Racial Tension at UCLA School of Law Continues to Escalate

Julissa Catalan, Diversity Inc, May 14, 2014

A Black UCLA student is receiving racist hate mail after trying to bring attention to the lack of diversity within the university’s law programs.

Alexis Gardener and some of her classmates produced a nine-minute video titled 33, in which students speak candidly about their experiences as the underrepresented group at UCLA.

Shortly after the video’s release, Gardner received an anonymous note in her mailbox that read, “Stop being a sensitive n*****.”

Gardner is one of only 33 Black students at the UCLA School of Law; currently, the student body totals 1,100, making Black law students a mere 3 percent of the population.

The school administration was immediately notified and an investigation is underway. In an interview with the The Huffington Post, Nancy Greenstein, a spokesperson for the UCLA Police Department, said: “When it comes to hate crimes on our campus, we always go the extra mile in the investigation.” She also stated that prior to giving the note to authorities, multiple people handled the paper, making it difficult to identify fingerprints.

Dean Rachel Moran also released a statement to Above the Law, saying: “We recognize that racial issues exist across the campus, not just in the law school. In fact, just today Chancellor Block issued a special announcement about the need to redouble our diversity efforts in the wake of Proposition 209, which prohibited affirmative action in admissions at any public college or university in California.”


In addition to reporting all incidents to the university authorities, students have also created a Change.org petition addressed to Moran.

The dean documented her response to the petition in this statement to The Huffington Post: “I met for an hour and a half with 15 of our students to discuss the issues that were raised in the Change.org petition. I was happy to share that the law school is making progress on a number of fronts to promote diversity and racial tolerance.” She went on to say, “Our initiatives will include student and faculty workshops, curricular reform, restructuring some administrative positions and getting more financial aid money from the University and donors. Yesterday’s meeting is the start, not the conclusion, of a conversation that is taking place not only at the law school but also throughout the university community. As Chancellor Block said yesterday, we all need to redouble our efforts to promote diversity at UCLA.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    * sniff, sniff, sniff

    Smells like another hoax to me.

    “Gardner is one of only 33 Black students at the UCLA School of Law; currently, the student body totals 1,100, making Black law students a mere 3 percent of the population.”

    As always: IQIQIQIQIQ

    • Manaphy

      “Gardner is one of only 33 Black students at the UCLA School of Law”

      Chances are that 33 more qualified white students were denied admission.

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        Probably more than 33. You forgot about the Hispanic and “other” categories.

    • Deshawntray Antwon Sheetnah

      From the research I have done , the avg. black IQ is 85, (retardation).

      • Matt

        Even lower in Africa.

        • Whitetrashgang


      • OhWow

        85 is not quite retardation level…that’s more in the 70-75 range. 85 is considered “low average” but when you consider that’s their AVERAGE, that means half of all blacks are below “below average”. It means there are many more blacks with IQ’s of 85 and lower than whites. Most whites are 100+.

        • Ngati Pakeha

          Anything from that lot with an IQ over a 100 will be in medical school.

      • Whitetrashgang

        No its 70.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        No, that’s just low. 70 is borderline, I believe, which is subSaharan Africa.
        So half of da muddahland is mentally retarded.

        But yes, doing the math, even an 85 average IQ – American black average – means that blacks with the IQ to succeed in most of the traditional professions one prepares for in college are going to be few and far between.

        And augmented by heavily upjumped uppity negroes with substandard IQ’s who pull racism hoaxes to deflect attention from their own inability to succeed academically.

        Lazy in all but making trouble they tend to be. Mischief makers…

  • Alexandra1973

    “In fact, just today Chancellor Block issued a special announcement about
    the need to redouble our diversity efforts in the wake of Proposition
    209, which prohibited affirmative action in admissions…”

    It’s like Moran knows that without affirmative action there won’t be as much “diversity.” She blames it on racism, no doubt; she won’t admit that it’s IQ, among other factors.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      … just today Chancellor Bock issued a special announcement …

      Der Fürher befiehlt. Wir folgen!

  • Katherine McChesney

    She wrote it to herself.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Dunno about the hate mail, but I feel for the people in this video.

