Civil War on the Left, Part 8

Steven Hayward, Power Line, May 19, 2014

The list of things you can’t dispute on college campuses or within liberal orthodoxy generally include global warming, anything having to do with innate differences between the sexes (and sexual identity generally), and of course race. Except perhaps the ice is cracking on this last one.

We read The Nation magazine so that you don’t have to, and the latest issue features an article on how, 60 years after the Brown decision, schools in wealthier southern neighborhoods are re-segregating. {snip}


So queue up the outrage in the comments section, right? Lo and behold, the comment thread on this article–from Nation readers, keep in mind–shows an extraordinary impatience with liberal racial correctness, and some astounding candor. Samples:

I attended Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley, CA in the early ’70s. I’m white, and the school was 50% black. My mother, being a good liberal of the times, enrolled me in a special program that was 90% black. My experiences showed me the following:

1. Blacks are incredibly hard on other blacks, vicious in some cases. And I’m specifically referring to black adults treatment of black children. Being a kind, meek, intelligent black child in a black neighborhood must be a terrifying experience if you don’t have anyone to watch over you. I’d wager many are destroyed psychologically by the experience.

2. As a white person in a black community, you have basically two positions available to you on the social fabric: non-entity or target. If you keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile, you’ll be lucky and just be a non-entity. Imagine that. That was my *best* option socially. But at least my mother got to feel like a good liberal. . .

As an adult, I don’t wish blacks bad things, but I sure don’t want to live in their neighborhoods either, which is a feeling I bet I have in common with a lot of black people too. 25 years was enough, and, as an adult, the best moment of my life was to move into a neighborhood where I didn’t have to worry about my car being stolen or vandalized or people randomly hassling me on the street because I was white. Enough is enough. Call me a racist if it gives you a morally superior boost, but I know you haven’t walked the walk. It’s all theory to most of you clowns.



“Being a kind, meek, intelligent black child in a black neighborhood must be a terrifying experience if you don’t have anyone to watch over you.”

You don’t know the half of it. Fortunately for me the horror was mitigated somewhat because:

1. My family is from Ghana and the apartment building we lived at had a lot of immigrants from all over so immediate vicinity was an oasis.

2. I went to Catholic school up through 6th grade until I transferred to the public junior high.This would prove to be a negative at junior high but as far as my overall future it was a life saver. I’m a big believer in Catholic and charter schools as a result even if all they do is skim the good Black kids.

3. The African-American kids at my junior high were vicious, I can’t think of any other word to describe it. Of course there were good ones but they were a distinct minority and they caught more hell than I did because they actually lived in the projects.

Basically if you are a smart Black kid and don’t have a popular older sibling that can fight, a family rep for being in the streets or aren’t athletic. Your life in a mostly Black school setting will be hell.



There comes a point and time when African-Americans need to take a hard look at their culture. White folks aren’t the only ones avoiding African-American neighborhoods and schools. New immigrants of all backgrounds do as well if they can afford to.

Also African-American kids have been in the news for beating up:

1. Asians in Philly

2. Haitians in New Jersey & Miami

3. Somalis in Minneapolis

4. Hispanics all across the country.

If this kind of conversation is going on among Nation readers. I can only imagine that Katrina van den Huevel’s head must be exploding (while she sees her kids off to private school).

UPDATE: Behold the power of Power Line: It appears The Nation has scrubbed the politically incorrect comments we highlighted here. So much for a “conversation” about race like Eric Holder is always demanding we have.

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  • David Ashton

    Harry Elmer Barnes coined the word “Smotherout”.

  • MekongDelta69

    Don’t forget – Powerline is hardly a bastion of conservatism.

    99.99% of the time, they are terrified by the subject of race.
    (Just try commenting on there…)

    • Publius Pompilius Quitus

      Most Whites are terrified of race. Anyone saying anything about the subject is good.

      • SpawnTaviousBlackness

        WE are at that moment when the crack spreads across the face of the dam.

        • TL2014

          Let’s hope so!

          • SpawnTaviousBlackness

            The alphabet wars

      • This is because most whites have careers to worry about.

        • DonReynolds

          It is intolerable to be forced to kowtow to Liberalism in order to keep from being fired from your job. Were the shoe on the other foot, they would queal like stuck pigs.
          Let’s try it and see.

