The White Man’s Last Tantrum?

Robert Parry, Consortium News, October 4, 2013

American pundits are missing the bigger point about the Republican shutdown of the U.S. government and the GOP’s threatened default on America’s credit. The real question is not what policy concessions the Tea Partiers may extract, but rather can a determined right-wing white minority ensure continuation of white supremacy in the United States?

For years, political scientists have been talking about how the demographic changes in the United States are inexorably leading to a Democratic majority, with Hispanics and Asian-Americans joining African-Americans and liberal urban whites to erode the political domains of white conservatives and white racists.

But those predictions have always assumed a consistent commitment to the democratic principle of one person, one vote–and a readiness of Republicans to operate within the traditional standards of democratic governance. But what should now be crystal clear is that those assumptions are faulty.

Instead of accepting the emergence of this more diverse and multi-cultural America, the Right–through the Tea Party-controlled Republicans–has decided to alter the constitutional framework of the United States to guarantee the perpetuation of white supremacy and the acceptance of right-wing policies.


This reality is hard to deny even though much of the U.S. political elite remains in denial. But the truth is apparent in a host of anti-democratic moves that have emanated from the lily-white Tea Party and that have been implemented by the predominantly white Republican Party at both the state and federal levels.

It’s there in the nationwide campaign to impose “ballot security” by requiring photo IDs for voting to cure the virtually non-existent problem of in-person voting fraud. The well-documented result of requiring photo IDs will be to reduce the number of urban minority voters who are less likely to have driver’s licenses and other approved identification.

It’s there in the reduction of voting hours, which—when combined with disproportionately fewer (and less efficient) voting booths in poor and minority areas—guarantees long lines and further skews the political power to wealthier white areas. {snip}

It’s there in the sophisticated gerrymandering that Republican statehouses have applied to congressional districts around the country by lumping minorities and other Democratic voters together in one deformed district so other districts have comfortable Republican majorities.

This gerrymandering–now aided by computer models to remove any guesswork–played an important role in maintaining the current Republican “majority” in the House of Representatives even though congressional Republicans lost the national popular vote in 2012 by about 1.5 million votes.


The Right’s anti-democratic strategy is there, too, in the endless use of Republican filibusters in the U.S. Senate. Because of compromises made at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, some of this anti-democratic bias was built into the system (from a deal to assure the small states that they would not be overwhelmed by the large states under the Constitution, which concentrated power in the federal government).

Except for that long-ago compromise, there is no logical reason why the 240,000 registered voters in Wyoming should have the same number of senators as the 18 million registered voters in California. (Or why the 400,000 registered voters in the District of Columbia should have none.)

However, this violation of democracy’s one-person, one-vote principle is exacerbated in the U.S. Senate when Republicans filibuster even minor bills and demand that Democrats muster 60 votes in the 100-seat Senate to proceed. {snip}

Republicans also have found endless excuses to deny congressional voting rights to Washington DC residents. You can probably guess what color skin many DC citizens have and what political party they favor.


If you step back and take a look at this ugly landscape, what you will see is something akin to a new Jim Crow system, a sickening reprise of what happened the last time white supremacists saw their political and cultural dominance threatened in the years after the Civil War.


So what to do? Right-wing billionaires helped by pouring in vast sums to create a powerful right-wing propaganda machine, an ideological media unparalleled in American history. The loud voices and angry words from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Rupert Murdoch whipped up white grievances, but–as the election and reelection of African-American Barack Obama showed–more was needed.

The votes of non-whites and the young needed to be suppressed via manipulated election rules; the use of scientific gerrymandering had to be expanded to further devalue Democratic votes; obstructionism in Congress had to become the rule, not the exception.


By using the Republican House and its gerrymandered “majority” to prevent votes on straightforward bills to pay for the government and raise the debt ceiling, the Tea Party is now testing whether the majority of the nation can be coerced into accepting the demands of a right-wing minority through threats of economic calamity.


But the message that the Tea Party Republicans are delivering to the nation is that if the American people insist on electing Democratic presidents or enacting federal legislation to “promote the general Welfare,” the Tea Party will respond by making the economy scream. The economic dislocations from a credit default alone could be so severe that millions of people will be thrown out of work and out of their homes.

The implicit warning is that you will suffer that fate—you may be driven into poverty—if you don’t let whites continue to rule. {snip}


For those Americans who recoil at this scenario – and think it must be unthinkable in the Twenty-First Century – they should remember their history. In the 1870s, racist whites – especially in the South but also in many parts of the North – refused to accept post-Civil War amendments that guaranteed equal rights and voting rights for blacks.

Through connivance and violence, the racist whites prevailed and it took nearly a century – and much more bloodshed – to reverse their victories. What America is witnessing today is the next phase of that war for white supremacy. Well-meaning people should not be too cavalier about the outcome.

The Tea Party-induced government shutdown and the upcoming extortion demands over the debt ceiling may indeed turn out to be the white man’s last tantrum–but this extremist strategy of mayhem and extortion could also be the inauguration of a grim new era of Jim Crow.

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  • D.B. Cooper

    The GOP will try anything except flat out state that they are the white party, and will not even attempt to steal white votes away from the Democratic Party.
    The Republican Party has even lost MY support. I am now voting for the hard core right wingers, while voting for the democratic opponents to the centrist republicans.

    John McCain has GOT to go! Piyush ” Bobby” Jindal, Romney, and all other fakes need to be removed.

    • Jefferson

      Mitt Romney needs to be removed from what ? Which office is he currently holding ?

      • D.B. Cooper

        “Remove” his relevancy.