      They are essentially saying, ‘Egalitarianism is a lie and it is an emotional strain to prop up a lie’.

      I could say the same. But of course, I have a much more subtle awareness of the lie.

  • JackKrak

    I want an investigation into how it’s possible that blacks managed to get 3% of the places in the UCLA law school.

    • r j p

      3rd StDev does not equal 3% of students being black.
      Means Whites didn’t get in…

  • Mason Gull

    That sounds like solid advice to me.

  • Pro_Whitey

    When I read about the note, I started thinking, did they check for prints? Then a couple of paragraphs later, I got the answer I expected. Treat it like the crime of the century.

    • wildfirexx

      With a name like Nancy Greenstein in charge…I wonder if the true facts will ever come to light!

  • dd121

    All the guys have to do who make law school admissions is completely ignore race and only look at LSATs.

  • If I were on the faculty, I would refuse to attend their freaking “workshops,” aka brainwashing sessions.

    The spineless administration did exactly as we expect, which is why I keep repeating: NEVER donate money to any university. If they send you a postage paid envelope send it back with a note explaining why you will never send a dime to them.

    I can tell you that a handful of emails from alumni and parents of students trashing the junk that administrators pull scares the bleep out of them. They start worrying for their jobs.
    Let them have a few sleepless nights.

    • Nonhumans

      Might I add, Write the note, put it in a box, put rocks on top of the note, seal the box, affix the postage paid envelope, then remit. This way, they get charged an absurd amount for shipping.

      • r j p

        Lol .. I have done similar.

    • The Final Solution

      Tuition is more than enough donation as it is. I can’t understand why people donate to their alma maters. It’s like donating to Microsoft because you use their software to earn your salary.

  • Nonhumans

    Click, Click….Creeeeak. (Blows dust off of…)
    Eeeeep, Eeeeep, Oooop, Oooop… (SNAP!!)
    Well my teeny tiny little violin just broke when I tried to play it for these poor widdle owpwessed nonhumans.
    Black, Black, Black, Blah, Blah, Blah. Nonhumans in higher education is the equivalent of a go-kart in a F1 race: They do not belong.

  • Berkeley Guy

    As usual, there will be far too little talk of how Asian parents (probably along with East Indian and White and some Jewish parents) fought and won against affirmative action in the UC system. There will be far too little talk about how Chinese, Japanese and Korean immigrants or citizens here can easily outcompete the Hispanics and Blacks. There will far too little talk about work ethic, focus, two parent families, junk food, junk journalism, and other factors such as IQ spreads that affect statistical averages of racial makeup in any given program.

    • newscomments70

      I have spent some years in the UC system. They all vary, but ours is overwhelmingly Asian with some whites and hispancs. Occasionally we have some kind of ghetto thug, strutting around with his white girlfriend. It’s ok though, they never last a year. They are usually gone pretty quickly.

      • r j p

        No, it is not “okay”. You are pathetic.

  • Alfred the Great

    If the only difference between people is skin color, then why is skin color what defines diversity?

    • Berkeley Guy

      Europe is extremely diverse in cultures, languages, foods, phenotypes and many other things. However, that is not the type of ‘diversity’ a diversicrat is looking for. As we were taught here at Berkeley last semester, Berkeley has acheived representation of almost every race and culture, but almost everyone here thinks very similarly about politics. Diversicrats do not want diversity of thought or politics, they want representation.

  • r j p

    They all sound like they want to be sitting in a classroom full of idiot black “funnin”.
    “When it comes to hate crimes on our campus, we always go the extra mile in the investigation.”
    Whites don’t deserve the extra mile …..
    She also stated that prior to giving the note to authorities, multiple people handled the paper, making it difficult to identify fingerprints.
    Look at the partial print in the ink smear, it belongs to Alexis Gardener. Is the UCLA PD going to go the extra mile to prosecute her?

  • none of your business

    I wonder if exams are coming up? The blacks who fail or don’t get straight As can blame their failure on trauma and stress due to the law school not being black enough. I also wonder is this is not like the set up at Michigan recently when the administration set up a black outrage demonstration to create another diversity program the university wanted to do anyway.
    Or else it is an outright hoax.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      I like your theory. Exam time is coming up and they are about to be exposed to all as the consummate frauds they really are. We know already but it is always good to see it in black and white. I’m guessing low B marks in ethnocentric law fields and low C marks or fails in bread and butter subjects like Constitutional Law and Contract. Can you say ‘academic probation’?