          • connorhus

            They should walk away and start their own career before they are forced to, or their children are forced to.

          • DonReynolds

            Yeah…..those Leftist Liberals, who use political litmus tests to decide who can work for them, sooner or later will find out some of what you really think or will find a test that you cannot go along with.
            My deciding moment was in 1980, when I was told to sign a statement saying I was in favor of Affirmative Action. I refused to sign, so the boss ordered me to sign. I signed the letter and wrote “under protest” next to my signature. They did not want that either, so in the end I signed a separate statement that I was aware of the policy, but did not say I was for or against the policy.

          • connorhus

            Good for you for standing up to them and putting your true thoughts up front. Far far too many out there today are not nearly brave enough to do so and until enough step forward nothing will get done.

  • “Wealthier Southern (public) schools are re-segregating”

    Translation: The black (somewhat) elite in the South are running out of white kids to send their own kids to school with in order to avoid their own race’s violent underclass and their blackboard jungles.

    “Civil war on the left”

    Sure, the Democrat-left’s string bean coalition of everyone and every thing that has an axe to grind with the historic American nation and white bread America can win some elections, but I’m starting to think it’s more unstable underneath the surface than it seems with just a superficial glance. There is an opportunity for some really smart politician to drop one ten-ton wedge after another after another in between the cracks of the grand leftist string bean coalition.

    “Call me a racist if it gives you a morally superior boost”

    Which proves that “anti-racism” among white people is a status symbol, a talisman of feeling good, a way to be sanctimonious and holier-than-thou.

    • silviosilver

      We don’t know that those commenters weren’t ‘operatives’ from our side, though.

    • Nonhumans

      Your last statement, we didn’t need that proof. That is their soapbox, and it is visible to anyone who is paying attention. They stand so high on it that they lose sight of reality and common sense. Every so often they have to stoop down to tend to their chidren and get a few good whiffs of reality. After sending their children off to lily-white private schools, they ignore the nauseating (to them) smell of that reality and go right back to their happy little delusions.
      Sadly for the libtards, the tide is coming back in, and their curled feet are getting wet while that stench of reality is wafting up and through their delusional clouds.

    • connorhus

      Let the money run out and watch their coalition of looting fall apart.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “We read The Nation magazine so that you don’t have to,”

      HA HA!

      When a libtard I posted over there a lot. Came to like most of the “contards” I argued with after a while, posted less and less…

      And then one day I read Amren. And did not post at the Nation for a long time. When I did…I got banned…

      That was early Obamanation time. If comments like these are getting through, this is almost earth shattering.

      Melissa Harriss-Perry-Pedantic-Upjumped-Mulatta, that whiney, preachy upjumped Hispanic propagandist something Bogada…Jeez…they don’t like ideologically bothersome Truth at all.

      To be fair, a few seem to have some sense that shines through ideology from time to time, including the gay Korean and some of the Jewish males. The foreign policy guy made sense sometimes too. Despite the heavy presence of Jews, the Nation was always very critical of Aipac, by the way and somewhat to their credit.

      Look, now that real science is becoming too loud to drown out by putting the fingers in the ears and reciting ideological mantra, even some liblefty ideologues are beginning to wonder, to ask selves uncomfortable questions…and seek uncomfortable answers.

      Ah, the dark enlightenment!

      • The American Jewish hard left being against AIPAC doesn’t mean they’re not pro-Israel, it just means they gravitate toward the Labor-left side of Israeli politics and are upset with AIPAC for being biased toward Likkud and Company.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I don’t know but I noticed plenty of bleedy hearty White liblefty Jews who…I guess supported Israel, but sure felt soooo sorry for the rock throwing mulatto muslim hordes who want to wipe Israel out (at least according to their propaganda).

          Eloi Jews, living in comfortable bubble worlds like Eloi Scandinavians or Brits, seem to me to also be blind to evil and tend toward self destructive empathy.

          • “Supported Israel … pathological altruism for the rock throwing Muslim hordes”

            Which is the order of the day in both the Israeli left and the American Jewish hard left.

          • Grantland


          • Grantland


        • Grantland

          Sure they are.

      • Grantland

        “gay Korean and some of the Jewish males”

        Say no more, squire. Say no more!


        • NeanderthalDNA

          Are you Richard Kim? (LOL).