        • Jefferson

          Mitt Romney has not been relevant in the media ever since he lost the 2012 election.

          • Thor Bonham

            That’s no true .. He’s actually the de facto leader of the republican party ..

          • Gislia Jackson

            I thought Rush was?

    • Talltrees

      Marco Rubio is one of them.

    • gregCall

      I agree the G.O.P. is a lost cause and those who cling to it are simply going through the motions and unwittingly aiding in their own dispossession. I’m not saying some individual candidate might not actually be good, but the party itself only pays lip service to conservative issues and will betray the base every time.

  • Puggg

    I come to AmRen because I don’t want to read neo-Communist loony toon nonsense like this.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I researched some of what Robert Parry has written, and I do not think he believes his own articles. Pay ME six figures a year, and I’ll write a convincing article about why Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and Jamie Foxx should be on Mount Rushmore.
      I think Parry was given this subject as this week’s assignment, and secretly thinks diversity is load of fresh horse manure. For his sin, WE should try to get him replaced by a diversity.

      • Other than one point he made (see my other comment in this thread), he’s so full of one fatuous element of nonsense after another after another, that I think your theory of being a prose-political merc has credibility.

      • Funruffian

        Never trust a guy with a mustache and a bad haircut.

        • D.B. Cooper

          AND a bad dye job. He’s been in the field for 40 years.

        • me

          He looks like one of the Village People with that ‘stache. He probably has the ghey jungle fever as well….

      • Puggg

        What he seems to be ranting about more than anything is that he’s mad that white people get to vote and have a little bit of a say what happens in their own country and with their own money, wealth and prosperity. Dang gum it, if only white people who voted Republican didn’t get to vote, utopia would be upon us within days. Other than that, I really don’t get what point he’s trying to make, other than loaded up propaganda for the benefit of a political party, especially the people who write big checks to that party, the Democrats.

      • Spartacus


      • gemjunior

        That’s a great idea in general. Every DWL writing articles about how much Evil Whitey owes the downtrodden nobles he walked all over and “exploited” should be replaced with one of his/her beloved diversities. Each one of us can write to the magazine where we see their name and complain that the article was not authentic due to it being written by a white man or woman. Explain the unfairness to people ‘of color’ and demand that the writer be replaced by a darker affirmative action candidate. It will soon be evident to these assholes that what goes around comes around and he/she has now been the beneficiary of the wonderful multicultural diverse society that is N. Amerika. I am doing it, complaining to any stupid magazine that dares to show a white journalist agitating for second rate negroes – who will soon be feeling the effects of unemployment.

        • 1XXX


        • Lagerstrom

          Reaping tyme be due!

    • evilsandmich

      You mean like this:

      can a determined right-wing white minority ensure continuation of white supremacy in the United States

      That’s about inside-out, no? How about “Can the continuation of the United states be assured without whites?”

  • Nathanwartooth

    I wish what he was saying was true, because then there would be hope.

    • Anon

      The reason he says what he does is it IS, in fact true….and he’s afraid of it. How many media types would survive a tribunal for aiding and abetting black crimes.

  • Andy

    …Right-wing billionaires helped by pouring in vast sums to create a powerful right-wing propaganda machine, an ideological media unparalleled in American history. The loud voices and angry words from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Rupert Murdoch whipped up white grievances…


    How can anyone tell such blatant lies? Can he actually believe that the media is slanted to the right or that anyone is successfully “whipping up white grievances” on a large scale?

    How do you fight back honorably against people whose main strategies are lying and smearing their opponents?

    • shawnmer

      These same “right wing billionaires” – namely the libertarian Kochs – are in favor of amnesty to snuff out any chance of “white supremacy.”

      • Anon

        How do you fight back honorably against people whose main strategies are lying and smearing their opponents?

        By making them true, of course. The average white person, once he knows the extent and racist nature of black criminality, the genocidal intent of immigrants and the complete manipulation of the media, becomes exactly what they criticize him as being…..a unapologetic racist. Once enough of us smile with a feral gleam in our eyes when such things are claimed, it will be time for the day of rope.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Feral gleam in our eyes will be just the beginning for them, this is what they are going to see when they are about to die,

        • 1XXX


          He made his choice, and it doesn’t deserve an “honorable” response.

          “All warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu

    • 1XXX


      He made his choice and it doesn’t deserve an “honorable” response.

      “All warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu

  • David Ashton

    I see this as a familiar cultural-marxist wish revealed as father to the media thought: an attempt to visualise a prospective possibility dangerous to the intended leftist controlled non-white supremacy, and to counter it with propaganda. So-called “white supremacy” is the original national position and the numerically dominant position, and one to be defended and if possible extended in the general interest. Of course, this is not the actual millionaire or Republican or even Tea Party position, but the leftist fear is that it could become so.

    The notion that big-money divides the workers against each other to frustrate their common class struggle against monopoly-capitalism is a communist one. They label patriots with the name. The patriotic response should be to give them the game.

    • Romulus

      Not to worry. The faster we become aware of our displacement, the faster the galvanizing of white unity. The left will stop at nothing to gain total control. This cannot be allowed to happen . Even with third world immigration pouring in and the left pushing for a super majority, whites will get it together eventually.

      Our right to bare will be paramount to that goal. Under no circumstances whatsoever should REAL Americans give them up. Kerry can go take a flying leap.

      • David Ashton

        Hope is essential.

        So are adroit persuasion and careful preparation.

        • Romulus

          Truer words have…… (and you know the rest)

          I use the same approach as the marxist educators did with CRITICAL THINKING. The American youth that are disaffected are the ones I try to bring around the fastest ( anyone under say 30-35).

