Don’t Applaud Illegal Immigrants

Pat Gray, The Blaze, April 22, 2014

OK, I have had it UP TO HERE with all the lies about illegal immigration and all of the false premises and the straw-man arguments. I’ve HAD IT! I really can’t take it anymore.

Last week Hillary Clinton was at some “Up With Women” sort of conference, talking about women’s issues. During this estrogen-inspired event, a 19-year-old named “Nova” stood and told her heart-wrenching story.

Nova, for the “first time publicly,” announced she was an “undocumented immigrant.” To which, the audience applauded (granted, after some prompting from Nova).

First of all, why would you applaud the fact that someone was in the United States illegally? Even prompted?

“Yea! Thank you for sneaking into our country! We sure do appreciate you breaking our laws!”

Weird. Anyway, Nova explained how hard it was now to “empower” herself, since she came here illegally with her parents when she was 5, from Croatia. By the way, Nova is white. I love that, because it helps illustrate the fact that this isn’t about race.  It’s about rule of law and saving this country.

Nova shared her litany of grievances: “It’s been very hard because I don’t have the documentation here: to get a job; to vote–which is essential, obviously, to get representation; to buy an apartment; to go to college–so I couldn’t even go to my dream college because of that; to get no financial aid.”

Tragic. A person here illegally can’t vote? What kind of country are we? A person here illegally can’t even “go to her dream college”?! For free, with financial aid from taxpayers? How do we live with ourselves? By the way, I am documented, and I couldn’t even go to my dream college, either.

To all of this, the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said:

Oh Nova. Wow. That was incredibly brave.


There is so much here that I could write a book about it.

Instead I’ll try to boil it down a bit; this encapsulates the entire illegal immigration discussion perfectly.

First of all, yes, it was Nova’s parents who came here the wrong way. But is that our fault? Do we have to fix it all for her? Is it our responsibility to change our laws and our society to accommodate all the children of illegal aliens? No, this is absurd! Can we stop this madness, please?!

Why are we the only nation on earth that is expected to behave this way? Would the Serbs or Croats bend over backwards for an American child in similar circumstances? How about Mexico? Name any nation on earth, the answer is no.


I don’t recall Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid or any of the RINO’s, like Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham, jumping in to defend the Romeike homeschooling family, do you? That was a family that came to the United States legally, seeking asylum. A family that if forced to go back to Germany, where homeschooling is illegal, they would have lost their children, and potentially been jailed.


When talking about the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada, Harry Reid recently said, “This isn’t over. We can’t allow people to break the law and just walk away.”

What an amazing thing for him to say. Because we do exactly that for 11 to 20 million people every day. We allow them to break the law, and just walk away.


OK, the first step is obviously to secure the border. It can be done, we just don’t have the will. When the president claimed the fence was “basically complete,” what he meant was, it was a whopping 5 percent complete. That’s how much of the mandated fence that at the time, had been completed. Finish the fence that was mandated by law years ago.

If that doesn’t do the job, add more Border Agents. If that doesn’t work, use our troops. To me, what better way to use our troops than protecting our border? Would you rather have the U.S. military protect South Korea’s border or our own? Please don’t start with “Posse Comitatus.” Protecting America’s borders should be the first job of the military.


The progressive argument that we just can’t separate families really baffles me. What are you talking about, we do it all the time! If I were to commit an illegal act of some kind, and was tried and convicted, I’d absolutely be separated from my family. I’d be in prison and they’d stay home.

Also, when push comes to shove, it is the family here illegally that decides whether or not to separate. If parents of anchor babies were being deported, they could all return to their homeland together.


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  • Puggg

    Is this the same Pat Gray who sometimes fills in for Glenn Beck?

    • Pro_Whitey

      I believe he is one of Beck’s sidekicks, along with a Stu fellow, and Pat and Stu have their own show on Beck’s network later in the day. Sometimes Beck drives me up a wall with his Mahatma Gandhu and Marvin Loofah Keen Joonyah worship, but when he starts to riff comically with his sidekicks, it can be great radio.

  • borogirl54

    I agree with this article. I am sick and tired of seeing illegals protesting deportation, protesting not given a free college education etc. The sad thing is nothing is done to them. Where are all the buses from ICE that should be picking up these people and deporting them.

  • IstvanIN

    But Novo isn’t just an illegal alien, she is a woman, she needs empowerment. How can we not give her everything we have?

