults, and numerous other charges by the age of 15, and still remain on the streets to prey upon the population at large? Are our courts and juvenile (in)justice systems and other law enforcement agencies really THAT clueless, lax and inefficient? Every day I see more and more reports of “teens” and “youffs” committing crimes that would have horrified even hardened adult criminals a few years ago, and then to find out these youngsters have over a dozen hard core violent felonies behind them. What ARE these things that are running amok among us?

    • Since even the more clueless libtards like to rave about “early intervention” with aspiring young hoodlums, the apparent unwillingness of the courts to get seriously involved with these violent creeps seems extremely peculiar. The one accused in another recent murder had repeated violated both his probation and his home arrest, while his P.O. did diddly-squat about it.

      • IstvanIN

        The fact remains is that once someone has proven, time and time again, that he can not function in society, regardless of age, he must be removed from society.

        • MBlanc46

          One strike and you’re out should be the principle for blacks of any age.

      • MBlanc46

        Apparently early intervention has to be prenatal.

        • We call that “abortion”.

          • MBlanc46

            Or playing Beethoven during gestation?

          • You probably have to be white or NEA for that to work.

          • MBlanc46

            Yeah. Hard to imagine little DeMarquise’s in utero reaction to the Eroica.

    • Magician

      The only explanation I can think of is they are strictly going by the law. And authorities are out there to prove that they are not racists more than anything else.

      Speaking of which, if the thug did receive an appropriate and proper punishment after their felonies, the thug would not have murdered the 42 year old father of two.

      He was basically convinced that he will once again get away after still being allowed to stay on the streets following his 14 felonies.

      The law and cowardly determination not to be labeled as a racist indirectly helped the murder of this father of two young white kids.

    • Xerxes22

      these are local crimes, so the blame lays at the feet of the current mayor, A.C. Wharton. BTW, Wharton is Black. It is the mayor who,,no doubt, told the police to go easy on these poor victims of the school to prison pipline. He didn’t want the parole department to be too heavyhanded on children who broke their probation requirement. He got help and encouragement from judges and other politicians on this matter, but ultimately the blame rests on mayor A.C. Wharton for this raciial murder.

    • evilsandmich

      Are our courts and juvenile (in)justice systems and other law enforcement agencies really THAT clueless, lax and inefficient?

      Yes. Most are delusional social workers who think that hard time will turn them into the criminal that they already are anyway.

  • OhWow

    Every day there is proof that they are totally different from us genetically. They have zero impulse control. ZERO.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Soon enough many of them are going to find out what being a moving target is all about.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    It’s always the same dead, lifeless eyes. Always. There’s no humanity behind those eyes whatsoever.

    • Pelagian

      The bear or the perps?

  • MBlanc46

    Apparently there’s an unwritten rule that no black “teen” can be incarcerated until he’s killed someone.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Huh. Another black on White murder-atrocity and we have to learn about it from an overseas press. The cover-up of black crime continues apace.

  • obot

    Why would a white man go into Memphrica without a gun?

  • IstvanIN

    A problem can never be solved by ignoring the evidence or the truth.

    • Exactly; if the fuel lines in your car are clogged with gunk from dirty gasoline, there isn’t much point in replacing the battery.

  • Notice the source article was from a paper in England.

    • Magician

      And it isn’t the first time a UK media reported it

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    It’s stories like this that make me long for the days of Jim Crow.

  • Magician

    I paid a visit to NYC a couple years ago and had a wonderful time there. I saw hundreds of blacks and whites but race mixing simply didn’t happen. The only thing I saw was a short young white mother with a mulatto child. If there is anyone who expects to see no interracial couples or gay couples when visiting a metropolitan area, he is the one who is stupid, and just as stupid as the ones who think interracial relationships happen as often in real life as it does on TV

    Yes race mixing does happen but it is rare and it is hardly a factor that influences the survival of whiteys. (if you like that term)

    What really mattets is the birth rate.

    Hypothetical example –

    Ten white couples are there and five of them decide to have one more kid – five more whites

    Ten white couples are there but there is one interracial couple – one less white

  • Magician

    And free sex

  • Brian

    The photos tell the tale: dead, dumb eyes.

  • Guest

    Cunningham was charged with domestic assault in 2009 when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he was picked up by police 14 times on charges including aggravated sexual battery and resisting arrest.

