Posted on April 24, 2014

Don’t Applaud Illegal Immigrants

Pat Gray, The Blaze, April 22, 2014

OK, I have had it UP TO HERE with all the lies about illegal immigration and all of the false premises and the straw-man arguments. I’ve HAD IT! I really can’t take it anymore.

Last week Hillary Clinton was at some “Up With Women” sort of conference, talking about women’s issues. During this estrogen-inspired event, a 19-year-old named “Nova” stood and told her heart-wrenching story.

Nova, for the “first time publicly,” announced she was an “undocumented immigrant.” To which, the audience applauded (granted, after some prompting from Nova).

First of all, why would you applaud the fact that someone was in the United States illegally? Even prompted?

“Yea! Thank you for sneaking into our country! We sure do appreciate you breaking our laws!”

Weird. Anyway, Nova explained how hard it was now to “empower” herself, since she came here illegally with her parents when she was 5, from Croatia. By the way, Nova is white. I love that, because it helps illustrate the fact that this isn’t about race.  It’s about rule of law and saving this country.

Nova shared her litany of grievances: “It’s been very hard because I don’t have the documentation here: to get a job; to vote–which is essential, obviously, to get representation; to buy an apartment; to go to college–so I couldn’t even go to my dream college because of that; to get no financial aid.”

Tragic. A person here illegally can’t vote? What kind of country are we? A person here illegally can’t even “go to her dream college”?! For free, with financial aid from taxpayers? How do we live with ourselves? By the way, I am documented, and I couldn’t even go to my dream college, either.

To all of this, the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said:

Oh Nova. Wow. That was incredibly brave.


There is so much here that I could write a book about it.

Instead I’ll try to boil it down a bit; this encapsulates the entire illegal immigration discussion perfectly.

First of all, yes, it was Nova’s parents who came here the wrong way. But is that our fault? Do we have to fix it all for her? Is it our responsibility to change our laws and our society to accommodate all the children of illegal aliens? No, this is absurd! Can we stop this madness, please?!

Why are we the only nation on earth that is expected to behave this way? Would the Serbs or Croats bend over backwards for an American child in similar circumstances? How about Mexico? Name any nation on earth, the answer is no.


I don’t recall Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid or any of the RINO’s, like Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham, jumping in to defend the Romeike homeschooling family, do you? That was a family that came to the United States legally, seeking asylum. A family that if forced to go back to Germany, where homeschooling is illegal, they would have lost their children, and potentially been jailed.


When talking about the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada, Harry Reid recently said, “This isn’t over. We can’t allow people to break the law and just walk away.”

What an amazing thing for him to say. Because we do exactly that for 11 to 20 million people every day. We allow them to break the law, and just walk away.


OK, the first step is obviously to secure the border. It can be done, we just don’t have the will. When the president claimed the fence was “basically complete,” what he meant was, it was a whopping 5 percent complete. That’s how much of the mandated fence that at the time, had been completed. Finish the fence that was mandated by law years ago.

If that doesn’t do the job, add more Border Agents. If that doesn’t work, use our troops. To me, what better way to use our troops than protecting our border? Would you rather have the U.S. military protect South Korea’s border or our own? Please don’t start with “Posse Comitatus.” Protecting America’s borders should be the first job of the military.


The progressive argument that we just can’t separate families really baffles me. What are you talking about, we do it all the time! If I were to commit an illegal act of some kind, and was tried and convicted, I’d absolutely be separated from my family. I’d be in prison and they’d stay home.

Also, when push comes to shove, it is the family here illegally that decides whether or not to separate. If parents of anchor babies were being deported, they could all return to their homeland together.