    • Alexandra1973

      Because we’re selfish, privileged, eeevil whites who want everything for ourselves.

      Oh, wait–Croatian? LOL

  • Gee, when they step “out of the shadows” these illegals sure do play the victim role well, written for them by La Raza and the DemocRats. I predict an Academy Award nomination for this one, playing herself. The question is which Hollywood slut gets to play the role of witch Hillary Clinton.

    The problem is that this little story has been reworked to death to the point of a tired cliche. Noble Mexican fights the system to demand a chance for freedom, democracy, and the American way. Hey, Superman was an illegal immigrant too. Let SuperMex save us from doing the jobs we don’t want to do. Let SuperMex become the future doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, and patriotic soldiers. Give SuperMex a chance.

    Propaganda? Yep, Hollywood can churn it out, with a little help from La Raza and witch Hillary. Be the first to see “Out of the Shadows,” starring Nova, with _____________ as Hillary Clinton. Fill in the name of the biggest libtard in Hollywood–Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone???

    • Superman was an illegal immigrant… ha ha ha That should be a meme.

      • Alexandra1973

        I would say he was stateless. Hm.

        • Mason Gull

          He was an honorary citizen of every country.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Yea, but he contributed and probably never heard of welfare.

        • bilderbuster

          He had a job at the globalist Daily Planet.

      • ThomasER916

        He was White so he grew up on a farm, worked hard, and helped people.

  • RisingReich

    “They could ALL return to their homeland together.” NOW we’re talking business.
    That’s exactly what needs to happen. GO HOME. You are not needed nor wanted.

    • bilderbuster

      The wimp agreed that they could be deported and then claimed no one wanted that and that it was a stupid idea without any evidence to support his claims.
      It’s not a stupid idea, it’s the law and millions support deporting illegal aliens.

      • DonReynolds

        Had the law been enforced along the way, there would be no illegal aliens to give Amnesty to……less public spending and fewer problems.

        • bilderbuster

          It wasn’t negligence. It was intentional.
          I can’t stand it when “Reagan conservatives” stick up for him either.
          He was a two term governor and didn’t utter a peep when CA was getting the first wave of the invasion.
          He then waited until his second term to do anything and we got amnesty.
          The same with Bush Jr. as TX Gov. and Prez. except he couldn’t get amnesty during his second term, try as he did.
          The Republican “conservatives” are even more dangerous than the Democrat traitors because this goes through their entire leadership from Gingrich pushing Puerto Rican statehood to Boehners current subversion of our race and nation under “conservative” cover and code words like “better enforcement”.
          It sickens me every time I hear anyone defending these traitors!

          • DonReynolds

            Voting for a RINO is the same as Democrat.

          • bilderbuster

            True, but neither Reagan or Gingrich were/are considered RINO’s.

          • Laura Dilworth

            any politician against amnesty?

          • bilderbuster

            Ted Cruz claims he is.

          • Laura Dilworth

            we’ll see

  • TXCriollo

    Having a white illegal getting called out makes it easier to tell the libtards its about law not race

    • bilderbuster

      You don’t believe for a second that she was chosen by accident do you?
      The libs chose a White woman to make us more sympathetic to their anti White cause.

      • TXCriollo


        • bilderbuster

          But it IS about race and everyone knows it!
          The pro Brown invaders only wanted to put a White face on the illegals.
          The whole “see we’d deport her too because she’s illegal” thing is the same kind of toothless argument that this writer and all the other Sean Hannity “conservative” types always use and always lose.
          The whole “it’s about the law” argument went out the window when Reagan gave them amnesty in 1985 and left the borders open.
          Until Whites stop being cowards and at least start talking about demographic change and how that is having a negative impact on our nation the Browning of America will continue to worsen.

    • me

      Exactly. If Consuelo were up there, babbling about “Si, mi no gusta…” it wouldn’t have gone as well. I think the Mexican Squat Monsters–with their mass invasion, La Raza, their mooching, their living twenty to an apartment, their lack of car insurance and drunk driving, their stubborn refusal to learn English, and their drug cartels–have pretty much made all immigration distasteful to the vast majority of legal USA dwellers.