          Like I’ve said earlier, I always keep pertinent information in my carry all. I never try to knock them over the head with too much too fast, unless their having a moment of clarity. By degrees is good and many might be inclined to come home anyway, all they need is a little push.

          • David Ashton

            Well done – young people should be our first targets for obvious reasons.

  • gemjunior

    Wow – they really truly must be mental. There are so many instances in this article where the statement made is in direct opposition to what is really happening. It is mind-boggling that someone feels ’empowered’ to write such lies and drivel down and actually have it put down on paper without anyone sending it back to them with a note stating why they won’t publish it but will keep them in mind cough, ahem. It can be summed up in one sentence really: “These horrible white people just will not do the right thing and die off faster, or drop dead”. I can sense desperation though, and worrying that whites are wakening and that gives me great joy…

  • sbuffalonative

    “…can a determined right-wing white minority ensure continuation of white supremacy in the United States?

    Another good resource article that tells us what their game plan is. Reduce whites to a minority, expropriate their wealth, and then… ? The left keeps telling us we’re paranoid while at the same time openly advocating their plans.

    Yet the Republicans are still supporting ‘immigration reform’ (blanket amnesty). It can only be a deliberate plan by hidden forces. There can be no other explanation for this treason and genocide.

    • Romulus

      The forces you speak of run BOTH parties, as I’m sure your aware!
      As for their goal and tactics, it has been discussed in great length all year here on amren.

    • David Ashton

      The problem would not be some “coded language” for retaining demographic, cultural and political supremacy (e.g. “American heritage”) but the failure in office to carry out appropriate policies on immigration, affirmative action, etc.

      In the UK, which has a different immigration history, the problem is that coded language nicknamed “dog-whistle”, along with immigration-control gesture promises, is used to draw anti-immigration votes away from “racial extremists” in politics, who challenge the “old party system”, and back to the Conservatives or even the present Labour Party (more socialist, but advised on white working class sentiments by Lord Glasman).

      Yet we have, like you Americans, neo-marxist or post-modern “intellectuals” operating in key areas; for example, the Royal Anthropological Institute, which originally was the most “scientific racist” ethnological organisation in Britain but is now a “political anti-racist” activist organisation.

      Bear with me, if I abridge selections from its latest bi-monthly publication (“AT” October 2013) to indicate its jargon resonance with the “resource article” on the “game plan”:

      “Pressure is mounting to force illegal immigrants to ‘go home’…. Statistics indicate that there is political capital in being seen to address the fear of immigration…. UKIP recorded the biggest surge by a fourth party in England since the Second World War exploiting spaces of dissonance in what it is to be ‘British’ to foreground a politics of alterity beyond mere scapgoating….
      “The rhetoric of alterity is essentially an operation to transform otherness into sameness a UK citizen’s identity is also being constructed. The politics of alterity demands that we view all these [immigrants, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers] as a burden on our austerity-chic resources….a ‘meta-identity’ of the ‘other’ sprawling through the UK like an uncontrollable weed infestation on a pristine British lawn.
      “Diversity is no longer to be marketed as a tourism or consumer strategy; instead it becomes a drain on state resources. There is little mention of [lighter skin-coloured] Australian, US or South African illegal immigrants. What does this tell us. Politics of alterity reconfigures how we imagine the ‘other’, and therefore ‘ourselves’: these differences are racialized.
      “This politics of alterity is delivering short-term electoral gains. People think there are too many migrants and 76 per cent see immigration as a big national problem.
      “Anthropolgists can HELP DECONSTRUCT ALTERITY…. There is an important AGENDA here that affects our discipline. We need constructive pathways for UNDERMINING this tidal, but urgent, politics of alerity [e.g. combating illegal immigration].” – Extracts from, Alex Flynn, Anthropology Lecturer, Durham University.

  • MekongDelta69

    Thank you Robert Parry for writing yet another article which I need to read skip.

    (It’s fun watching mentally deranged leftists babbling their usual, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” rants, isn’t it?!)

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    It’s like these people have some essay generating program where you choose from a few liberal themes and liberal buzzwords and it writes for you.

    • The Final Solution

      There is such a program it’s called the Bull$#!T Generator.

  • Luca

    There are three subjects you can almost never have an honest discussion or debate about among people of differing opinions: race, politics and religion.

    The Marxists do everything they can, every day, to make sure these subjects are drilled into the minds of the sheeple. They claim the ideology of tolerance and yet they never miss a chance to demonize their opposition in general terms.

    A discussion of the Government shut down should be about economics. But notice the propaganda woven into every paragraph of this story.

  • Truthseeker

    Blah blah blah…”racism”…blah blah blah…”white supremacy”…blah blah blah…”white people who want to live in a culture that reflects their way of life are evil”…blah blah blah…”we can delegitimize anything our opponents say by calling it ‘racist'”…blah blah blah…”conservative whites don’t deserve any representation”…blah blah blah…”why can’t they just die and let us have our way with this country?”…blah blah blah…”whatever we say is true, even if it in no way aligns with reality”…blah blah blah…”They’re bad, we’re good, end of discussion”…blah blah blah…”you don’t want to become a minority and subsequently outvoted by people who don’t share your interests? How dare you!”…blah blah blah…”it is a categorical imperative that white people not succeed”…blah blah blah…”democracy is the greatest system ever, except they’re trying to stop us from manipulating the makeup of the majority”…blah blah blah…”the white majority must be destroyed, but how dare you whites think there’s any agenda against you?”…blah blah blah…

    This drivel is just so stupid it makes my head hurt.

