Police: Soldier Fatally Stabbed; May Be Hate Crime

KOMO News, October 5, 2013

A Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier was stabbed to death in a parking lot at the 12500 block of Pacific Highway Southwest around 2:30 a.m., officials say.

20-year-old Tevin Geike was walking with two other white soldiers along Pacific Highway SW when a group of black men drove by and shouted a racial comment toward the soldiers, the Lakewood Police Department said.

Tevin Geike

Tevin Geike

“One of the soldiers yelled back something about the suspects treating combat soldiers with disrespect,” Lt. Chris Lawler said.

The car turned around and the men confronted the soldiers, according to reports. As the verbal confrontation ensued, the driver of the vehicle realized the men were actually combat veterans and called his friends off. While the men headed back to their vehicle, one of the suspects appeared to have bumped into Geike, witnesses say.

The soldiers saw Geike fall to the ground as the car sped away. He was bleeding profusely from stab wounds and died at the scene.

“We came down here, and he was already dead in my brother’s arms,” said Glenn Zimmerman, a friend of Geike.

Friends say there was a party at the Biltmore Motel that evening, and Geike was gathering with family and friends after being discharged from the military. Zimmerman said Geike’s contract was up, and he was celebrating serving his country.


The initial remark that started the encounter seemed derogatory in nature, said Lakewood police Lt. Chris Lawler. He said it was too early to say that race was the motivating factor, but investigators were exploring whether the killing should be classified as a hate crime.


All five suspects are black men in their 20s, police say. {snip}


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  • Puggg

    “Shouted a racial comment”

    Which means it is a hate crime, not “may be” a hate crime.

    • sbuffalonative

      My thought exactly. Why are the police using the qualifier ‘may’ be a hate crime? The answer is obvious to me. They have their orders.

      • DLRisVH

        We’ll never know the outcome because this story will disappear in 3…2….1!

        • Mergatroyd

          What story?

      • negrolocaust

        I JUST READ the police are not going to bring hate crime charges.

        • ncpride

          I just heard the same thing on my local news. Unbelievable!

          • me

            Why? Only Whites can commit ‘hate crimes’, say Eric “My People” Holder, and ‘President’ Stompy Foot in the Spite House.

    • negrolocaust

      i read somewhere that by military protocol they don’t have hate crime statutes or something. either way white people need to start showing some strength. white people should carry guns even if it is illegal for you, show some strength and defend yourself, stop having so much fear you could go to jail very true but you will be alive. this is war. this young man was stabbed through the heart. WAR.

  • sbuffalonative

    Just the other day I commented that there had been a disproportionate number of black on white attacks in Washington. I see it wasn’t my imagination.

    I feel sorry for the friend; ‘None of this makes any sense’. To AR readers it does.

    • Voice of Reason

      More news from the Emerald State:



  • joesolargenius

    A sad thing to survive a war and then be killed by some bigot whom probably couldn’t survive boot camp! I have lived and worked in that area back in the early 80s and it has more than its fair share of scumbags including the Beltway sniper, That is an excellent area to be armed at all times and just don’t talk to blacks. What I don’t understand is that the other soldiers being combat veterans didn’t observe the license plate of the vehicle.

    • negrolocaust

      a lot of blacks joining the military are actual gang members crips bloods etc if you think i am kidding google the fbi gang reports on it. they join to learn combat and how to use guns and etc to help them in the drug trade.

      • joesolargenius

        Back during the Vietnam War the city judges would give them a choice between prison or the military which is one of the main reasons why the Marine corps was an all voluntary force. Had I had better guidance in my younger days I would have joined the Air Force or just headed up to the Alaska pipeline instead of spending four years fighting with those knuckleheads.

  • DLRisVH

    I found this story earlier today at Daily Kenn, are any of the mainstream news outlets reporting this story?

    • Voice of Reason

      CNN is covering it. Unsanitized also.

      • CNN will soon get a visit, and then institute Massive Sensitivity Training for all departments.

        • Mergatroyd

          What does CNN have to lose? They’re in last place precisely because they won’t report these kinds of stories. To get any kind of ratings, they realized they have to start reporting these stories to their white audience.
          I hope they DO get a visit from the government. Anything to put CNN out of business is good news.