    Keep in mind that under Holder’s new guidelines, the sentences for these 14 crimes will be lessened, which means Cunningham will have more time on the street to murder white people trying to make a living.

  • kporqueria

    Why isn’t Obama commenting on this case? If Obama had a son they would look like these 3 zeros.

    • r j p

      He’s busy fellating gay Asians.

      • Alexandra1973

        Wow, thanks for that mental image! Where’s the brain bleach?

  • Strike_Team

    Despite what I do for a living, it might surprise a few folks when I say that in this day and age, whites should be packing. Period. Despite the worst fallout that could occur from a white blasting some murderous black or latino out of their shoes in self-defense, it’s still better than being dead. And believe me, these people of color see whites as targets. Easy pickings, because so many whites are brainwashed, so many whites freeze, their first reaction being inaction.

  • r j p

    21 violent crimes as juvies between two of them?

    • Earl Turner

      Yeah see wha’ ha’ happent wuz dey dint do nuffin knowmsayin. Dem po-leese be out ‘restin’ bruthas fo’ bein’ black sho nuff. Dey be goot boys. Dey’ll steal but dey ain’t no killas knowmsayin.

  • Alpin Thueson

    Let me guess…..a retarded negro judge turned these creatures loose on $100 bail. Recalling how the West Memphis cops looked away from the real suspect (negro) when those boys turned up tortured and murdered years back.

  • Snazzy Snook

    Well, here they are .. You could always tell by the eyes they have no soul ..
    Cheeky little fellows ,eh ? Aspiring rappers, or affleets I’m sure ..

    • Anglo

      You are right — no soul. Yet, they are allowed to walk among us like wild beasts.

    • Magician

      They can sing hip hop as much as they want in front oftheir new boyfriends / roommates

  • Alexandra1973

    Back during my days as a fast-food counter jockey, they’d tell you not to be a hero, just give them what they want.

    Well…given that it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, they’ll likely try to kill you anyway…I’d say it’s best to go down fighting.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Precisely, if you are going to be sent to your maker, might as well bring company. Dying to me would not be empty or without purpose if I took down one or more attackers with me.

    • We got robbed when I was morning manager at a Subway in 2004. We gave him the money. I had done a lot of work on my house over the previous year, and just paid off the mortgage. The robber tripped an alarm while he was messing with the cash register, and the store owner arrived shortly after the police. Howard – the best boss I’ve ever had – said he was scared just looking at me. Apparently the skin on my face and hands had turned a nice grey color.

      • Michael Samuel

        Hahahahahahaha that was funny! by the way did you crap your pants too?

        • Not that time, because I was not under fire from belt-fed machineguns or artillery rockets at the time. Maybe you should try those and then talk some more sass.

  • MystiKasT


  • Too bad Bernie Goetz wasn’t in that car with me.

    Well said, and funny.

  • “Cunningham was charged with domestic assault in 2009 when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he was picked up by police 14 times on charges including aggravated sexual battery and resisting arrest.”

    Eric Holder is right about the “school-to-prison pipeline” being defective.
    It leaks like a sieve.”

  • John R

    But, I don’t understand. These are just “youths” who just got “caught up in the system” I mean, why can’t they be allowed to “turn their lives around”? (Moan!) Yep, the liberal B.S. Too bad Bernie Goetz, or George Zimmermann wasn’t there. Gosh, I wonder why White people feel the need to arm themselves around blacks?

  • Ringo Lennon

    Whites have to send blacks a chilling message. Blacks have to know not to mess with white men or women. How best to do this though?

    • Stan D Mute

      Withholding welfare wouldn’t stop their race war against us. It was on before welfare existed. It was on even when we had frontier justice and public lynchings. The ONLY solution is separation. Let them fulfill their lives without us and let us fulfill our lives without them. We are not compatible in any way. Any and all interaction eventually ends in tears.

    • MBlanc46

      Up until about 1960, we did a pretty good job of keeping them under control.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Until the tribe got control of media.

  • Ringo Lennon

    There are two wars going on here. War on Whites and the “war on women” is actually a war against white men. Dems can’t win men votes so they make up phony “war on women”. There are two wars going on here against whites, mostly white males.

  • tlk244182

    3 hots, cot, and street cred.