      • If UCLA is on the semester system, finals would be either next week or the week after. If on the same trimester schedule as UC Santa Cruz, finals would be later in June (three 11-week terms instead of two 16s).

        • Ngati Pakeha

          As ‘none of your business’ rightly guessed. It’s time to pay the piper and guess who has long pockets and very short arms. Another aggravating factor Mike is I’m guessing some, or all, of these 33 are on a “scholarship” of some sort. Let’s see: they get in with low grades (I’ve heard the LSAT should disqualify 99℅ of them immediately), they don’t pay et voilá they still whinge! I’m putting Falling Down back into my DVD player.

  • seapeaMP

    hmmm… I wonder if the people at the UCLA School of Law know that “DIVERSITY” is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    First time pass rate for the California bar exam:
    White 58.8%
    Black 36.2%

    Hispanic 45.3% Asian 47.4% Other Minority 39.6%


    We really need more stupid lawyers?

    • Medizin

      What’s that? Asian 47.4% White 58.8%

      I thought Asians were so intelligent…so superior!

      • r j p

        Engleman has misinformed you.

        • Medizin

          No. I’m not that gullible. See my response to Urbane Neanderthal above.

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        Not in verbal testing, and “Asian” in this context is larger than just the Japanese, Koreans, etc.

        • With the “Asian” group, one has subcontinentals like Pakistanis and Middle-Easterners like Iraqis driving down the average.

    • ViktorNN

      Wow, the Asian pass rate is sooo low.

      Must be hard to cheat on the CA bar exam!

      • Ngati Pakeha

        Or when it comes to matters of deductive reasoning. Hard when you have to think and not mimic.

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        “Asian” includes more than just Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. It also includes southwest Asians.

        Also the bar exam is more verbally oriented and even the “smarter” Asian groups do not dominate verbal tests.

  • Perhaps they should have picked a different field. I’ll bet UCLA’s Black Studies department doesn’t have the surfeit of white students that so distress these buffoons.

  • Conrad

    If “diversity and racial tolerance” were natural they would not need to work at promoting it.
    Like the saying that I heard about love – If you need to strain at it, it’s probably crap.

    • Geo1metric

      Yes, consider that there’s a huge industry pushing diversity.

      • SFLBIB

        They are only selling what fools are buying.

  • Tom Thumb

    They start out with excuses – they don’t like me because I’m black. A sorry attitude if there ever was one. They’re done before they start.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I think blacks like these are suffering from some form of paranoid schizophrenia.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        I replied to your earlier post, too.

        I think you are right (or on the right track anyway). Their uneasy mental state has been brought about by their being placed in positions they have no business being in.

        The same lies that are told to us have been told to them but they are not as able to get wise. But the lie ain’t no picnic for them either, it seems.

      • Dr. DA

        This race is composed of lunatic’s. You have to be a lunatic to obsessed with your skin color and gauge everything by it.
        Diversity is a madness that lead to death.

  • Malgus

    Oh freakin’ boo hoo..

    ONE little word and the uppity butthurt negress makes a federal case out of it… Geez, if I raised a stink every time someone called me something I didn’t like, I’d end up being “that guy”…

    But, something about this DLR… which means to me, it ain’t. MIZZ “Gardener” was crabbing about a “lack of diversity” in Law School, huh? Well, what better way to light a fire under the butts of the school than to have MIZZ Gardener suffer at the hands of evil RACISTS!

    I’d bet real money – not that fiat junk we use, but real silver – that MIZZ Gardener perpetrated the evil deed herself. Just hoaxed them into getting what she wanted… sort of like that negro preacher who spray painted racial slurs on the side of his own church… just more “looks at meee!”..

    • Matt

      You are very wise.

    • Who Me?

      “looks at meee!”