          • joesolargenius

            I believe that CNN is still owned by General Electric whom receives a rather large stimulus check from the Socialist Democrats.

          • me


      • Harry Largo

        It’s since been sanitized. The header now reads ” 3 Soldiers Arrested in Fellow Soldiers Stabbing Death”.

      • negrolocaust

        true i saw that too they called out race and everything i was shocked.

    • Mergatroyd

      None here in the Southwest.

  • Luca

    If the races were reversed…ah, never mind, we’ve gone through that exercise 1000 times before.

    • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

      I understand your frustration, but the “ah never mind” attitude is precisely why these black-on-white killings will continue. Time to fight back!

    • Jefferson

      If the soldier had gone Rambo with an ammo on those jungle Bantus, it would have been labeled a hate crime by law enforcement even if it was in self defense.

      • negrolocaust

        thats all true. but…. he would be alive and his mom dad and little brother would not be crying. he would go to trial like zimmerman did and roll the dice. its time to stop worrying and start fighting back. many white people put the law before their own personal safety, the world has changed blacks make their own laws the government is against whites especially males. so many whites are scared to carry without a ccw permit etc etc, really? well, that’s your decision, get beaten into a coma like ray widstrand by a mob of blacks because you are scared. whites need to start having courage.

        • Mergatroyd

          Amen. We should all be George Zimmerman and Ellie Nessler.
          Two White Heroes.

    • ViktorNN

      Can you imagine the media driven outrage if some white boys joy riding around killed a black GI?

      It would be as if the world was ending.

      Some blacks kill a white GI? No one cares except some racists on a website.

      • negrolocaust

        i just heard one of the group in the car was a wonderful multicultural HISPANIC

  • not maybe, WAS a hate crime!
    what the world we’re they doing in a parking lot 230 in the morning? I would be asleep by then. well, typical anyway.

    • IstvanIN

      Young people out celebrating?

    • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

      It’s a free country. White people should be able to go out at any time of day or night without fear of being attacked by the dark ones. Whites shouldn’t have to hide in their houses during the negrocalypse!

      • Anon

        Freedom isn’t free. The type of freedom you are talking about is earned by the willingness to kill blacks, not just in self-defense but pro-actively and is also earned by the willingness to kill any “leader” who will not kill blacks to enforce our laws.

        When white people stopped doing these things, we lost our freedom. When we stopped so much as giving a beating to those who criticized these things, we became slaves. A slave is someone who can’t speak their mind. Well, most places, I could not say those true things.

        outside the US, they’d but me in jail for saying that. If they thought anyone would do more than talk, they WOULD put us in jail…evidence of any wrongdoing or no.

        Who is they? Look in the mirror.

        • Anon

          Ten bucks says this post disappears due to moderation.

          A slave is someone who can’t speak their mind.

        • alex

          I assume you aren’t an ADL troll. If any of the Amren posters will have to defend himself against blacks, your posts can and will be used against them by the prosecution.
          Moderator, are you asleep?

          • Mergatroyd

            So I take it you’d rather be silenced by Big Brother than have the ability to speak your mind. You don’t believe in the First Amendment, do you?
            Calling for censorship here shows that you are, indeed, a slave of the state. It is YOUR post that should be taken down.

          • alex

            I don’t know If you could see the deleted post that I responded to. I didn’t respond to your comment. I responded to Anon comment.
            Do you know what would’ve happened to Zimmerman if he had ever posted on the website that allows the comment I have complained about?
            “You don’t believe in the First Amendment…”
            I do but unlike naïve libertarian types, I live in the real world.
            You can win the battle but lose the war.
            “…you are, indeed, a slave of the state.”
            You have no idea what I have done in the past or what I am doing now.
            Once again, I didn’t call moderator attention to your post.

        • Mergatroyd

          When the rule of law breaks down, which it clearly is, vigilantism is the result. I suspect there will be an end to this “no hate crimes, no civil rights for whites” sooner than later. How many more white children, women, little babies, old people have to DIE at the hands of blacks out cracker hunting before whites ignore the government’s biased laws and take justice into their own hands?

          How many here would sit still if their white baby or young child were killed by blacks? We have story after story on the Internet of this happening, because the anti-white media won’t report black crime. How many more? Justice is being denied to us.
          We are slaves of the government. No First Amendment left if you’re white.