    • David Ashton

      The trouble is that human beings are susceptible to drivel if delivered as a continual and even fashionable drip.

      The jargon is an instrument of influence rather than a grounded objective analyis of factual reality or normal sentiment.

  • Ex Machina

    I don’t actually have to read this guy’s BS, do I? I’ll just take solace in the fact that they don’t know how to shoot, and we do.

  • There’s so much wrong with this rant that I won’t bother responding to it all.

    The only thing he’s really right about is the Congressional gerrymandering, because the more you isolate block voting minorities in their own playpens, the more the relative divisions among white voters don’t matter. If your state has three Congressional districts, all of them have equal population, and in the two white districts, it’s Republican 51% Democrat 49%, and in the one black district, it’s Democrat 99% Republican 1%, this means that Republicans will control the legislative seats 2-1, but the Democrat will win the Senate seat and the Democrat candidate for President will carry the state. Real world examples of this in 2012 were seen in Ohio and Florida, where Obama won both states, both Democrat Senators running for re-election won, but Republicans won 12 of 16 seats in Ohio and 17 of 27 in Florida. That is the result of careful gerrymandering, not only around race, but sociology (liberal whites go into the minority districts).

    What crackpot above forgets is that this sort of thing does have a Democrat beneficiary: Black members of Congress. This gerrymandering is designed to guarantee short bus districts for low grade morons like Hank “Guam will tip over Helium balloons are crucial” Johnson can go to Congress. It’s a political coalition of white Republicans and black Democrats to help both and squeeze out the white liberal.

    • Rick Parish

      Same as PA in 2012, Obama and Bob Casey Jr. (half of those who voted form him twice now think he is his dead father who was quite popular) won easily, but 13 of 19 House seats went R. That makes sense though, 55 of 67 counties voted for Romney, but Philadelphia and less so Pittsburgh area counties went big for D’s.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Having Affirmative Action on the books, the very opposite of what this article asserts is what is actually true. The last thing the liberals want is a racially blind even playing field for all Americans and it is the democrats who have stacked the deck.

  • cecilhenry

    We need to hold these anti-whites to the fire and make them recognize what they are saying.

    White people having control over their lives, control over their identity and the ability to protect it and promote their interests— that’s ‘white supremacy’.

    The cure for this ;white supremacy; in the anti-whites mind??? Genocide.

    A world where whites are diminished, weakened, controlled and eventually destroyed. Call them out for they are promoting.

  • Jesse James

    If only.

  • Spartacus

    Wow… This is one of the most idiotic and out of touch things I’ve ever read in my life. Would I be wrong in assuming the imbecile who wrote this is a groid ?

    • ncpride

      *Sigh* Yes. He is White. I still just can’t comprehend how/why our own write with such hatred, lies and loathing about their own people. You NEVER see non-whites do this, even the ones who do occasionally speak the truth about their own. They never take it as far as these White lunatics. I’ll never understand it. Ever.

      • Ella

        I almost believe that some do not know what they do until they witness the harms and destruction at the end. The real sell-outs probably desire to be on top and promised an elite position. You see this often in communist or dictatorial governments, with a massive propaganda machine.

      • Brian

        What do people like Parry think the end-game is here? I can understand the naivete of a young white idealist growing up in a sheltered whitopia, but this guy ought to know better. If he gets his wish and the Anglo Saxon is brought to heel, A) what does he think will happen to the US economy and standard of living– who will keep the lights on? B) when the blacks and browns dominate, does he think he can show them his writings and they’ll keep him around as a pet?

  • Romulus

    I’d very much like to meet this so called journalist. Considering that ALL of the above mentioned tactics are part and parcel of the lefts power structure is he seriously arguing that we AMERICANS just hand over our nation to a new hostile majority?

    May he enjoy a visit from diversity in the very near future!

  • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

    That’s because all you white people have stopped having babies!

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Would if we could, But we have ever decreasing numbers of white women, homes, money and safe schools with which to form families and raise children. We are no longer in control of our lives, hostile racial and religious aliens are. The hostile aliens called our ruling elites have enacted policies that prevent a growing number of whites from becoming parents of white children. That is genocide.

      • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

        Then die trying, Sarek! That’s pride. Manly pride. White pride.

        I’ve got six kids. Money = mouth.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Nearly did already…..not all people are in the same situation. Mine is a lot worse than yours.

          • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

            Damn, dude. I take it back, then. Respect to you. Carry on, soldier! (no sarcasm)

      • David Ashton

        On this website, I have repeatedly proposed three essential actions for “whites” everywhere, in brief: (1) More children; (2) heritage security; & (3) internet command. We all have to try to do our best here. It is not too late, if we do not let it become so. You Americans are allowed to keep guns, but we all need to keep our heads – and use them proficiently.

        • ms_anthro

          You Brits and Aussies and Europeans need to start getting your own guns. 3D printing could make this possible. Think creatively.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Robert Parry has been a fixture of the lunatic conspiracy-theory Left going back to the Iran-Contra days.

    • Xerxes22

      It is always suspicious when there is no information on his background. The same is true of Joan Walsh. We can learn about their professional background but nothing else. Nothing about their family , where they were born, where they went to school etc.. It’s as if everthing has been scrubed from the records. They don’t want you to know anything about them. If we could learn something of ther background we might be able to find out what makes them tick.

  • shawnmer

    Lord knows as an AR reader I accept that race has its place in public debate. Probably even belongs in areas where it’s not immediately obvious.