    • MarcB1969

      “Call me a racist if it gives you a morally superior boost”

      “Which proves that “anti-racism” among white people is a status symbol, a
      talisman of feeling good, a way to be sanctimonious and

      You are so right!

  • JackKrak

    “Civil war on the Left”

    I noticed long ago that the cracks in the bizarre coalition of freaks on the left would have to give way at some point.

    I think about it this way. If you took people from every point on the right side of the political spectrum and randomly sat them at a dinner table, I think they wouldn’t have a problem at least getting along politely. We all know there are center-right moderates, right-wing cavemen (that’s me) and everything in between but we can hold it together if we had to. It might even be an enjoyable dinner party.

    The other side is where the trouble (and laughs) starts. Picture permanently angry ethnic activists sitting at the table next to naive soccer moms. Pony-tailed Jewish ACLU lawyer types next to the head of the plumber’s union. English department dons next to La Raza protesters. Butch lesbians next to Reverend DeMarcus Washington from the first Baptist Church of Whatever. The Volvo-driving tantric yoga instructor from the community college next to the affirmative action babies from the DMV. And on and on……

    Which side is likelier to explode into a food fight?

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      butch vs la raza, i’d pay top ppv $$ for that

      • Kenner

        A writer from British Breitbart claims the drag queens and trannys are at each other’s throats…that would be a Ms. Martial Arts legendary smack down!

        • SpawnTaviousJackson

          I thin you read it wrong, probably was “in” each others throats.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Very good handle there. Now you need an avatar. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson?

    • Remember that parody article about the diversity conference that fell apart in chaos before?

      diversitychronicle dot wordpress dot com/2014/03/13/diversity-conference-shut-down-amid-shocking-violence

      Sure, it was a fake article, but illustrative of very real problems on the left.

      All that holds the left’s string bean coalition is their fear of “us,” and by “us,” I mean what I said above, stereotypical “white bread America.” If there’s no more “us” left to fear, or their differences between each other and disagreements with each other eclipse their common contempt for “us,” the the whole house of cards falls apart.

      Meanwhile, if I was at a dinner party with Tom Donohue, Chamber Pot of Commerce, and I was there on my own accord and not on behalf of someone else or working for someone or some thing else, I wouldn’t be so congenial or so civil.

    • SentryattheGate

      Good point! It reminds me that the Democrat Party has been described as a “collection of warring tribes that has come together in anticipation of common plunder,” lots of talk of a joint looting expedition at the expense of taxpayers.

      • Even in LGBTQMIAPD, which itself one constituent part of the greater leftist coalition, there’s trouble in that paradise. That whole thing, LGBTQMIAPD, is to get under their tent every possible kind of act that is not pair-bonding heterosexual, to make everyone inside the tent stronger. Hence, the ever expanding acronym. The problem is that if they pitch the tent too wide, there will be enough room inside for fights. And that’s just what’s happening: Lesbians and transsexual women (i.e. biological men pretending to be women) are in just about a state of open war with each other, so the “L” and the “T” are fighting. Since asexuals (“A”), people who have no orientation or drive, are part of the coalition, I imagine they’ll soon start fighting with the Gs, gay men, the most sex-obsessed element of the acronym, in short order.

        • Kenner

          A wag called that alphabet soup a ‘sexual Yugoslavia’.

        • Sick of it

          Something tells me that asexual people would have more in common with religious conservatives than perverted freaks.

          • They should gravitate toward heterosexuals no sooner or no more or less enthusiastically than they do homosexuals. If anything, they should gravitate toward neither orientation.

          • SpawnTaviousJackson

            One would think they would gravitate to the culture that believes in the most modesty, the culture where overt sexuality is constrained to very specific times and places, and never in public. That would be the religious conservatives. It most certainly would not be any gay subculture. Defining a subculture by sexuality means that sexuality pervades every second of every life of that subculture. Conservative religious people define their culture by higher things. Sexuality can be avoided in that culture.

          • SpawnTaviousJackson


        • redpill99

          ” Lesbians and transsexual women (i.e. biological men pretending to be
          women) are in just about a state of open war with each other, so the “L”
          and the “T” are fighting”

          do you have any references? I have wondered if lesbians will accept a M2F tran-lezbo

          • GenX Antipodean

            Look at the ‘World War T” article written by Steve Sailer over at Taki mag for a few references.
            My favorite is the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival WBW controversy(woman born woman only allowed). The woman at this festival don’t self identify as lesbian per se, but looking at the image search results resembles a scene from “Even cowgirls get the blues” with rainbow flags a waving.