          I saw a TV show about Ellie Nessler over the weekend. She is one of my heroes and I would have done the exact same thing. You can google her to find out what she righteously did, as all whites should do.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      They had the absolute right to be where they were and not expect to be assaulted and one of them murdered. They were in the right place at the right time. It is the murderers who stopped the car and got out.

    • PS. I would agree 100% with the comments but nowadays esp. at NIGHT its WAY too dangerous to go wondering in a major city. a city period. much less. its not like the 1950s’

      • me

        So let’s change this.

      • Thor Bonham

        The only reason why it is dangerous, is because of the cities gun laws .. Blacks know this .. They know no one will be carrying, so they do their thing.. If it were still legal to carry ANYWHERE ( as it should be) then the bantus wouldn’t know who has a gun and who doesn’t .. Crime would plummet ..

  • Jefferson

    11 percent of the population of Lakewood, Washington is Black. Not a majority, but a big enough minority to cause a whole lot of violence to areas that were once considered low crime rate Whitopias.

    • Extropico

      Wherever you find a government military facility, you have found an anti-White breeding zone.

      • Anon

        Of course, it never occurs to anyone stationed there to ask why they aren’t allowed to carry guns, like every single other generation of American “soldiers”. Are you REALLY a soldier if you aren’t trusted with a gun? If not, then what are you. I suspect the answer to that is who you’ve killed during your career? Other soldiers? Civilians? Children?

        There are a HUGE number of “soldiers” both active and retired that are on the edge of suicide over that issue. Who did they kill during their tours. And what does that make them? Heros protecting America from our enemies?

        Not even close.

        Here is where it gets bad. At least during Bush’s time, you could pretend you didn’t know. Today, anyone who believes anything coming out of Obama’s mouth or anyone in our government has to be a flaming idiot. If the US were to lose the next world war, their “following orders” excuse won’t cut it in front of the Hague. In the end, they have to be accountable to themselves. Few to none are able to….which is why suicide is rampant among these people.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          In the old days, military men were allowed to KEEP their weapons and take them home when they were discharged. Now they can’t even carry them on base. I expect there will be more Nadan Hussan massacres ON military bases because our brave enlistees are sitting ducks.

        • Mergatroyd

          No White should sign up for the military. Period. Let the government bring back conscription and see what happens. The “goals” in Vietnam were more clearly defined than they are now. I should give my life to keep Israel safe only to be discriminated against and treated like dirt in the “country” I fought for?
          Hell no.
          Mama don’t let your sons grow up to be soldiers.
          They’re not soldiers, to the government, your sons are nothing more than cannon fodder.

        • me

          And why they’re taking ‘multicultural’ criminals into the military now.

      • On all military bases, I see fat White women toting ugly n’ro babies.

  • MekongDelta69

    …but investigators were exploring whether the killing should be classified as a hate crime.

    Here’s a novel idea, you idiots. How about treating the killing as a murder?

    God, I hate those insane terms, “‘Hate’ crime; ‘Hate’ speech; ‘Hate’ thoughts.”

    • Extropico

      Yeah, but it is actually insanely naive not to seek at least equal treatment for Whites if they are going to enforce the nonsense about statutory hate crimes.

    • negrolocaust

      they are treating it as murder the three were arrested on suspicion of murder but the statute hate crime adds more time to a sentence etc its an upgrade

    • Mergatroyd

      All murders are hate crimes. Blacks don’t kill out of loooove, unless it’s love for what the White man has, like $185 Air Jordan sneakers for instance.

  • Global Minority

    Over at CNN the police have now come out and said that race was NOT a motivating factor!!!!!!! This will NEVER be charged as such. They may not even find them either.

    • Voice of Reason

      KIRO TV:

      The three men who were arrested and booked for investigation of murder
      were 23-year-old Jeremiah Hill, 21-year-old Cedarium Johnson and
      21-year-old Ajoni Runnion-Bareford.

      • Spartacus

        You can tell by their names that they’re related to Obama .

      • rowingfool

        Cedarium???? WTFlock?

        The mighty Red Cedar is native to the Pacific Northwest. Okay, I kinda get that.