    But I am so, so, SO sick of these bottom feeders on the left injecting it into EVERYTHING. I’m sorry, but concern about a debt this size has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with race. For this guy to string together the disparate policy measures he does and call it a concerted effort at “white supremacy” ought to be laughed out of the room if there’s one serious person in it!

    • Puggg

      Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes, people oppose ObamaCare because they actually think it’s a bad idea and wrong on its “merits.” What’s-his-face that wrote this probably sees a race conspiracy in pulling crab grass out of the ground.

      • Brian

        The funny thing is that I would have no problem with something like ObamaCare, if and only if it was done by and for white men…people I can trust to have pride, pull their weight and only take help when required, temporarily. With the situation we have now though, it’s a guaranteed, eternal gibsmedat. No thanks.

  • Ella

    Most of this so-called racism is really based on economics, not skin or biological judgements.

  • anew

    Sorry Mr. Parry, but if you think this tantrum is scary, you haven’t seen anything yet. We’re just getting started.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed this “tantrum” as they put is will pale in comparison to the tsunami of non-white blood that will be spilled at the hands of whites threatened with death one time too many. He is deluded to think we will not rise up in armed revolution, or worse. Win or lose, the darkies and those who cannot be named are going to own all the bloodshed that will result from their evil and sociopathic nature.

      • Brian

        There will be a Pearl Harbor spark that sets it off…I wonder what it will be, and when.

  • Now for a more balanced view.

    We know why crackpots like Robert Parry hate the Tea Party Movement, as well as anyone to the right of David “I’m in love with Obama’s pants creases” Brooks. It’s because with all his rhetoric about “white supremacy” this and “racism” that, he’s writing for the Democrat-left coalition that, in spite of the many differences its constituent parts have with each other, and that those differences are so stark that in any other situation, they would wildly fly apart and break up, is being held together by KKKrazy Glue.

    Now, why does the RINO-liberal Republican establishment hate the TPM? Because the TPM is creating an alternate fundraising conveyor belt that bypasses the Fortune 1000 – Wall Street – K Street – Barnacle/Consultant Class Karl Roverrated axis of evil.


    http [colon slash slash] washingtonexaminer [dot] com [slash] tea-party-loosens-k-streets-stranglehold-on-the-gop/article/2536847

    Now, you may be asking, what does this have to do with ethnonationalism? Why is any of this, relating to a movement that has been historically egalitarian and given to affirmative action in its own affairs, relevant to us? Answer: Immigration. Between Democrat Party, RINO Party and Tea Party Movement, the latter is the one doing the most active organization to stop amnesty and open borders, a few obnoxious moles like Dick Armey and SlaveryWorks, and a few of its elected politician libertarian ideological cultists aside. If the corporate-lobbyist-consultant fundraising axis conveyor belt can be bypassed and made obsolete, this means that the throw-the-borders-open plutocrats won’t be able to wield influence on the political process anymore, at least within the realm of the Republican Party.

    And this is why Karl Roverrated and a conga line of ex-Bushies, ex-McCainiacs and ex-Romneyites are constantly all over the talk shows bashing the TPM, because it threatens to make their paymasters impotent.

  • Anon

    Lol….this article admits what no one on Amren will….that the solution to our problems lies in White Supremacy and abandonment of phony “democracy” for some form of white autocracy. It further admits that, no demography is NOT destiny, as white people wield power far outside our numbers. CHOICE is the issue. And that choice requires knowledge….specifically it requires knowledge that white people are good and non-whites, especially blacks, are evil.

    The issue is not and never has been white people in white countries, separate from non-whites. The issue has been, has ALWAYS been, and continues to be white people admitting that we, and ONLY we can be allowed a say in how ANY country is run, all over the world. Any place we refuse becomes a place of wickedness and depravity. But, more to the point, the only place a white person CAN live, AT ALL, let alone live well, is one where we dominate. There is no place for us anywhere we refuse to dominate. And no place for the rule of law or civilization itself, as these things are just euphemisms for white people being in charge.

    So the GOP is getting the short course on that. GOOD. Their entire history has been one of disempowering white people because they think our way of life can be separated from us and that other races should be given a “fair” turn at the wheel so to speak. Problem is, it isn’t true.

    I hope, one day soon, white republicans embrace overt national socialism and fascism. It would only take a tiny handful of whites, once they stop pretending. Who is going to stop them? Blacks? Gay liberals? Dyke feminists? The second civil war won’t last very long (unlike Chissum’s predictions). The other side is unarmed, dependent and cowardly….not to mention stupid.

    • David Ashton

      The “system” is set up precisely to prevent especially your hope for White Republicans at all levels: “never again”. Its controllers are not “unarmed”. The question is how to organise a national revolution for our civilization, by using civilized and astute methods with limited initial resources of funds and media influence.

      I write this just after seeing a “moderate muslim” on UK TV welcoming the reported resignation of “Tommy Robinson” from the English Defence League described as a “defeated sinking ship” of “fascism”.

  • Oldcorporal

    What a collection of left-wing blather! To cite just one example, minority voting percentages have GONE UP, not down, since many states instituted Voter ID laws. And just what, pray, does the left think White people who value their race and want to see it continue, should do as we see our country being steadily stolen from us? Hunker down and take it like a mule in a windstorm? Go find a corner to hide in? Do deep obeisances to the Mulatto Messiah and beg for forgiveness for all our — uh, “sins” when it comes to race? I don’t think so! A White friend of mine, who is a liberal and in his 40s, tell me he “doesn’t feel threatened at all” by the demographic changes creeping steadily up on us. I am appalled that the government, schools and news media have managed to make younger White Americans so complacent about their oncoming demise.