      • M&S

        See, this is what you need Indians for.
        Because even once the race mixing had gone on and the Mexican natives thought they were all that, they didn’t like the idea of dying by a Comanche Knife or Apache war club and so their actual penetration north of the Rio Grande was relatively minor.
        Seems ‘The Real Americans’ didn’t much like Hispanics either.
        Which is why there were so few native Mexicans in the territories taken by the U.S. and the wars we fought in 1846-48 were so easily won.
        Rock, Paper, Scissors, Colt Peacemaker.

  • What’s so brave about being in constant violation of laws that are never enforced?

    • JSS

      Come on QD, you don’t see the courage in having the entire political and media establishment in your corner and singing your praises day and night?

  • Luca

    Like most of the acts in the “Bill and Hillary Show”, me thinks this Croatian waif was planted in the audience.

    • trouble maker

      It was definitely a staged move , which is why there were no latinos there whining .

      • Greg Thomas

        Of course it was staged. Even the democrats know America is suffering from hispanic fatigue, especially illegal invaders with a SOB story to whine about. What better way to promulgate their meme – See, not all illegal invaders are mexican – than to trounce out a White illegal invader.

        These traitors really do think the American people are that stupid. Maybe
        they are right.

        • M&S

          If they want to use that meme, why not make it legal by shifting back to preferential ethnicity and seeking to expand -legal- immigration?
          If we are that desperately in need of dumb, menial, wage slaves and junk consumerists, I would much rather have even a South East European than a Hispanic joining our group.
          With a fellow white, there is -some- chance that, especially in combination with skills based eligibility, we could get some of our investment in food stamps, welfare, special language education assistance, Medicaid and HUD money back, through intermarriage.
          But you see, these folks are not being brought in to form a marriageable class for whom ‘legtimacy’ is a function of honest need. They are being brought in as a cheap labor force whose ‘rights’ are as excluded as their racial lack of appeal is. Liberals, ironically, are trying to set us up in a casta based system of permanent underclasses, rejected by their looks or their SES or their cultural variation.
          And they are so lacking in historical perspective that they have no idea what happens to whites in places like Haiti, St. Johns and even Nat Turner’s Virginia revolt. When the slaves reach critical mass in both numbers and perception (that whites are utterly dependent upon them) they will use their understanding of their own strength to demand equality ‘democratically’ and that will mean whites will lose out.
          Because with fixed resources and class based allocation of same, those who are ‘more equal than others’ will always have the hammer hand.

    • ChingatchCroute

      Bill Clinton’s involvement in the Croatia civil war is the reason her parents left in the first place!

  • Who Me?

    Okay, little Miss Nova has a nice pretty heart-wrenching story, and admittedly it’s not her fault her parents dragged her over here at the age of 5. But guess what? It’s not MY fault either, and I don’t see why MY grandchildren will have to pass on a college education so that Nova can get an all-expenses-paid free ride on MY dime. (Still and all, I’d rather see 100 or so Novas than a corresponding number of short, round, brown Marias fresh up from out of Mexico.)

    • bilderbuster

      That’s exactly the reason Little White Nova was picked to tell the SOB story.

    • ThomasER916

      I could give a CRAP. It’s her fault for not going back. If her parents stole my car and used it to drive her around since she was born that’s still my car. That’s not her “family car.” She’s still an invader. She should go find sympathy in Mexico.

  • sbuffalonative

    I’ve made the same comments on AR before.

    I’m sick and tired of the evening news ‘pity-the-poor-illegal-immigrant’ narrative.

    They come here illegally and then complain they’re not wanted or accepted and I’m supposed to cry myself to sleep.

    ‘The schools won’t teach my kids in their native language’. Well, they will in Mexico.

  • MBlanc46

    Arrest her. Deport her. Arrest her parents and deport them.

    • bilderbuster

      Arrest Hillary for aiding and abetting an illegal.

      • me

        Arrest Hillary for murder, Benghazi, Whitewater, drug smuggling, and all of the other laundry list of crimes she’s committed.

        • bilderbuster

          Of course, but since she just happened to be at the scene of the crime this time I thought maybe…

    • Joe blow

      Deport them all: beaners and bucketheads alike.