        But where’s the ium come from? Cesium? Ah Ha! Zirconium! The baby boy’s Mama was watching the infomercial about the flawless “diamond” trinket that looked and sparkled just like the real thing, just three easy payments of $79 per month… but that’s not all…you get two necklaces at the same low price plus we’ll throw in this beautiful diamond tiara for freeeeeee!!!

        • WASP

          I know one way Blacks come up with these crazy names is by combining part the mother’s and father’s names. I’ve heard Black women talking about how to combine a part of his and her name to make the baby’s name. No wonder the names are so unearthly ridiculous.

      • negrolocaust

        Cedarium. ha ha! how about herbarium….solarium.. planitarium? sanitarium, actuarial?

    • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

      Even though they shouted insults about the soldiers being white…. it’s time to start fighting back!

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Of course race isn’t a factor. Only big, scary whites are capable of such evil.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      They’ve been caught, three of them, the other two are still at large. How would we know? There’s a media “black”-out as there always is in these types of murders.

    • negrolocaust

      the problem is two peoples word against 5 peoples word the 5 will just say they never used the word cracker or white. that might be why a da might not bring hate crime due to it being their word against the group in the car unless other evidence surfaces.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        You’re right…in fact, what will likely happen is the 5 “youths” will probably claim the 2 soldiers shouted the en-word at them as they were driving to church choir practice, at which point the media will simply respond with…”oh…well, ok, so they were provoked.”

  • Spartacus

    No offense meant to the soldier, but if I had been in his place I would not be dead now. I would’ve taken out my knife and started slashing the minute the dark-skins would’ve come near me . It’s not the training, it’s the knowledge : dark-skins are the enemy, all of them .

    • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

      We profile for a reason!

    • Jefferson

      Lucky you for you, you live in Romania. A country where you can go weeks or even months without seeing a single face that looks like Rachel Jeantel and Trayvon Martin.

      Your largest Nonwhite population are Gypsies and they are tame compared to the American Bantus when it comes to levels of violence.

      Gypsies got nothing on the Bantus of Detroit, Compton, Oakland, Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, etc.

      • Spartacus

        Rest assured, our own “diversity” isn’t prettier…

        • Jefferson

          Does Romania have its own version of Detroit when it comes to cities with an out of control crime rate ?

          If not, than your diversity is not that bad.

          • Spartacus

            We don’t. We have run-down cities that look like Detroit, but none of them come close in terms of crime, filth, etc .

    • Anon

      If more people like you offended this soldier he’d be alive today. You can’t “offend” someone unless you care about them. Jesus himself taught that. He was speaking, of course, in direct opposition to “tolerance”. Tolerance is when you say nothing, even though you know something is wrong, because it would cause trouble and you really don’t care enough about others to bother.

      Someone who knew the truth (and most people do, in fact know the truth) who told it to him, would have caused great offense.

      And he would have lived through this situation because someone care enough to endure it for his sake.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I can’t understand why the soldier let the black murderer get so close to him. I thought soldiers were trained to be aware at all times of their surroundings, and especially guard their “personal space.”
      Govt. probably won’t let them carry their weapons around like in the old days, and this is what happens.

      • negrolocaust

        anybody can carry a knife. i never go near any blacks without having my hand on my knife in my pocket ready to pull it. even a 3.5 inch blade is legal to carry if you worry about such things. carry anything a sharpened screwdriver a wrench use anything to defend yourself i never go ANYWHERE without a knife.ever.

    • Around blacks, we never “check our White privilege”- we double down on it.

      “Racism saves White lives.”


    • negrolocaust

      if you pulled your knife they would have run away.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Never forget that crimes against Whites are NEVER considered ‘Hate Crimes”.

  • John R

    I just got finished reading this story. Sickening. And, yes, the article I read said that race was “apparently not a factor”! WTF! Outrageous. I don’t really know what to say to express my outrage. I think I’ll leave that to others here. I will say this though: Parents PLEASE teach your kids that they must always BE WARY AROUND BLACKS! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! They are NOT “just like us.” Show them stories like this-PLEASE!

    • negrolocaust

      they technically were not around blacks, the group pulled up in a car and got out. the only thing that would have saved him was to have had a weapon like a concealed handgun or knife. you can’t really outrun blacks you have to have a gun or knife. (at least i am not trying to outrun them, or outclimb them either)

      • itdoesnotmatter

        I carry an illegal knife at all times. So arrest me.