        • SpawnTaviousJackson

          Gay men and lesbians never got along, the only time they mix is at political events. Their worlds are totally separate otherwise. IT is ironic that heterosexual men are not allowed to have their men only clubs yet gay men are allowed.

          • “Why lesbians aren’t gay” by Steve Sailer. Google it.

          • Kenner

            It’s accurate and funny, a nice break from the racial apocalypse.

          • SpawnTaviousBlackness

            dont gays just love sailors?

    • silviosilver

      Their glue is anti-white resentment.

    • DonReynolds

      I agree with you about the Left, but I do not agree about the amiable right wing.
      There are serious, serious fractures in the right wing……mostly from people who are newcomers to politics.

      Libertarians would be just at home with illegal aliens, as with meth and pot users, grumbling about the drug laws. Libertarians are not racialists or race realists, they have drank from the cup of Liberal Kool-Aid more than anyone else in the room. The goverment is evil, anyone who disagrees is a statist, and there should be no borders, no regulations, no taxes, no laws, no cops, and no military.

      The Christians have little use for the libertine views of the Libertarians …… homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion are still non-starters. All the mainline churches have bought into a social gospel that rejects the Old Testament in favor of a few vague ideas about everyone being nice and welcoming.

      Country-club Republipukes are actually middle class liberals that believe anything that makes money cannot be all bad. As long as they can shave costs at work with illegal aliens, outsource some parts to China, a cheap babysitter to keep the kids, and the lawn stays nice. It works.

      Small business thinks they are conservative because they hate people collecting welfare, and unemployment benefits, and expecting more than minimum wage. The success of their small business is more important than anything else.

      NeoCons and military enthusiasts seem more interested in keeping the wars going. Israel is just a convenient excuse. As long as the enemy is Muslim, everything is fine.

      Tea Party conservatives can imagine what the country used to be like, but have no clue or idea how to get there…..besides, their main focus is on being politically correct and squeaky clean, so no one will think they are racists. The are not willing to discuss anything that might remotely be controversial.

      • connorhus

        It didn’t used to be so hard to bring Right wing groups together but the ever present cloud of a bloated Federal government holding the purse strings achieves the fracturing you mention above. Only true Constitutionalists seem to cover most topics in a conservative way and even then there are a few gray areas like abortion. Still all those areas (and many others) would not make a division in the overall Right/Conservative movements if we allowed the individual States to control such matters as it was intended.

        The big difference between Right and Left is the Right fights over ideology and sometimes Morals while the Left usually ends up bickering over money and resources more than anything else.

        • Sick of it

          Considering that abortion had always been considered a form of murder/manslaughter, it amazes me that any Constitutionalist would consider it some sort of right. The same sort of people who forced big government on us think nothing of abortion.

          • connorhus

            I agree you would think most on the Right would but it has been such political suicide for so many Right/Conservative candidates far too many groups are afraid to touch it.

          • DonReynolds

            The Religious Right and the Conservatives do not actually agree on abortion, or gay marriage, or homosexuality, or prayer in public schools, or interracial marriage, or birth control, or blasphemy, or the sabbath day, or public obscenity.

            The Religious Right (call themselves Social Conservatives) are a heavy burden to carry around, particularly since few in their own church actually agree with them.

            They are religious fanatics who want a political party to join.

            The danger is they may at times impress some of their own religious viewpoints into public policy…..which is anti-Conservative.

            Some even go so far as to insist that no one can be a “real” Conservative unless they are strongly religious.

            They make a lot of demands.

          • connorhus

            I would have to say that I really know little about the Religious Right and I am pretty deeply embedded in the Bible belt. I have just never really met one and it seems to me most of the Christian denominations these days are way more socially liberal than I can stomach in large numbers.

            I find most of the areas I would agree with the Religious Right I read about I can justify through non-Religious means just as reasonably. So maybe I am rubbing shoulders with some and just don’t know it.

          • Sick of it

            Or, perhaps, realize that societies don’t survive with every filth imaginable being accepted as the norm. But hey don’t believe me, many non-religious eugenicists have thought the same thing.