  • trouble maker

    Should the media ever want to write a real immigration sob story , then they should look at some real statistics such as follows.
    Staffing services are supplying labor to businesses in ever increasing numbers.
    After taking over the labor contract with a business ,they are replacing the Americans which leave a job with illegal aliens because they will pay a bribe to work which most Americans will not , this is called La Mordida in Spanish also known as the Bite in English. Hispanics are starting to dominate the temporary employment business because their employees can’t collect unemployment benefits or file a workers compensation claim in many states.They also can keep the social security money and FICA that they deduct from those checks which increases the company profits tremendously , this allows them to undercut legitimate businesses during the bidding process.
    The temporary staffing employees that facilitate this corrupt action are generally young Hispanic women whose parents came here illegally so their first language is Spanish which allows them to get this job at the staffing company , these are the future recipients of the Dream Act.
    Millions of American have become homeless because of this corruption and the amount of single parent families in this country is increasing each day , children are growing up without a father in the house , Mothers are too busy working to properly parent these children. After losing their families these unemployed men are subjected to possible imprisonment for being unable to pay child support . The child support racket has become so big that a single court may pull in ten thousand dollars a day in fines and court cost from their victims , which are those unable to find a job due to the staffing services only sending them on the short term jobs while sending the illegal aliens to the long term steady ones.The destruction of the American family is the real immigration sob story !

  • NoMosqueHere

    I would tolerate white illegal aliens; but that’s just me.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      I agree. At least European immigrants create jobs and economic opportunities for the native workforce, unlike third world “immigrants” who just steal jobs and spread poverty, unemployment and disease wherever they go.

      • DonReynolds

        Those here illegally are illegal aliens, not immigrants. Foreign citizens who refuse to return to their own country.

    • IstvanIN

      Even though illegal Europeans would be less trouble and more likely to fit in there is a down side to allowing chaos. A functioning society must have rules to survive.

    • Why would you advocate citizenship for criminals?

    • Alexandra1973

      Not me. There would still be the issue of not enough jobs to go around.

      I would go for a moratorium on immigration until the dust settles–and kick out all illegals regardless of race. Then, after it’s been determined we can bring more on board, I would go for allowing immigration–and make it easy. And Europeans only.

    • DonReynolds

      Vlad Putin can probably arrange that for you. You will recognize them when they arrive in your town, wearing red stars and waving red flags, carrying AK-47s.

    • ThomasER916

      Most would be Muslims.

      Sorry but no dice.

  • Puggg

    All these illegals complain about how they’re supposedly being deported. This one stands up in front of a former Federal politician and maybe a future President (Dog forbid), and boasts about her being an illegal alien, all the while Secret Service or if not that other Federal agents and agencies as well as the state and local officers and departments. People who are so afraid of being deported wouldn’t be boasting about their criminal act in front of so many cops and agents.

  • Nancy Thomas


    • BonV.Vant

      I guess we are supposed to say, “oh wait, .000001% are from Europe so we must accept a lll illegals!”

      Shipping her back won’t lower the representation of whites in the demographic make up of this country. Accepting all illegal immigrants WILL!

  • Nancy Thomas

    If those 12 million illegals were white, Obama would have already sent them packing.

    • ThomasER916

      If America took in 200 million White illegals from Northern and Western Europe I wouldn’t care at all. This is 100% about race.


      If Obama was really concerned about it he would get as many white South African’s out of there before they’re used as sacrifices to Mother Africa ..

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    I applaud undocumented individuals.

    We would be in the dumper without them.

    This is why I support comprehensive immigration reform, to give documents to the undocumented.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • ThomasER916

      He’s just coming to America for a job.

      He’s doing the jobs Americans won’t.

      Don’t split up the family.

      (and other Libtard slogans)

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        No, he’s coming to rape white females and murder white Americans, young and old, male and female. I do not see a person, I see a bullet stopper, literally.


          OK Mr. Sich get ready ..

    • Anglo

      What a freaking nightmare he is!

    • shmo123

      Well, he certainly looks employable. A circus freak comes to mind, or maybe a sewer worker where no one would be able to see him.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        If I knew he was in the sewer, I would send him a message just by pressing a lever on the porcelain god.


      Add the King

  • r j p

    Harry Reid was heavily invested in the the Bundy Ranch situation.

  • 2eRep

    Every illegal alien must be deported, their heads shaved and the word criminal written across it to serve as a warning to others. First step landmines on the border.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Name any nation on earth, the answer is no.

    You think you got it bad?
    You got nothing.
    Sweden has the highest immigration per capita in Europe, beating out even Malta.