  • fgbrunner3

    Why were these young criminals permitted to prey upon the public?

  • MooTieFighter

    America would function at such a higher capacity if we did not have negroes. It would be much safer. We could discuss politics without it always defaulting to race. We would definitely be better off financially. WE would not have their vile music/behavior influencing our uneducated youth. I really can’t think of one thing that blacks have brought to America that have made this country better.

    • funkrules

      They can sing, dance and their long arms allow them to place a plastic ball into a hoop better than Whites. Since Whites are demanding “bread and circuses” the entertainment industry will flourish and so will Blacks.

    • MBlanc46

      Hard to disagree with that. Unfortunately, the early European settlers of what’s now the US started bringing them here in 1619.

  • nexus974

    Condolences to the family. This was a senseless crime.

    • Not senseless.

      • Even from the standpoint of white genocide, it was still senseless. This white couple in their 40s had two kids, which is below the 2.1 replacement rate. Assuming that they were roughly the same age, Mrs. Shelly wasn’t going to have any more. Mr. Shelly worked and paid income taxes, the same income taxes that pay for the unearned food, clothing and shelter via the “gibsmedat” extortion system his murderers and their welfare brood-sow mothers depend upon.

        It is a very inefficient parasite that kills its own host.

  • MBlanc46

    “Who on God’s green Earth would want to open a business of ANY KIND amongst such savagery?”

    The locals sure don’t. It’s always someone else’s responsibility to see that their basic needs are met.

  • Ella

    These senseless crimes are like abusive marriages. Individuals can only take so much and then, they just leave or depart. Applying the concept to Blacks, that is called segregation.

  • Ella

    The children have a horrible reality. This is a cruel way of “growing up” quickly in America. These crimes should not be happening.

    • They should all play “Dungeons & Dragons” and save the killing for orcs. When one’s character gets lunched, one can always create another. It doesn’t work quite that way with a murder on city streets.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, they should not be happening to US in our rightful homelands. Those children and others like them however are going to become future trigger pullers who will return the favor against the blacks, and other non-whites. They are sadly mistaken if they think whites are not going to kill them in droves out of revenge.

      • When I was in prison, I saw firsthand a little of the attitude you suggested. The Amerinds and Orientals associated with whites. Most of the Mexicans were OK. Only a very few of the blacks were, and so there was no trust for blacks by anyone else. Even the Pakistani Muslim, Mr. Lodhi avoided blacks. He tried to convert me to Islam but was only successful with a retarded white guy upon whom I hung the nickname “Mr. Potato Head”. That was cruel of me, but as a Muslim convert, I believe it justified. I’m intelligent enough to prefer the sword over conversion, even though I have no religion.

        Nobody wants to be around genuine blacks. The good ones are so scarce that as a species, they do not overall merit trust. Reverend Wright calls himself a “Christian”. While I have been to only one church service in my life, as a tourist in Westminster Abby, and to which I only listened, I would feel defiled if I had to listen to Wright’s vitriol. He is not a Christian. I’m not, either, but he defiled all religions with his open hatred of his own country, while speaking from the pulpit. If I hated the United States that much, I’d find someplace else to live.

  • nignogger

    I own sex 8 housing and have dealings with this worthless race of man all the time. I also conceal/carry a sidearm, I have a p64, walter copy walther that shoots the 9mm Makarov. here in Chicago, gun crime by these feral ap3s is rampant. Summer mumfs, its epidemic! Shame on this man for not concealing and carrying, esp a pro gun state like Tenn. usually it teenapers/early 20’s that rob using guns.

  • Korean guy

    It is an off-topic but, it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I have a bit more time today, so I decided to simply share a few things that I saw and heard lately around Toronto, Canada.

    On Friday, I went to the Blue Jays ballpark with a good old friend to attend the game game last Friday, and while I was watching the game with my friend, I was convinced that there is no shortage of beautiful young blond white women in Toronto with amazing figures. But many fans who come to the ballpark also come from other cities outside Toronto.

    I did not see any black person who appeared to be in a relationship with a white person in the ballpark.