          • jane johnson

            Yep. But let the execution of some baby-raping dirtbag “go wrong”, and they’ll cry you a river over it. Despicable hypocrites.

        • DonReynolds

          I believe the main difference between the Left and the Right is…..
          The Right simply wants their opponent to retreat from the idea of enslaving everyone else. If the enemies of the Right will simply run away and live to fight another day, that is fine with the Right. They are not willing to pursue their enemies and hunt them down in the forest.
          The Left demands that everyone else surrender and submit…..not just today or this battle or this issue…..but from now going forward. They see their enemies as mortal enemies, who must be wiped out of society, out of the public eye, and off the face of the Earth…..or they must submit completely and totally. The Left is a lot like the Muslims in that way……convert, submit, or die.

          • connorhus

            I think you are absolutely correct as far as the emotional Lefty base foot sloggers and mid-level chieftains/organizers goes. I think the top tier is all about money and resources though, with maybe a true radical believer here and there to keep up a good show.

      • Kenner

        Excellent descriptors, Don.

      • RyanP

        There are serious fractures on the right to be sure. But I think the right is generally less likely to let their emotions let them get all fired up and allow a dinner party to become uncivil.

        John Stossel is a huge libertarian and he has noted how much better he is treated by conservatives. He is invited to speak to groups who disagree with him on a long list of issues. The only common ground they have is being pro capitalist. But the left hates him for that single view. Even though he agrees with them on so many other things.

        • DonReynolds

          I like Stossel just fine. I like Libertarians too.
          They are a fun bunch to be around.
          Yes, they are capitalists and they believe in private property, but their ideas on government are more appealing to those who share their goal of utopia.
          Libertarians have a very serious problem with patriots.
          Libertarians do not accept the idea that nations have borders, that culture is important, that public goods are essential to prosperity, and freedom is more likely in a society that has rules (and enforces them) than in anarchy.
          Delightful to be around Libertarians, but their ideas on government are not very helpful.

    • Nevsky

      I could never have dinner with neocons, open-borders libertarians, or Israel-first Christian fundamentalists.

      • Sick of it

        A Christian fundamentalist would worship God, not those who reject Him.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Times they are a changin

  • Zimriel

    I wonder if/when Powerline will get the cooties from us unclean AmRen commenters going over there to check it out.

  • WR_the_realist

    We read The Nation magazine so that you don’t have to…

    Ha ha! I hope they also watch MSNBC so we won’t have to.

    The first letter reads like it was written by John Engleman. The response from the Ghanian immigrant was priceless. Until the lefties acknowledge the reality, that black American culture is a disaster, and that it can only be fixed by black people themselves, not blamed on white skin privilege, they will continue to be irrelevant and a national joke.

  • Dave4088

    I challenge anyone, especially anti-racist (anti-white) lefties to provide an example where a small, white minority in a majority afro-merican school or neighborhood weren’t taunted, bullied, threatened, attacked or even killed on a daily basis. Liberals believe most blacks are really just like actors Will Smith and Bill Cosby and anti-racist conservatives and dittoheads believe most blacks are just like Dr. Ben Carson and Walter Williams or could be with enough exhortations and enterprise zones.

    Racial problems will continue to loom large in our lives, regardless of one’s political orientation, until afro-mericans are quarantined and expelled from North America.

    • silviosilver

      If that demand ever became irresistible I have no doubt leftists would simply construct a ‘Potemkin village’ portraying a delighted white minority amid a sea of blacks — and claim it is a model for society to aspire to. Leftists are unimaginably vile and delusional; sadly, they are also enterprising and unwavering (the white ones, anyway).

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      It has always been my experience that the most pro-diversity whites do not live anywhere near diversity.

  • GB101

    In most cases The Nation’s readers say that commenters expressing non leftist views are in the pay of the Koch brothers or some such foolishness. I know. I am one of them.

    I am sure most of The Nation’s readers are liberals, though a few people like me go there and participate in the discussions.

    There are two exceptions I have seen recently to the pattern of calling us trolls in the pay of the Kochs.

    One was this article. One was an article on affirmative action and the recent Supreme Court decision. There was so much dissent from the leftist party line that the dissent is definitely coming from the leftists themselves. I had many comments on both articles. I posted a comment on the affirmative action article, pointing out how weak and dishonest Kagan’s dissenting opinion was, and how weak and dishonest was The Nation’s praise of Kagan’s “courageous” dissent, and noticed a while later that 27 readers had pushed the up arrow beneath my comment.