      • John R

        No disrespect intended to this victim. But, the article said they had an argument, then, one apparently got close to the victim, and a stabbing. It seems that the victim did not expect lethal violence here. All of them should have EXPECTED this, and been more prepared. I also noted that the victim was from Kansas. I think if he was from where I live-just outside Philly-this would not have happened. Most Whites around my way are just more instinctively aware around blacks. That was my point.

  • JohnEngelman

    All five suspects are black men in their 20s, police say.

    – KOMO News, October 5, 2013

    I am glad that elements of the media have become more willing to report the race of criminals.

    • negrolocaust

      one was a valued H I S P A N I C

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From the Daily Mail, UK:

    Three black soldiers arrested for stabbing white comrade to death ‘called him a cracker’

    [One of the soldiers] Barnes said: There’s a derogatory term they use for white people, and it’s cracker, and I heard that phrase repeated numerous times which is why I thought race had something to do with it.

    But Lakewood police officers today said they no longer believed the killing to be a hate crime following the arrests and speaking to everyone they believed were involved.

    The accused are Jeremiah Hill, 23 – the alleged murderer – Cedarium Johnson, 21; and Ajoni Runnion-Bareford, 21

    Jeremiah Hill, a fellow soldier from the same unit as Tevinwas arrested after first claiming his hand had been cut while slicing vegetables and then saying he wounded it on a parachute chord.


    I’m sure that the President will give a sincere and public shout-out to Tevin Geike’s killing as he did for thug Trayvon Martin. One would think the Commander in Chief would find a soldier’s death tragic, more tragic than that of a common street thug.

    And, I’m sure this will be covered extensively by the MSM.

    /sarc off.

    When this murder is re-written for LAW & ORDER, the races will be reversed, showing innocent black soldiers who had valiantly fought for the U.S. government as victims of evil White, redneck racists.

    From the comments section:

    Tevin was my nephew. He was a wonderful young man who was working hard to make a good life for himself. He didn’t deserve this. I hope & pray that one of these young men has enough conscience to come forward with the information needed for an arrest. I do not believe that ALL five of these young men are heartless murderers…But, there is one among them who is and he needs to be brought to justice. I hope they realize that if their friend was capable of taking my nephews life, he is capable of taking someone else’s.

    I can tell you if this were MY 19 year old…


    20-year old Tevin with his father.

    • sbuffalonative

      A heart-breaking photo. Can’t imagine what the father is going though.

      “I do not believe that ALL five of these young men are heartless murderers”

      The problem with white people is they’re too willing to give non-whites the benefit of the doubt.

      • IstvanIN

        and probably his only son. Another white family exterminated, as per the plan.

        • negrolocaust


      • Anon

        What he REALLY means is that he does not care enough about his son to give up his insane liberal beliefs let alone seek justice for his son. Revenge, of any personal nature is out of the question.

        What he is “going through” is a bit of cognitive dissonance. Anyone who really care would be homicidally enraged or be seeking the services of a hitman.

        At most he will attend a candlelight vigil….not for his son, mind you (the sooner he is forgotten, the better)….but for the blacks.

        That is “the problem” with white people.

        • negrolocaust

          exactly. whites are scared. they are scared of jail, prison. scared or everything. they have to realize that some things in life are worth going to prison for. it is part of life. either way the dad would have a legal defense of heat of the moment or emotional mitigating factors if he went after the killers. manslaughter is about 7 years max. sometimes in life you go to jail its not so bad its better than letting people destroy your family. i would rather be in jail with pride knowing to stood up for my loved ones.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I haven’t seen a peep about this in the mainstream news. Not. One. Word. Should be coast to coast coverage, just like there was with Trayvon who did, indeed, get what he deserved. This young soldier didn’t deserve this. Hope those blacks get a military tribunal and hard time in a military prison.

      • redfeathers

        Same here in NYC, nothing on the local news. Fox News has it on their news ticker. No mention of race but poster Harry Largo is right that it looks like Fox too is going with the “fellow soldier” angle.

  • Sick of it

    Welcome back, veterans. The thugs at home are our greatest problem and no one is stopping them. And btw, you can’t visit national monuments because our so-called President is a moron.