    Beside me, there was a young white father with his son who appeared to be roughly three years old. His son was white but his mother did not come to the ballpark. I did not ask why. (I rarely ask questions that deal with personal matters. Not my business)

    And there were about 15 desi-looking guys around my age who appeared to be friends and occupied a section. (Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Indian, and so on…) Most of them were obese. They were all men. While they were screaming a bit harder and a bit more noisier than other fans in the ballpark, They were not causing any trouble. They even sang “Happy Birthday” along when they saw some other fans singing Happy Birthday.

    One of them did say to his friends, “Yo man look at that booty!!” and all his friends turned their head to see and expressed their agreement and excitement. I took a glance and it was a slightly chubby Desi woman. One should not expect a group of men to never, ever check out women when out in public….

    I have a friend named Victor, and he is from Brazil. He goes to the medical school in Canada. He is smart, extremely well-mannered and also a fantastic basketball player. He asked me to bring him to a sport bar so we could watch the Raptors (NBA) game together. We chose a bar close to his room.

    Later on, three young black men came and paid a visit and sat beside our table. A Hispanic waitress with very dark hair and olive skin loudly greeted each of the three men with a very big lengthy hug. They did not cause any trouble. If anything they were very quiet. They simply enjoyed their chicken wings and Heineken.

    I guess it is like that everywhere in North America…. it contains a little bit of everything, and interracial relationships do exist but it is a very tiny minority. And it is not like there are murder or sex crimes wherever we go.

    A wonderful blond white woman in her mid-30s who studied nursing told me she keeps on being rejected for nurse positions because she is white. It made me so sad. She told me I have a beautiful face, but asked me if I am bisexual (at least I am not hiding) and told me she did have sexual relationships with women in the past.

  • PouponMarks

    By electing Barack Obama, we were supposed to put racial animus behind us and usher in a new “post racial” period, moving beyond retrogressive grudges and residual resentments. It was a deliberate con game, a planned betrayal, a Trojan Horse to disadvantage, fleece, and marginalize Whites.

  • Kenner

    I saved it, and the comments are there. Excellent.

  • bilderbuster

    Goetz has never paid a penny of that lawsuit and I’m sure he’s content with being alive and well rather than what could have happened to him had he not defended himself.

    • Svigor

      Again, if he’d just stayed home instead of riding the subway all night, over and over (to draw in muggers) he could have spared himself the self-defense shooting and the lawsuit.

      It’s a bit much to make all this hay about how he was defending himself. Legally, sure. But in every other way? Not really.

  • Svigor

    You left out the part where Goetz was likely looking for trouble. As in, he got mugged a couple times, went out and bought a gun, and then deliberately rode the subway late-night in an effort to draw in some muggers and shoot them.

    Which is all fine by me, by the way. Nothing illegal about it, AFAIK.

    Also, white in my mind = European. Jews are, in the main, at most 1/2 European, so they’re not white. You can use the perfectly serviceable “Caucasoid” or “Caucasian” if you want to refer to a racial group that includes Jews; no need to debase “white” and conflate it with “Caucasoid” to appease Red Sea Pedestrians.

  • Svigor

    Great way to establish a paper trail and get yourself convicted, assuming you’re not just blustering.

  • Mrfinoni

    these tragedies are like an evil fairy tale…. yet they are very real. the radical left have turned common sense upside down. the western world is caught in some perverted fantasy with all of its many isms… Again are the Black boys culpable. NO…. but they must be accountable. The left wants a get out of jail card for all deviant minorities no matter how bad or sinister the crime. the left in power are the real sickies…… not the Blacks…. they don’t have the brains to really know right from wrong…..they just do what they can get away with. the fact that America has a Black president has given them more courage. The self esteem industry is just a crock.

    • William_JD

      It’s important that you not use the term “minorities” as a synonym for “non-Whites”.

      Whites are just 10% of the world’s population, and Whites are a minority in many cities and states in this country. Studies have shown (and common sense also tells us) that Whites move to the right politically when they are reminded of their minority or future minority status.

      Referring to non-Whites as “minorities” inaccurately implies that Whites are numerically and thus politically dominant.

  • LHathaway

    These cold-blooded killers could have been white kids, taught that black kids are the moral pinnacle, and home from smoking dope after watching another ‘Breaking Bad’ adnausuem episode? They could have been? That’s not even getting to our emotionally disturbed crown who are on the edge of being riled up too far.

    As long as we lay the proper blame for both, on the lefties. . as we should. Or should I say, the proper blame for ‘all three scenarios’?