    • Koch smoch. Someone should ask the Koch-obsessed flakes at Chez van den Heuvel this: What’s their problem with rich people who are for gay marriage and open borders spending a lot of money on politics and sponsoring at least one PBS show for a very long time? (Nova)

      Really, nobody even knew who the Koch brothers were before 2011. What got their name into the public consciousness was the public employee reform debate in Wisconsin. Rather than acknowledge that there were good fiscal reasons why it had to be done, the crackpot left, in desperate search for some boogyman to blame, discovered that someone named Koch gave a little bit of money to Scott Walker’s campaign for governor. From there, it was off to the races. Now, in left wing wackoville, the Koch brothers are responsible for every progressive that gets a hung toenail.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        That was really well summarized.

      • connorhus

        The Wisconsin public unions riot did give the “Koch shill” name calling a boost after that Libtard called in pretending to be a Koch Bro. But the lefties were throwing the whole GOB/Koch paid troll meme around at least a couple years before that. I remember being called a Koch plant/troll back in 09 over at real clear politics.

  • dd121

    As usual, their racial “conversation” stays one-sided.

  • Katrina vanden Huevel shows the face of a hater. She’s as obnoxious as any of the MSNBC types. Here’s a pic of her railing against something.

    • Here is a pic of Hurricane Katrina van den Huevel.

      • Nope, that’s Joan Walsh, also a big hater who’s showed up on amren stories before.

        • Noxious leftist woman who edits a left wing publication that doesn’t hire diversity but loves to preach it?

          My mistake. I confused Joan Walsh for Hurricane Katrina.

          Then again, what difference does it make?

  • Glen

    “UPDATE: Behold the power of Power Line: It appears The Nation
    has scrubbed the politically incorrect comments we highlighted here. So
    much for a “conversation” about race like Eric Holder is always
    demanding we have.”

    Steven Hayward is correct. The Nation did scrub those comments. I recall reading them this past weekend.

  • Puggg

    Part 8?

    What happened to parts 1 through 7?

  • [Guest]

    >>>UPDATE: Behold the power of Power Line: It appears The Nation has scrubbed the politically incorrect comments we highlighted here. So much for a “conversation” about race like Eric Holder is always demanding we have.

    Standard procedure.

  • Berkeley Guy

    In previous posts I have tried to sum up my experiences at the Lewis Middle School in “the Harlem of Boston” (Roxbury), where I was told to “never go outside, not even during the day” and where the school had at least 9/10 students as black. Probably 95%.

    3. The African-American kids at my junior high were vicious, I can’t
    think of any other word to describe it…


    1. Blacks are incredibly hard on other blacks, vicious in some cases…
    2. As a white person in a black community, you have basically two
    positions available to you on the social fabric: non-entity or target…


    Even as it is, the things I saw and heard were much worse. Expect more of the types of comments above in the future as more people wake up to the fact that the rhetorical dams of PC have cracked and are waiting to burst. Witch hunts be damned.

  • none of your business

    I think Katrina is the daughter of some major player at Goldman Sachs and that is how this magazine that has no circulation but for colleges and public libraries survives.

    • JohnEngelman

      Kartina van den Huevel has never been the victim of a serious crime. The few blacks she has ever known are exceptional, or they have occupied subordinate positions without resentment. She sends her children to white private schools. Like other rich white liberals she suffers from what George Orwell called “money sheltered ignorance.”

  • SpawnTaviousJackson

    ” Call me a racist if it gives you a morally superior boost,”……..the jig is up folks, the REAL motivation of liberals is becoming blatantly evident. It is all about feeling superior.

  • Kai is your guy

    Apart from White racial interests, I find that I don’t have much in common with many at American Renaissance. Is there anyone else out here that decent and not so wicked?

    • dd121

      Why don’t you run yourself up a flagpole and see if anybody salutes.

      • Kai is your guy

        Nice. You should write children’s books. Jared Taylor must be so proud.

        • SpawnTaviousJackson


        • SpawnTaviousJackson


        • DaveMed

          Jared Taylor has expressed regret that there are such commenters on the site, but he does not want to police it (to his credit).

          • Kai is your guy

            I suspect he’s doing it for a reason?