      A wise old man once told me that the best way to win the argument and REALLY p*ss off a black person was to simply ignore them and walk away. The one thing they want more than anything else is attention. (Of course he lived back when it was possible to do this without getting beat down or shot in the back…)

      • Malgus

        That sounds about right. I mean, just take for example how they talk and act – loud, bombastic, wild arm and hand gyrations. They listen to music so loud, it vibrates parts loose from passing cars and they get fan mail from the Seismograph people out in San Andreas. Their style of dress, if you can call it that – Tropical fish look downright dull compared to some of the outfits we all have seen – especially the “Sunday Goin’ ta see Jeebus” outfits… I mean where do they even FIND those outfits? I think if the colors Lime Green and Neon Orange were outlawed, they’d have nothing to wear….

        They just seem childlike in their desire for attention… even negative attention. And they’re willing to step up the “annoying” to legendary levels to achieve it…

    • SFLBIB

      “When you increase the sensitivity, you increase the false alarm rate.” — Old proverb

  • MBlanc46

    Another black tantrum at another university.

  • JohnEngelman

    A Black UCLA student is receiving racist hate mail after trying to bring attention to the lack of diversity within the university’s law programs.

    – Julissa Catalan, Diversity Inc, May 14, 2014

    It would not be hate mail if the issue could be honestly discussed in public.

  • FozzieT

    Shortly after the video’s release, Gardner received an anonymous note in her mailbox that read, “Stop being a sensitive n*****.”

  • NotThatGuy

    Dollars to donuts say that if they looked at her printing history, they will see she made the note.

    If that is the case, expulsion should be the solution.

    • That is the exact reason why the investigation will not be pressed that closely. University officials are of course Cultural Marxists who completely approve of the “poor little black me” narrative, so the last thing they want to do is prove that this was a hoax perpetrated by the alleged “victims”.

      • Kenner

        The anti-whites claim the hoax ‘reveals a deeper truth.’ That one always ups my blood pressure…

        • They also love to explain that the hoaxer(s) were “confused”, and that each of these hoaxes still constitutes a “teachable moment”.

          • Kenner

            ‘teachable moment’….okay, now I need an ice pack.

          • How about a barf bag?

          • bubo

            I’ve heard apoligists say “just because it didn’t happen this time doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

          • SFLBIB

            When Tawana Brawley, a young black woman in New York City, invented the story that she had been raped by white men, her cause was loudly championed by people [like Al Sharpton] who acted as if the truth or falsity of her story was irrelevant. And after it was shown to be false, her role in the story of black oppression was defended by some who wrote that even if she did fake the crime, her “condition” was the expression of “some” crime against her that entitled her to be the object of our grieving. … And that means the end of the rule of law. (Emphasis added)
            — Prof. James Q. Wilson, Moral Judgment

  • OhWow

    You keep blacks out of schools like UCLA and you are racist.

    You let blacks into schools like UCLA who don’t even earn it and you are still a racist.

    Lesson learned: you can’t win with them. They are professional whiners.

    • SFLBIB

      Apparently, protests against “racism” are seen as a more productive activity than academic endeavor.

  • OhWow

    There are only about 50 white people in a league full of 5 million blacks.

    Someone want to make the video? I’ll do an interview for it!

  • Chip Carver

    Maybe we’ll see an aged troll or two like JE from this site suing UCLA Law School for age discrimination. You know, after they’ve finally decided what to do as 50-something year old graduate students.

  • ViktorNN

    I can’t see what any black kid has to complain about in today’s America – all you have to do is show up, do halfway decent on the tests, write something somewhat coherent on the college application essays, and you can get a free ride to almost any school in the country.

    Schools are falling all over themselves to admit blacks. If you’re a black college age kid and you’re not in the college of your choice – then it’s really only your own fault. This society is dying to cater to your every educational need.

    And if you don’t believe it then compare your prospects to those of a white guy from a rural red state – he’s today’s true n*gger.

  • Ngati Pakeha

    3% of the student body? UCLA is not so bad after all.

  • dusa1957

    The negro probably authored the “hate mail” herself to garner attention. It’s happened before many times. It’s all part of race hustling.

  • dusa1957

    So these negroes are all whining about being in a small minority at UCLA law. Well, why don’t other races whine about the lack of diversity at Black Universities such as Morehouse? Could it be because no one interested in academic excellence is clamoring to get into a Black University?