    Illegal immigrants got access to free dental care (swedes have access to free health care, but not dental care) and we got an immigration of about 110’000-120’000 a year.
    For a population of 9 million.

    For USA to compare to that, you should have an annual immigration of around 4 million.
    In other words, four times higher than what you currently got.

    Still think you got it bad?

    • mobilebay

      Even one illegal alien is bad. Our sovereignty is destroyed.and we become a nation of unenforced laws. We need a leader who cares more about his/her own people than bowing down to every third world on this planet. We throw money at these countries, yet are still expected to take in their people too. We will soon be among those third worlds, then who takes care of everyone else?

    • DonReynolds

      Yes it is bad and no, I do not want it to get worse.
      No one suggests the USA should be Sweden.
      Either we do this peacefully, according to the law, or we do it anyway.
      Either way, the trash must be taken to the curb.

    • ThomasER916

      Swedes better start forming up militias now.

      Get married, game the system for Welfare, stock up on bullets, food, and medical supplies. You’re going to have to round up politicians, lawyers, and the Culture of Critique otherwise your genocide will happen like in South Africa.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Swedens laws are different.
        We can’t form militias, and gun laws are so strict that they would satisfy even Dianne Feinstein.
        You can’t even buy ammunition without a license.

        Gaming the system for welfare is hard, since it’s so easy to get it.
        Which is a point in how the system is created. EVERYONE is dependant on welfare, you can’t make it without getting state contributions since the taxes are so high.

        • ThomasER916

          You’d better start getting criminal. Start forming defense groups and import guns from your neighbors. I would hate to move to Sweden just to teach my cousins how to organize, fight, game the system and be criminals.

  • mobilebay

    Illegal immigration approval is a sickness that’s contagious and being caught by both parties. John Boehner is wildly enthusiastic about it as well as all those the author mentions. And to set the record straight, any children of illegal alien parents are they, themselves, illegal,courtesy of their lawbreaking mothers and fathers. What a spot to put your kids in! We are being replaced by criminals from all over the world. This is not something to applaud. This is the first time in our history that we’ve allowed our country to be invaded and done absolutely nothing about it. Thank God, these people were not in charge on Dec. 7, 1941!

    • ThomasER916

      If White Americans were not involved in WW2 the world for Whites would have been a much better place.

      Would Hitler, if he were in charge of America, allow these short, fat, low-IQ Amerinds to drag down America on Welfare? What about the Negroes?

      Looking at History for Whites it would have been much better off if he had won.

      Would Hitler have allowed South African Apartheid to end?

      Look at Britain now and ask yourself if they’re better off with mass Third World immigration, Marxists, and being run by the Culture of Critique.

  • BonV.Vant

    Ship it back

    • ThomasER916

      …in a body bag.

  • BonV.Vant

    Everyone want their “oprah moment”

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      More like “Rosa Parks moment”…

  • BonV.Vant

    This is what alcoholics anonymous did to our culture. everyone think that by confessing something, it makes it ok. It is disgusting.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      James 5:16. This problem has been around longer than AA.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I agree. All it’s done is to manufacture professional victims.

  • Jack Whistler

    It bears saying again…

    Millions of illegals is not immigration, it is invasion.

    The only proper response to an invasion is spoken with bullets.

    The invaders must be removed from the land, with force due an enemy of the nation exercised against any who resist.

    ANY other option is merely bowing to the invasion, with the only difference between the options being whether the conquest comes tomorrow or the day after.

  • Alexandra1973

    Is “Nova” a Croatian name? I’m just wondering.

    Because when I see the name Nova I think of the Spanish “no va” which means “it doesn’t go.”

    • BonV.Vant

      In Portuguese it means “NO GO”. The Chevy Nova was marketed in Brazil but it didn’t sell well at all for this very reason. I suspect that this was a manufactured event, that that is not her real name, and that the people who wrote the script for this are saying “illegals won’t go” as in won’t go home. NO VA.

    • Carlos Geary

      Nova means new in Italian (feminine form). Nova is an Italian last name, but it does not mean that the person is of Italian birth. South America, and I mean South America, (South of the Panama Canal), received millions of people from Italy. In Argentina, a Spanish speaking country, there are more Italian surnames than Spanish, and in Brazil, a Portuguese speaking country, there are more Italian surnames, than Portuguese. There are, also, great numbers of people of Italian ancestry in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay.