          • DaveMed

            In a world that polices us and censors any promotion of White interests, I think that Taylor would prefer to swing the opposite way and give as wide a latitude as possible to the site’s visitors.

            Nevertheless, there have been posters who have been banned for writing things that crossed certain lines.

            There are stupid people on every site, but at least this is a site where most people agree with me on the essentials.

          • DonReynolds

            I believe Free Speech is a good reason.
            As you know, Free Speech does not protect the speaker from reply, nor does it create an obligation on the part of the listener to agree.

          • SpawnTaviousBlackness

            Just because people have the freedom to spout things does not mean they need or deserve a response.

          • DonReynolds

            I am sorry. I did not mention that the same Freedom of Speech also includes the right to say nothing at all. You are correct.

          • Kai is your guy

            Freedom of speech is one thing; but, using it, hiding behind it, as a mechanisim of sadistic abuse is another.

          • DonReynolds

            I have never seen or imagined how free speech could possibly be “sadistic abuse”. Did someone call you “fatty” or something?

          • SpawnTaviousBlackness

            Commenters like YOU are the ones that are “tolerated”. He suggests those spreading lib think here should just be ignored. I think the better way is to respond with a non sequitur, seems to short circuit your libtard brains.

      • SpawnTaviousJackson

        He donts gots no pancake mix, why talk to someone who donts gots no pancake mix?

    • SpawnTaviousJackson


    • SpawnTaviousJackson


      • Kai is your guy

        There’s obviously nothing to see here 😉

        • SpawnTaviousBlackness

          A DINGO ATE YOUR RAMEN!!!!

        • silviosilver

          Boy, did you ever pick the wrong day to post here. Good grief, who is this lunatic posting as “Spawntavious”? Moderator asleep at the wheel again.

    • DaveMed

      There’s a good mix of people here, but there are a few nutjobs as well.

      I think you’ll find that there are plenty of reasonable comments, but they may not garner as many upvotes as the red meat-rich ones.

      • Kai is your guy

        Thank you for the reply. I suspected that commenting has a cathartic effect, and it truly is a mirror into the pain of others. It’s good to know that there are people to relate with without this abusive behavior —quite disgusting.

        • dd121

          No offense, but you come to this site never having posted, as far as I can tell, making snarky comments. You should have expected a few negative responses.

          • Kai is your guy

            No offense? Don’t blame me for your behavior. There is nothing snarky about what I said. Why don’t you take some responsibility for your actions here.

          • DaveMed

            We ought to be anticipating newcomers and easing them in. Are we not trying to grow as a movement?

          • dd121

            I don’t think this guy is trying to “ease” in.

          • DaveMed

            Well, he said that he has “White racial interests.”

            Sounds promising enough to me.

          • dd121

            His other words speak to a different message.

        • JohnEngelman

          American Renaissance is a valuable resource that posts articles, essays, and facts that are often suppressed in the main stream media.

          Some of the posters are abusive. Fortunately, they do not characterize the whole. Try to ignore their insults, and respond to debatable points with facts and logical reasoning.

    • Kenner

      Not me.

    • JohnEngelman

      My interest here is genetic determinism and race realism. For those reasons and others I admire Jews and Orientals.

      Glad to meet you. Please post more often.

      • SpawnTaviousBlackness

        oh look, they found each other!!!!! HOW CUTE!!!

  • Conrad

    I can confirm that story. I have the scars to prove it. I also grew up in a black area, 1645 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, IN. I was literally lucky to survive. When one of these savages drops the hammer on a 9mm round, pointed right at your face, & it fails to detonate, you know that it wasn’t your time.

    • dd121

      That would certainly constitute an epiphany for most people.

      • JohnEngelman

        Unfortunately, white liberals usually need to be victims of black criminals before they are willing to acknowledge facts that are available to anyone who is willing to look.

  • JohnEngelman

    If this kind of conversation is going on among Nation readers. I can only imagine that Katrina van den Huevel’s head must be exploding (while she sees her kids off to private school).

    UPDATE: Behold the power of Power Line: It appears The Nation has scrubbed the politically incorrect comments we highlighted here. So much for a “conversation” about race like Eric Holder is always demanding we have.

    – Steven Hayward, Power Line, May 19, 2014

    White liberals have never been so hypocritical as on the issue of school integration This hypocrisy has been noticed by white blue collar workers who have to pay the price for white liberal “ideals.”