    • Puggg

      Don’t you need photo ID to get ObamaCare?

      • Oldcorporal

        A very good point! I’m not sure, but I imagine that you do. As a veteran, I’m fully covered by the VA health care system, so, thank God, I don’t have to mess with Obamacare at all.

        • Puggg

          Don’t rest on your laurels yet, soldier. I can easily see Obama pulling some trick to try to puff up ObamaCare’s enrollment stats by ditching VA and forcing vets to go to ObamaCare.

          • Oldcorporal

            It would never get past the House. But of course, then Obama could just issue one of his imperial decrees proclaiming it a done deal. What would it take for the Republicans in the House to start impeachment proceedings against this lying mountebank?

      • Xerxes22

        When I went to the hospital for a minor outpatient procedure, the hospital staff took my photo. They said it was to prevent insurance fruad. There are a lot of people who use somone elses’s medical insurance card to get treatment. So they will probably give them a seperate Obama care card with their photo on it.

    • The Final Solution

      People like your friend have their heads so far up their @$$es they can’t even see daylight. I have a similar friend, who said his kids are the only two white kids in school – didn’t have any problem with it. He thought it was a good thing because his kids are learning Spanish. People like that wouldn’t even care if any enemy army came forcefully and destroyed everything they had, including his family. He would probably thank them for it to atone for the sins of white people.

      • Brian

        I have a question on this front that has been bothering me, and I hope some of you can give me some advice. My brother and I have always been close, and very similar. But we have grown apart because we were both moderate Democrats and now….well now I’m here. And he is still where he was. Our financial situations are different– my wife and I have had some hard times, while he and his wife are well off, which means we are exposed to the Diversity and other things going on– layoffs, no health insurance, student loan debt, while he is well-insulated in a whitopia and can maintain egalitarian delusions. He’s not a Tim Wise white liberal guilt type, but a typical upper-middle-class Obama voter…a milder strain but still…

        We recently had an argument and I laid my cards on the table, and he his. I think we were both shocked at the level of difference of opinion. There is a rift that pains me, but I don’t feel I can pretend to be something I’m not. He means well but just hasn’t seen what I have…the rot of the West, the cracks in the dam…the fraying of what Lincoln called ‘the mystic chords of memory’. Just in the last twenty years, I’ve seen this country starting to come apart at the seams, but to him, it all still looks pretty rosy. Is there anything I can do to wake him up?

        • The Final Solution

          The thing is that people who have it good just don’t care because they live in a different America. They don’t have a clue what’s going on because they don’t experience things the same way. I have a similar situation with my sister who is extremely liberal, stays at home, doesn’t work, her partner is well off….she doesn’t participate in society at all. Lives in a good neighborhood up in the hills. We don’t talk about much of anything anymore and I don’t try to push my views onto her. They won’t see anything until the blacks and browns are literally kicking their door down and sending them off to the camps. I would just try to surround yourself with people who know what time it is and prepare for the worst.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    For years, political scientists have been talking about how the demographic changes in the United States are inexorably leading to a Democratic majority, with Hispanics and Asian-Americans joining African-Americans and liberal urban whites to erode the political domains of white conservatives and white racists.

    And of course, we know that all those racist whites, with which this country is apparently teeming, are totally powerless to stop this demographic transformation, because none of them have ever heard of such a thing as border control. Yet, because they wield so much power and are so seething with racism, they will attempt to dismantle the democratic process, rather than simply controlling the border in the first place.

    That about sums up this brainiac’s entire looney-tunes argument.

  • Greg Thomas

    Who is this White hating bigot!

  • Bossman

    The tea Party is also the stupid Party. May the smart party always win.

    • InsidiousLexicon

      You will.

      And when your nation is a rotting carcass, it’ll be on you.
      As Mitt Romney said: “You DID build that.”

  • The Final Solution

    and they say conservatives are paranoid. this is complete nonsense. hilarious from start to finish.

  • We all know what’s coming next.

    Obama won in 2012 because he effectively used the FedGov power to stop the Tea Party.
    Now the Tea Party is interfering with the Almighty Keynesian Dream of endlessly more money and always more power for the Lib Elites, especially for the “respectable” GOP McCain faction.

    The Tea Party will become the KKK Neo Nazi Party in the MSM Conventional Wisdom, and if that doesn’t put an end to them soon enough, they WILL be outlawed as a subversive, extremist, violent hate group.

    We are too far down the road to Total Control, and nothing, especially something as “absurdly outdated” as voting and free speech, will be allowed to interfere.

    Trace the trajectory, and prepare to suffer.

  • c684570

    So not wanting to fund my racial/demographic displacement is “White Supremacy”?

    Look – if you want to displace my demographic, at the very least, pay for it with your own money.

  • zanegray

    Well it’s all about money.
    If Democrats want something they should pay for it out of their own pockets not plunder wealth from others.

    We’ve seen too much of this in Europe.

    Millions brought in from elsewhere to keep wages low then gerrymandered into supporting left based parties.

    The welfare comes from the pockets of those who have seen their standard of living plummet.

    It’s a corrupt old political trick and I hope Americans don’t fall for it.

  • John R

    So, the Republicans are just racist, and using a filibuster against Obama care because they do not respect democratic principals of one person one vote? Tell me: When did we Americans vote to impose school busing on our children, allow “affirmative action” in both jobs and college admissions, and submit to the radical immigration policies that altered the demographics of our country? When did we vote on those?

  • gregCall

    If only this article were accurate. I doubt there will ever be any organized resistance from the white population in America, sad I know but there it is.

