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Native blacks don’t like newcomers from Somalia and south Asia.

He lived in Buffalo for years.

We can’t vet them any better than we can Syrians.

The Decline of The American Conservative


Once implicitly pro-white, now irrelevant.


It will “help them reconnect with their cultural heritage.”

Is this Somali-American politician married to her brother?

Lefties kindly transcribe interesting passages from a recent interview.

Third World holding the West hostage.

A sound investment.

Human traffickers packed too many migrants onto an already full ship.

The city has taken so many African refugees it now has a “Little Mogadishu.”

Bantu community leader: “People were thinking, to be a police officer . . . you have to be white.”

Exciting new way to get to the United States.

Yet another legacy of apartheid.

Black South Africans attack black immigrants and their shops.

Ilana Mercer points out the demographic truths missing from the “conversation.”

Why I Hate the Super Bowl, American Thinker

Jared Taylor proposes a new national holiday.

The Left Contradicts Itself on Race


Its absurd positions cannot be reconciled.


Victims were told prostitution is part of Somali “culture and tradition.”

A fascinating study of what makes Northern Europe so attractive to immigrants.

For some Minneapolis voters, what matters is that “He’s Somali. He’s a Muslim.”

“Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.”

How China handles mixed-race marriages in the country’s “Little Africa.”

Critics say he ignores “the moral imperative to help refugees.”

Asylum seekers bring their customs to Sweden.

Readers of The Nation are beginning to see the light, even if the magazine doesn’t.

Residents will celebrate “a large and growing population in the city of Minneapolis.”

Saudi authorities would like to expel 7 percent of the kingdom’s population.

In Stockholm, 60 percent of Somalis are unemployed; in Malmö, the rate is 80 percent.

David Miliband calls it “the defining humanitarian crisis of our time.”

What Dispossession Looks Like


Photos of “the changing face of Minneapolis.”


Both whites and Somalis in Minneapolis have abnormally high rates of autism.

Soros organization says Norway must work harder to integrate Somalis.

Immigrants being run out of South Africa.

Engineers of mass immigration to Britain are now apologizing.

A Somali journalist exposed Al-Shabab affiliates in Sweden and was hounded by her colleagues.

Demonstration slogan: “it’s wrong to replace us.”

The Refugee Racket


Another sorry tale of betrayal.

Review by Thomas Jackson

At least 22 “Americans” have joined al-Shabab.

The “Americans” are “of Somali or Arab origin.”

In Pakistan, there is an outbreak where a warlord kept out vaccinators.

Camp of the Saints for Malta.

When immigrants riot, it must be the welcoming society’s fault.

45 percent of Britain’s non-whites are living in majority-minority areas.

African-style politics come with a “new generation of voters” in Minnesota.

British lefty relapses into fantasy.

Mayor made the mistake of asking Somalis to assimilate.

The Malmö Experiment, Gates of Vienna

Sweden is destroying itself through “multiculturalism.”

But Somalis can always come to the West.