Posted on November 27, 2019

Spies Like Omar

Lloyd Billingsley, Frontpage Magazine, November 27, 2019


Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar “was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from a foreign government, and passed sensitive information through intermediaries to Iran,” Donna Rachel Edmunds reports in the Jerusalem Post today. According to the report, the information on Omar came during testimony from Alan Bender, a Canadian businessman born in Kuwait, in the Florida trial of Sheik Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani, a Qatari emir accused of ordering his bodyguard to murder two people and holding hostage an American citizen.

Alan Bender told the Florida District Court that “he met with Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs and two other senior Qatari officials.” According to Edmunds, those officials “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official,” and she became their “jewel in the crown.”

Bender testified that Qatari officials told him “the best thing money can buy is American officials, because they are the cheapest of the cheapest-costing officials in the world.” Without their money, the officials said, “Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends.”

The information Omar passed to Qatar, Bender testified, was handed to Iran and deployed in the recruitment of  other American politicians. Bender confirmed that the Jerusalem Post report about Ilhan Omar and Qatar is “accurate 100 percent.” The office of the Minnesota Democrat spoke to the Jerusalem Post and denied the allegations. The allegation that Ilhan Omar is a Qatari asset is hardly the only difficulty the Minnesota Democrat is facing.

Everything about her is a fraud, including her name,” President Trump told a Minnesota rally last month. The president cited Omar’s “virulent anti-Semitic screeds and called her “a disgrace to our country.” Omar has referred to the 9/11 terrorist attack as “some people did something.”

The president referred to Power Line blog author Scott Johnson, who uncovered allegations that Omar married her brother as part of an immigration fraud scheme and wasn’t legally married to the father of her three children, Ahmed Hirsi. As David Steinberg has painstaking documented, UK and US marriage records, address records, archived online communications, sworn court documents, photos, and tax records refute Omar’s claims. By all indications, she entered a sham marriage with her brother, hardly the first case of immigration fraud.

Nigerian Ibraheem Adeneye, “was stripped of his U.S. citizenship after he was convicted of arranging fake marriages for others and himself,” the Houston Chronicle reported. The fake marriages were intended “for the Nigerians to gain U.S. citizenship.” Adeneye’s previous marriage was also “fake” and he was convicted of conspiracy to commit marriage fraud, naturalization fraud, making a false statement to a federal agency and marriage fraud. His citizenship was revoked and he was subject to deportation.

In 2013, Ilhan Omar joined a crowd of Somalis flooding into the Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis to see former Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Hotel staff asked police to help clear the lobby and anyone without a hotel room key had to leave. Most complied but Omar refused and wound up arrested for trespassing. In her booking photo, Omar appears sans hijab and rather startled.

Omar then proceeded to rack up a series of traffic violations, 24 in all, including driving without a license.  Robert Spencer wonders if those violations, along with the trespassing bust, signaled Omar’s belief that she was bound only by Shariah, the law of Allah, and not the laws of the United States.

The Minnesota Democrat has claimed that support for the nation of Israel is “all about the Benjamins,” and charged supporters of Israel with dual loyalty. Omar attempted an apology in which she cast herself as a victim .

In 2016 Ilhan Omar supported nine Minnesota men of Somali extraction who sought to join the Islamic State. In a letter to the court, state representative Omar cited “a consequential mistake,” and called for “compassion” and a “restorative approach to justice.”

If the Minnesota Democrat calling herself Ilhan Omar did commit immigration fraud, she would be eligible for deportation in the manner of Nazi prison guards Elfriede Rinkel and Jakiw Palij. If found to be functioning as an asset for a foreign government, and funneling information to Iran, that would call for federal prosecution. As Rep. Omar said in a tweet about President Trump, “nobody is above the law.”

Meanwhile, in Arab News, Ray Hanania charts the Florida trial in which Omar’s Qatari connection emerged. Sheik Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani is charged with holding a Glock 26 handgun on former employees Matthew Pittard and Matthew Allende. Al-Thani demanded that Pittard return the freed unnamed American citizen or else Pittard “would pay the price.” Pittard and Allende are seeking $33 million in damages.