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Her “leave of absence” is for “reasons of health” and is indefinite.

Blacks move out as whites move in.

Thank You, Mr. Mugabe, AR Classic Article

Happy 95th birthday to Robert Mugabe.

Protests ignited by corruption and high inflation.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Transparency International

Of the 19 least corrupt countries, 17 are white and 2 are Asian.

South Africa’s Protection Racket

Rainbow Nation shows its colors.


Fighting for His People

Dan Roodt and the struggle for South Africa.


“Tropical Trump” wins. “Brazilian democracy is now in complete crisis,” says American lefty.

A Racial Introduction to Chile, Part I

It may be whiter than the United States.


His campaign strategy: No city contracts for non-donors.

Also charged with vehicular homicide.

There’s so much corruption in the tax agency that people have stopped paying taxes.

NYT says ANC has “siphoned off” tens of billions of dollars.

The Color of Corruption

What’s the source of Latin America’s woes?


ANC secretary-general says white people still enjoy “privilege’ in South Africa.

Consequences of bribing fake students to play college sports.

Ex-congresswoman looted an education charity.

60% of citizens said they bribed a police officer in the last year.

He may face trial on 12 felony charges.

Gang members got four prison guards pregnant.

In one sting, he told an agent “I look good in an orange necktie, but not in an orange suit.”

He’s the same mayor who played a role in shutting down the 2011 AmRen Conference.

It’s been a bad week for black mayors.

Such candor not likely in the United States.

Among other things, he appointed his unqualified girlfriend to a $300,000-a-year post.

Sounds as though arrests were long overdue.

Or just more likely to be corrupt?

How many are Hispanic?

The Mexican Navy will take over.

When government corruption involves blacks, it’s just a different form of affirmative action.

Mexicans don’t hire whites because whites “are not going to put up with [Mexicans’] unethical acts.”

Black journalist believes the pessimists may have been right.

US said to be suffering from “integrity deficit.”

Jury hasn’t yet considered charges that Blago tried to sell Obama’s senate seat.

One-time gang member convicted on five corruption charges.

Good governance not high on the ANC’s to-do list.

He is, after all, “a different kind of council member.”

Crusading Mississippi prosecutor-turned-judge goes to prison for obstruction of justice.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2009, Transparency International

Most results are to be expected but there are some surprises.

Town Feels the Sadness of Corruption, Birmingham News (Alabama)

Birmingham verdict: Racism brings down another black man.

Black defendants say they were unfairly entrapped.

O Tempora, O Mores! (June, 2009), American Renaissance

Fighting back.

Congressional Black Caucus helps fund ACORN, which gets blacks elected to Congress.

He Wears Skins; We Wear Veldskoens

Why Jacob Zuma is befriending Afrikaners.


Massachusetts solon caught in tangle of crime and ethical misconduct.

Miami, Iraq.

White wilderness.

Politicians use violence to win office so they can loot the treasury.

Number of cases more than quintupled since Katrina.

Black and Hispanic elected officials accused of taking bribes.