  • c684570

    Legal immigration causes far more problems. Illegal immigration is just a red herring. Otherwise, good points were made.

  • John R

    “This isn’t about race…” Tell that to La Raza and their supporters when the “Latino” people are the majority.

  • Ahnenerbe

    I don’t believe Miss ”Nova” for one second, she is a actor, a plant to put a white face on illegals. These scenarios are all setup by the elites in conjunction with the media.

    ‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.’

    Marcus Aurelius

    • Carlos Geary

      Hispanic is not a race, is an Ethnic-linguistic term; refers mostly to persons of Latin America ancestry, of any race. To the census bureau, anybody of any race, born in Latin America, even if is blonde blue eye person of full Swedish ancestry is an Hispanic person. So, people of Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Irish ancestry born in Latin America, are also considered Hispanic. Nova is an Italian last name, but it does not mean that the person is of Italian birth, because, there were great Italian emigration waves to South America.

      • Bossman

        Hey Carlos, Are you Latin American? It seems that in Latin America nobody wants to be labelled Indian. In the USA a lot of the people who are called “Hispanic” can be as much as 90% Indian and those people still want to be called “Hispanic” or “Latino.”

        • Carlos Geary

          I was born in Europe and raised in Uruguay (South America) and returned to Europe and then to the USA. Uruguay is 90% European. In Southern Brazil & in Argentina, you will find more blondes than in Canada! Latin America is composed of Mexico/Central America, the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic) and South America. South America, received great waves of emigration from Europe. The Pope is from South America! Anybody that is born in Latin America, is labeled “Hispanic” even if that person is of full German, or full Japanese ancestry.

        • Carlos Geary

          Anybody that is born in Latin America, is labeled “Hispanic” even if that person is of full German, or full Japanese ancestry, or full Aztec ancestry or full Afro Ancestry.

    • Bossman

      There are many unauthorized white immigrants in the USA but the media likes to put a Hispanic face on this problem because they tend to be the majority of such persons.

      • Greg Thomas

        And they tend to be the most militant and demanding!

  • nativist

    link please?

  • BonV.Vant

    How about “Elvis”. I have heard that the name is popular in that region. NO VA means , won’t go, in portuguese, perhaps spanish as well. So the people that scripted this event are getting their message across with her name ” We won’t go”

  • bilderbuster

    It’s all about race and the other side isn’t shy about it.
    Until White cowards like Mr. Gray get a spine stiffer than a jellyfish’s and say it then “our” side doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Carlos Geary

    Nova means new in Italian (feminine form). Nova is an Italian last name, but it does not mean that the person is of Italian birth. South America, and I mean South America, (South of the Panama Canal), received millions of people from Italy (1800-1950). In Argentina, a Spanish speaking country, there are more Italian surnames than Spanish, and in Brazil, a Portuguese speaking country, there are more Italian surnames, than Portuguese. There are, also, great numbers of people of Italian ancestry in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay.
    Hispanic is not a race, is an Ethnic-linguistic term; refers mostly to persons of Latin America ancestry, of any race. To the census bureau, anybody of any race, born in Latin America, even if is blonde blue eye person of full Swedish ancestry is a Hispanic person. So, people of Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Irish ancestry born in Latin America, are considered Hispanic.

    • Not really. Only if you identify yourself that way. On a census form people are asked to self-identify on race. If someone is of European racial heritage, whether many generations American or Latin American, they have the opportunity to call themselves Whites or Europeans or Caucasians. Hispanics and Latinos are generally part Indian and/or black, and most of them are probably proud of it. The lack of scientific precision of Census Bureau categorizations should be no surprise to anyone because they are partly political, just like national boundaries. Come on, are Hispanic gangs Italians, Irish or Germans? Sounds like you are trying to muddy the waters. Obama is half White, but considers himself a full-fledged black man. That’s fine with me.

      • Carlos Geary

        If you read my message, I was only referring to South America (South of Panama / Colombia) Hispanic gangs are from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America; there are not gangs from South America in the USA.
        In most forms, people are advised to check Hispanic, if they were born in Latin America, even if that person is of full Swedish ancestry. Just google, German, Italian, Irish emigration to South America.

        • The census form “advises” people to check ‘Hispanic’ even if they are 100 percent German or Italian? Never heard of that. Please kindly link to or paste over such instructions from a census form. I imagine almost everyone here knows that a lot of Europeans have moved to Latin America. So have some Japanese. That down’t make the typical Hispanic Japanese. For example, the average citizen of Brazil, counting the ever-swelling shantytown slum dwellers, is mostly European?