    • David Ashton

      Populations are led by “elites”, and the task is to “rotate” them.
      We need to avoid pitfalls but to carry on with persuasion at the nerve-centers. The disintegration of society is no advantage to most everyone.

  • robert

    Fair enough. But shouldn’t whites feel threatened, and expect unfair treatment from their political adversaries? And shouldn’t whites do all the can to fight for fair treatment for themselves and their families?

  • David Ashton

    Dead fish rot from the head down, and we are smelling the start of the process. The unity of sane whites and the use of sane methods of resistance are possible and reasonable objectives.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Those who cannot be named or criticized are then the most rotten people ever to walk the Earth. They rot nations from the top down, while they think of themselves as smelling like a bed of roses. For the rest of us, they bring the stench of unburied, decomposing corpses in the hot sun.

      • David Ashton

        I had to move the comment to which I thnk you have replied here from the Disqus archive to this thread from which it had been displaced.

  • WR_the_realist

    So wanting fiscal sanity rather than ever increasing debts is now white supremacy? Being opposed to the train wreck that is Obamacare is white supremacy? I tell you, white supremacy never looked so sensible and sane.

    For years, political scientists have been talking about how the demographic changes in the United States are inexorably leading to a Democratic majority, with Hispanics and Asian-Americans joining African-Americans and liberal urban whites to erode the political domains of white conservatives and white racists.

    For years, left wingers have promoted mass immigration of third worlders in order to make whites a minority, and thus create a Democratic majority that will push through a socialist agenda. They didn’t care how much this depressed wages and increased unemployment, nor did they care about the environmental consequences of the ever growing population. Whites are evil for opposing this, and for not wanting to pay for their displacement by people who hate them.

    What is interesting to see is the triumphalism of the white haters. They see victory near at hand, and are no longer reluctant to bare their fangs in public. At MSNBC, The Daily KOS, Salon, and other left wing media organs the white hating is right out in the open.

    • ms_anthro

      Pride goeth before a fall.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Yes, and it also goes before a lot of evil doers get executed too by vengeful victims who are not interested in compromise, justice or decency, only their deaths.

  • foundingstockcracker

    How about a WHITE VOODOO. That’s what the clans white robes were all about, de gosts o de white mens.

  • I Am Legend

    I stopped reading after

    “Instead of accepting the emergence of this more diverse and
    multi-cultural America, the Right–through the Tea Party-controlled
    Republicans–has decided to alter the constitutional framework of the
    United States …”

    • me

      Communist bullshit writ large.

  • ms_anthro


  • Alfred the Great

    You are correct about the “Black Founding Fathers.” What a load of krap that was. I am writing a book on the Founding of our country (that was once great) and there were no black Founding Fathers. Beck and David Barton (the “evangelicals” eat up Barton because he tells them what they want to hear instead of the truth) are a couple of idiots.

  • Alfred the Great

    It was not the intent of the Fathers for America to be a democracy. They did not believe in “one man, one vote” either. The States had the power to decide who voted. The only stipulation in the U.S. Constitution is that the qualifications for voting in State elections be the same as those for voting in general elections. Our current voting system favors the democrats in several ways: 1) Conservatives will vote, but the democrats need more time to line up their people, so we have early voting. 2) No identification when voting allows the democrats to have illegal aliens (just one group of many) vote. 3) Provisional ballots are a smoke screen to get unqualified people to vote for the democrats. And if anybody says anything, they start screaming racism. The Senate was never intended to be a popular House like the House of Representatives. The members of the Senate were the watchdogs for the States and were to prevent violations of the rights of the States. Lastly, I believe that the Civil War amendments were illegal because the federal troops locked some State Legislatures to keep the real representatives out. In the mean time, the amendments passed. Much of this is why I hate Lincoln for invading the South. True Liberty died with the South.

    • whites are the majority in this nation. If there were democracy in america, we would have our way. We do not because america is a pseudo-democracy.

      The writings of madison, aka father of the constitution, state directly that the structure of the american govt, as created by the illegally-installed constitution, are meant to preserve wealth inequality and to “protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” That is a direct quote from madison. What did madison say was the primary purpose of the senate? To preserve wealth inequality. A direct quote.

      The majority, then as now, is the white working class.

      You were duped by the propaganda of the elite, by the rightwing version of it. Just as white liberals were duped by white-race-guilt propaganda of the elite.

      All I see all around me are those white americans who have been duped by the propaganda of the upper class. Both the right and left have been ideologically domesticated by the elite.

      We swim in a sea of propaganda. You drink it, breathe it, swim it, eat it. Your mind is owned by it.

  • drattastic

    That”article”simply put, was the largest load of diaper stew I’ve ever read in my life.

  • evilsandmich

    The old playbook is so worn it is not effective anymore

    Some coaches and players never watch tape so it’s still good for a few wins against the more idiotic teams; and when you play in a conference full of idiotic teams, well…

  • me

    Nope. It depends on you talking to gullible, superstitious Bantus at work. Or letting the Bantu ‘accidentally’ hear you talking about it to your friends.

  • InsidiousLexicon

    I simply adore the smug tone these self-proclaimed “intellectuals” adopt whenever they feel the urge to lecture the hoi polloi on how we’re always just one step away from stringin’ up darkies and burnin’ crosses.

    The best part is that none of these college-kid brats have had any exposure to blackness, aside from the ubiquitous “black friend” they see on their Budweiser commercials.

    I implore the author: Take a walk through Houston’s 4th ward. Dress nicely. Smile and be polite. And when a feral black cuts off your face and feeds it to you, maybe in the last moments of your life you will finally know what “race realism” is.