  • FozzieT

    LOVING that some of the most politically correct, leftist, commie Nation subscribers are getting all race-realist!

    • JohnEngelman

      They got tired of lying in public.

      • SpawnTaviousBlackness

        you come here to do it

        • JohnEngelman


  • DonReynolds

    The Liberals are not interested in an honest conversation about race.

    What they demand every day is that everyone only agree with them, that those who do not agree be forced to shut the hell up, and anyone who honestly disagrees be forced out of society and the workplace.

    What the Liberals demand is surrender, not negotiation.

  • Malgus

    Of course the comments are being scrubbed. They want to control the narrative and God forbid the actual truth shows up to spoil it…

  • none of your business

    Howard Stern’s parents were brainwashed Jews who for some reason did not move out of their NYC neighborhood when the blacks turned it into a dog eat dog jungle. Howard wrote an autobiography about attending school with vicious savage blacks and begging his parents to move or send him to a Catholic school. Parents were brainwashed liberals and wanted Howard and his sister to experience the wonders of diversity and cultural exchange. Howard did experience diversity and learned the truth about blacks.


    Their conversation about race comes in one form and one form only, lecture! Any and every thing else, is racist!

    • Geo1metric

      And the “lectures” are completely bogus delivered by the clueless.

  • none of your business

    Good news,despite 3 generations of brainwashing:

    A MTV survey found something shocking about Millennials: 88% think affirmative action policies are unfair. Translation: 88% of Millennials are racist, or something. Well, at least that’s probably how the folks at MSNBC will take it. […] The survey found that 88% oppose such programs because they “believe that favoring one race over another is unfair, because of their belief in equality.” …

  • dusa1957

    Race realism comes to all whites who actually have to live or work in proximity to negroes. That’s the good news. The bad news is that negroes and mestizos are subsidized by white tax dollars to multiply like rats, so regardless of how many of the dwindling white population left is aware of that danger, it doesn’t change the fact.

    • TL2014

      Fortunately their birth rates seem to be on the decline as well. Not as much as the white birth rate, but still in decline.

      • JohnEngelman

        We should replace Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) with free abortion on demand.

        One tax funded abortion saves a fortune in welfare, public education for those who cannot be educated, and criminal justice expense.

    • JohnEngelman

      The truths of race realism came to me when I lived with poor Orientals, and again now that I live with poor blacks. Racial differences matter.

  • MarcB1969

    Post-modern leftist ideology doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny outside of bubble environments. I met many paleo-liberals in Buffalo, NY with similar sentiments.

    • JohnEngelman

      Most liberals realize that things have not turned out as planed with civil rights. They try not to think about what happened. They try to keep others from talking about it.

  • JohnEngelman

    UPDATE: Behold the power of Power Line: It appears The Nation has scrubbed the politically incorrect comments we highlighted here. So much for a “conversation” about race like Eric Holder is always demanding we have.

    – Steven Hayward, Power Line, May 19, 2014

    It looks like all comments have been closed. I hope the hypocrites at Nation have learned something from this experience.

  • none of your business

    White children in black schools actually have it a lot easier than White adults i black workplaces. The kids can look forward to escape after 12 years. The Whites who work with blacks have to endure for 30 or more years. Of course many White workers can’t endure and are driven out by the blacks with whom they work. Blacks as a group are jus plain evil and vicious as I have seen in several jobs. One friend worked at the VA for 38 years. She was threatened with gang rape and beatings by her less than human co workers many times when she first started. She finally got a gun and special concealing ladies holster and pointed it at the first group of unspeakable blacks who accosted her once again in the parking lot. That ended the rape and beating threats but she still had to go through years of horrors.

  • Mrfinoni

    Friends of mine originally from Europe settled for a time in Florida. Living in a mixed neighbourhood they attended a predominantly Black school as their parents having no part in the White vs Black American experience, presumed it would be fine. They have related that it was a horrible experience. Blacks were mean and cruel bullies for the most part. Whatever they were in Africa in the past, they are a horrible people today.

  • kikz2

    they’ve apparently closed comments….

  • Natassia

    ‘It never ceases to amaze me that the courts are so willing to assume that anything that is all black must be inferior.’ ~ Justice Clarence Thomas

    Liberals are always cutting off their noses to spite their faces.