          Besides, what does all that have to do with anything? Do you really believe that the vast majority of people streaming across the border, chaining in dozens of relatives and having offspring like their is no tomorrow, even in Texas, are mostly European?

          Besides, whatever Latin Americans there are in the US who might have considerable European ancestry are also being overwhelmed by those who do not. Try not to be so locked into the present. Look at demographic TRENDS. Even if you want to argue that some people in Latin America are more European than many people realize, what difference does it make? Look at the contrasting birthrates–they too are being demographically overwhelmed!

    • Bossman

      Using it as a racial or ethnic classification is completely bogus. I much prefer the term “Latin American.”

      • Greg Thomas

        I much prefer the they stay in latin America.

        • Carlos Geary

          Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina, are also receiving unauthorized emigration, by the millions. Its a world wide situation, because, natives are being displaced from the territories the by big corporations.

      • Carlos Geary

        I agree with you.

  • “yes, it was Nova’s parents who came here the wrong way. But is that our fault? Do we have to fix it all for her? Is it our responsibility to change our laws and our society to accommodate all the children of illegal aliens? No, this is absurd! Can we stop this madness, please?! Why are we the only nation on earth that is expected to behave this way?”


  • DonReynolds

    None of these are immigrants…..stop using the term “immigrant”. They did not engage in “immigration”. By law, that would be part of the immigration system. These are foreign citizens who have illegally entered (or remained) in the USA, without a unexpired visa, or proper identification, nor do they have any lawful remedy for remaining in this country. They are invaders, smugglers, drug mules, pirates, criminals, thieves, frauds, and too often a burden on the public treasury. They are not immigrants of any kind, legal or illegal.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I call them enemy insurgents and usurpers, not to mention, ingrates.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        When it comes to third world “immigrants”, parasite, thief and foreign invader are the only words that spring to mind.

  • DonReynolds

    Mexican is not a race. Hispanic is not a race. Ergo, this is not about race.

    • ThomasER916

      It’s ALL about race. Only Whites are indoctrinated to believe that race doesn’t exist. Why? If Whites understood race exists then we would realize just how LITTLE we benefit from other races and how much they benefit from ours.

  • ThomasER916

    Whites need to realize all Governments are anti-White if they’re not explicitly pro-homogeneous White.

  • Anglo

    Why aren’t the Environmentalists screaming from the rooftops about the disastrous
    effects of immigration? The Chesapeake Bay report states:

    “World population will hit seven billion by 2011 and is expected to reach 10.5 billion by 2050. While this truly is a global problem, the global aspects of population growth cannot be used as an excuse to ignore the importance of adopting a population policy for the United States. If we continue our present rate of immigration we will reach a population of more than 450 million residents in the United States by mid-century. If we include immigrants who came to the United States since 1970, immigration by 2050 will have raised our population by 130 million. The Pew Hispanic Center has projected a population in 2050 of 438 million, and estimated that 82 percent of that increase will be due to immigrants who came to the United States just since 2005, adding approximately 117 million more persons to the U.S. population.

    • IstvanIN

      The Sierra Club was paid off.

    • Marcia Mueller

      I absolutely agree! I am against huge numbers of immigrants because of the effect it will have on our land, wilderness, animals, economy, the aging electrical grid etc. I’m tired of the race card and the xenophobe card, which are used as weapons to bully people who disagree with our open border and to close down dialogue and discussion of the good reasons to curtail more population growth. Unfortunately, overpopulation has become a topic that cannot be discussed, raising cries of genocide from highly populated countries and complaints from churches who do not believe even in birth control. Other people resent environmentalists because they fear regulations will destroy jobs. So the environmental reason to control immigration does not get the attention it deserves. I’m hoping enough people start thinking about it and bringing up the topic.

      • Anglo

        People will start talking about the unmentionable “over population” when this country starts rationing water; we have food shortages, and just the overall degradation of our environment, but it will be too late then, won’t it?


    Law is law, true . . .but, I would accept a few illegals vs. a flood of Mexican and Central American swarms any day of the year .. yes, white people will get special treatment ..
    sorry, but that’s the way I feel about that ..

  • Yes, it IS about race.