  • me

    How about the ‘Snowflake’ Party? Snowflakes are awesome! They’re beautiful, each one is unique, and, in large numbers, they can cover the whole landscape with a sparkling cover of pure, pristine, glittering beauty that hides all of the dirt and ugliness underneath them. Best of all, snowflakes are beautiful because they’re WHITE. Can you imagine yellow, red, black or brown snow? Ugh! LOL! LOL! :b Our lapel pin could be sparkling snowflakes. Let’s do it! No matter what, we’re all ‘raaaaysis’ anyways. Might as well earn the ‘slur’. Anything pro-White is ‘raaaycis’, so we might as well run with it.

  • MikeofAges

    The consequences were not unintended, nor the results unjust. People get to elect representatives who represent them. For a very long time, the Democrats divided the minority vote among districts so that the liberal white minority in these districts could elect one of their, when, in actuality, they did not represent the majority of any element within their district. The Democrats for a long time opposed the creation of “majority-minority” districts because the wanted to avoid the outcome that has, in fact, occurred. They went along only when they forced to, partially on account of law and partially because minority voters got tired of playing the game and themselves demanded the right to have their own districts.

    The issue here is not the continuation of white supremacy, however. It is the continuation of a system based on Anglo Saxon concepts of law, government and fair play. Underlying this are other concepts — Platonic idealism and British Israelism, that being the belief that America represents a new “Promised Land” constituted on the basis of the Anglo-Saxon concept. The basis of American civilization always has been modified British Israelism, the idea that non-0others were allowed to join in the venture

  • me

    ‘President’ Stompy Foot is slowly showing his true colors. The Spite House is responsible for closing down the government, National Parks, War Memorials, closing down businesses, and kicking people out of their homes. Whitey had nothing to do with this fiasco. Mr. Stompy Foot even closed down the Amber Alert website and redirected the citizens to his sheboon wife’s propaganda website. The mulatto racist-in-charge has had a major unmasking. Even the bluest-balled state, Massachusetts, has less than five hundred ‘applicants’ (suckers) signing up for Obama Care. The Emperor has no clothes! Gasp!

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    From my observation of the urbans criminal records through my job, the primary reason they seem not to have drivers licenses is that their licenses get suspended and eventually revoked for multiple traffic violations and nonpayment of fines and court costs. Clearly, I am deficient for failing to see that is result of the racist police and court administration.

  • gemjunior

    That’s what I think too. I strongly believe we should show our contempt for the ‘racist’ label by accepting the label and agreeing with them in a sarcastic way every time we are compelled to answer that charge. “Whatever you say” “Shooooore I am” “If you insist on believing I’m a racist” “I’m white, therefore I’m racist”, “If I wasn’t racist before, I am now” “I’ve learned that in order to protect myself there is no other alternative than to be a racist” etc. etc. Why in hell should an entire race be jacked all over the place based on one ridiculously overused word? In the true sense of it most people here are only racist in a defensive manner and did not start out that way but learned it as a survival mechanism. Actively persecuting another race just for being their color is not a white thing but a black thing. We must take the power out of the word by using it ourselves, over and over.

  • Boris McGuffin

    Word cannot describe what I would do to this piece of filth, Robert Parry, if I were to get my hands on him. Is he one of those repugnant self-loathing gentiles, or is he a member of the tribe? What an awful creature. If there is armed revolt, I’m headed straight to his house.

  • Gislia Jackson

    If voter fraud is “practically nonexistent,” then why do negroes and liberals fear voter I.D. so much?

    • Brian

      They must realize that many ‘reliable Democrats’ are too lazy or broke to go down to the state ID place and cough up the pittance to get the ID.

  • Brian

    This is not the white man’s last tantrum. Not by a long shot. The last one is going to be a doozy, and we’ll see who’s left standing.

  • Brian

    That’s a great point. I’ve never heard Hispanics do this mess either. I have heard some Hispanics who are against further immigration, trying to pull up the drawbridge after they dash in, but I’ve never heard them call each other racist. Is this something about being a too-comfortable majority (for a little while longer), or just pathological altruism unique to whites?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    We will have to kill our way towards that goal, the darkies are going to make any other route impossible. To indirectly quote President Kennedy, they are going to make peaceful separation impossible which will make violent revolution inevitable. The darkies are going to learn to fear the collective roar that is gathering from whites globally.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The left have pushed the pendulum as far as they can, and now it is set to swing the other way. When it does, it will destroy them, and anyone else too who lacks the sense to get out of the way. Whites will have a simple choice, either they will be with white nationalists, or they will be enemies. The darkies and other non-whites will be the enemy, but whites will either be with us, or against us and the time is now to start reminding fellow whites of that reality. It’s too late now to prevent the pendulum from violently swinging hard to the right, because the leftists have already cut the rope keeping it in place, a rope they places on the pendulum themselves. They were stupid enough to cut it.

  • Brian

    Yes, he has two 8-yr-old twins. I tried to appeal to him about what the future likely holds for them, but I don’t think he believes it. If he did, he would perhaps react properly as I did. That is, his logic is good, but he hasn’t accepted the factual premises that would allow logic to lead to the correct conclusion. I will try the Jared Taylor route. I think the Amren comments might be too much at first. It will take a hard punch from someone undeniably smart and articulate, so JT could fit the bill. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • David Ashton

    A tightrope walk: sporadic or leaderless violent “resistance” can provoke and propaganda-excuse martial law. McVeigh or Van der Lubbe, take your pick.