  • She just jigging the water to see if she can rock the boat. . .

  • Ograf

    What I heard them say was they are upset that enough blacks aren’t smart enough to be in law school, and they feel uncomfortable being such a minority. Incidentally it was the biggest waste of my time listening to that drivel. If they really want to not be a minority they can always switch to a black college. Otherwise they can shut up and do their studies. I don’t give a rats buttocks that she is only one amongst many in any class.

  • teaisstronger


    Even Michelle Obama and Judge Sotomyer have stated that without AA, they could never have been admitted to Harvard. If not black, Obama would never have been admitted into Harvard if in fact he even went to Harvard. AMERICAN BLACKS are the only race that has not made it in America and is incapable of making it anywhere..

    • President Oogabooga was allegedly Harvard Law Review president, but for reasons unclear never actually published anything for them.

  • Who Me?

    HOAX #5,963 this year.

    • edwin karninsky

      There would be plenty more hate hoaxes, except many blacks can’t spell KKK.

  • Peter Connor


  • Blacks have a sense of entitlement – this is true for blacks in America and Africa.

    • SFLBIB

      … According to Braun, African blacks have a wholly different kind of mentality from whites. He pointed to Africans’ inability to understand cause-and-effect relationships, as seen in the magical mode of thinking observed among Pacific Islanders and known as the “cargo cult” syndrome, and which Braun also saw evidenced among black Africans. For example, as Braun described it, Africans seem to see Western development aid as a magical process that will auto- matically make all the appurtenances of a modern society appear. This way of thinking leads African blacks to see whites as magical beings who could, if they wanted, do everything for blacks. To the extent that this attitude carries over to blacks outside of Africa, it would explain their belief in (white) government as the answer to all their needs, and their growing rage at whites for not giving blacks
      the vast range of goodies that blacks believe is within whites’ (magical) power to give.

      Another of Braun’s provocative observations was that African blacks (at least those who have not come under the influence of Western liberalism) have no hang-ups about the notion that whites are smarter. In fact, they take it for granted and, he pointed out, are eager to talk about the subject with him because it’s so rare for them to find a white who will speak honestly about race. They prefer such honesty to the racial guilt, the pious lies about equality, and the hypocrisy that they normally get from whites. These observations suggest that white liberal attitudes have done more to harm race relations than any other factor. …
      amnation . com/vfr/archives/001132 . html

  • Dale McNamee

    The people in this video are pathetic at best… Why didn’t they go to the HBCU’s for their law studies ?

    As for the “pressure” or “hate”… They probably didn’t know or ignored the “White Privilege” conference where being white was vilified…

    The one guy who commented on “being in Europe”… Well guy, those “Europeans” built the college & university system that you are attending… Africa didn’t… And still doesn’t…


    Only 33 out of 1,100? Time for someone to hit the books more.

  • dean53

    UCLA is an historically white university. It was founded in 1949, when California’s black population was less than 5%. UCLA is Institutionally Racist in the purist sense of the word: It is a white institution, founded by whites, for whites, to educate white men about white law. If these whiney blacks want to be surrounded by their own kind, then they should transfer to a law school with more blacks. They chose to go to UCLA, so they brought their unhappiness on themselves. That’s like me enrolling at a Historically Black University and crying about the lack of white people! Get over it!

    • UCLA itself was founded in 1919, when California’s black population was nearly nonexistent. It was the law school that was founded in 1949.

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      My dear friend attended UCLA in the late ’50’s early ’60’s. She was elected (not selected, elected) class vice president or president every year. She is black – she was back then, too. The difference? She worked hard, like the white students. She took pride in her studies, like the white students. She took responsibility for her actions, like the white students.

      Today, like so many white people, she finds the “victim” mentality of the race mongerers deplorable and has no time for those who will not help themselves.

  • The Final Solution

    That’s one overpaid college dean that has no real business to attend to.

  • The universities have been deliberately subverting Prop 209 on admissions ever since it passed, as articles linked to from this site have repeatedly shown. Perhaps you should follow your own advice.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    Like most of these stories, the writer of the notes is probably the alleged “victim”.