    • sbuffalonative

      They come home thinking they’re safe and they can let their guard down. They’re not and they shouldn’t.

  • OhWow

    What is this the 8th consecutive week a black on white hate crime has happened? Seems as common as the sun rising.

    • Jefferson

      It seems like Bantus have become even more violent towards White people under the Obama administration than they have under the Bush administration.

  • Anon

    Maybe he deserved it.

    What good is a “soldier” who can’t fight….especially when he’s with a group of soldiers.

    None of them was concealed carry?

    I have nothing but contempt for today’s veterans. They are good at murdering children overseas to keep other countries from overthrowing those who enslave us all. But, given a taste of what their stupidity has enabled, they wilt like little children. My grandma is more a more formidable (not to mention honorable) opponent.

    • IstvanIN

      Maybe he deserved it. I can think of one person who deserves it.

    • leftists are delusional

      Wow that a spectacular display.


      Children? That’s who our soldiers “murder” eh? Listen, you’re clearly just a bored troll. So do us all a favor, and run along and be a Liberal philosophical major somewhere else, m’kay?

    • alex

      He was sucker stabbed.

  • RHG

    Go fight overseas for who knows what anymore and come back home only to still die at the hands of savages. Like I always ask, why are whites guys even volunteering to fight for this country anymore.

    • Stop offending savages by equating them to N’roes.

    • When I was young I was very patriotic. Without question, had I been old enough, I would’ve signed up to fight in Vietnam. After all my Father flew bombers (mostly B-25’s) in WW-II.

      I used to read books on the US Civil War, on the Founding Fathers, and was very proud of my country.

      However now I wonder “why bother” when every thing is just being given away to blacks for free. Go out into the battlefield so blacks back in the US can receive nicer free cell phones without working.

      This past summer I visited France & went to “The Somme”, which was a big WW-I battlefield (1 July – Nov., 1916). Patriotic young men would charge up hills into the face of German machine guns even when their companies would suffer 90% mortality. Casualties are an estimated 400 – 500,000. All so we could have the kind of world where blacks could multiply like rabbits and not only get free stuff, but get violent when they think they’re being ‘disrepected’.

      • Sick of it

        Your patriotism should be reserved for the old America, not this modern Babylon. Things need to change drastically.

  • The Final Solution

    Ladies and gentlemen war has just been declared.

  • This story will disappear.

    Jonathan Foster was killed by a N’gress with a blowtorch, and nobody talks about him any longer.

    And Glen Beck didn’t get around to the Knoxville Horror until SIX years later!

    Bill O’Reilly made a good start after Civil Rights and Diversity, Inc., became too obvious with the Trayvon “tragedy,” but he’s become as fickle as usual and now let’s it all pass into oblivion.

    Back to business, as usual.

    Another dead Whitey this week, and another next week, and next, and next, and NOTHING CHANGES FOR THE BETTER, EVER.

    It gets worse for us from here on out, only faster.

  • negrolocaust

    MICHAEL SAVAGE is talking about this right now. HERO.

  • Harry Largo

    The media is playing up the fact that the perps were soldiers as well. That will be twisted to support the claim that it wasnt a hate crime.
    I’m guessing the argument will sound like this, “How could there possibly be any bias? They were all soldiers”, or something to that effect.

  • joesolargenius

    Should you ever have the chance to peruse a black persons bible you will see that they portray Jesus as a black man !

  • [Guest]

    In short, enemy soldiers went into battle, and one side suffered a casualty.

  • Defiant White

    May be? Gutless cops, gutless prosecutor, gutless media. I wonder sometime whether the white race DESERVES to survive? Parts of it, at least, appear to be far beyond redemption. There was a time when a mob of angry white citizens would have marched into their ghettos and the killers would have been handed over by the blacks themselves to avoid further mayhem.

  • Defiant White

    If God was black, Adam would have caught him trying to muh-dk Eve. Cain and Abel would have been brothers with different fathers. Noah would have filled his Ark with hos and players and let everything else drown. Moses would have been caught raping the Pharaoh’s donkey. The jews would have invented rap music 2,500 years ago and instead of Jesus and Mary, we’d be talking about Dontarius and Latonya.

    • Thor Bonham

      LMFAO !!

  • Thor Bonham

    Real nice .. Don’t ya just love the blacks in this country ?